Wednesday, September 30, 2020

One Of The Night's Most Telling Moments!

How Many Times, Ways Does He Have To Say It?

Watch President Trump condemn hatred, bigotry and racism again and again and again. Yet Biden, the Democrats and the media insist otherwise. This is one of the most sinister and viles LIES of the presidential campaign. Shame on 'em! 1

A Health Care Plan For All Americans

“If there’s one thing Americans need to know about the healthcare plan President Trump unveiled last week, it’s this: The president is delivering more choice, lower costs, and better care for every American, whatever their healthcare needs or however their healthcare is paid for,” Health & Human Services Secretary Alex Azar writes in Townhall.
“The previous administration’s attempt to fix our healthcare system, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), focused primarily on a tiny slice of American healthcare: the individual insurance market. President Trump’s plan goes much further.”
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“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday that President Trump’s critics were ‘dead wrong’ in predicting that the Trump administration’s attempts to bring peace to the Middle East would fail—after a series of landmark U.S.-brokered deals were signed earlier this month,” Ben Evansky and Adam Shaw report for Fox News. 
“A judge must apply the law as written. Judges are not policymakers, and they must be resolute in setting aside any policy views they might hold,” Judge Amy Coney Barrett, President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, said on Saturday. “I would assume this role to serve you,” she told the American people. Read more from the White House. 
“President Trump is bringing some attention to the connections between this summer’s riots, the 63 percent of young Americans who believe America is racist, and the disaster that is civics and history instruction in U.S. public schools. He recently announced a federal commission to counter the saturation of anti-American ideology in American education institutions,” Joy Pullman writes in The Federalist.

As It Happened: The Calamity In Cleveland!

Here are my unedited, spontaneous observations on the debate last night as they happened, in chronological order as the debate unfolded, from beginning to end:

  • Biden just referred to Amy Codey Barrett as "The Justice." Apparently she's already been confirmed.
  • Biden: "The party is me. I AM the Democrat Party right now!"

  • Chris Wallace is already losing control of the debate. President Trump is not giving an inch.
  • President to Wallace: "I guess I'm debating you, not him. But I'm not surprised!" Biden looks pained -- gaunt with bulging forehead veins.
  • Biden keeps laughing but he's like Jello. It's hard to pin him down on anything. He refuses to show his hand.
  • Wallace is a dreadful moderator. He can't control the debate and he has failed to ask a single tough question of Biden. 
  • Wallace is debating Trump -- not Biden -- and he's giving Biden every advantage. They have Trump on the defensive now.
  • Wallace keeps cutting Trump off and extending Biden more time. This looks like a stacked deck. As soon as Trump starts making an important point, Wallace cuts him off. Meanwhile Wallace is feeding openings to Biden.
  • I gotta say: Biden's false teeth are distracting. They look cheap. He's a used-up slick "career" politician with a phony, false-looking smile. A real Joker. Sly, cunning and ultimately deadly.
  • Wallace continues to argue with President Trump and extends every privilege to Biden. Didn't we all know this was gonna happen?
  • Wallace continues to feed Biden time and opening lines.
  • Wallace has completely lost control of the evening. He simply can't do his job. Both Biden and Wallace are apt examples of the smugness, dissuasiveness, disdainful attitude  and feigned righteousness of the deep state. Biden has learned his lines well but his beady eyes are a dead giveaway.

  • Biden continues to flub words and search for words. And now he's pretty much said that he supports defunding the police. He's engaged in avoidance. But now Trump nails Biden: He can't name one law enforcement group that supports him. Also, Biden can't bring himself to say "law and order." And Wallace won't let Trump  defend himself or rebut Biden -- and Wallace.

  • Wallace is completely out of his league. He's a tired old self-exalting "journalist" who craves the spotlight -- but it's time to bring the curtain down. The act is over.

  • Biden is a slick, old once-upon-a-time snake oil salesman who has wound up like an aged, tin horn punk. Smirking to buy himself time until he collects his disjointed thoughts. It's sad to watch. God help us if this man is elected.

  • Wallace should be fired. He lost it tonight. As a former teacher, I can tell you that you don't control a loud, raucous, out-of-control classroom by raising your voice.

  • Biden just said "our military have been voting by ballots since the end of the civil war." Well, I should certainly hope so. How else would they vote?

  • Biden called the President a "racist" a "liar" and a "clown," accused him of using dogwhistles and told him to "shut up, man." This from the man who promises to provide a quieter, more peaceful, more civil, more "normal" America. Good luck with that!

  • Tomorrow President Trump will be up early, assuming presidential duties, and campaigning tirelessly. Biden? He'll probably call a "lid" on public events before lunch time.

Monday, September 28, 2020

Christie At White House Prepping Trump For Debate

And now, this from our friends at Save Jersey (reprinted with permission) 


The first presidential debate of the 2020 General Election takes place on Tuesday night, and President Donald Trump getting some help from two prominent tristate area politicians.

“We had a little debate prep before we came here,” Trump told reporters at a Sunday White House press conference, referring to former Governor Chris Christie and ex-NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani who were both in the room watching the presser.

The pair are reportedly taking turns playing former Vice President Joe Biden.

“We’re doing it. These two gentlemen have been helping,” Trump continued, adding that both men were “about five times smarter than” than Biden.


Issue After Issue, The Choice Is Clear!


Here's Who The Real Liar Is In This Campaign

A Whole New Generation Of Judges Emerges!

Judge Amy Coney Barrett “is the latest example of a new generation of originalist judges whom Mr. Trump and the GOP Senate have elevated to the federal bench. The numbers—three Justices and 53 appellate-court judges—are crucial, but more important is how they approach the law,” The Wall Street Journal editorial board writes.
“With rare exceptions, they think of themselves as protectors of the proper constitutional order, not as a third policy-making alternative to the political branches.”
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“We all have had the privilege of being Judge Barrett’s students. While we hold a variety of views regarding how best to interpret statutes and the Constitution, we all agree on this: The nation could not ask for a more qualified candidate than the professor we have come to know and revere,” six Notre Dame Law School alumni and students write in USA Today. 
“As a result of President Trump’s substantial reforms to ObamaCare, premiums declined over the last two years for the first time since the flawed law was enacted. A staple of President Trump’s approach to health care reform is rooted in returning the choice to individuals as opposed to government bureaucrats,” Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson writes for Fox Business. 
“The Department of Homeland Security seized nearly twice as many hard drugs at the U.S.-Mexico border during President Trump's first term in office than in President Barack Obama's two terms,” Anna Giaritelli reports. “We’re talking fentanyl, meth—those, that level of drug seizures,” DHS Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinell said. Read more in the Washington Examiner.

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Video: Biden Predicted He'd Be Dead By Now!

COVD 19 Is NOT Nearly The Worst Thing . . .


Jewish Group Demands Apology From Biden!

 Yesterday, Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden compared President Trump to Nazi propogandist Joseph Goebbels, equating one of history’s great monsters to President Trump, Biden’s political rival. RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks made the following statement:

The rule in debate is that if your only argument is to call your opponent a Nazi, you have no argument at all. Instead of engaging in a debate on policy, Joe Biden has descended to name-calling and Holocaust references.

There is no place in political discourse for Holocaust imagery or comparing candidates to Nazis. It’s offensive and it demeans the memory of the Holocaust, the suffering of the victims, and the lessons we must learn from that terribly dark chapter of history. Joe Biden has been in politics long enough to know this. To diminish the horrors of Goebbels and the Nazis by trying to attack the President with that comparison is, as we say, a shanda.  

We call on Joe Biden to retract and apologize for that egregious comment.

Scalia And Ginsburg: Italians And Jews

 In her comments yesterday at the White House upon her nomination to the United States Supreme court, Judge Amy Coney Barrett spoke of the special friendship between Justices Antonin Scalia and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Judge Barrett witnessed this much admired relationship close up when she served as law clerk to Scalia who was one of her mentors. She noted that the two justices "disagreed fiercely in print without rancor in person. . . . These two great Americans demonstrated that arguments even about matters of great consequence need not destroy affection."

Certainly, Justices Scalia and Ginsberg had a lot in common. They shared many interests and passions including opera, the law, literature, travel, teaching and food. With their spouses, they travelled together  and shared annual New Year's Eve celebrations. Justice Ginsburg was said to be captivated with Scalia who was garrulous, opinionated and highly expressive. For his part, Scalia apparently found Ginsberg to be attentive, thoughtful and unfailingly kind even through some of the Court's most protracted legal battles. "What's not to like?" Scalia said of Ginsburg. "Except her views on the law."

But it was Justice Scalia's son, Eugene who put his finger on a link between the two that has not often been mentioned: "They had a bond, I think, in that they both grew up as outsiders – to different degrees – to the elites who had ruled the country: she as a Jew and woman, he as a Catholic and Italian American."

Indeed, these two American icons benefitted from the enduring bond between Italians and Jews -- two groups that made their way to the top under similar circumstances, often growing up in nearby neighborhoods and frequently helping one another. Along the way, they drew on the love of close-knit families, the anchor of deep faith and a will to always doggedly pursue the next rung on the ladder to success, no matter what. And it wasn't always easy. Still, this mutuality, reflected in the background and journey of Scalia and Gisnburg, most certainly drew them (and others like them) together and solidified their bond. 

Antonin Gregory Scalia, the only child of an Italian immigrant father and first generation Italian-American mother grew up in New York City where his father taught Romance languages at Brooklyn College and his mother worked as an elementary school teacher. He was imbued with a love of learning from an early age and routinely excelled as a student, eventually gaining entry into Harvard Law School where he graduated magna cum laude. "I was never cool," Scalia once said.

Born in Brooklyn, Joan Ruth Bader was the second daughter of a Jewish immigrant father and a mother who was the grandchild of Jewish immigrants from Poland. Her sister died of meningitis when Ruth was only 14 months old so, like Scalia, she grew up as an only child. Like Scalia, Bader was an outstanding student and also attended Harvard Law School, later earning her law degree from Columbia where she tied for first in her class. And somewhat quiet and relatively shy, it's a fairly safe bet that growing up, Ruth Bader "was never cool."

Scalia's son Chris has said that Scalia and Ginsburg "were kind of familiar types to each other." And the same can be said of many of those of us of Italian heritage and our Jewish friends. We are wonderfully recognizable to one another and we not only take comfort in that but we often delight in it. We swap stories, soak up all aspects of the popular culture, argue about the topic of the day, share great food and drink, commiserate about families and relatives, affectionately rib one another and do it all with a sense of daily drama that often borders on the operatic. 

So now you know what drew these two great Americans together. It's a unique sort of bond that often defies description. In Yiddish, it's called bashert -- meant to be. In Italian, we would simply say it's simpatico!

And Now, On The Cusp Of A Whole New Era


Stumbling, Confused, They Feed Him His Lines

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Watch President Trump Announce Nominee HERE!

A Double Standard At Work? You Bet!


Biden Says He Got To Senate '180 Years Ago'

Yes, We Have It On VERY Good Authority . . .


And So Now The HATE Has Already Begun!

Video Shows Biden Calling Military 'Stupid Bastards'

Joe and Jill Biden spoke to the 380th Air Expeditionary Wing in Southeast Asia on March 7, 2016. 

“I have incredibly good judgment,” Biden says in his remarks to the men and women service members. “One, I married Jill, and two, I appointed Johnson to the academy. I just want you to know that. Clap for that, you stupid bastards," he adds, in a seemingly sarcastic tone. Biden then appeared to say that the soldiers “must be slow” and called them "a dull bunch."

A video of the speech posted in January of 2017 on YouTube is accompanied by the caption “Vice President Joe Biden, recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom calls A room full of servicemen and servicewomen at an undisclosed location in southwest Asia stupid bastards in March 2016. A real class act.”

Yes, this is the same Joe Biden who lambasted President Trump and ran campaign ads against him for allegedly defaming members of the military even though the allegations came from anonymous sources -- sources that have never come forward -- and even though the accusations against Trump were refuted by 21 on-the-record sources. To recap: The charges against President Trump were never substantiated and have been refuted by 21 different people. There is no audio or video of President Trump ever saying such things. 

And They Claim To Have 'Moral' Authority!


Right Now, As The Battle Is Drawn . . .

Well, Now's As Good A Day As Any, We Suppose


A Dramatic Shift In Public Sentiment!

You wouldn't know it from following most of the mainstream media but buried deep amidst recent news reports is a story of a poll conducted by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs with the headline: "Racial Justice Protests Losing Support." 
The story details a startling turnaround in public attitudes toward the protest from June of this year till now. In the immediate aftermath of the death of George Floyd, the protests enjoyed significant support. But, over time, the protests have lost ground, even among Black Americans. The AP calls the turnaround "sweeping."
Consider the poll results:
  • 44% of all Americans now disapprove of protests in response to police violence against Black Americans, while 39% approve. In June, 54% approved.
  • Just 35% of white Americans approve of the protests now, while 50% disapprove. In June, 53% approved, while 34% disapproved. That's nearly a complete reversal of the numbers.
  • Among Latinos, 31% now approve, compared with 44% in June.
  • 63% of Black Americans now support the protests, down from 81%, with more now saying they neither approve nor disapprove.
  • Views of the protests now differ dramatically by party identification with 70% of Democrats approving and 75% of Republicans disapproving. But if you look at the overall approval and disapproval numbers (first bullet point above) you can see that they are trending closer to the view of the Republicans, with more disapproving than approving. And this poll was before the latest round of protests in Louisville and elsewhere.

Friday, September 25, 2020

An Insight Into The REAL Donald Trump . . .

In NJ, Even A Child Can See The Madness!


Yet Another Great Reason To LOVE Texas!

If you don't live in Texas, this ad will make you want to move here. Greatest joint campaign in history. The mission? Save Texas by recruiting the greatest congressional candidates in history. Donate here to support me and Wesley Hunt, Genevieve Collins, Beth Van Duyne, Tony Gonzales, and August Pfluger.

He'll Have To Do Better Than This On Tuesday!


PLEASE, Let's Leave The Holocaust Out Of It!

The Tower of Faces at the US Holocaust Memorial
Museum in Washington, DC

We are now in the throes of a very intense campaign season -- the sort of time when all sorts of charges are tossed about, often without much thought or consideration. In this atmosphere, inevitably someone is accused of being a fascist or a nazi or is compared to Hitler and the horror of the Holocaust is evoked. 

Right now, let's make one thing clear. Comparisons to the monstrous crimes of Hitler and his regime and comparisons to the Holocaust and the slaughter of the 6,000.000+ are always out of bounds. Always! 

Such cheap, shameless attempts at "moral equivalency" trivialize the Holocaust and dishonor those who perished. The Holocaust stands alone!

Shame on anyone who goes down this road for any reason!

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Four Stories You Must Not Miss!

“Over the course of 14 monthly ‘blitz operations,’ a decidedly unlucky 13% of the Made-in-China packages inspected have contained a type of counterfeit product or other contraband that can defraud, harm, or even kill Americans,” write Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan and Assistant to the President Peter Navarro in Fox Business.
“On a daily basis, nearly 90,000 Americans are being assaulted in one form or another through small parcel mail by unscrupulous Made-in-China exporters.”
Click here to read more.
The Department of Justice introduced draft legislation to Congress yesterday aimed at curtailing Big Tech’s liability shields. “Currently, online platforms have been able to weaponize government protections initially implemented to encourage stripping down obscene content to selectively censor unwelcome narratives, i.e., conservative viewpoints,” Tristan Justice reports in The Federalist. 
“In an effort to prevent potential COVID-19 outbreaks in high-risk communities, the Trump administration said it has started shipping rapid coronavirus tests to more than three dozen historically Black colleges and universities . . . Each school is expected to receive between 3,000 and 10,000 tests initially, and they will be resupplied ‘as often as they need,’” Francesca Chambers and Grace Asiegbu report for McClatchyDC. 
“Since the city of Portland disbanded its gun violence reduction team July 1, shootings have increased and homicide hit a 30-year high. According to [Portland Police Association President Daryl] Turner, Portland Mayor and police commissioner Ted Wheeler has realized defunding the police force ‘was a mistake,’” Angelica Stabile reports. Read more in Fox News.

Privileged? Oh Yeah, They're VERY Privileged!

Go Ahead, Just Let This Sink In . . .

This BBG is the Voice of America (VOA) Urdu Service one-sided social media presentation of a Joe Biden campaign video which violated the VOA Charter (U.S. law) and may influence how some Muslim Americans vote in the U.S. presidential election in November.
The Voice of America Charter (U.S. Public Law 94-350) says that "VOA will represent America, not any single segment of American society, and will therefore present a balanced and comprehensive projection of significant American thought and institutions."
After several days on social media, the Voice of America removed the VOA Urdu Service Biden video. There are more than 390,000 Urdu speakers in the United States, many of them U.S. voters. Some of them follow VOA Urdu Service programs on social media and other Internet platforms.
Is such partisan electioneering by VOA's federal employees at U.S. taxpayers' expense a threat to American democracy?

So Many Stories Like This IGNORED!

Indeed, The Road To Hell Is Paved With . . .

The best intentions?

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Biden's Cognitive Abilities: Is He On 'Speed' Drug?

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Joe Biden has not yet agreed to a drug test. Dr. Marc Siegel is a Fox News medical correspondent, we're happy to have him on the show tonight. Doctor, thank you so much for coming on. 200 million people died during that speech. I think that qualifies as a national emergency. Maybe I'm being hysterical. What do you think?

MARC SIEGEL: Tucker, imagine if President Trump said that, imagine how the wolves would be all over him if he made anything like that mistake. And the word of course they use to cover this is "gaffe," but I have to tell you, it's time we stopped using the word "gaffe." I've talked to many neurologists, now, I haven't examined the former vice president, I don't have a clinical diagnosis to make, but many neurologists have said to me these are not isolated. 200 million people dying, Iraq versus Iran, he keeps mixing up those two countries, there's multiple examples of that. 

And I want to put forth some ideas tonight, they're not proof, they're not even theories, but back in 1988 former Vice President Biden had two aneurysms clipped in his brain using surgery, surgical techniques, and he had a bleed. Studies show a 50% long-term cognitive problem. Now, what is cognition? It's thinking, it's memory, decision-making. 

He's also got atrial fibrillation, it's a matter of public record, it's an arrhythmia. Atrial fibrillation, a study, a Swiss study just showed a couple of years ago in thousands of patients that there's a 3 percent per year silent stroke where you can't see it, except for changes in thinking, Tucker, and 3 percent per year whether you're on blood thinners or not. 

So now, President Trump says, "You know, we should have drug testing before debates," and I'm thinking why would he be saying that? 

Well, let me tell you one reason, Tucker. There's a study that shows that for people who have mild cognitive thinking or memory problems, you know what helps? Speed. You know what helps? Adderall, a drug that I prescribe. These drugs can help in low doses for short periods of time. Now look, in the Olympics, we're testing athletes. Baseball games, we don't want anybody to juice. We're looking for competitive advantage. We're analyzing that. We want to make sure nobody takes advantage.

You Can't Blame Kids, But What About Some Adults?


WOW! Massive Human Trial Now Underway!

“Johnson & Johnson launched a massive human trial of its coronavirus vaccine [today], paving the way for another option as the U.S. preps an immunization campaign to defeat the pandemic,” Tom Howell Jr. reports for The Washington Times.
“The Trump administration, through its ‘Operation Warp Speed,’ is offering unprecedented support to private drugmakers as it tries to lock down a successful vaccine before the end of the year.”
Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine candidate is the fourth to enter Phase 3 clinical testing.
Click here to read more.
“White House adviser Ivanka Trump and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross will present the inaugural Pledge to America’s Workers Presidential Awards to companies including Volkswagen Group of America and Lockheed Martin at the White House [today] . . . Most of the recipients have pledged to offer thousands or hundreds of thousands of training opportunities,” Evie Fordham reports for Fox Business. 
“President Trump signed an executive order expanding a ban on government agencies receiving sensitivity training involving critical race theory to federal contractors . . . The executive order says the government has prohibited federal contractors from ‘engaging in race or sex discrimination and required contractors to take affirmative action to ensure such discrimination does not occur,’” Mark Moore reports in the New York Post.
MORE: President Trump is Fighting Division in Our Federal Workplaces
“U.S. Attorney General William Barr lauded the efforts of law enforcement officers in Operation Legend on Tuesday as new charges were brought against 26 people who were allegedly involved in a violent drug ring out of Milwaukee . . . Operation Legend has led to 3,500 arrests—about 200 of which, were for homicide,” Bradford Betz reports for Fox News.

Investigation Will Reveal Biden Misdeeds!

Such Hatred! Someone Posted THIS On Twitter


Monday, September 21, 2020

Immense Ohio Crowd Chants 'Fill That Seat!'

Just In Case You Were Wondering . . .


You Don't Want To Miss These Stories Now!

“Ivanka Trump, President Donald Trump’s oldest daughter and one of his top advisers, will pay a visit to Atlanta with U.S. Attorney General William Barr on Monday,” WSB-TV Atlanta reports.
Ms. Trump and Attorney General Barr will meet with Georgia officials and law enforcement officers to discuss the Trump Administration’s fight to end human trafficking. “The scourge of human trafficking is the modern-day equivalent of slavery, brutally depriving victims of basic human rights,” Attorney General Barr said.
Click here to read more.
“On Friday, our nation lost a historic Supreme Court Justice: Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She was a brilliant justice, a legendary advocate, a careful lawyer, and, as only the second woman to ever serve on the Supreme Court, a trailblazer. She led an extraordinary life that shaped the lives of others,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-FL) writes for Fox News. 
President Trump “has broken a 39-year streak of American presidents either starting a war or bringing the United States into an international armed conflict,” a Norwegian official noted when nominating President Trump for the Nobel Prize. “If the Nobel committee fails to award the Peace Prize to Trump next month, the Peace Prize will end itself,” Gayle Trotter writes in The Hill. 
“In response to this admission of racism by a university that receives millions of dollars in public support, the Department of Education has launched an investigation into Princeton’s apparently false certifications of nondiscrimination and equal opportunity protocols . . . The DoE has called Princeton’s bluff on the question of systemic racism, and not a moment too soon,” Seth Barron writes in City Journal.