Thursday, February 2, 2017

Maybe Common Sense WILL Prevail, Yes?

A liberal Facebook friend writes as follows:
I'm about to make myself very unpopular, but...I don't think the Democrats should oppose Judge Gorsuch for the Supreme Court. He's plainly qualified, he's not a lunatic--we just don't agree with him.
If we continue to oppose qualified judges of the "wrong" ideological stripe, as the Republicans did, this cycle will never end, and presidents will start selecting judges notable only for their LACK of distinction, meaning they've never ruled on any controversial or difficult issue.
It already has haunted us, and it will again.
If we let Gorsuch through, as I think is inevitable anyway, we'll have standing to seek similar treatment under the next Democratic administration, which I hope is just four years off.
Final point: We HAD and fumbled our chance to have a justice of our liking; we didn't get enough votes out for Hillary. That was the game, right there. Now the president, much as I detest him, gets to pick a qualified justice of his chosen judicial bent. End of sermon.
Let the hate mail begin.

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