Sunday, May 22, 2022

Dr. Oz: Do NOT Count Legally Rejected Ballots!

Dr. Mehmet Oz’s campaign manager, Casey Contres, today released the following statement regarding challenges to legally rejected ballots:

“David McCormick has been a formidable opponent, but it is becoming obvious that he is likely going to come up short to Dr. Mehmet Oz. Unfortunately, the McCormick legal team is following the Democrats’ playbook, a tactic that could have long-term harmful consequences for elections in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It is a clear contrast between Dr. Mehmet Oz’s efforts to secure America’s democratic process and John Fetterman, the Democratic nominee, who doesn’t even want to require Pennsylvanians to show ID to vote. As a party, and as a people, Dr. Mehmet Oz believes we must restore faith in our government institutions. 

“Dr. Mehmet Oz continues to respectfully allow Pennsylvania’s vote-counting process to take place and puts his faith in the Republican voters who we believe have chosen him as their nominee. That is why our campaign will oppose the McCormick legal team’s request that election boards ignore both Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court and state election law and accept legally rejected ballots. If Dr. Mehmet Oz is the nominee, he would appreciate David McCormick’s support, and every other Pennsylvanian, in defeating extreme liberal socialist John Fetterman who would prove nothing more than a rubber-stamp for Joe Biden’s failed policies.”

Saturday, May 21, 2022

It's A Flat Out LIE; Why Hasn't Twitter Removed It?

Sometimes, Ya Just Gotta Wonder . . .


We're Not Fans Of Bill Maher, But . . .

It's Quite A Calamity; Wouldn't You Agree?


A Courageous Decision That Deserves Support!

A very special message from Catholic Vote:

This decision took real courage.


Yesterday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s archbishop – Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco – announced that he has issued an interdict barring her from receiving the Eucharist due to her public and persistent activism in favor of abortion.


I suspect you may be thinking: it’s about time.


No doubt, this announcement is welcome. And yet it is not ultimately about politics or punishment. It’s about repentance, obedience, and the responsibility of every Catholic (including us!), but especially those in leadership or prominent lawmaking roles to uphold the timeless teachings of the Faith that we profess.


CONSIDER: Church law requires this. Canon 915 of the Code of Canon Law states clearly: “Those who have been excommunicated or interdicted after the imposition or declaration of the penalty and others obstinately persevering in manifest grave sin are not to be admitted to holy communion.”


Obstinate. Perseverant. Manifest (public). And grave.


Archbishop Cordileone had no choice.


I have no doubt that Archbishop Cordileone’s action was not undertaken lightly. In his public statement he cites his own repeated attempts to reach out to the California Democrat. She has refused to respond. And of course, since the Dobbs decision leak, she has doubled down on nearly two decades of public, unwavering support for abortion, while repeatedly citing her Catholic faith.  


FACT: Every shepherd of the Church has been given the solemn responsibility to teach, govern, and sanctify. The laws of the Church are clear. This action by Pelosi’s archbishop is intended to be medicinal – not vindictive. It is intended to invite her to repentance, so that she might return to full communion with the Church.

And we must pray fervently that she will do just that.


I understand the sense of long-overdue justice. Our spiritual family has suffered tremendously because of the repeated assaults on our Church by public officials who openly flaunt her teachings and give scandal.  


But I also know that this is not a time for celebrating. We cannot, and should not, celebrate anyone choosing to separate themselves from the life of the Church.


For this reason, I hope you will join me in three specific prayer requests:


- First, pray for Nancy Pelosi. Pray that she might respond to this invitation of repentance. The Holy Spirit doesn’t give up on anyone.


- Second, please pray for Archbishop Cordileone. No doubt he will be attacked by some even in our own Church, let alone the pro-abortion forces now on the march. This is a spiritual battle and he needs our prayers now.


- Third, let’s all pray for all pro-abortion Catholic politicians and their bishops. 


St. Thomas More, pray for us.


Brian Birch, President,

Yes, Elections Really DO Have Consequences!


NO Holy Communion For Nancy Pelosi!

On Thursday, San Francisco Catholic Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone formally notified Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi that she is not to be admitted to Holy Communion. Today Archbishop Cordileone released a public letter explaining why he took this step, as well as an accompanying letter to his priests.

UhOh: Watch Out For The UGLY Side Of Summer!


Summer seems to bring out the worst in people. Which is a shame because it's such a lovely season. 

And with warmer weather beckoning, it's time for a warning. So, here are ten summer scenes we've seen far, far too much of:

1) Tattoos. In recent years, we're seeing way, way too many tattoos. If you want to deface your body, that's your business. But we'd rather not have to look at it. So, keep it covered. OK?

2) Bikinis in plus sizes -- yes, ones that women actually dare to wear. If you have a belly, bag the bikini! Too much flesh. And guys, cover up that beer gut. It's nothing to be proud of.

3) Sex on the beach. Unless there's no one else on the beach, anywhere, don't do it! Get a room.

4) Back-to-School sales in July. Oh, we know it's early yet. But stores like to get a hump on rushing the season. And apparently some people actually buy this stuff in July. What the hell's that all about?

5) Tank tops. Hey, they never really were very stylish. Plus, more often than not men and women who wear them really don't have much to show off. Ditch them and me more discriminating about when and where you wear flip flops.

6) Taking your cooler with you everywhere -- especially into a hotel. C'mon, you don't really wanna lug that cooler through the lobby and into a hotel room, do you? Get real!

7) Ass cheeks hanging out of short shorts. Need we say more?

8) Cargo shorts. They went out of style so long ago it's hard to imagine anyone still owning a pair. And yet, there they are! Hey, no normal person really needs all those pockets.

9) Thongs. Our advice: save them for the Riviera. Ditto speedos.

10) Taking everything to the beach. Do you really need that huge rolling cart with all that stuff and that pavilion encampment at the beach? By the time you unpack and set everything up it's time to decamp. Simplify!

The bottom line is this: Don't trash summer. 

Friday, May 20, 2022

Yes, It's A Real CRISIS; And Getting Worse!


HOORAY! A Movie That Demands Your Attention!

Every once in awhile a movie comes along that is heart-wrenching. It tells a story of conflict and struggle. It probes deep personal issues. It raises important questions. And, though it can be tough to watch in parts, it's engrossing. Through classic storytelling, fine acting and first-rate direction, it pulls you in.

Such a movie is Father Stu, starring Mark Wahlberg. We saw it at a local theater recently and we urge you to do the same.

Based on a true story, Father Stu is also unflinchingly honest, funny and ultimately uplifting. It's a a drama about a lost soul who finds his purpose in a most unexpected place. 

We first meet the central character, Stuart Long, as a scrappy, troubled kid from a dysfunctional family who nonetheless possesses marketable talents. When an injury ends his amateur boxing career, Long moves to L.A. dreaming of stardom. While scraping by as a supermarket clerk, he meets Carmen, a Catholic Sunday school teacher who seems immune to his bad-boy charm. Determined to win her over, the longtime agnostic starts going to church to impress her. But surviving a terrible motorcycle accident leaves him wondering if he can use his second chance to help others find their way, leading to the surprising realization that he is meant to be a Catholic priest. 

Now all of that may seem somewhat preposterous but remember, truth is usually stranger than fiction. Despite a devastating health crisis and the skepticism of Church officials and his estranged parents, Stu pursues his vocation with courage and compassion, inspiring not only those closest to him but countless others along the way.

Jackie Weaver is amazing in the role of Stu's mother,  Teresa Ruiz is his girlfriend, Mel Gibson is his father and look for Malcolm McDowell in the role of Monsignor Kelly.

This movie was a labor of love on the part of Wahlberg and company. It's wonderfully compelling -- the kind of movie that is rare these days. If you can't find it at a local theater, be patient. It will most certainly turn up on a streaming service soon and you'll be able to watch it at home. No matter what. don't miss it!

Hey, Murphy: It's OUR Money; You Took It From US!


OK, It's Warm -- But It Ain't Summer Yet!

Since the Memorial Day weekend is a week ahead of us and warm weather has set in, we hope you are having a great time.

We also hope that you take  time to remember those who have protected us and who have made (and continue to make) our freedom possible.

Now, let's get to the business at hand:

1) Not everyone will spend  the long holiday weekend at the Jersey shore. The media would have you believe that everyone will be  at the shore but that's just an easy way for the media to not report real stories over the weekend while at the same time nurturing the myth of the Great Shore Exodus. In fact, people enjoy the weekend in many different ways at many different places. We know we will.

2) Summer doesn't begin on Memorial Day. Summer begins next week on June 21, the summer solstice. And summer doesn't end on Labor Day. Summer ends on September 22 (or thereabouts) when autumn begins. The media and the travel industry concocted the idea that summer lasts from Memorial Day to Labor Day. It doesn't.

3) Memorial Day is actually May 30. This year, thank heavens, it fall on that date. But Congress changed the day around to make it a three-day weekend in another attempt to rob a fine holiday of its true meaning. Leave it to the government to mess things up.

4) Memorial Day didn't become Memorial Day until 1966 when President Johnson officially renamed it. Prior to that it was widely known as Decoration Day - the day when Americans decorated the graves of the fallen.

5) The artificial boundaries of Memorial Day and Labor Day mean absolutely nothing even though many people perceive these boundaries to coincide with the school year. Most children go to school well past Memorial Day. Many children (particularly in southern states) return to school well before Labor Day. Others return several days after Labor Day.

Memorial Day isn't when people say it is. The summer hasn't begun - yet. It won't end on Labor Day. Many people will get through the whole summer without ever going to the Jersey shore. They will have a wonderful time nonetheless.

The Memorial Day and Labor Day boundaries are totally imaginary.

So, there you have it.
Enjoy what's left of spring.
Then, enjoy summer all the way through till September 22.
In fact, enjoy each day as a blessed gift. Savor every day.
Don't be cheated.

Yes, It Really Does Boggle The Mind!


Wednesday, May 18, 2022

A Quick Guide To Liberal Word Games

Words are important.

Words have meaning.
Liberals will tell you this time and time again.
That's why liberals spend a lot of time changing words and inventing a whole new language with new words and new phrases. They know that if they can control the language they can control the narrative. And if they can control the narrative, they're on their way to winning.
Don't let them do it.
Understand how they manipulate the language. Know what they really mean.
Use this quick, handy translator:

The Word/Phrase  -   What it REALLY means

share our values - Agree with us.

capitalist - A greedy bastard who earns a living and employs others.

capitalism - Greed.

[the] common good - Socialism

diversity -  Selective preference applied exclusively to people who agree with us. 

dialogue - We talk; you listen.

invest - Confiscate and redistribute. Tax.

racism - Failing to agree with us.

racist -  Anyone who tells us something we don’t want to hear.

marginalized people - People who are willingly, permanently dependent on us.

safe space - Our own private echo chamber. 

inclusive - Including only those who “share our values.” See above.

systemic - So all pervasive that it can never be resolved. But it’s still your fault and you are compelled to feel guilty about it forever.

sensitivity - Attentiveness directed only at those who “share our values.” See above.

triggered - Being disturbed by the truth.

affirm, affirmation - Aligning your thoughts and words with us.

uncomfortable conversation - We attack you; you listen and do penance.

trauma - Anything mildly disturbing, such as the truth.

traumatize - To trigger. See above.

defund - Emaciate, eviscerate, vaporize.

micro aggression - A hangnail or some other minor nuisance.

privileged - Hard working, productive, successful people.

empower - Take power from you and give it to us, unearned and with no expectation of  responsibility.

racial disparity - The fact that we don’t all look the same, act the same or earn the same income.

racial injustice - Any perceived grievance or slight, not necessarily related to race.

gun control - Disarming, confiscation.

reproductive rights - abortion  

investing in our future - raising taxes

food insecurity - hungry

income inequality - some people earn more money than others

disparity - any difference that liberals find unacceptable

at risk - any person or group ripe for liberal exploitation, potential "victims"

community organizer - disrupter, troublemaker

inclusive, inclusiveness - excluding whites; particularly white heterosexual males, Christians

empowering people - making them dependent on government and/or liberal programs

undocumented - illegal

underserved communities - candidates for liberal handouts

privilege - economic success

dark money - contributions to conservative causes

gender reassignment - sex change

affirmative action - preferential treatment

teachable moment - exoneration for liberals who get caught
fetus - yet-to-be-born baby, baby in mother's womb

xenophobe - Americans who believe we should put our country's interest first

progressive - bigger government, less personal freedom, higher taxes, more regulation

LGBTQ - non-heterosexual, anything other than straight

Long Before Anybody Else, He Foresaw It All!


NJ GOP: Give The Taxpayers Their Money Back!

The Republican members of the New Jersey State Senate Budget & Appropriations Committee called on Governor Phil Murphy and legislative leaders to commit to expanding tax relief in light of the Administration admitting to a total of more than $9 billion of tax overcollections in the current year and almost $7.8 billion more in revenue available for the upcoming budget year than projected just two months ago.

The Republican members of the Senate Budget Committee called on the Governor and legislative leaders to commit to expanding tax relief in light of the Administration admitting to a total of almost $7.8 billion more in tax revenue available for the upcoming budget year than projected just two months ago. (©iStock)

“The Murphy Administration finally admitted the obvious – that they are collecting $9 billion more out of the pockets of taxpayers than budgeted for the current year,” said Senate Republican Leader Steven Oroho (R-24). “New Jersey families are struggling with soaring prices and inflation, and Republicans have proposed $1,500 rebates to be returned to more than 4 million families this Spring. The Murphy Administration must commit to giving back at least this $1,500 to 4 million families this Spring.”

Senate Republicans have proposed a pair of “Give It Back” tax rebates that would return $1,500 of overcollections to New Jersey families as an added income tax refund returnable this Spring.  The rebate would be automatically sent out to every income tax filer without the need for applications, bureaucracy, or delays.

“My Republican colleagues and I can’t support a budget unless 4 million families receive $1,500 of direct relief this spring to help combat the pain caused by over taxation, soaring gas prices, and inflation,” said Senator Declan O’Scanlon (R-13), the Republican Budget Officer. “Since announcing yesterday that there was more than $9 billion of tax overcollections in the current year, all we have heard from the Administration and Democrat leaders is that maybe – if people are good boys and girls – they might return a little more through the Governor’s newly renamed, and woefully inadequate Anchor Rebate Program.”

The main “Give It Back” tax rebate proposed by Senate Republicans would return $1,000 back to New Jersey families as soon as it is enacted.

A second bill, the “Gas Price and Inflation Tax Credit Act,” would provide another $500 tax rebate when this spring to provide families with additional relief to counter record-high gas prices and the highest inflation in four decades.

In contrast to the Republican tax rebates that would provide relief immediately, the underwhelming Anchor program proposed by Governor Murphy would not deliver any relief until May of next year, and to less than half the families provided relief under the “Give it Back proposal.”

Further, the governor’s Anchor proposal would actually reduce rebates for hundreds of thousands of renters and homeowners already receiving rebates from existing programs the Governor has proposed to eliminate.

“It’s staggering that Governor Murphy finally admitted yesterday to taking $9 billion more from taxpayers than budgeted,” said Senator Michael Testa (R-1). “And yet he still has refused to give any of it back – even as his Deputy Treasurer admitted yesterday that the proposed consolidation of existing rebate programs into a newly named Anchor Rebate will actually cut rebates for hundreds of thousands of renters and homeowners.”

In addition to not returning tax overpayments, the Governor’s Administration admitted in budget hearings that they will increase the following taxes this year: income taxes for this calendar year due to unchecked bracket creep; employer payroll taxes beginning July 1; a regressive employee payroll tax increase beginning Jan. 1, toll increases beginning Jan. 1, and a $600 million health insurance tax, with a date to be determined.  Republicans have also called for these other unnecessary tax increases to be halted.

“It’s clear we’ll have the resources to provide the immediate tax rebates that we’ve already proposed, and protections against five tax and toll increases the Governor is hell-bent on collecting despite an embarrassing $9 billion over-collection of taxes this year,” Senator Sam Thompson (R-12) concluded. “It’s way past time that tax relief is made a priority — and not an afterthought with whatever nickels are left over.”

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Philly Lags Far Behind In Comeback . . .


Karine Jean-Pierre Officially Initiated!

Unlimited Abortion? Two Out Of Three Say 'NO!'

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 67% of likely U.S. voters believe abortion should not be legal past the first three months of pregnancy. That includes 24% who think all abortions should be illegal. Another 13% say abortion should be legal up to the first six months of pregnancy, while 13% believe abortion should be legal at any time during a pregnancy before the moment of birth. (To see survey question wording, click here.) 

(Want a free daily e-mail update? If it’s in the news, it’s in Rasmussen polls). Rasmussen Reports updates are also available on Twitter or Facebook. 

10 Years: What Liberalism Has Wrought!


A Dazzling Young Keyboard Virtuoso!

He's young, gifted and on top of the world!

He's dazzling piano virtuoso Charlie Albright and we had the privilege of seeing him with the Philly Pops this past weekend performing in a Gershwin concert where he presented a breathtaking version of the mesmerizing Rhapsody In Blue. Albright performed with such grace, style and confidence that the audience could not help but jump to its feet at the conclusion of his presentation. His command of the keyboard was nothing less than brilliant -- an absolute miracle of interpretation.

Charlie Albright regularly appears at major concert halls, festivals, and with artists of all genres worldwide. His intense artistry has captivated audiences everywhere. He believes music should be fun, innovative and accessible. A graduate of Harvard and Julliard, he works to de-mystify classical music and enjoys spanning musical tastes and styles. 

This young man has a bright future ahead of him and you are sure to be hearing more about him. Don't miss him in live performance if he ever comes your way!

Monday, May 16, 2022

The Facts Simply CANNOT Be Denied!

OMG! And This From MSNBC: Dismal Numbers!

Right Now, We'd Do Well To Never Forget THIS . . .


INFLATION? Oh, How They Lied And Lied Again!

And He Actually Calls OTHERS Mean?

This man is truly despicable. 
His vindictiveness, surliness and sheer ugliness know no bonds!


Pitiful! She's Reading From A 'Cheat Sheet'!

Sunday, May 15, 2022

A F'book Friend Posted, And We Heartily Agree!


Economic Confidence Now At A Record LOW!

Economic confidence fell to 87.7 in this month’s Rasmussen Reports Economic Index, more than 20 points lower than April. 

May’s decline reverses two consecutive months of gains. The index is now at its lowest point in eight years. 

Be Careful Elon, Don't OVERPAY . . . .


Self-Serve Gas For NJ? A Band-Aid At Best . . .

From Matt Rooney at Save Jersey (reposted with permission):

Record gas prices are keeping the self-serve gasoline debate alive in New Jersey though it seems unlikely that an already skittish Democrat majority will touch the ultimate third rail of Garden State politics anytime soon.

On Saturday, the average gallon of unleaded hit $4.528 in New Jersey. Diesel is at $6.280 (another record), and in landlocked Somerset County the price is already eclipsing $4.60.

Relief remains elusive with the current leadership in place. Earlier this week, the Fuel Your Way NJ coalition ( tried to advance the pro-self serve cause by coordinating with gas stations in 15 counties. The promotion: a coordinated price drop to give motorists a preview of what kind of discount they could expect if owners no longer had to pay attendants.

The projected savings: about 15 cents a gallon.

That works out to around $2.00 saved per tank fill-up depending upon the size of your tank the grade your card utilizes.

Nice? Sure. Every little bit helps, and the bigger issue (for those of us who believe in free markets) is choice. There’s no government safety interest since 49 of 50 states have self-serve gas without experiencing an outbreak in Zoolander-style accidents. Trenton has no business mandating anything in this arena.

That being said, it’s important to note that saving a couple of bucks (at best) when your average New Jerseyan is currently spending $50, $60 or much more per visit isn’t going to do much to move the needle for struggling motorists.

Our nation needs a real energy independent policy of the kind we had during the Trump Administration. We’re blessed with bountiful resources and we should use. Responsibly, yes, but without fear or shame. Natural gas, drilling, and yes, nuclear. New pipelines and plants and rigs.

The White House cancelled an oil/gas lease sale in Alaska just this weekIt’s insane. The Biden approach makes us more reliant on foreign despots and cartels who hate us and unreliable “renewable” technologies that aren’t ready for prime time (some may never be). The end result is higher prices for everyone.

Anything short of full energy independence is a band aid at best, Save Jerseyans.

Who Ever Thought We'd Have To Say This?


Inflation (NOT Abortion) Remains Votes' Concern

To hear the media tell it, the whole nation is in a state of near hysteria over the possible overturning of the landmark Roe abortion ruling. But that's hardly the case.

Yes, despite news reports that the Supreme Court may (and that's still iffy) be ready to overturn Roe v. Wade, abortion rights haven’t displaced inflation at the top of the list of issues most concerning to voters.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 87% of likely U.S. voters are at least somewhat concerned about inflation, including 60% who are very concerned. That’s barely changed since January. (To see survey question wording, click here.) By comparison, abortion doesn't even come close on voters' list of priorities or concerns heading into the primary and general elections.

(Want a free daily e-mail update? If it’s in the news, it’s in Rasmussen polls). Rasmussen Reports updates are also available on Twitter or Facebook.

Friday, May 13, 2022

Plea To Murphy :Protect Us From The Bears!

New Jersey State Senator Steven Oroho, Assemblyman Parker Space and Assemblyman Hal Wirths (all R-24) say an early evening bear attack in Sussex County this week that landed a local resident in the hospital underscores the risks created by Governor Phil Murphy’s decision to halt bear hunting in the state.

Sen. Steven Oroho, Asm. Parker Space and Asm. Hal Wirths say an early evening bear attack in Sussex County this week that landed a local resident in the hospital underscores the risks created by Governor Phil Murphy’s decision to halt bear hunting in the state. (Youtube)

“Without a responsible hunting policy, the bear population is exploding,” said Senator Oroho. “Regretfully, that will mean we will continue to see more dangerous interactions like yesterday’s attack. This latest incident was a close call that could have been much worse, and it is inevitable that more residents will encounter dangerous situations if Murphy doesn’t re-evaluate his reckless position.”

Oroho noted that state experts at the New Jersey Fish and Game Council signed off on an “emergency” bear hunt to control the exploding population in September, but the order required the signature of Murphy’s Department of Environmental Protection commissioner. DEP Commissioner Shawn LaTourette rejected the Council’s position and sided with Murphy and the hunt remains suspended.

“The Administration’s politically motivated policy is irresponsible, dangerous and unnecessary,” Oroho added. “The experts know best, and they should be the ones designing a sustainable bear management policy for New Jersey.”

The latest attack happened Wednesday in Lafayette when a 34-year-old resident on the way to her mailbox encountered three bears and was attacked by a younger cub weighing an estimated 150 to 200 pounds.

In January, an 81-year-old Sussex County woman was attacked by a bear and her pet dog was killed, and a second dog was killed weeks later.

“Bears have no natural predators, and without hunting, the number of bears will continue to multiply unchecked,” said Assemblyman Space. “Until Murphy interfered, controlled hunts have been successful, ensuring a stable, well-managed bear population. It is obvious the current strategy is a failure, and I fear that if common sense doesn’t prevail soon, there could be even greater disastrous consequences.”

New Jersey is the nation’s most densely populated state, and with an estimated 5,000 bears, the state also boasts the densest black bear population. Black bears will wander in search of food, and increasing numbers are forcing them to search closer to homes, leading to more contact with people.

“We have too many bears in close proximity to busy neighborhoods. That is a formula for trouble,” said Assemblyman Wirths. “The governor’s stubbornness is putting lives in peril for nothing more than political promises to favored constituencies. Public safety is at increasing risk without a safe hunt to control the bears in our state.”