Thursday, February 29, 2024

Ten Things You Need To Know Right Now

Let's get right to the points we want to make and what you need to remember right now:

1) Barring some cataclysmic event it's Trump v Biden. 

2) Biden is a beat up old street fighter. He's also vindictive and stubborn. He spent his whole life getting where he is and he's left a lot of flotsam and jetsam in his wake. He will not step aside. 

3) Jill Biden is also all in for another four years in the White House. She too sacrificed all and is every bit as scheming as her husband. She'll urge him on, no matter what.

4) Donald Trump isn't gonna change. Handlers don't know what to do with him because he's simply not handleable. Love him or hate him, he's real -- easily the most authentic president we've had in 70 years or more. Deal with it.

5) Trump's success this time around will be depend on key groups of voters being able to make this distinction: you can dislike his personality and even consider him obnoxious but admire his accomplishments last time around (peace, prosperity, strength, resolve) and want that back again -- especially in contrast to where we are now. That's not crazy or radical. It's common sense.

6) Nikki Haley's campaign is effectively over. Those who are still encouraging her seem to be largely motivated by hate -- an obstinate hatred of Donald Trump and his 70+ million followers. This is not a pretty sight nor is it in any way admirable.

7) Trump has a rich choice of talent to choose from for his vice presidential nominee. The choice will be very important but given those he's already cited on his list, he's headed in the right direction and that bodes well for the country.

8) Biden is stuck with Kamala. End of story.

9) McConnell, McCarthy and McDaniel are all gone. It's a massive shift and it happened relatively quickly. A new team is in charge ,or soon will be. It's Trump's GOP now. Nothing new about that. To the winner belong the spoils. If you can't accept that, you're not just a sore loser but you're in the way.

10) The Republican bench is, for the most part, strong, talented, younger and more in tune with the grassroots of America than the Democrat bench. Should he win, Trump has lots of talent to choose from for his cabinet and other posts. That's all good!

Here's Your Link To Save The GSP Gatehouse!


In Private, Biden 'Sticks To The Cards'

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Is This What's Really Goin' On?


OMG! He Actually Boasts About Security Failure!

Here It Is: The Corrupt World Of Shell Companies


Oh Yeah, Phil -- We've Got Your Number!

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Hey, We Made The FRONT PAGE!


The Sick, Repulsive, Tragic, PREVENTABLE Truth!

An Exaggeration? Well, Go Ahead: YOU Decide!


'Sounding The Alarm' On Murphy Spending Spree!

Following Governor  New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s FY ’25 Budget Address earlier today, Assemblywoman Victoria Flynn and Assemblyman Gerry Scharfenberger (Monmouth – R) called upon the Governor to make sure the budget does not leave Monmouth County residents behind this coming fiscal cycle:


“It is hard to fathom how the Governor’s budget makes New Jersey more affordable. Starting with school funding - while the Governor announced the budget increases aid for schools on a state wide basis, it’s not clear whether money will alleviate the tens of millions of dollars Monmouth County schools have lost in state aid in recent years.  I call upon the Governor to ensure Monmouth County schools are spared any further losses in state aid. We need to commit to supporting our schools at the local level,” stated Assemblywoman Flynn.


“In Governor Murphy’s budget address, we see a disconcerting trend of massive spending increases which will have a crushing impact on local taxpayers and small businesses across our state. How can NJ recover from a $55.9 BILLION spending spree with NJ taxpayer dollars with a budget that includes a $3.2 billion deficit? The unchecked growth in spending in this State threatens the economic well-being of New Jersey and jeopardizes our ability to foster an environment where businesses can thrive, and families can prosper. We call on Governor Murphy to exercise fiscal restraint and work towards developing a bipartisan budget that prioritizes the needs of our constituents while ensuring long-term financial stability for the state,” Assemblyman Scharfenberger said.

Monday, February 26, 2024

And Now, Something To Think About . . .


Testa Leads NJ Boardwalk Preservation Efforts

After leading the charge last year to help establish a Boardwalk Preservation Fund, New Jersey State Senator Michael Testa is proud to announce that these much-needed funds are now being used to help South Jersey municipalities.

“Anyone who lives near the shore knows that boardwalks are an economic driver for shore town communities and generate millions of dollars in revenue for the state,” said Testa (R-1). “I’m proud that the bill I sponsored is already providing grants to help cities and counties preserve and maintain these vital features of the Jersey Shore for generations to come."

Testa’s bill, which established the Boardwalk Preservation Fund within the Department of Community Affairs (DCA), was approved by the Senate on June 30, 2023 and signed into law two months later in August.

On February 23, 2024, the state announced that $100 million in Boardwalk Preservation Fund grants will be given to 18 municipalities to assist them in repairing boardwalks in their communities.

“These grants are necessary to support the long-term economic success of the Jersey Shore and preserve the historical significance of these structures," Testa added. “These funds will also bolster vital coastal infrastructure and provide a significant return on investment for the state by improving our tourist appeal and opening additional opportunities to generate revenue.”

Six municipalities in Testa’s district that will receive funding to maintain boardwalks:

  • Cape May ($6.7M)
  • North Wildwood ($10.3M)
  • Ocean City ($4.9M)
  • Sea Isle City ($2M)
  • Wildwood (8.3M)
  • Wildwood Crest ($1.1M)

Certainly, An Ominous Sign Of The Times!


CH Mayor Backs Preservation Of GSP Gatehouse

In  a statement released to us today Cherry Hill Mayor Dave Fleisher strongly endorses the preservation of the historic Garden State Park gatehouse and vows to convey this  "loud and clear" to any future owners of the gatehouse property. Here is the mayor's full statement:

I fully support the preservation of the Gatehouse structure.  It’s been my priority since my first day as Mayor to preserve our Township’s history, and the Gatehouse is an important symbol of that history.  

The most recent planning board approval required the preservation of the Gatehouse structure.  If a new owner emerges, they will hear loud and clear that the protection of the Gatehouse must be part of their future plans. 

With our petition nearing 700 signatures, we are gratified to receive the mayor's strong endorsement of our efforts and we thank all of you who signed the petition and added so many heartfelt comments expressing your fond memories of Garden State Park and the emotional symbolism of this iconic structure.

Though we've made a remarkable impact in a relatively short time our efforts do not end here. We're aiming for more than 1,000 signatures so if you haven't already signed the petition make sure you do so now and make sure you share the link to the petition with everyone you know. 

Because we do not know who will acquire the property (which is now up for sale) and what plans the new owners may have for the property, we must remain vigilant on behalf of the gatehouse. With your continued support, we will move onward with total resolve and be ready for any eventuality!

Again, here is the link to sign the petition.


Sunday, February 25, 2024

Biden Quoting Lincoln = Complete Disaster!

New MLB Uniforms Showin' A Bit Too Much?


THIS Is The Way You Accept An Award . . .

Love her or hate her (or her politics) on an occasion like this, she knows what to say and when and how to say it -- and that's no mean feat!

Saturday, February 24, 2024

To The Rest Of The World, He's A Stumbling Joke!


Leave it to the Italians to get it right!

The Numbers Don't Lie, Folks . . .


Oh, This Is Very, VERY Troubling!

Thursday, February 22, 2024

C'mon Now -- Don't Miss This Story . . .

Retiree Dan Cirucci remembers when a racetrack here was at the center of "a glittering, exciting era” for entertainment in South Jersey.

“People got dressed up to go to the (Garden State Park) track,” he recalls of the decades after World War II.

Back then, a night out might also include a show at the Latin Casino, a meal at restaurants like the Hawaiian Cottage or Cinelli’s, and possibly a stay at the Rickshaw Inn or Cherry Hill Inn — all just a short distance from the track.

“When a million dollars meant something, that strip along Route 70 used to be called . . . Click here to read the rest of Jim Walsh's fine story from today's Courier Post.

If This Doesn't Scare The Hell Out Of You . . .

And Today, On George Washington's Actual Birthday . . .


Now THIS is VERY Revealing . . .

Oh, The Games They Play In The Swamp!


Tuesday, February 20, 2024

People Are Justifiably Upset About This!

Please note:

According to the Roman Catholic Church’s Code of Canon Law, “Sacred places are violated by gravely injurious actions done in them with scandal to the faithful, actions which, in the judgment of the local ordinary, are so grave and contrary to the holiness of that place that it is not permitted to carry on worship in them until the damage is repaired by a penitential rite according to the norm of the liturgical books.” 

A separate passage in the Code of Canon Law lists “manifest sinners” whose funerals would cause “public scandal of the faithful” as those who “must be deprived of ecclesiastical funerals” unless “they gave some sign of repentance before death.” 

This Has Never Been More True!


If This Isn't The HEIGHT Of Hypocrisy, What Is?

A Challenge To The Pope And The Vatican!

 Filial Appeal

To all Cardinals and Bishops of the Catholic Church

Your Eminences, Your Excellencies:

We, the undersigned Catholic priests, scholars, and authors, write to you on the occasion of the latest document published by the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, Fiducia Supplicans, which has caused so much scandal in the Church during this last Christmastime.

As is widely known, a relevant part of the world episcopate has practically rejected it, due to its evident break with Scripture and the Tradition of the Church. Twenty episcopal conferences, dozens of individual prelates, and even cardinals invested with the highest positions, such as Cardinal MĂĽller and Cardinal Sarah, have expressed an unequivocal condemnatory judgment. So have also the UK, USA, and Australian Confraternities of Catholic Clergy. Never in the history of the Catholic Church has a document of the Roman Magisterium experienced such a strong rejection.

Indeed, despite its explicit reaffirmation of the traditional doctrine of the Church on Marriage, it turns out that the pastoral practice that the document allows is in direct opposition to it. So much so, that the document has been very favorably received by those few episcopates and prelates that for decades have been openly advocating a change in the doctrine on sexual morality. It is evident that the practical message that this new declaration transmits is much more in line with the program and ideas of those who want to change the doctrine, than with the doctrine itself that the document claims to keep intact.

The document effectively attempts to introduce a separation between doctrine and liturgy on the one hand, and pastoral practice on the other. But this is impossible: in fact, pastoral care, like all action, always presupposes a theory and, therefore, if pastoral care performs something that does not correspond to the doctrine, what is actually being proposed is a different doctrine.

The blessing of a couple (whether “liturgical” or “pastoral”) is, so to speak, a natural sign. The concrete gesture sayssomething naturally, and therefore has a natural, immediate communicative effect, which cannot be artificially changed by the verbal caveats of the document. A blessing as such, in the universal language of humanity, always implies an approvalof what is being blessed.

Therefore, the concrete sign that is given with such blessing, in front of the whole world, is that “irregular couples,” extramarital and homosexual alike, according to the Catholic Church, would now be acceptable to God, precisely in the type of union that specifically configures them as couples. Nor does it make sense to separate “couple” from “union,” as card. Fernández has tried to do, since a couple is a couple because of the union that gives existence to it.

The fact that other significant and accidental circumstances such as timing, location, or ornaments such as flowers and wedding clothes are excluded from the act does not change the nature of the act, since the central and essential gesture remains. Furthermore, we all know from experience what such “restrictions” are worth and how long they last.

The fact is that a priest is imparting a blessing on two people who present themselves as a couple, in the sexual sense, and precisely a couple defined by its objectively sinful relationship. Therefore—regardless of the intentions and interpretations of the document, or the explanations the priest may try to give—this action will be the visible and tangible sign of a different doctrine, which contradicts traditional doctrine.

Let us remember that the traditional doctrine on the subject must be considered infallible, since it is unequivocally confirmed by Scripture and Tradition, a universal and uninterrupted tradition, ubique et semper. And it must be remembered that this is a doctrine of natural law, which does not allow for any change.

In practice, the faithful will not even be aware of the subtle theoretical justifications introduced by the Declaration, much less those that were added in the recent clarification on the Declaration. The message that is effectively launched, and that the people of God, and the entire world, will inevitably register and are already registering is that: The Catholic Church has finally evolved, and now accepts homosexual unions, and, more generally, extramarital unions.

This situation fully justifies the decided rejection of so many episcopal conferences, so many prelates, so many scholars, and so many ordinary lay people. In this context, it is definitely not justifiable, especially for a cardinal or a bishop, to remain silent, since the scandal that has already occurred is serious and public, and if it is not stopped, it is bound to be more and more amplified. The threat does not become smaller but more serious, since the error comes from the Roman See, and is destined to scandalize all the faithful, and above all the little ones, the simple faithful who have no way of orienting and defending themselves in this confusion: “Whoever offends one of these little ones who believe in me, it would be better for him if a donkey’s millstone were hung around his neck and he were drowned in the depths of the sea” (Mt 18,6).

The pastors and all those who have some responsibility in the Church have been constituted as sentinels: “If the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the horn, so that the people are not warned, and when the sword comes he kills one of them, he will perish because of him, but I will ask the watchman to account for his blood” (Ez.33,6).

In light of the above we fervently implore you to:

(1) Follow the brave example of so many brother bishops around the world: please forbid immediately the application of this document in your diocese.

(2) Please ask directly the Pope to urgently withdraw this unfortunate document, which is in contradiction with both Scripture and the universal and uninterrupted Tradition of the Church and which clearly produces a serious scandal.

In this difficult moment, a clear word of truth would be the best example of your faithful and courageous dedication to the people of God entrusted to you, a sign of fidelity to the true mission of the Papacy and at the same time the best help for the pope himself, an eloquent “fraternal correction,” which he urgently needs in this last and most critical period of his pontificate and probably of his life. If you act promptly, there is still some hope that he may rescue his pontificate and his own person from a stain that could otherwise weigh on him indelibly, not only in history, but in eternity.

Initial Signatories (partial list)

Edmund P. Adamus, MA, Secretary to Commission of Inquiry into Discrimination Against Christians, UK 

Wolfgang R. Ahrens, PhD Philosophy, Chile 

Sergio González Arrieta, MA in Classics and History, Chile 

Gil Bailie, Founder and President of the Cornerstone Forum 

Dr Heinz-Lothar and Raphaela Barth, Bonn, Germany 

Donna F. Bethell, JD, USA 

Judie Brown, President, American Life League, Falmouth, Virginia 

Dr Dr Sergio R. Castaño, CONICET, Argentina 

PaweĹ‚ Chmielewski, commentator for Polonia Christiana, Warsaw, Poland 

Michelle Cretella, MD, USA 

Edgardo J. Cruz Ramos, President, Una Voce Puerto Rico 

Dr Tomasz Dekert, religious studies scholar, Rajbrot, Poland 

Deacon Julian L. Delgado, MD  

Roberto de Mattei, historian, President of Lepanto Foundation, Rome, Italy 

Deacon Nick Donnelly, MA, England 

C. Joseph Doyle, Executive Director, Catholic Action League of Massachusetts

Rev. Angelo Luigi Fratus, Montfort Missionary, Zambia  

Rev. StanisĹ‚aw GibziĹ„ski, Portsmouth Diocese, England 

Corrado Gnerre, professor of theology and founder of Il cammino dei tre sentieri 

Maria Guarini, author, Editor of Chiesa e postconcilio 

Michael K. Hageböck, headmaster and journalist, Germany 

Michael Hichborn, President of the Lepanto Institute, Virginia 

Maike Hickson, PhD, Front Royal, VA 

Prof. Dr.rer.nat. Dr.rer.pol. Rudolf Hilfer, Stuttgart, Germany 

Rev. Joseph Illo, Pastor, Star of the Sea Parish, San Francisco, California 

Marek Jurek, former Marshal of the Polish Parlament, WĂłlka Kozodawska, Poland 

BogusĹ‚aw Kiernicki, President, Saint Benedict Foundation, DÄ™bogĂłra, Poland 

Kacper Kita, publicist, international policy analyst, Poland 

Rev. Donald Kloster, Lumen Christi Academy Principal, Pipe Creek, TX 

Dr Dr Adorján F. Kovács, Frankfurt am Main, Germany 

Dr Thaddeus Kozinski, Memoria College  

Gabriele Kuby, sociologist and author, Prien am Chiemsee, Germany 

Peter A. Kwasniewski, PhD, Lincoln, Nebraska 

Dr John R. T. Lamont, D.Phil. 

Philip F. Lawler, author, Editor of Catholic World News 

Leila M. Lawler, author 

Rev. Joseph Levine, Pastor, Holy Family Catholic Church, Burns, Oregon 

Pedro L. Llera, director of educational centers, Gobiendes, Spain 

Maria Madise, Managing Director, Voice of the Family, UK 

Rev. Patrick H. Magee FLHF, Fall River, MA 

Dr Regis Martin, professor of theology, Franciscan University Steubenville 

Brian M. McCall, Orpha and Maurice Merrill Chair in Law, University of Oklahoma  

Deacon Eugene McGuirk, Front Royal, Virginia 

Dr Justyna Melonowskapsychologist and philosopher, Warszawa, Poland 

Rev. Cor Mennen, emeritus lecturer in Canon Law, Seminary of ‘s-Hertogenbosch 

Dr PaweĹ‚ MilcarekEditor of Christianitas, BrwinĂłw, Poland 

Sebastian Morello, PhD, Senior Editor of The European Conservative 

Rev. Alfredo Morselli, Italy 

Rev. Gerald E. Murray, JCD, Pastor, Church of the Holy Family, New York, NY 

Dina Nerozzi, MD, child psychiatrist and endocrinologist, former professor at the University of Rome 

Doyen Nguyen, MD, STD, moral theologian, bioethicist, USA/Portugal 

Rev. Daniel R. Nolan, FSSP, Littleton, CO  

Deacon Dr Bart Overman, Den Bosch, The Netherlands  

Michael Pakaluk, PhD, professor of ethics and social philosophy, Washington, DC 

Gottfried Paschke, theologian, retired professor of mathematics, Bad Homburg, Germany 

Paolo Pasqualucci, retired Professor of Philososophy, Faculty of Law, Perugia, Italy 

Rod Pead, Editor, Christian Order, UK  

Dr Claudio Pierantoni, PhD History of Christianism, PhD Philosophy, Chile  

Rev. John A. Perricone, PhD, adjunct professor of philosophy, Iona College in New Rochelle, New York 

Prof. Thomas Pink, emeritus professor of philosophy, King’s College, London 

Rev. Andrew Pinsent, MA, Dphil, PhB, STB, PhL, PhD, FRSA, University of Oxford, UK 

Tomasz RowiĹ„skihistorian of ideas, Editor of Christianitas, Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Poland 

Anna Rist, retired professor of classics, Toronto, Canada 

John Rist, PhD, retired professor of classics and early Chrisitian philosophy and theology 

Luis Román, theologian and Catholic commentator, Florida 

Jesse Romero, Catholic apologist, evangelist, author, Queen Creek, Arizona. 

Eric Sammons, Editor, Crisis Magazine 

Dr CĂ©sar FĂ©lix Sánchez MartĂ­nez, professor of philosophy, Universidad Nacional de San AgustĂ­n, PerĂş 

Dr Tommaso Scandroglio, author, Italy 

Wolfram Schrems, Mag. theol., Mag. phil., catechist, pro-life activist, Vienna, Austria 

Dr Anna Silvas, specialist in Greek Fathers, retired adjunct, UNE, Australia 

Rev. Robert Sirico, President, St. John Henry Newman Institute, Grand Rapids, Michigan 

Dr Michael Sirilla, Professor of Theology, Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio 

John Smeaton, Co-founder of Voice of the Family, UK 

Rev. Tam X. Tran, S.T.L., Pastor of Our Lady of Vietnam Catholic Church, Silver Spring, Maryland 

Rev. Glen Tattersall, Pastor of St. John Newman Parish, Melbourne, Australia 

Inge M. ThĂĽrkauf, actress, journalist, pro-family public speaker, Germany 

JosĂ© Antonio Ureta, author, Paris, France 

Aldo Maria Valli, writer, Rome, Italy 

Dr Gerard van den Aardweg, author, psychologist and psychotherapist, The Netherlands 

Christine de Marcellus Vollmer,  president of PROVIVE, ALAFA, Former Member of PAL, Venezuela. 

Mathias von Gersdorff, author and pro-life activist, Frankfurt, Germany 

Prof. Dr Berthold Wald, retired professor of philosophy, MĂĽnster, Germany 

Dr Thomas Ward, President, John Paul II Academy of Human Life and the Family 

Leonard P. Wessell, Dr.Phil., PhD, emeritus professor, German Studies, University of Colorado 

John-Henry Westen, Co-founder and Editor-in-chief, LifeSiteNews 

Elizabeth D. Wickham, PhD, Executive Director,, Raleigh, North Carolina 

Dr Timothy Williams, professor of French, Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio 

Chilton Williamson, writer, former editor at National Review and ChroniclesLaramie, Wyoming 

Dr Hubert Windisch, priest, retired professor of pastoral theology, Burglengenfeld, Germany 

Deacon Timothy Woods, Huntington, Indiana 

Elizabeth F. Yore, Esq., Founder of Yore Children, Chicago, Illinois 

THIS Just Might Keep You Up At Night!


Monday, February 19, 2024

What The Hell Is He Talkin' About, Anyway?

The Trump Verdict And The Impact On Business