Sunday, June 30, 2024

A Special Message For ALL New Jerseyans!

This is our time for choosing and change. This November, let’s send Joe Biden back to Delaware and say NO to radical Andy Kim! 

Democrat Strategy: Grant Him Space, Then What?

Oh, yeah. The Democrats are in an awful, awful mess. 

But don't start celebrating just yet because the Democrat tribe has a penchant for survival and it knows how to unite and stay on message publicly when things get tough. And if it looks like the Dems will be able to ride this out ,all the nervous nellies in the media will calm down and climb back aboard the Democrat caravan as if nothing happened.

You can see some of this taking place already as the Dems spin "well Biden just had a bad night (everybody does now and then right?) while Trump flat out lied over and over again." And some media talking heads have already fallen into line with this fractured explanation. Fact is Biden had the worst night of any candidate in modern debate history going all the way back to 1960. And Biden has been lying, plagiarizing and making up fantastical stories his whole life --  most notably the 52 years he's been at the public trough. He's absolutely shameless.

But what are the Democrats to do? The Biden Family still holds the cards and reportedly the family is convening amidst the cloistered confines of Camp David (formerly knows as Shangra-La) to plan its next moves. So the Obamas and the Clintons and everybody from Dem Royalty on down has put out the word: be calm, express support publicly, give Joe and Jill time and space and hope they do the right thing. Forcing them out, you see, may backfire. Let them come to the conclusion (hopefully) on their own. Patience, patience . . . 

Theoretically, it sounds reasonable.

But there are dragonflies in the ointment -- most notably DR. Jill Biden herself. DR. Jill has stood by her man too long to be pushed aside now and there's no love lost between the Bidens and the Obamas and the Bidens and the Clintons. In fact, the Bidens are very much a solitary and separate bunch. They don't mingle well; they don't particularly trust others; they keep their own counsel and they're not in the habit of ceding ground -- not even one inch.

Biden & Company have always felt like outsiders. They're a resentful bunch and have been for a long time -- resentful of the haves; of the elites; of the intelligencia, the powerful and the entrenched. The way Joe and Jill see it, they gave up everything and spent decades clawing their way to the top, fighting powerful forces that belittled them, mocked them and dismissed them as mediocre at best. They gave up everything to get where they are and probably feel they've fought tougher battles (and faced longer odds) than this. So, why the hell should they give up now?

Joe Biden doesn't want to be seen as a quitter. His model has always been Franklin D. Roosevelt, not quitters like Richard Nixon and Lyndon Johnson or losers like Jimmy Carter and George H. W. Bush. 

Biden is an old Irish street fighter -- a Scranton brawler. He still sees himself as a modern day Palooka (aka Rocky) and his manager (his very own Mickey Goldmill) is Joltin' Jill. And DR. Jill's ever ready with a salve or tourniquet for her man.

Yes, America. The Doctor is in. And she doesn't appear to be the least bit ready to close up shop anytime soon.

Stay tuned . . . .

'Most Accurate Poll' Has Trump Up By Five

2024 General Election poll:



🟥 Trump: 45.5% (+5.2) 🟦 Biden: 40.3% 🟨 RFK Jr: 10.3% 🟨 West: 0.7% 🟩 Stein: 0.5% In 2020, 538 rated @atlas_intel as the most accurate pollster

June 26-28 | 1,634 LV | MoE: 2%

New CBS Poll: Very Stark Figures For Joe!


Saturday, June 29, 2024

The Questions You Need To Ask Yourself . . .

Gallup Releases VERY Revealing Poll Numbers

GALLUP: Right now, do you think the Economic Conditions in the country are getting better or getting worse? Getting better: 26% (-6 from March) Getting worse: 69% (+6) --- October 2020 Getting better: 42% Getting worse: 53% —— Economic Conditions Excellent/good: 25% (-5) Poor: 48% (+9) --- October 2020 Excellent/good: 33% Poor: 29% —— What do you think is the most important problem facing the country today? (open-ended) • The Economy + high cost of living: 30% • Immigration: 22% • The Government/poor leadership: 20% • Unifying the country: 4% • Race relations: 4% • Poverty/Homelessness: 4% • Abortion: 3% • Judicial system/courts: 3% • Crime: 3% • Wars in the Middle East: 1% —— 538: #35 (2.5/3.0) | 6/3-23 | N=1,005 A 

And Let's Not Forget About This . . .


It Wasn't All Biden Stumbling; Trump Excelled!

Friday, June 28, 2024

Where Things 'Stand' Right About Now . . .


Poll: Kim Vulnerable; Bashaw In Striking Distance

In just three weeks after winning a historic primary victory, a new poll by Coefficient showed New Jersey Republican Senate candidate and political outsider Curtis Bashaw within 6-points of his Democratic opponent, career DC politician Andy Kim, in the race for United States Senate, with 25% of voters undecided.

The New Jersey survey, fielded pre-Presidential debate from June 26-June 27, also showed Trump leading Biden by 1 point, and the generic ballot, Republican vs. Democrat, at a statistical dead heat at 42-39%.  Voters list their top three concerns as inflation, taxes, and the border — with an overwhelming 56% of New Jerseyans saying they disapprove of President Biden’s job performance.

“This poll shows New Jersey voters are fed up with Joe Biden’s disastrous policies on the border, inflation, and the economy – and career DC politician Andy Kim has been a rubber stamp on every one of these critical issues,” said Curtis Bashaw, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate. “This year’s election is a time for choosing and a time for change. As a businessman who knows how to get things done, I’m running for United States Senate to fix inflation, close our border, restore our personal freedoms, and protect all New Jersey families.” 

The survey of 810 likely voters revealed the following match-ups, with and without Senator Menendez in the race:

Full Ballot:  

Andrew Kim: 39% 

Curtis Bashaw: 33% 

Bob Menendez: 3% 

Undecided: 25%

H2H Ballot:

Andrew Kim: 41% 

Curtis Bashaw: 34% 

Undecided: 25% 

Why The Debate Was A PR Triumph For Trump

My notes from the presidential debate tell quite a story.

Right at the start, as the candidates arrived on the stage I wrote: "Biden not easy on his feet." Then, just a few minutes into the proceedings I wrote: "Biden looks frail and pale; voice is not strong; talks fast but then halting; occasionally seems out of breath; he's very gray." 

So, I suppose the die was cast quite early. But there was still time for Biden to redeem himself, or so it seemed. Yet, as each minute went by and there was no improvement, the situation compounded itself and Biden's plight became grimmer.

Of course, Trump heightened the contrast by appearing robust, quick on his feet and ever ready with the retort. And yes, the muted mics played to Trump's advantage as this feature allowed Biden to stumble along, meandering uninterrupted. 

Those who feared that Biden would egg Trump on and get him to lose his way found that the opposite was true: Trump successfully goaded Biden, irritating Biden and magnifying his bungled performance.

Here's what public relations teaches us: Image drives content. In other words, if the image isn't appealing or enticing or at least presentable and credible, it hardly matters what the message is. If you don't look good saying what you're saying then, what you're saying often winds up having little or no worth because the viewer/listener is distracted. There's a disconnect between the sender of the message and the receiver.

That's a big part of what happened last night.

Back to Trump -- he followed three critical public relations rules:

1) If your opponent/competitor is faltering, don't get in the way. Stand aside and let it happen. Don't mock, don't gloat, don't celebrate it. Just let it happen. Trump restrained himself last night and it worked to his advantage.

2) No matter what question you're asked, use your answer to repeat the two or three points of your core message. For Trump these points were: we've gotta close the border; everyone was better off when I was president and Joe Biden isn't up to the job, he's destroying our country. Trump, who is a consummate salesman, pounded these points home as only he can.

3) Pivot, pivot, pivot. You can take the most dire question or situation and turn it to your advantage if you know how to effectively pivot and that's exactly what Trump did. When he was asked about January 6, Trump used the moment to remind people that on January 6, 2021 inflation was virtually non existent, interest rates were low, there was no war in Israel or Ukraine, we were moving beyond Covid and we were disengaging ourselves from Afghanistan in a planned, methodical manner. Trump not only avoided a trap but he once again painted a vivid contrast that everyone can understand: "you were better off when I was president."

One more note on pivoting: Biden tried to pivot when he was asked about his age and ability to serve but he failed miserably when he pointed out that he was once the youngest serving public servant as US Senator in 1972. Biden simply reminded everyone that he's been at the public trough for 52 long years. And last night the wear and tear of all those years was vividly (and sadly) on display! 

Thursday, June 27, 2024

Instant Debate Analysis From Dan And Christine!

And Now, Onto The Big Presidential Debate . . .


NYT Shows Trump Swing State Sweep

New York Times Swing States Polling Average (6/27)

PENNSYLVANIA 🟥 Trump: 48% (+2) 🟦 Biden: 46% --- 🟥 Trump: 44% (+3) 🟦 Biden: 41% 🟨 RFK Jr: 7% —— GEORGIA 🟥 Trump: 49% (+5) 🟦 Biden: 44% --- 🟥 Trump: 44% (+7) 🟦 Biden: 37% 🟨 RFK Jr: 8% —— ARIZONA 🟥 Trump: 48% (+4) 🟦 Biden: 44% --- 🟥 Trump: 43% (+5) 🟦 Biden: 38% 🟨 RFK Jr: 9% —— NEVADA 🟥 Trump: 49% (+4) 🟦 Biden: 45% --- 🟥 Trump: 42% (+5) 🟦 Biden: 37% 🟨 RFK Jr: 9% —— NORTH CAROLINA 🟥 Trump: 48% (+5) 🟦 Biden: 43% --- 🟥 Trump: 44% (+7) 🟦 Biden: 37% 🟨 RFK Jr: 8% —— MICHIGAN 🟥 Trump: 48% (+2) 🟦 Biden: 46% --- 🟥 Trump: 42% (+1) 🟦 Biden: 41% 🟨 RFK Jr: 7% —— WISCONSIN 🟥 Trump: 48% (+1) 🟦 Biden: 47% --- 🟥 Trump: 42% (+1) 🟦 Biden: 41% 🟨 RFK Jr: 8% —— EC Based on polls 🟥 Trump: 312 🟦 Biden: 226 —— odds 🟥 Trump: 60% 🟦 Biden: 34% swing states odds 👇 — NYT polling average link