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The Vivid, Restless Energy Of An Untamed Time

Through September 9, the Philadelphia Museum of Art presents a broad survey of the art and design of the 1960s, ranging from Pop Art dinnerware to space-age furniture and psychedelic record album covers. Design in Revolution: A 1960s Odyssey brings together photographs, paintings, prints, drawings, architecture, and fashion—including some of the Museum’s rarely seen collection of vintage rock ’n’ roll posters— that underscore the remarkable creativity that captured the spirit of this extraordinary decade in American life.
The 1960s were a period of tumultuous political and social change. From the Vietnam War and the building of the Berlin Wall, to the assassination of major political leaders, to youth rebellion and the counter-culture, the restless energy of the time provided rich ground for experimentation in art and design.

Organized thematically, one section explores the influence of Pop Art in everyday objects. Highlights include Roy Lichtenstein’s mass-produced set of dishes Dinner Service (designed 1966), the original bean bag chair (1968), and Robert Indiana’s print titled Love Cross (1968)—a seemingly banal image that carries religious and political undertones, perhaps emblematic of a quintessentially 1960s idealism.

Other works by artists associated with Op and Pop Art illustrate the creative exchange across artistic media during the period. In the painting Hot Blocks by Edna Andrade, large squares appear to move in tonal contrasts of black, white, and gray, forming optical illusions that suggest the psychology of perception popular at the time. Fashion trends, ranging from paper dresses to body jewelry, are on view with other mixed media.

Design developments in space and commercial air travel permeated consumer culture during the decade, and industrial designer Eero Saarinen was among the individuals who gave artistic shape to the Jet Age. Photos of his design for the original terminal of the Trans World Airlines Flight Center (1962) at John F. Kennedy International Airport, show his signature wing-shaped, futuristic architectural design. Sue Palmer’s printed textile Space Walk (1969) conveys the excitement around intergalactic travel, while futuristic visions of comfortable living in space are conveyed in objects such as the “Djinn” Double Arm Sofa (designed 1962–63). Designed by Olivier Mourgue, it was instantly famous after becoming part of the set design for Stanley Kubrick’s epic film 2001: A Space Odyssey in 1968.

The survey also addresses the extraordinary political turbulence of the era, with such works as William Nelson Copley’s Flag of the United States (around 1967), photographs of Martin Luther King Jr.’s televised funeral in 1968, and Andy Warhol’s Birmingham Race Riot (1964). Video screens present archival footage of the moon walk, Woodstock, and anti-war and civil rights protests. Also included is Jacob Lawrence’s painting Taboo (1963), which depicts two interracial couples and symbolizes the historic legal battle of Loving v. Virginia in the fight to legalize interracial marriage.

The decade is also represented musically through record covers, some of which have been lent from the personal collections of Museum staff. Psychedelic covers such as Axis: Bold as Love, by the Jimi Hendrix Experience (1967); Disraeli Gears, by Cream (1967); Let It Bleed, by the Rolling Stones (1969); and Space Oddity, by David Bowie (1969) are on display.

Exhibition organizer Juliana Rowen Barton, Andrew W. Mellon Graduate Fellow, said: “The 1960s reshaped American life and represented an extraordinary moment in which the arts proliferated through the culture, capturing its exuberance, the horrors of war and civil strife, as well as the myth of progress. These artists take us back in a kind of time travel. At the same time, they offer us, perhaps, refreshing ways to reflect upon our own time with new eyes.”

Juliana Rowen Barton, Andrew W. Mellon Graduate Fellow with Kathryn Bloom Hiesinger, The J. Mahlon Buck, Jr. Family Senior Curator of European Decorative Arts after 1700

He's Up And Running: This Is REAL, Everybody!

Taking His Rightful Place Alongside Giants!

"Today, in the center of this great Chamber lies Billy Graham – an Ambassador for Christ who reminded the world of the power of prayer and the gift of God’s grace."

Now, Know The Difference Once And For All!

Wishing You Lots Of Sweet Goodness!

Have a wonderful and tasty Purim!

'I Know He Will Advance The Cause . . . '

Meet Johnny Taylor, Jr. 

Last February, President Donald J. Trump signed an Executive Order announcing the President’s Board of Advisors on Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs)—the earliest any American President has signed an Order on HBCUs during his term.

President Trump shared yesterday that Johnny Taylor, Jr., former seven-year president of the Thurgood Marshall College fund, will take over as Chairman of the Board. “I’ve been a CEO in both nonprofit and for-profit organizations,” Mr. Taylor said. “By working together across all sectors—the HR profession, HBCUs, and this Advisory Board—we can strengthen the relationship between education and employers.”

“I know he will advance the cause of HBCUs, a major priority of our Administration,” the President said.

Watch: Mr. Taylor shares his vision for America’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Learn more: How the President has prioritized HBCUs since day 1

Play ball! 
“Studies have shown that children who are involved in sports have greater self-discipline, higher self-esteem and are better at working with others,” Ivanka Trump wrote yesterday in an op-ed for NBC News.

Ms. Trump had a firsthand look at the height of American athletic excellence during her visit to the 2018 Olympic Games. “Our Olympic athletes had the opportunity to engage in sport at a young age, which allowed them to develop their talents,” she writes. “But to ensure that every American child has that same chance, we must break down barriers to youth sports participation.”

President Trump signed an Executive Order yesterday to accomplish just that. His directive addresses the issue from several angles, such as by:
  • Establishing the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition
  • Partnering with groups in the public and private sectors to address the decline in youth sports participation 
  • Asking the Secretary of Health and Human Services to develop a national strategy to boost involvement in sports among children

Ivanka Trump: The Olympics prove America is stronger when kids from all backgrounds play sports. 

Tribute to a Hoosier Vice President and Second Lady 
Well hello, Indiana,” Vice President Mike Pence opened Monday night at a dinner with the Indiana Society of Washington, D.C. The Society gave the event an appropriate name: “Tribute to a Hoosier Vice President and Second Lady.”

“In the last year, we’ve made incredible progress all across this country,” the Vice President said. “We’ve reformed our tax code, we’ve rebuilt our military, and we’ve rolled back regulations. And confidence across Indiana and across America is booming.”

The dinner hit a particularly high note when Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb awarded Vice President Pence, his predecessor, with Indiana’s high civilian honor: the Sagamore of the Wabash. Previous recipients include Adam Vinatieri of the Indianapolis Colts and former Late Show host David Letterman.


First Lady Melania Trump hosts a Governors' Spouses Luncheon at the White House  | February 26, 2018 (Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks)


Today, President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, along with Vice President Pence and Second Lady Karen Pence will attend the arrival ceremony preceding the lying in honor of the Reverend Billy Graham at the U.S. Capitol. This afternoon, the President and Vice President will meet with bipartisan members of Congress to discuss school and community safety.

First Amendment Rights Are Absolutely 'Pivotal'

You'll want to take this from a university Republican Club. This kind of thing is happening in academia all over the country:

The Rider University College Republican Club Executive Board unanimously voted last night to oppose Section 1.1 of Measure 3 of Student Government Association Student Senate Bill 3S-7 (seen above). 

 This section gives the Rider University Student Government Association (SGA) the power to arbitrarily call “into question” the recognition of any student club on campus if they are “participating in, hosting, or condoning activities” (“activities” is left undefined) “that espouse inflammatory, hateful, or derogatory rhetoric or agendas” (which are all also undefined). This leaves the door wide open for SGA to remove Rider University of club’s with which its leadership does not agree.

There are no definitions offered, only that a club can be in violation of Measure 3 even if these actions are not a violation of “academic classifications of ‘hate speech,’” which to the best of our knowledge do not exist. In fact, the Rider University Student Code of Conduct works to protect free speech. In its definition of “Harassment,” it is stated that “Nothing contained in this policy shall be construed either to (1) limit the legitimate exercise of free speech, including but not limited to written, graphic, electronic or verbal expression that can reasonably be demonstrated to serve legitimate education, artistic, or political purposes...”

The First Amendment rights of all Americans, but especially of students and student organizations on a college campus, are pivotal to their successes. A student club or organization existing in constant fear of losing their SGA recognition, and in turn their access to funding or their ability to reserve a room on campus, would be one that is not truly serving its membership. If our organization is afraid to have a speaker come to campus out of fear that he/she may make a point that someone finds “inflammatory, hateful, or derogatory” and that would cause us to no longer exist as a club, then our organization would not be able to carry out our mission or serve our membership properly.

We stand strongly and firmly against this section of this bill, and urge SGA to amend or repeal the bill immediately. We will not stand for the stifling of free speech on our campus, or anywhere in this great country. Free and open discourse is the cornerstone of an academic campus and its limiting is not only counter-intuitive to the mission of any university. We hope that SGA will take the proper steps to fix this.

Requests for further information, press inquiries, or any questions can be directed to the club's email,

An Important Question To Answer, Share Now!

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With Grace And Aplomb, She Did Us Proud!

Thank you, Ivanka!

Let's 'Turn Our Grief Into Action!'

Turn our grief into action’ 
President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence addressed nearly 80 percent of the Nation’s governors yesterday at a bipartisan business session at the White House. Although the President highlighted many successes from the past year—including tax reform and early signs that tough sanctions against North Korea are working—he told attendees that one issue should be at the top of everyone’s mind.

“Most importantly, we want to discuss the public safety in schools and public safety, generally. But school safety. We can’t have this go on,” the President said.

“But we will turn our grief into action,” President Trump continued. “We have to take steps to harden our schools so that they are less vulnerable to attack.” The President specifically mentioned better regulating of bump stocks, addressing mental health concerns, and improving early warning response systems to help diminish the risk of violence.

Watch a short recap of President Trump’s meeting with America’s governors. 

Fixing NAFTA 
This afternoon, President Trump will sit down with Republican lawmakers from the House Ways and Means Committee to share how his Administration wants to improve the North American Free Trade Agreement for all Americans.
Here is a preview of what the President plans to say:
  • To build on the incredible success of tax reform, our Nation’s leaders must make sure that America’s trade deals aren’t shipping jobs overseas.
  • On the campaign trail, President Trump promised voters he would get tough with bilateral trade agreements, fix the trade deficit, and modernize NAFTA. “That is exactly what the American people voted for.” 
  • Smart trade means reciprocal trade, and that starts with tariffs. U.S. tariffs should match those of our trading partners, which will put pressure on other countries to embrace freer trade. 
Learn more: America has finally turned the page on decades of unfair trade deals.

‘And that’s a wrap!’ 
About three weeks ago, Vice President Pence traveled to South Korea with Second Lady Karen Pence to lead the American Olympic delegation into the Pyeongchang Opening Ceremony. This past weekend, Ivanka Trump represented U.S. leaders at the Closing Ceremony. 

“And that’s a wrap!” Trump tweeted. “I return to the US after an incredible few days at the #WinterOlympics deeply proud of our #TeamUSA athletes and excited to have witnessed American dreams become new records and historic achievements at #PyeongChang2018.”

Watch a 1-minute montage of Ivanka Trump’s trip to the Pyeongchang Games.

Bonus read: The Olympics prove America is stronger when kids from all backgrounds play sports.


President Donald J. Trump at the 2018 White House Business Session with state governors  | February 26, 2018 (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)


This morning, President Trump will meet with Republican members of the Senate about renewable fuel standards. The President will then receive the Boy Scouts of America Report to the Nation.

This afternoon, the President will meet with Republican members of the House of Representatives about trade. Later, the President will make an announcement regarding additional leadership in the White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Today, Vice President Pence will deliver remarks to the Susan B. Anthony List & Life Institute Luncheon. Later, the Vice President will delivers remarks to the National Religious Broadcasters’ 75th Annual Convention before participating in a Republican Governors Association event with Governor Bill Haslam of Tennessee.

He's A FIGHTER; And Quite Daring As Well!

President Trump never said he would run into the high school where the mass shooter was firing away even if he (Trump) didn't have a gun. 
He said he BELIEVED he would do that. 
To be sure, none of us know exactly how we would react under such circumstances. 
However, it's important to remember that President Trump is considered by many to be fearless and he's been known to act quickly and on instinct when confronted with perilous circumstances. 
For example, in 1991 Donald Trump saved a man from a mugging. Trump told his car driver to pull over and he confronted the mugger with a baseball bat. The mugger recognized Trump and then ran away. DO NOT EVER underestimate our President. Ever!

CH Mayor: Use Armed Police To Protect Schools

Cherry Hill Mayor Chuck Cahn and Cherry Hill Township Council have called on the Board of Education to address and take action on the issue of school security. At Monday night's Council meeting, the Mayor and Council members expressed their commitment to assist the schools and see that security is increased and a comprehensive plan is implemented.

"This is an issue that requires immediate action," Mayor Chuck Cahn stated. " We stand ready and willing to partner with the Board of Education to do whatever we can to help improve security at all of Cherry Hill's schools."

Council President David Fleisher echoed the Mayor's comments. "I call on our Board of Education to take further action regarding school safety," Fleisher said. "I look forward to working with the Mayor and the members of Council to make sure the Board expeditiously continues to address this vital need. No issue is greater than the safety of our children."

Although the Board of Education ultimately makes the final decisions on school security, Cherry Hill Police Chief William Monaghan has recommended that the Board utilize armed police officers as part of any plan that is implemented.

"We are supportive of Chief Monaghan's recommendation," added Cahn.
"While we cannot predict if and when our school's security measures will be tested, as leaders, we must remain strong and united on this issue as we work together to develop ways to protect our children."

Let A Word To The Wise Be Sufficient!

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Another Disgraceful Moment, And A Courageous Dad!

Letting Prisoners Vote? Don't Even Think About It!

New Jersey State Senator Gerry Cardinale, the ranking Republican member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, issued the following statement opposing legislation that would allow incarcerated prisoners, as well as those on parole and probation, to vote.
Sen. Gerry Cardinale opposes legislation that would allow incarcerated prisoners, as well as those on parole and probation, to vote. (©iStock)
“People who are serving prison sentences for breaking the law are subject to a loss of certain freedoms.

“That’s part of the risk they assume when they break the law, and part of the incentive structure for people to follow the law.

“Do we really believe that murderers and rapists who are serving prison sentences should be allowed to influence elections and public policy?

“We shouldn’t trust people who have demonstrated such bad judgment that they are removed from society with the responsibility that comes with voting.

“Let’s not forget that we restore voting rights once a person has paid their debt to society and proven themselves to be trustworthy following parole or probation.

“Our current system is reasonable, and it works.”

Poll: Voters Say No Dues For Non-Union Members

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments today in a case that could have huge ramifications for unions. Voters continue to believe labor unions have too much political sway and most don’t think non-union members should have to pay dues, which is the main argument in the Janus v. AFSCME case.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 41% of Likely U.S. Voters believe labor unions have too much political influence, while 25% think they don’t have enough influence. Eighteen percent (18%) feel labor unions have basically no impact on politics in this country, and another 16% are not sure. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

(Want a free daily e-mail update? If it's in the news, it's in Rasmussen polls). Rasmussen Reports updates are also available on Twitter or Facebook.

The survey of 1,000 Likely U.S. Voters was conducted on February 21-22, 2018 by Rasmussen Reports. The margin of sampling error is +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence. Field work for all Rasmussen Reports surveys is conducted by Pulse Opinion Research, LLC. See methodology.

Keys And Sword? Here's What It's All About . . .

The 2018 Keys and Sword Event, an annual fundraising effort of the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul, the Mother Church of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, will benefit the Sacred Heart Free Cancer Home run by the Hawthorne Dominican Sisters in Philadelphia.

Ten percent of the net income from the event will go to this organization with the remainder of the proceeds supporting ministries of the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul. This year’s goal is $300,000.

Friday, June 29, 2018
6:30 p.m. (Cocktails)
7:30 p.m. (Dinner)
The Logan Philadelphia Hotel
One Logan Square
Philadelphia, PA 19103

The Keys and Sword event is an award ceremony honoring Catholics who demonstrate outstanding fidelity to the Church and the Gospel. Revitalized in 2017, it offers the opportunity for members of the Catholic community to enjoy an evening of cocktails, dinner, music and fellowship. Keys and Sword aims to build community, to raise funds for a local Catholic charitable organization, and to provide for the financial needs of the Cathedral Parish.

Previous recipients of the Keys and Sword Award include the Cathedral’s longest-tenured rector, Monsignor James J. Howard, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey, Dr. Rosalie Mirenda, President of Neumann University, Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta’s religious community, the Missionaries of Charity, and Mr. Robert Sims, a dedicated leader in the Archdiocese for many years. Last year’s recipient was the Saint Francis Inn in Kensington, which provides much needed meals and support within their community.

Tickets can be purchased by visiting: to June 1st. The event is black-tie optional and complimentary parking is available at the Cathedral.

Note: For more information on the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul, please visit:

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Complete, Utter Abandonment Of Responsibility!


OK, So Here's What Needs To Happen NOW!

We've seen and heard enough over the past week.
Now, the time has come to get real and deal with the problem that faces us.

Yes, there's been enough finger-pointing and there's more than enough blame to go around.
And everybody's culpable here. The Democrats certainly aren't without blame as they had the White House and both houses of Congress and they actually did little to stem the tide of gun crime. Indeed, the assault weapons ban expired in 2004 but once Barack Obama and the Dems gained complete control in 2008, they didn't reinstitute the ban. For the record: the ban was originally signed into law by Bill Clinton but even President Reagan supported it. So, yes -- this is a problem for both parties.
And the FBI is to blame. They obviously fell down on the job.
And the security guards at the high school who chickened out are to blame as well.
And the Broward County sheriff is to blame.
And the social agency people who visited the alleged killer and failed to act on concerns about him are to blame.
And yes, the NRA is to blame just for being so damned intractable.
And the dominant media are to blame for endlessly stirring the pot, sensationalizing the crimes and their culprits and contributing way to much heat and way too little light.

Blame, blame, blame, blame and blame.
That can go on forever. Truth is, government and big special interests failed us -- and failed us all the way around.

OK. Now that we've said that and have gotten that out of our system, what now?
What should we actually do?

No single action will be a panacea.
There's no easy answer here. But steps must be taken.
To any reasonably sane person the following steps would appear to be obvious priorities:
1) The assault weapons should probably be re-eneacted. There's no guarantee it will stem the tide of violence but there's no reason not to put it back into effect, either.
2) Background checks must be toughened.
3) Much tighter controls need to be put on gun ownership by persons with mental disorders. In the case of unstable or questionable persons who already possess guns, the idea of a gun ownership restraining order seems to have merit.
4) Bump stocks must be banned.
5) Hollywood and the popular culture and the media must be held accountable. The glorification of violence must be halted. This ain't no movie and it ain't no video game. This is serious now, understand?
6) The crisis of boys with absent fathers must be addressed. It's nothing less than a time bomb.
7) Social media must come to the table. They share some of the responsibility for this.
8) The FBI must be investigated and the parties responsible for the abrogation of responsibility there must be dismissed.
9) A full investigation of all involved at the  state, county and local level in Florida must also begin and those responsible for the foul ups there must also be dismissed.
10) Respect must be restored for the sanctity of human life and that means that we must have the courage to address the abomination that is abortion on demand. Remember: respect for human life is not a selective matter.

Our nation is facing a very, very, serious situation.
All sides must accept responsibility and all sides must be willing to cede something for the greater good. There can be no progress until and unless that happens.

You Won't Hear Of See This On CNN, MSNBC, etc.

It DOES Give You Something To Think About . . .

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And This Is Just One Of The F - - kups!

Three Billboards: Three Things You Need To Know

Frances McDormand will almost certainly win the Oscar for "Three Billboards Outside Etting, Missouri" and her performance is unquestionably worthy of honor.
But there are three important things you need to know about "Three Billboards" and here they are:

1) The movie is deeply and darkly nihilistic.
There is no message here -- nothing to take home. Indeed, there is no takeaway of value that any reasonable or sane person can discern. This movie is thoroughly existential in that it depicts life as relentlessly dreary, absurd and meaningless.

2) The movie is a piercing indictment of America in general and middle America in particular.
If you still doubted that Hollywood truly hates America, this film should put those doubts to rest once and for all. It paints middle America and the people in it as hollow, dumb, hateful, destructive, vile, profane, dishonest, lecherous, amoral and, in their default mode, just plain evil. Cynical, you say? No. In fact, cynicism would actually elevate this tale.

3) The film is hard to take and tough to watch.
If you enjoy watching people spat upon, insulted, mutilated, nearly burned to death, bludgeoned, endlessly incarcerated, tortured, abused and debased, then this is the movie for you. There's plenty of all of that. In fact, before the show even begins (if we are to believe the vacuous plot) a young woman is raped while dying.

There are excellent performances throughout the movie. In addition to McDormand, other standouts include Caleb Landry Jones, Sam Rockwell and Lucas Hedges. But the movie itself is utterly vacant as it has virtually no redeemable characters, no semblance of hope or optimism and, finally, no resolution.

Skip it!

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Some Stories You DON'T Want To Miss . . .

The Daily Caller 
White House Counsel Don McGahn joined the Conservative Political Action Conference this week, where he detailed President Donald J. Trump’s judicial selection process. McGahn noted that selecting judges has been an integral part of the President’s deregulatory agenda, and that the President is “particularly keen on nominees who will police federal agencies.”

The Washington Free Beacon
Elizabeth Harrington at The Washington Free Beacon details 7 ways in which President Trump has been tougher on Russia than President Obama. Her list includes missile defense, arming Ukraine, closing Russian diplomatic facilities, and disavowing the Iran Deal.
- Bloomberg 
Andrew Mayeda reports that a senior U.S. Treasury official says America wants to see China “back up its professed support for open trade” instead of “perpetuating a system that worked for their benefit but ended up costing jobs in most of the rest of the world.”
- The Associated Press
The Council of Economic Advisers released its annual economic report this week, which predicts average annual growth of 2.2 percent through 2028. The report also notes that if there is a “full implementation of the Administration’s agenda,” the U.S. economy would likely reach a growth rate of 3 percent through the next decade.
Politico documents Democratic infighting on the question of Russia. “The real question to be asked is what was the Clinton campaign [doing about Russian interference]? They had more information about this than we did,” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) asked on Wednesday.
USA Today
In an op-ed, Gary Rabine writes about the tremendous effects of the President’s tax cuts on small businesses. He notes that his company alone is “green-lighting two start-ups, doubling research and development, hiring more people and giving larger raises and bonuses.”
Ivanka Trump is headed to South Korea to lead the U.S. delegation to the closing ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics. She will reaffirm the U.S.-South Korea alliance and cheer on the great American athletes who represent our country on the world stage.
WMAR Baltimore
On Tuesday, the company Stanley Black and Decker announced its plans to expand operations in Maryland. The company plans to hire for 400 positions across electrical and electromechanical engineering, digital and brand marketing, industrial design, finance and human resources.

Friday, February 23, 2018

NOTHING Can Debunk 'The Framers' Collective Wisdom'

Our friend Matt Rooney of the Save Jersey blog writes this on Facebook:
Something I don't hear anyone else saying on television/radio/etc: 
Everyone knew Cruz was a monster. The school didn't act. The FBI didn't act. Local police visited his house 39 times. Now we know that the sheriff's department had an armed deputy present (!) who failed to act (which we only learned the morning after the Sheriff lectured the NRA and millions of legal gun owners on national TV).

Gun control? Really?? Reality check: systemic government incompetence and corruption is precisely WHY we have a Second Amendment in the first place and need it so badly. The government can't protect us. The government's failure to protect us IS the proximate cause for 17 deaths at that high school. Parkland is the ultimate argument for LIMITED government. No piece of legislation or executive order can debunk the Framers' collective wisdom on this point.

Grand Tour For A Definitive Collection Of Treasures!

Most comprehensive exhibition on Marcel Duchamp to be presented in Asia commemorates the 50th anniversary of the artist’s death

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is organizing the most comprehensive exhibition dedicated to the art and life of Marcel Duchamp ever to be seen in the Asia-Pacific region. From October 2 to December 9, 2018, The Essential Duchamp will be presented at Tokyo National Museum in Japan before traveling to the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul, Korea, and the Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. This exhibition will include about one hundred and fifty works and related documentary materials spanning the artist’s six-decade career. They will be drawn from the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s definitive collection of works by Duchamp, as well as its incomparable library and archival holdings relating to the artist. This major exhibition will offer a rich and engaging account of the fascinating life and influential work of one of the 20th century’s most original artistic figures. The opening of The Essential Duchamp in Tokyo will also mark the 50th anniversary of the artist’s death. The international tour is made possible by the Terra Foundation for American Art.

Timothy Rub, the Museum’s George D. Widener Director and CEO, notes: “The Philadelphia Museum of Art is uniquely suited to undertake this ambitious exhibition and delighted to share it with new audiences in East Asia and the Pacific. Since 1950, when Louise and Walter Arensberg donated their distinguished collection to the Museum, it has been a destination for those interested in Duchamp’s work and has become an important center for the study of his creative process. These holdings constitute a legacy that is central to our understanding of modern art. We hope to introduce audiences unfamiliar with Duchamp to his work and acquaint them with his complex modes of thought, his different personas, and the sustained effort he made to eliminate the boundary between art and life.”

The exhibition will include important early works that have never traveled to Japan, Korea, or Australia, including Portrait of Dr. Dumouchel (1910), Sonata (1911), and Chocolate Grinder (No. 2) (1914), along with many other key works, among them Nude Descending a Staircase (No. 2) (1912). This was the painting that made Duchamp’s name when it was exhibited at the epochal Armory Show in New York in 1913 and it will be seen in Korea and Australia for the first time in The Essential Duchamp.

The exhibition will offer a chronological account of Duchamp’s life and art. The first section explores the period from 1902 through 1912, when he experimented with different avant-garde styles ranging from Impressionism to Symbolism and Fauvism. It concludes with his highly original engagement with Cubism and his life-changing decision at the age of twenty-five to abandon the painter’s craft and seek new ways of working.

The second section examines the crucial interval between 1912 and 1917, when Duchamp pushed past the boundaries of painting as conventionally understood. It was during these years that he generated the ideas for his magnum opus, The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even (also known as The Large Glass) (1915-23), and then embarked upon its construction after moving to New York. At the same time, Duchamp also created the first of his so-called readymades. Functional objects, such as his infamous sculpture Fountain (1917), were divorced from their utilitarian purpose and designated—as opposed to made—by Duchamp as works of art.

The third section follows Duchamp in Paris during the decades of the 1920s and 1930s, then back to New York as an √©migr√© during World War II. Early in this period, he resolved to shift his vocation from art to chess, and went on to pursue chess with the commitment of a professional. At the same time, Duchamp invented a female persona named Rrose S√©lavy and used this identity to pursue new projects. Some of those works were experiments in word-play such as puns and verbal games. Others were mechanical contraptions based upon his long study of the principles of perspective and optics. These activities dovetailed in Anemic Cinema, the short avant-garde film Duchamp produced in 1926 with the assistance of his frequent accomplice, the Philadelphia-born photographer Man Ray. By the mid-1930s, Duchamp became interested in the idea of revisiting his earlier and more recent works in the form of reproductions, resulting in the portable museum of miniatures entitled From or by Marcel Duchamp or Rrose S√©lavy (also known as Box in a Valise) (1935–41).

The last section explores the remaining decades of his life when Duchamp achieved legendary status in the art world. It reflects upon themes that had long preoccupied Duchamp, including the erotic as a doctrine, and the aesthetics of realism and illusion. The exhibition concludes with materials illuminating the production of his final work, a three-dimensional construction built around a life-sized mannequin of a female nude, √Čtant donn√©s. He created it in near-total secrecy in his New York studio between 1946 and 1966. Neither The Large Glass nor √Čtant donn√©s can travel for exhibition, but these works will be evoked by related pieces: Bride (1912) and Chocolate Grinder (No. 2) (1914) for The Large Glass, and a group of cast sculptures known as “erotic objects” for √Čtant donn√©s. In addition, these two major works will be represented digitally in the exhibition.

Matthew Affron, the Muriel and Philip Berman Curator of Modern Art and curator of this exhibition, stated: “Duchamp once slyly remarked that the Nude Descending a Staircase (No. 2) had in some ways overtaken his story, leaving him ‘only a shadowy figure behind the reality of that painting.’ In fact, Duchamp preferred to glide in relative silence through the artistic avant-garde, even as he profoundly changed the way in which we think about the creation and interpretation of art. His persona was deliberately cloaked in an aura of mystery.”

The exhibition will be accompanied by a richly illustrated book of the same title, published by the Philadelphia Museum of Art in association with Yale University Press (29.95; flexibound, 232 p.). It is designed as an accessible introduction to the subject. Its four narrative sections by Matthew Affron follow the chronology of Duchamp’s art and life. Texts by C√©cile Debray, Alexander Kauffman, Michael R. Taylor, and John Vick focus on four verbal expressions of Duchamp’s invention that are critical to comprehending his innovative ideas: infrathin, precision optics, readymade, and pictorial nominalism. The final section comprises reprints of four interviews and talks by Duchamp that account for his art and ideas in his own words. It will be available for purchase in the Museum Store or online at

About the Duchamp Collection at the Philadelphia Museum of Art
The Museum contains more than 200 paintings, sculptures, prints, and works in other mediums by Marcel Duchamp (1887–1968). The core of these holdings came as part of the important bequest of Walter and Louise Arensberg; Duchamp had served as the couple’s advisor and helped guide their decision to leave their collection to the Museum in 1950. Soon after, the Museum also received The Large Glass as a bequest from another important collector, Katherine S. Dreier. √Čtant donn√©sentered the collection following Duchamp’s death in 1968 and has occupied its own dedicated space since 1969, according to his wishes.

In addition to works of art by Duchamp, the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s collections of archival and reference resources related to Duchamp are the most extensive anywhere. They include personal papers, photographs, and preparatory materials compiled by the artist’s widow, Alexina (Teeny) Duchamp, as well as a variety of rare and unique research materials relating to the artist’s life, work, and legacy, collected by Philadelphia Museum of Art staff. The Arensberg Archive further complements these holdings, with records related to the couple’s collection, correspondence, and entire personal library documenting their interactions with artists and intellectuals in Duchamp’s circle. In total, the Museum’s library and archive hold more than 42,500 documents related to Duchamp.

The Essential Duchamp was organized by the Philadelphia Museum of Art.The international tour has been made possible by the Terra Foundation for American Art.

He 'Continues To Embarrass New Jersey' . . .

Bob Hugin, formerly the CEO and Executive Chairman of worldwide bio-tech leader Celgene, released the following statement on the sentencing Dr. Salomon Melgen.
Today's news that a federal judge sentenced Menendez campaign donor and close associate, Dr. Salomon Melgen, to 17-years in prison for 67 felonies is another reminder of Senator Menendez's egregious violation of the public trust. Bob Menendez's failures continue to embarrass New Jersey. Our state and its people deserve better.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Something's Got To Be Done; Is THIS The Answer?

Every Now And Then, Do You Feel Like THIS?

Live On TV: Dan Talks With Local Journalist/Legend

On The Advocates on RVN-TV Dan Cirucci chats with a local reporter who's probably covered more South Jersey stories and interviewed more people than anyone else. Find out the fascinating story behind on those stories and discover some of the challenges facing the media today as Dan chats with Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Kevin Riordan.

How They Pick, Choose, Twist And Distort . . .

From the Save Jersey blog (reprinted with permission)
by Matt Rooney
Every January, thousands of young men and women march in the streets of Washington, D.C. protesting abortion, a scourge that claims hundreds of thousands of American lives annually and inflicts untold psychological damage on the survivors. 
Many young women at that march are adamantly pro life. Some have had abortions but are now working hard to defeat the industry. 
Others were faced with difficult choices but elected to carry the pregnancy to term. 
I’ve met all of them.
They aren’t judgmental. 
They’re always articulate. 
They’re inspiring.
I can’t tell you the last time one of these brave pro life teens or young adults was interviewed or taken seriously by ABC, NBC or CNN.
Get over yourself; this isn’t about what YOU believe concerning gun control, abortion, or any other issue. 
The problem: our national Mainstream Media picks and chooses who deserves a voice on purely ideological grounds.
That isn’t reporting; it’s third-rate propaganda unworthy of the greatest republic in world history.
Consider how we’ve heard from some other young voices, also survivors of last week’s Parkland shooting, who’ve criticized the media’s ghoulish determination to use a tragedy to push gun control. “I wholeheartedly believe that the media is politicizing this tragedy,” Brandon Minoff, an 18-year-old, told Fox News. “It seems that gun control laws is the major topic of conversation rather than focusing on the bigger issue of 17 innocent lives being taken at the hands of another human.”
Unfortunately, Brandon isn’t getting a fraction of the attention of a handful of classmates whose views, genuine or not, align with the preferred narrative and which now, when called into question, are receiving the media establishment’s cloak of protection
I’m NOT going to tell anyone, however young, that their opinions don’t matter. I’m also going to leave the conspiracy theories to others. With all of that being said? These children who want to exercise their First Amendment rights (ironically with the intent  of disarming the Second Amendment) aren’t learning the most valuable free speech lesson: that your opponents have First Amendment rights, too, and you can’t strengthen your positions and opinions by starting from the premise that your circumstances render your point of view infallible. This realization (hopefully) comes with age and maturity. A lot of people never get there.
But if you want to understand why it’s so hard to have a meaningful dialogue in this country on “big” issues like guns and babies, Save Jerseyans? Among other topics?
Don’t blame Trump or Twitter; they’re new to the party. Look no further than the decades-old institutions which are supposed to provide the facts for such a debate but, ultimately, elect instead to shove one worldview down everyone’s collective throat. ALL young Americans deserve so much more.