Monday, July 31, 2023

How Did Biden Buy Those Digs? C'mon, You Know!

This Is Chilling . . . But So Very True!


'Show Up' He Says? When? Where? Beats Us . . .

Sometimes A Photo Says It All . . .


Sunday, July 30, 2023

Yes, It Truly Boggles The Mind!

Great, But Will Anyone Follow His Advice?


Bidenomics? Americans Think It Stinks!

Richer And More Fun Than You Can Imagine


POW! New Trump Ad Packs Wallop!

BREAKING: Statement From Devon Archer's Lawyer


KABOOM: Biden Approval Collapses To New Low!

Saturday, July 29, 2023

A Surefire Sign Of The Times . . .


Up, Up, And Away In A Beautiful Balloon!


All of these lovely photos are from the New Jersey Festival of Ballooning which continues today and tomorrow in Readington, NJ, Hunterdon County. It's an absoultely glorious, not-to-be-missed event!
Photos copyright 2023 by Dan Cirucci.

Thursday, July 27, 2023

OMG! Raccoon Invades Philly Airport Baggage Claim

Don't Miss This Fun Event SATURDAY!


Jeremy Is Back And Not-To-Be-Missed!

Lest you think Stephen Sondheim's Sweeney Todd invented the grim combination of murder, mayhem and music, think again. Long before Mrs. Lovett's Pie Shop there was another shop that dabbled in Broadway guts and gore and that was the Little Shop of Horrors. 
Of course, Little Shop of Horrors never made it to Broadway proper. A mere fraction of the size and scope of Sweeney, Little Shop opened off Broadway and there it stayed for a good long time.
Then, in 2015 City Center's acclaimed Encore series revived Little Shop with Jake Gyllenhaal in the starring role as Seymour, the endearing but ultimately menacing nebbish who works at Mushnik's troubled flower shop on skid row. While there, Seymour harbors a crush on Audrey, a coworker and also nourishes a strange plant with an insatiable appetite and a penchant for the macabre. We enjoyed the Encores production but it was difficult imaginng hunky Gyllenhaal as a spindly, bullied nerd. Also, City Center's vastness and huge stage tended to overpower this basically intimate show.
Now, Little Shop is back in the much smaller Westside Theatre just off Broadway where it's much more at home with a fine cast starring Broadway favorite Jeremy Jordan who has returned for a special eight week stint as Seymour.
Jordan actually looks the part of Seymour and when we saw him he appeared with Tammy Blanchard as Audrey (the love interest), Tom Alan Robbins as shop-owner Mushnik and backed up by the irrepressible Urchin singers (Salome Smith, Aveena Sawyer and Joy Woods). This cast played the whole show broadly and with such delight at being on stage and in front of a live audience that they win you over right from the start.
Jordan is one of Broadway's most versatile actors and here he seems to be savoring every moment of Little Shop's journey into what becomes a blood-thirsty mess, albeit peppered with non-stop laughs.  Jordan wrings every bit of mugging physicality out of his role in what is basically a grisly tale wrapped in a cartoon-style musical that can't hide its smirk.
Of course, a major nod must be given to the show's adept puppeteers who help Seymour's plant grow into a mammoth monster that overwhelms not just the story but nearly the entire stage. But since Little Shop never even tries to be a serious morality tale, the fright is all in fun.
And yet, in this era of COVID and biological warfare, well -- you may just see some pertinent warnings.

Prognosis: A delightful, perfectly-mounted hit. Don't miss it! 

Remembering Tony And Patti At The Super Bowl

It Really Is As Simple As This . . .


It's Come To This: To Save Whales, Dump Dems!

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Murphy And Dems SPLURGE With Your Tax $$$$!

Oh, the Excessive PORK!

Here's A Not-To-Miss Shore Event!


You Will Pay $$$$ For Murphy's Wacko Energy Plan

New Jersey State Senator Jim Holzapfel and Assemblymen Greg McGuckin and John Catalano warned that Governor Murphy’s extreme energy policies that would ban affordable natural gas will drive up energy costs for utility payers and make the state more unaffordable for low- and middle-income families.

District 10 lawmakers warned that Gov. Murphy’s extreme energy policies will drive up energy costs for utility payers and make the state more unaffordable for low- and middle-income families. (

“Governor Murphy’s extreme energy plan is a complete upheaval of our energy portfolio in favor of expensive offshore wind that will raise costs for utility payers in the Garden State. Sadly, Governor Murphy has shown no interest in working across the aisle to diversify our energy portfolio in a way that benefits not only the environment, but taxpayers too,” said Sen. Holzapfel. “In fact, Governor Murphy and Trenton Democrats wasted $1 billion to bail out Orsted for the sake of keeping their misplaced energy priorities alive instead of giving that money back to utility customers. The Garden State needs safe, reliable, and affordable energy options that reduce costs rather than raise them.”

At the expense of New Jersey taxpayers, Governor Murphy approved a $1 billion bailout for Orsted, a Danish energy company that is owned by the Danish government, for the purpose of developing costly wind turbines off the coast of the Garden State. Rhode Island had similar complications with Orsted over development costs, but opted to walk away from the deal as the proposed project was not in the best interest of their taxpayers.

“While Governor Murphy sits atop his ivory tower picking winners and losers to advance his extreme energy master plan he is ignoring the reality of low- and middle-income families. Taxpayers simply cannot afford the estimated $1.4 trillion price tag associated with electrifying their homes and businesses by replacing their natural gas stoves, furnaces, and hot water heaters,” said Asm. McGuckin. “The reality of Governor Murphy’s proposed ban on natural gas is that it would lead to higher costs and fewer options at the expense of homeowners and businesses. Governor Murphy shouldn’t dictate how New Jerseyans heat their homes or cook their food.”

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU) will consider a proposal on Wednesday that could lead to affordable natural gas being phased out in New Jersey. The building decarbonization plan could force millions of homeowners to fully electrify their homes and replace their natural gas appliances and mechanical systems.

Governor Murphy also announced the filing of a rule that would force car manufacturers to only sell electric vehicles (EVs) in the state by 2035. Although EVs will be the only cars allowed to be sold by manufacturers, Governor Murphy said that consumers are not “obligated” to purchase EVs.

“The hypocrisy of the Murphy administration has shown no limits as he tries to force electric vehicles down the throats of consumers after using taxpayer dollars to purchase an expensive fleet of gas-powered SUVs earlier in the year. Why didn’t he lead by example and purchase a fleet of EVs if the environment is truly his number one concern?” Asm. Catalano asked. “Governor Murphy has shown that the rules simply do not apply to him, his administration, or other top Democrat officials in New Jersey. It’s beyond ridiculous to tell consumers they are under no ‘obligation’ to buy EVs after he’s taken away every other choice.”

NOT The Hottest On Record; Not Even Close!


OMG! Biden Now Claims He's 'Ended' Cancer!

Hmmm . . . this will certainly come as news to people who've recently lost loved ones to cancer. My sister died of cancer. My mother died of cancer. My father barely overcame lung cancer and later died of a heart attack. Like many, I feel imperiled by cancer. "Ended cancer as we know it?" Shut up, Joe!

Sunday, July 23, 2023

How NOT To Be A Flash In The Pan . . .

Where Things Stand Right Now . . .


And Yet Another Violent Weekend In Philly!


Dems' 'Environmental' Scheme Picks Your Pocket!

So Phil Murphy and his Dem cronies imposed a plastic bar ban which now SAVES retailers the cost of the bags, big time. 
How much? Millions! 
Target alone is saving about $3.5 million per year. You can imagine how much Walmart and Wegman's are saving. In fact, at last count, retailers were spending $4 BILLION per year on plastic bags. And that doesn't count the cost of baggers, bag racks, bag resuppliers, etc. 
Great, right? So, now that the stores are saving all that money, have they passed the savings on to you? HaHa! No way, suckers! You're actually paying MORE for just about everything you buy. 
And, on top of that, YOU'RE now paying for your own "reusable" (and quickly soiled and germ-infested) bags. And then stores selling you those bags are profiting from THAT, too! You can thank Murphy and the dastardly Dems for this entire scheme. 
Happy shopping, suckers!

No Question About It: 'No Plastic Bags' FAILS!

Saturday, July 22, 2023

The Upside Down World We Live in!


The REAL Bob Casey Is Way Beyond The Mainstream!

From our friends at

Sen. Bob Casey, D-PA, a self-professed Catholic, requested one million dollars in federal taxpayer funding for a Philadelphia LGBTQ organization that has hosted “youth drag shows” and advanced communist events.

Throughout 2023, Casey has voiced support for additional funding for the Philadelphia-based William Way LGBT Community Center. Earlier this year, the senator requested a $1 million earmark in the FY 2024 appropriations bill for the organization,” FOX News reported Friday morning:

Earlier this month, according to Pennsylvania Gay News – a local outlet covering LGBTQ issues in the city – William Way was allocated $2 million in Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney’s city FY 2024 operating budget. Those funds, the outlet noted, will “go toward expanding and improving spaces for the center’s 1315 Spruce Street headquarters.”

Casey submitted his request for the earmark in April via a letter addressed to a Senate subcommittee. In it, he describes the “project purpose” as follows:

The William Way Renovation and Expansion Project will renovate and expand the existing LGBT Community Center into an inclusive, fully accessible, and welcoming space for all individuals to gather, learn, and find life-giving support.

Casey’s proposed million-dollar allocation for William Way would be in addition to the millions the center is already receiving from the city. 

William Way has a history of far-left political activism. Via a Facebook post last month, they encouraged people to attend a communist-led protest of Mom For Liberty’s annual Philadelphia summit. In February, the LGBTQ center hosted a “drag” show with the stated aim of demonstrating “the way colonialism affected both land and people.”

William Way also hosted a so-called “youth drag show” that included “performances” by minors as young as eight years old. Philadelphia Gay News discussed the event in an article titled “Youth celebrate the art of drag at William Way”:

Dozens of curling irons, combs, make–up mirrors and brushes emerge on another, along with make–up and glitter in every color, and a Hello Kitty box. A bearded man in studded leather platform boots approaches and begins to apply make–up to the face of a little boy.

This is Esai, and he is 11 years old. According to his mother, Dre, he has been sneaking her heels into his bedroom since he was much younger. Dre is a drag performer herself, having produced another drag show by the name of “Fierce” — the only queer burlesque festival in the world. She also produced the first non–gender binary talent show for kids, “Twinkle.”

Esai’s birthmother, who is transgender, is now his father.

Dre said she hopes her son will perform in “Twinkle” next year.

Casey has served as a senator from Pennsylvania since 2007, after defeating two-term Republican incumbent Rick Santorum the November before. Casey is running for re-election to a fourth term next year. 

Early in his tenure, Casey identified himself as pro-life and supportive of the traditional definition of marriage

However, like many other members of his party, the senator has drastically shifted to the left on social issues. In addition to his full-fledged support of the LGBTQ movement, Casey last year came out in supportof “codifying abortion rights.” He claimed that the landmark Dobbs decision would “put women’s lives at risk.” Casey now has a consistently pro-abortion, pro-same-sex “marriage,” and pro-“trans” voting record.

Casey is the son of late Pennsylvania Governor Bob Casey Sr., a pro-life icon who was the respondent of the 1991 Supreme Court case Planned Parenthood v. Casey. 

What We Thought The 21st Century Would Look Like


Van Drew: Reject Wind Boondoggle; Follow RI


WOW! Public Sentiment On Supreme Court Flipped!

Friday, July 21, 2023

End Of An Era - The Last Of The Crooners

A great champion of American popular song. Who will carry the legacy forward?

Shuffling, Mumbling, Grumbling . . . Disgraceful!

Just Another Day In The Swamp . . .


Durr Tags Murphy Shore Wind Power Plan 'Absurd!'

New Jersey State Senator Ed Durr questioned Governor Murphy’s energy priorities stating that his plans to ban natural gas appliances, force consumers to purchase electric vehicles, and to upend the State’s energy portfolio with the rushed adoption of offshore wind are misplaced and out of touch.

Sen. Ed Durr questioned Gov. Murphy’s energy priorities stating that they are misplaced and out of touch. (©iStock)

Durr pointed to Rhode Island, which recently walked away from plans for Orsted and Eversource to install more offshore wind turbines after determining that the proposed project would not provide the best outcome for taxpayers in their state. Officials in Rhode Island cited concerns about rising costs due to inflated supply chain expenses, the same increased costs that just led Governor Murphy to give Orsted a $1 billion bailout at the expense of New Jersey utility payers.

“While other states are starting to wake up to the realization that offshore wind is not in the best interests of their taxpayers or local economies, Governor Murphy continues to push ahead with wind farm development even when it leads to higher costs for New Jerseyans,” said Durr (R-3). “It is absurd that Governor Murphy and Trenton Democrats would rather sacrifice marine landscape, wildlife, and businesses for the sake of achieving misguided green energy policies that will costs taxpayers dearly. If the governor had any interest in actually lowering energy costs, he will join me in supporting S-3312 to invest in a diverse energy portfolio centered around carbon-free nuclear energy.”

Senator Durr’s bipartisan bill, S-3312, directs the Board of Public Utilities to study the development of, and create a pilot program for, the construction of a small modular nuclear reactor.

The Murphy administration has also tried to ban affordable natural gas in New Jersey by rushing a building decarbonization plan through the Board of Public Utilities (BPU) with little notice, which could force millions of homeowners to convert from natural gas to electric.

“Governor Murphy is trying to bypass the Legislature to enact major energy policy changes through an obscure agency with little public comment. Sadly, this has become standard operating procedure for the Murphy administration. It is abundantly clear that people reject Governor Murphy’s energy priorities when they are informed about the costs,” Durr continued. “New Jerseyans can’t afford the estimated $1.4 trillion it will cost to fully electrify the state and replace their affordable gas stoves, furnaces, and hot water heaters.”

Durr said Murphy shouldn’t try to pick winners and losers by telling people how they must heat their home or what kind of car they are allowed to park their driveway.

Just months after his administration purchased a fleet of gas-powered SUVs to chauffer top Democrat officials around the state, Governor Murphy announced a plan to force vehicle manufacturers to only sell electric vehicles (EVs) in New Jersey by 2035. He said his new rule would not impose any “obligation” on consumers.

“Governor Murphy is being completely disingenuous and trying to make it seem like his ban on gas-powered vehicle sales isn’t really a mandate for consumers,” added Durr. “If you can’t afford an expensive EV and new gasoline cars aren’t available to purchase, I guess he expects you to ride a bike to work. This is the reality of the Murphy administration’s extreme energy plans. Less choice, higher costs, and bans and mandates that they won’t admit are key components of their plan to force people to comply to force a shift to green energy.”

TOMORROW: Another Great Story Hour!

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Lyrics? You Wanna Talk Lyrics? Okay . . .

So, incredibly the song with the lyrics on the left is being banned while the one on the right isn't. That's the kind of upside down world we're living in folks! 


Still Wondering, What Was THIS All About

Once Upon [A Much Simpler] Time . . .


Listen Up, America; Your Freedom Is At Stake!

Is it my imagine or does it seem like virtually NOBODY is speaking like this -- saying things like this; making sense like this; speaking from the heart like this; speaking selflessly like this; speaking with such knowledge, such context, such a sense of history and such courage. No one right now seems to bring it all together like this. Bravo!