Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Some Clues As To How It Ended The Way It Did

From Philadelphia City Commissioner Al Schmidt:
Earlier today, my office released this infographic. *crickets chirp*
What it shows, however, is something interesting. 
We compared the number of votes received by each presidential candidate in each ward with the number of votes cast by voters in that candidate's party in each ward. For example, in the 39th Ward in South Philly, Donald Trump received 3,427 MORE votes than Republicans who voted in that ward. Hillary Clinton received 2,622 FEWER votes than Democrats who voted in that ward. 
While we don't (and shouldn't) know how individual voters voted, these results clearly indicate some significant split-ticket voting going on. 
We honed in on the top six wards in the city with the greatest disparity between number of votes the presidential candidate received and the number of votes cast by voters in that's candidate's party. (Please note: non-affiliated/independent/third party votes are included in this mix.)

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