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The Magic Of The South's Majestic Live Oaks

One of the joys of the South is the lush greenery enjoyed throughout the year -- even in December, January and February.
This would not be possible without the live oak tree.
Though they do shed leaves, live oaks remain green throughout the year. They replenish their tiny green leaves constantly. So, they never go bare. They retain their fullness, their greenness, their lushness.
Naturally, Hilton Head abounds in live oaks, many of which are truly magnificent.
Live oak or evergreen oak is a general term for a number of unrelated oaks in several different sections of the genus Quercus that happen to share the characteristic of evergreen foliage. The "live" comes from the fact that the leaves don't die in the autumn. They remain live.
The name is used mainly in North America, where evergreen oaks are widespread in warmer areas, along the Atlantic coast from North Carolina to Florida, west along the Gulf Coast to Texas and across the southwest to California and southwest Oregon.
But the live oak is mostly associated with the South. The tree has been depicted in so many movies, photos, paintings, stories and novels about the South that it is even the official state tree of Georgia.
Live oaks are magnificent natural treasures. And as I write this I'm looking out over more than a few of them just outside my window.
Like the South itself, the tree retains a timeless allure.
Photo by Dan Cirucci

Summer Horticultural Programs From PHS

Make your own garden chair at Chanticleer.Here's important news from the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society about summer programs you might want to take advantage of:

Evenings at Chanticleer
Join PHS for evening programs at beautiful Chanticleer in Wayne, PA. This month, make your own garden chair or take a house and garden tour on July 17, learn how to create hot and flashy containers on July 24, or acquaint yourself with new annuals on July 31. Visit the PHS calendar to learn about these and other activities.

PHS Kids Patch
PHS offers summer fun for your kids. Join PHS for StoryTime in the McLean Library and at Sister Cities Park on Logan Square. The PHS Kids Summer Book Club offers great suggestions for summer reading and garden-themed crafts. Visit our blog for these and more family-friendly activities happening throughout the region.

Seed Saving: Preserving Our Agricultural Heritage
Friday, August 23, 6–8 pm at PHS, Free
PHS and the Nationalities Service Center present a lecture by Adam Forbes, who will share his research on the cultural and ecological importance of seed diversity and traditional farming systems. He’ll also offer a lesson on seed saving and discuss what some immigrant communities in Philadelphia are doing to preserve their heritage. Click here to register.

Nothin Could Be Finah Than To Be In . . . .

"Good Mawnin!"
It's so nice to hear that lilting greeting once again -- and so wonderful to be around people who speak in gentle, melodic tones.
Yes, we're in the lush, beautiful Southland, here in South Carolina'a Lowcountry.
We always associate The South with gentility, warm hospitality, cherished traditions and good manners.
It's true: The South really is different. It's one of the only areas of our increasingly-homogenized nation that still retains its own individuality; its own special character and identity.
And in the summer in the South, everything just moves a little slower. And that's just fine with us. Lazy southern days suit us. They allow us plenty of time to savor the South's natural wonders and soak up all that South Carolina's beguiling Low Country has to offer.
We're at at our southern comand center on beautiful Hilton Head Island. And we're lovin it, as always.
We  take long walks or cycle casually under lush live oaks and tall pines. Miles of endlessly smooth, inviting beaches welcome us. No struggles to find a spot on the beach here -- and no beach fees. The ocean is calm and warm -- no shivers! Just walk right in.
There's nothing not to like here. But it's the people that we like most. They're friendly and most appear to be sensible and well-grounded. Intact families are the norm here -- not the exception. 
Likewise, small towns and villages (and small town values) abound.
We'll be here for an extended period of time (Can you blame us?) but we'll still be in tune with the day's headlines and the events of the world. And we'll still be commenting on the current scene, politics, the arts and the popular culture. Plus now, we'll be interspersing all of that with reflections on Summer (our favorite season), Hilton Head and life in the South.
We'll also share photos with you.
Stay tuned!

Two Hot New Hilton Head Dining Spots!

As dining spots go Ombra and Charbar Co. are about as different as you can imagine.
Charbar Co. is a noisy, bar-centered burger hangout with memorable build-your-own burgers, tempting fries and spiked shakes. Charbar Co. says it celebrates high quality, locally and regionally sourced ingredients to create a simple gourmet menu that tastes great without the gourmet price. They say it. They mean it. They do it.
The restaurant boasts "new American" chef-inspired choices featuring not just gourmet quality burgers but other signature sandwiches, veggie and seafood burgers and salads that are as greatas the burgers -- all for around $8-10. Very appealing.
Charbar has been a Hilton Head hot spot since it opened last year.
Ombra Cucina Rustica was another favorite of ours this time around. It has been in the making in the hearts and minds of Chefs Michael Cirafesi (formerly of Michael Anthony's) and Nunzio Patruno for a long time. Now, the time has arrived.
Together, these two have created a restaurant worthy of their Sicilian and Pugliese roots. This inviting eatery features classical Italian cuisine and premier Italian wines with a modern innovative flair. Ombra has a rustic appeal designed to evoke the feeling of going back in a time when things were slower, food and wine were savored, and the hospitality was warm.
Ombra now takes its place among the two or three top Italian restaurants on Hilton Head. We found it to be a delight.
Ombra's entrees run from $17 to $34 and the restaurant also features a chic, well-stocked bar.
Below, find photos of our dishes from both of these appealing new dining meccas.
Linguine alla Mediterranea at Ombra. Linguine with assorted seafood and shellfish sautéed with white wine, garlic, tomato sauce
Spaghetti con vongole alla viareggiana. The magnificent spaghetti and clams at Ombra.
Calimari? It's wonderfully crispy, light and fresh at Ombra. Heavenly!

The basic burger with American cheese, lettuce, tomato and pickles on a triangular sourdough roll with fresh cut fries and homemade southern-style ketchup at Charbar Co. Below, see the cutaway view of the burger (we ordered it well-done and that's the way we got it)  and the burger dish with lettuce in place of the roll, for those who are watching their carbs.

All photos by Dan Cirucci, copyright 2013.

Hilton Head Island's Best Dining Choices!

We're here at our southern command post and our blessed island is just as lush and bright and kissed by the sun as we've always remembered it. We'll be here for an extended period this summer but before anything else, we wanted to give you some tips on the island's best dining options.
There is no limit to good food on Hilton Head and (from hot dogs to haute cuisine) here's the best, directly from Hilton Head and based on years of experience:
Robert Irvine's EAT! - The tres chic eatery at Wexford Center from Hilton Head's own celebrity chef features a lively atmosphere, high style and an electric mix of dishes including tapas. Don't miss the half-price small plates specials every Tuesday evening
Southern Coney and Breakfast: This is a new breakfast and lunch place in the Bi-Lo shopping center off of Pope Avenue near Coligny.Great hot dogs and Coney Island treats in a bright, super-clean environment. Plus, they serve southern breakfast. The owners are very friendly and the service is excellent.
Hudson's - An old-fashioned fish house that's a perennial favorite directly on the water. Tables feature extraordinary views of Port Royal Sound for a truly unique Lowcountry dining experience. Hudson's employs the largest and one of only two remaining fishing fleets on the island which brings fresh local seafood straight from our docks to your table.
Il Carpaccio - Best popularly priced Italian food on the island. Northern Italian dishes with plenty of wonderful pasta specialties and great, authentic, thin-crusted Italian pizza. In Pinelands Plaza shopping center.
British Open Pub - In Wexford Village shopping plaza. Wonderful fish n chips, chicken pot pie, steak and kidney pie and other British specialties in a cozy. golf-themed atmosphere. Also: crab cakes, ribs, chicken, and other selections. Plenty for every taste, and the price is right, too!
Truffles - The original (at Sea Pines Center) is still the best but the new site (on Pope Avenue) is good as well. Steaks, chops, fish, salads -- all great American fare is a delightful, convivial environment.
Crane's - An early-American tavern and steakhouse with Philadelphia roots. Also, sandwiches, soups, salads, famous French dip, burgers, meatloaf and more. Now serving breakfast as well. Lovely atmosphere.
Hot Dog Harbor: In the Coligny Plaza shopping center. Great hot dogs, chips, fries and other delights in a cozy, down home environment. Yhe hot dogs are plump and juicy and come in many different varieties with your choice of toppings. The owners are very friendly and the service is excellent.
San Miguel's - At Shelter Cove harbor. Far and away the best Mexican restaurant on the island. Great margaritas, too. Consistently good!
Harold's Diner - Not actually a diner but an island institution nonetheless. It's mid-island on William Hilton Parkway with the best damned burgers and comfort food anywhere. Drive slowly or you'll miss it. If you haven't been to Harold's you haven't been to Hilton Head.
Old Fort Pub - Upscale dining on Skull Creek in Hilton Head Plantation. An island favorite for decades. This is one of the few places where the food and the service match the spectacular views.
Plantation Cafe - On Pope Avenue near Coligny. This is where you'll find the island's best southern breakfast. Also, great sandwiches and other lunch fare. Not fancy. Just real good food at great prices.
Michael Anthony's - On New Orleans Road. Best upscale Italian on the island. Classic fine dining Italian cuisine prepared with a creative touch, presented with a contemporary flair and served in casual and comfortable warm surroundings. A superb treat!
Giuseppi's - Many consider this to be the island's best pizza. We prefer the original outlet in Shelter Cove on William Hilton Parkway. It's busy. Prepare to wait.
To these we would add one that we've already mentioned: The new Flatbread Grill at the Beach Market near Coligny Circle. The crispy, thin crust pizza here is phenomenal.
Thanks to TV's hugely successful Restaurant Impossible on the Food Network, Robert Irvine is one of America's most famous dining experts. Irvine's restaurant Eat! on Hilton Head Island has long been a favorite of ours. But now Irvine has opened another, slightly more casual dining spot just off the island in the Tanger Outlet Center in Blufton.
Dubbed Robert Irvine's Nosh (shown below) this place is delightful.
As you can see from the photos below we lunched at Nosh and enjoyed the chef's salad (without the ham) and the roasted chicken sandwich with tomato, mozzarella and spinach (with the pesto on the side). The turkey was freshly sliced and the chicken was tender, succulent and juicy. And those fries? Well, they were fresh cut and rich in potato-ey taste and aroma. Heavenly.
BTW: Right now Nosh is featuring a winter pre-fix dinner menu for $30 for TWO that includes appetizer, entree and dessert. Add a glass of house chardonnay for three bucks!
Great rustic atmosphere. Delicious food. Friendly service. Incredible value!
This is civilized pizza in a spacious, efficient, up-to-trhe minute eatery that you and your family will thoroughly enjoy!

After strolling the beach at Hilton Head we were in the mood for pizza and that brought us to a reliable standby -- Paulie's Coal Fired Pizza (below) on William Hilton Parkway near the Sea Pines Circle.
We've always said that the real test of any pizza is the basic red sauce and mozzarella pie just as the real test of any ice cream is vanilla.
Well, Paulie's "basic" pie is fresh and fragrant with a thin crust and their own homemade cheese. We discovered Paulie's last year and have returned several times. Each time we get what we came for -- fine food and drink, friendly service and a warm atmosphere.
This ain't no pizza joint.
This is civilized pizza in a spacious, efficient, up-to-trhe minute eatery that you and your family will thoroughly enjoy!
And, we've got to add Reiley's to the list.
Reiley's  is an old-fashioned Irish pub with an extensive menu featuring steaks, chops, salads sandwiches and great three-course dinner specials. With its ornate bar and traditional chubby environment the place envelopes you in a friendly atmosphere. Always satisfying. We like the original outpost  at Sea Pines Circle.We were there last night and enjoyed a delicious dinner and the prices are really a great value. Service is prompt and amiable, the beer is icy cold, the mixed drinks are great and everybody at Reiley's aims to please.
And then, there's nearby Savannah. Well, more on that later . . . .

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O'Toole Flooding Assistance Bill Ready For Christie

The New Jersey State Senate has advanced legislation sponsored by Senator Kevin O’Toole (R-Bergen, Passaic) to mitigate consistent flooding destruction in municipalities within the Passaic River Basin.

Senator O’Toole’s bipartisan S-1781/A-2675 uses $3 million left over from the “Dam, Lake, Stream, Flood Control, Water Resources, and Wastewater Treatment Project Bond Act of 2003” to fund the first year of shoal dredging needs in municipalities within the Passaic River Basin.

“Superstorm Sandy, the state’s worst storm, was devastating for millions of people, many of who are still recovering today,” O’Toole said. “But residents and communities in the Passaic River Basin have suffered the most repetitive losses due to flood damage. They know all to well a long, costly road of recovery. They cannot be forgotten and need this vital investment, as with all this recent rainfall, they constantly face severe property damage.”

The $3 million is available due to project deferrals, cancellations, withdrawals, and cost savings from the previously funded Lower Saddle River Project. This measure now awaits Gov. Christie’s signature.

Video: Christie Attracts Unprecedented Labor Support

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is building unprecedented support from New Jersey building trades and labor organizations.
Here he is shown in the rain speaking to union members.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Museum Offers Pay-What-You-Wish On July 4th!

Visit the National Museum of American Jewish History this July 4th!
Admission is Pay What You Wish!
Photo Credit: Matthew Christopher

Celebrate what freedom means to you on July 4th at NMAJH!
The Museum is open and Pay What You Wish all day.

Write a letter declaring your freedom using a quill and dive into arts and crafts projects like flag making and pin decorating. Self-guided tours will be offered throughout the day as will story times. Don't forget to stop by our 4th floor and see our object of the month, the historic letter written by George Washington on religious liberty for all.

Finally, interact with acclaimed Philadelphia-based artists Keir Johnston and Ernel Martinez. Hand-stitch your own pieces of fabric, which will be incorporated into their textile-based installation,Hemmed Up: Stories through Textiles.

For more information on July 4th, visit the Museum's website.  

Vatican Comments On Arrest Of Curia Official

This morning, Fr. Federico Lombardi, S.J., director of the Holy See Press Office, issued the following communique regarding the arrest, in Italy, of Msgr. Nunzio Scarano, director of accounting analysis service of the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See (APSA), in the context of an investigation on corruption and fraud.

“As has been made known in the past few days, Msgr. Nunzio Scarano was suspended from his position at the APSA over a month ago, as soon as his superiors were informed that he was under investigation. This is in compliance of the Regulations of the Roman Curia, which require the precautionary suspension of persons against whom prosecution has been initiated.”

“The Holy See has still not received any request from the competent Italian authorities on the matter, but has confirmed its willingness to cooperate fully.”

“The competent Vatican authority, the AIF (the Vatican Financial Information Authority), is following the issue in order to take, if necessary, appropriate measures within its competence.”

Priceless Reagan CDs, DVDs Now On Sale!

Classic Christie Video: 'Proof Town Hall's Not Fixed!'

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie at Vernon Town Hall (in "Republican" Sussex County, NJ) - June 28, 2013.

Cardinal Newman Society Promotes Faith On Campus

A special lessage from the Cardinal Newman Society:

What an exciting time to be in Rome!

Catholics from across the globe traveled to the Eternal City this week to attend Sacra Liturgia 2013, the conference to study, promote and renew appreciation of the sacred liturgy.  And your Cardinal Newman Society sponsored several Catholic academics to attend the conference!  It's only the beginning of our larger project to spur on liturgical renewal in Catholic higher education (please support our mission!).

Our Catholic Education Daily has several must-reads by our scholars attending Sacra Liturgia.  Christendom's liturgical music director Kurt Poterack wrote on how to 
Chapelhave a beautiful sung liturgy on campus.  Wyoming Catholic theologian Peter Kwasniewski discussed the centrality of the Mass in college life.

Also, don't miss Thomas More College artist-in-residence David Clayton's inspiring piece about his work beautifully transforming the campus chapel.  And College of Saint Mary Magdalen president George Harne has a great article about why college students should study sacred music.

Please join the Newman Society in praying that more Catholic colleges join our Newman Guide colleges in embracing reverent worship!

- Adam Wilson, Director of Communications

Christie Vetoes Eight Bills, Signs Balanced Budget

Today, in addition to signing a $32.9 billion balanced bipartisan budget, New Jersey Governor Christie continued his fiscally responsible approach to government and spending by vetoing a series of supplemental spending bills and other measures that would increase the costs of government. In doing so, he adhered to the budget negotiated with the bipartisan leadership of the Legislature and passed by both the Senate and Assembly this week. In an omnibus veto message, Governor Christie noted that the bills together would add potentially hundreds of millions of dollars to state and local budgets, “frustrating the already over-burdened taxpayers and undermining the budget I signed today.” 

S-2404/ACS for A-4112, 3675 (Madden, Oroho/Eustace, Singleton, Wagner, McHose, Egan, Coughlin) – Eliminates 10% surcharge on employee UI taxes during fiscal year 2014

S-3000/A-4200 (Sarlo,A.R. Bucco, Van Drew, O’Toole/Prieto, O’Scanlon) – Appropriates $32,976,962,000 in State funds and $13,427,159,762 in federal funds for the State budget for fiscal year 2013-2014.

S-3001/A-4201 (Sarlo/O’Scanlon, Prieto) – Makes FY 2013 State supplemental appropriations totaling $224,837,000, reduces FY 2013 appropriations by $398,006,000, and supplements various language provisions affecting appropriations in FY 2013


SCS for S-968, 1494/A-998 (Weinberg, Turner/Vainieri Huttle, Watson Coleman) – ABSOLUTE - Establishes procedures and standards regarding public service privatization contracts

S-2188/A3775 (Gordon,Weinberg/Wagner,Eustace,DeAngelo,Benson)  ABSOLUTE – Requires employer notification when relocating call center services outside the United States

S-2644/A-4233 (Vitale, Gill, Weinberg/Oliver, Prieto, Quijano) – ABSOLUTE -  Expands Medicaid eligibility pursuant to federal “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”

S-2825/A-4172 (Weinberg, Greenstein, Sarlo/Mosquera, Lampitt, Stender, Jasey, Watson Colman, Wisniewski, Caride) - ABSOLUTE – Makes FY 2013 supplemental appropriation to DOH for $7,453,000 for family planning services

A-3668/SCS for S-2467, 2471 (Jasey, McKeon, Cryan, Johnson, Quijano/Gill, Weinberg, Codey) -ABSOLUTE – Prohibits investment by State of pension and annuity funds in companies manufacturing, importing, and selling assault firearms for civilians use

A-3807/S-2595 (Caputo, Tucker, Wagner, Eustace/Rice, Gill) – ABSOLUTE – ‟Corporate Disinvestment Property Tax Relief Act”; appropriates $13.5 million

A-3878/S-2673 (Conaway, Riley, Lampitt, Eustace/Gill)  ABSOLUTE- Requires Commissioner of Banking and Insurance to establish public awareness campaign about new federally required health insurance exchange

A-4171/S-2824 (Wagner, Vainieri Huttle, Stender, Quijano, Eustace/Weinberg, Gill) – ABSOLUTE - Provides Medicaid coverage for family planning services to individuals with incomes up to 200 percent of the federal poverty level

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Yeah, Sure, The GOP Wants To Turn Back The Clock

Don't Miss Cherry Hill Mall Restaurant Week, 7/14-20

Have you often wished that Restaurant Week would come to a convenient spot with free parking spanking new restaurants, friendly service and great amenities? Well, wish no more!

Cherry Hill Mall Restaurant Week will debut this summer from July 14 - 20 with great dining deals.

With 100 percent participation, dining guests can select from an array of destination restaurants: The Capital Grille, Seasons 52, California Pizza Kitchen, Maggiano’s Little Italy, Grand Lux Café, Bahama Breeze, and Bobby’s Burger Palace, Nordstrom Marketplace Café and the Bistro at Cherry Hill. All nine restaurants will offer special menus and pricing during the weeklong promotion.

“With so many premier dining destinations in one location, Cherry Hill Mall is an ideal venue to host a Restaurant Week,” said Lisa Wolstromer, mall marketing director. “The quality of dining experiences complements our exclusive retail selection and we are looking forward to introducing an event that offers our shoppers an entertaining way to sample excellent cuisine.”

Guests are encouraged to make reservations at their favorite restaurant during Cherry Hill Mall Restaurant Week. Visit for menu details.

Cherry Hill Mall is anchored by Nordstrom, Macy’s, and jcpenney and features several exclusive retailers including American Apparel, Apple, A/X Armani Exchange, Crate and Barrel, H&M, Henri Bendel, Hugo Boss, J. Crew, MAC, Michael Kors, Pandora, Pottery Barn, Sephora, Swarovski, Teavana, The Art of Shaving, The Container Store, The North Face, True Religion, Urban Outfitters, and Forever XXI. Furthering the mall’s position as a regional dining and entertainment destination are leading restaurants Grand Lux Café, Bobby’s Burger Palace, California Pizza Kitchen, Maggiano’s Little Italy, Seasons 52, The Capital Grille, and Bahama Breeze.

Cherry Hill Mall is owned, managed, and leased by Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust, founded in 1960 and one of the first equity REITs in the U.S., having a primary investment focus on retail shopping malls. Currently, the Company’s portfolio of 46 properties comprises 36 shopping malls, seven community and power centers, and three development properties. The Company’s properties are located in 13 states in the eastern half of the United States, primarily in the Mid-Atlantic region. The operating retail properties have approximately 31 million total square feet of space. PREIT, headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is publicly traded on the NYSE under the symbol PEI. The Company’s website can be found at

About the Cherry Hill Mall Restaurants
Bahama Breeze
With its unique combination of Caribbean-inspired food, handcrafted tropical drinks, vibrant atmosphere and people happy to be of service, Bahama Breeze is the restaurant that brings you the feeling of a Caribbean Escape. The first Bahama Breeze opened its doors in 1996 in Orlando, FL, and now operates 24 restaurants nationally. For more information, visit

Bistro at Cherry Hill
The Bistro is a family owned restaurant that specializes in fresh, made to order pastas, salads, sandwiches, and soups.

Bobby’s Burger Palace
Bobby's Burger Palace (BBP) presents 10 signature burgers inspired by Chef Bobby Flay's extensive travels throughout America and love of the grill in a convenient casual setting. From north to south, coast to coast, each BBP burger is Bobby's tribute to America's regional flavors and traditions, made with Certified Angus Beef and served on a sesame seed bun. All burgers may also be prepared with ground turkey, chicken breast or served Topless, where the burger is simply stacked onto a bed of greens without the bun. For more information, visit

The Capital Grille
The Capital Grille boasts a culinary artistry of dry-aged steaks, fresh seafood and seasonal daily features. The celebrated wine cellar features bottles from the world’s legendary vineyards and their service blends finesse with a dash of surprise. For more information, visit

California Pizza Kitchen
Born in Beverly Hills in 1985, California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) is a leader in authentic California style cuisine and is widely known for its innovative menu items. California Pizza Kitchen provides a range of creative dishes, from signature California-style hearth-baked pizzas,
creative salads, pastas, soups and sandwiches. A SoCal classic, CPK incites international
cravings in over 11 different countries. For more information, visit  

Maggiano’s Little Italy
Maggiano’s Little Italy® specializes in Italian-American cuisine served in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Each restaurant is open daily for lunch and dinner and offers a convenient carryout service as well as delivery, in addition to beautiful and accommodating banquet spaces for special occasions. Maggiano’s menu features both classic and contemporary Italian-American recipes – homemade pastas, signature salads, prime steaks, fresh fish, regular chef specials and specialty desserts, accompanied by a large selection of wines from acclaimed vintners as well as its own private wine label, Salute Amico. The food is made-from-scratch daily. For more information, visit

Seasons 52
Seasons 52 is a fresh grill and wine bar featuring a seasonally inspired menu and an award-winning international wine list designed to excite and surprise the palate.  Evoking the fresh appeal of the farmer’s market, we strive to feature the freshest ingredients at the peak of ripeness and prepare our dishes through natural cooking techniques like wood-fire grilling and brick-oven cooking.  The result is a promise that no menu item is more than 475 calories.  From our signature flatbreads and popular Mini Indulgence desserts to our international selection of 100 wines, including more than 52 offered by the glass, guests feel both the freedom to indulge and the ability to celebrate living well.  For more information, visit

Grand Lux Café
Grand Lux Cafe features unique, casual global cuisine in an elegant, yet relaxed atmosphere. Using the freshest ingredients prepared with world class cooking techniques, Grand Lux Cafe’s menu offers classic American dishes and international favorites along with baked-to-order signature desserts made at on-premise bakeries. For more information, visit

Nordstrom Marketplace Café
Our contemporary food marketplace is perfect for a casual meal, offering wonderful menu selections to satisfy a discerning palate. We’re committed to providing local, sustainable, natural and organic foods and environmentally friendly products.