Thursday, December 8, 2011

Was Clyde Barrow Impotent? Gay? Bisexual?

In the 1967 film Bonnie & Clyde (starring Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway and directed by Arthur Penn) Clyde Barrow was depicted as being sexually hesitant in his relationship with Bonnie Parker.
This led many people to conclude that Clyde was unable to consummate a relationship with Bonnie because he was either impotent or perhaps gay or bisexual.
But the people behind the new, throughly researched Broadway musical Bonnie & Clyde say that was all wrong.
They say that Clyde was robustly heterosexual and that Clyde's questionable sexual prowess or dubious orientation was an invention of Warren Beatty. Beatty apparently felt that this added element would make the character of Clyde (and presumably the film) more interesting, more complex. And obviously, Arthur Penn went along with it because the scene where Clyde pulls away from Bonnie at a critical moment managed to make the final cut.
The musical's director/choreographer Jeff Calhoun says that the new Broadway show was originally going to reference this presumed element of Clyde's sex life and that the musical even originally included a song for Clyde to sing entitled "This Never Happened Before." But that was scrapped when further research showed that Clyde was clearly heterosexual and active. "There's just no truth to the film's depiction, so we cut the song and the scene," Calhoun says.
Many felt that the 1967 movie (which was nominated for eight Oscars but only took home two) greatly romanticized Bonnie & Clyde and glorified their murderous rampage. The new Broadway show takes a different route, presenting what the producers consider to be a less glorified and more accurate version of the story.
Still, in the musical it is suggested that Clyde did have homosexual encounters but he is depicted as a victim --  an unwilling partner, since these events occurred in prison at the hands of another prisoner with the presumed encouragement and approval of prison guards. And Clyde did manage to get even with the prisoner who took advantage of him.
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Anonymous said...

The Barrow Family lived Shanty Town along Trinity River when Henry Barrow moved his family to Dallas texas.He bought tent.Someone Hit Henry wagon/Mule with money he got from that he bought Star Gas Station .Clyde Barrow & Bonnie Parker Clyde Lived on Eagle Ford Road (Singleton Blvd)(clyde parents)Barrow Henry(cumie)1620 Eagle Ford Rd(1221 Singleton blvd).
(grandparents)Krause Frank (mary)2908 Eagleford Rd.
(bonnieUncle) Krause Wylie 2908 Eagleford Rd .(clyde crime partner)Hamilton Floyd Crossman Eagleford Rd.3018 Crossman Ave W. D.
(Bonnie Friend)Youngblood Vance Dorothy 3131 Eagle Ford Road W.D. (cement city)
William Daniel Jones aka W.D.Jones (1932)2410 Henry Street (directory)Tookie(widJas)r W Rush Pike 2n of Commerce Wd.(commerce west into cement city -West Dallas)While Clyde & Bonnie on the Run authorities discovered a prescription bottle later traced to the Texas home of Clyde Barrow’s aunt (cumie Sis) Rumor has it that she gave it to Clyde for vd.So did Clyde get vd from Eastham Pen when he was Sodimized?
You could call this the Eagle Ford Road Patch .As practically all of clyde Barrow crime spree buddies&Family lived in the vicinity.
So it is no wonder that Clyde Barrow want to meet at secret place along trinity river across -West Eagle Ford Road - Irving Texas -up and over -west fork -Trinity River.Shanty town Hobo village must of been where Buck-Clyde Stole food for the Henry Cumie Family to eat and The family applaude the boys for nice work?


Hmmm? There are many men who are Homosexual while in prison only. They do not practice gay sex while on the outside. And I do not see today as being different than back then. Where does all of this supposed information about Bonnie's and his sex life?. Or lack of a sex life, I should say. In one way I find it hard to believe that a young beautiful woman such as Bonnie in her sexual prime would trade off a natural need for sex and children for a life of mayhem. Most women who follow men on that path do so because they are chasing the sex not because they are chasing the thrill of mayhem. But, something I do wonder about is that Moss kid. Did Clyde pick him up because he was a young male that he could easily dominate? And this includes Clyde sexually dominating him to. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Barrow Gang : Bonnie,Clyde,Buck ,Raymond Hamilton,Floyd Hamilton , H Methvin,W.D.Jones .Etc. all seem to been incarcerated in jail of some kind or another (prison)?None of these people mention any Kinky strange Sexual Behavior Group Parties?Not to say it did not happen because they admit to it? These individuals participated in Steal,Robbing Gas Stations, Stores,and Banks Etc. People like that would Kill people that stood in their way(innocent victims) of their progress of their ends,could possible do most anything ?For these people do criminal things just because Times were bad don't make sense because The whole America had to deal with it as well? Normal Average Citizens lived life that was Good Straight just hope for better times dealt what comes? (work wpa -Roosevelt work programs?)So their was no Excuse for their criminal behavior? These Young people dare-devil life style did not care as long as End justify the means? Did they have morals values( worth, merit, or importance: values A principle or standard, as of behavior)Decency Intregrity ? Rumor is that Buck / Clyde stole while live poor life for food but later cars ? That leads you to think t his was the step stones to bigger crimes?How did Cumie and Henry raise children did they praise boys for Chicken/Turkeys/Food the boys stole to feed them? If they did they open the door to boys criminal minds?Why did Clyde want to Free Eastham when it was the place of his Sodimzed you would think he would hate it so bad that he would of want burn it down not free the people in their that maybe of gay/bi-Sexual inclination? Gays been round since Caligula & Roman Priests Choir/Alter Boys/Even Civil War some Gay men sodimized boys? Just because something happens to you don't mean you should allow it to ruin your life instead rise above it choose not to let ruin life? Sexual Deviates who do not have no Self Respect for self or others would probarbly do most anything - not care if they got aids /vd look at Al Capone were their mafia members gay/bi?

Anonymous said...

Blanche Caldwell Barrow,Seemed to like call men Daddy. She called Buck Barrow Daddy,and she called last husband Frasure Daddy. So she married her first husband :John B. Calloway at young age. Her mother Lillian Pond caldwell Horton signed the marriage papers. Blanche stay married few yrs til she decided to run away with friend named Renfro. Then on rail road tracks off Eagle Ford Rd West Dallas Blanche meets Buck Barrow they have a romance. Then Buck robs steals gets sent prison and Blanche writes him all the time.Then Buck escape prison and runs off Blanche .Blanche then dev 1st husband then She marries Buck .Both men she called Daddy Infact her last husband she calls Daddy. Blanche 1st Husband has 2 sons and 2 daughters. So obviously John Calloway did not do nothing to his wifes to prevent them from have children? Inwhich Blanche told others that reason she didn't have a child was because John Calloway. Buck had children by his wifes. So the men Blanche had were capable of having children? Blanche willingly join Buck Barrow into crime activity & even were there when crimes perpetrated and after celebrated with alcohol Whiskey & Food & partying dancing around campfire at nite. Blanche said she had a lot of good times with Buck Barrow. Footnote :"(so did Blanche have fetish to have men be Daddy because picked men older than herself ?

Anonymous said...

Could Clyde Barrow been any different?Nell said when her mother wasn't looking she would go hold baby clyde. First ,He was a baby, sister hug squeeze him so hard,he turn blue,then she (drop) moved him (babyclyde) to the floor ,then ,Nell,screamed ,mother Cumie came ,Then Mother grab baby clyde ran to the neighbor next door (1mile up hill).Second ,Nell&her cousins walk swim hole,clyde kid tag along,they didn't notice him,Clyde kid,end up in water go under,Nell/Cousins got clyde out ,roll him over,pump his arms til he coughed woke up?Third, Clyde younger ,said he got pennies from man,Clyde went to town to spend it,he didn't come home til after it got dark ?(So what happend to clyde that whole day?) Discipline:Train,teach,school,coach,educate,instruction! Nell said Family was poor tenant farmers ,wearing shabby clothes,not have enough to eat,parents farm kids out to (uncles) others to do chores on other people farms &and buck,clyde,Nelly,wouldn't have enough to eat so they'd steal food (aunt/uncle).Rumor,Barrow live under wagon,live in tent,make lil shanty out some lumber,along rail road tracks.(maybe same rail road tracks buck met blanche?) So did Barrow children get adult supervision,love,caring,taught right from wrong,or did they were taught, to do whatever to survive in tough times etc?