Monday, October 22, 2018

Watch Live: President Trump's Houston Rally!

TRUE! - The Day The Monkeys Took Over The Mall

When indoor shopping malls first opened they attempted to attract customers by trading on exotic themes.
They featured real tropical trees and plants, fountains and even live animals.
The Cherry Hill Mall (the first enclosed shopping mall east of the Mississippi) boasted tropical birds in an aviary. Just down the road, the Moorestown Mall featured ducks in its indoor pond and a large monkey cage in its center court.
The monkeys were reportedly Gibbon apes and they were very frisky and could get nasty at times. They swung from parts of the cage, scurried, jumped wildly, made ear-piercing, shreeking sounds and occasionally fought one another.
Their feeding hour was a popular attraction -- just like at the zoo.
For the most part, the monkeys did their thing and the shoppers did theirs.
But that all came to an end sometime in the early 1970s when the monkeys escaped from the cage, setting off a panic at this star-crossed mall, which was always in the shadow of its Cherry Hill neighbor. Several people were reportedly bitten in the monkey free-for-all and that was the end of the monkeys at the mall.
The ducks survived for awhile longer but eventually they disappeared also as the mall eliminated water features and replaced them with those shopping kiosks that now dot the center aisle of most malls.

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Mob Rule Or Jobs For All? You Decide!

Watch, and remember. The Democrat Party has become the party of mob rule.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

YOOGE! That's The Only Way To Describe It!

Far away, in tiny Elko, Nevada (with a population that's not even 20,000) President Trump drew another massive crowd yesterday.
He simply landed his plane and what seemed like the whole known world (at least in Elko, anyway) quickly arrived. Everybody came!
And this is happening everywhere he goes. Everywhere!
Every single venue is at capacity with thousands more gathered outside hoping to get in or at least get close enough to loudspeakers or a big screen.
Tomorrow night the president is expected to draw one of the biggest crowds ever in Houston.
Meanwhile, Hillary and Uncle Joe are barely able to attract crowds in the hundreds. Barely.

Hey, Whatever Happened To TV's 'Little Ricky'?

Remember 'Little Ricky' from the I Love Lucy TV show?
He was one of the first childhood stars of television.
And he had a vast audience. In fact, the episode that depicted the night when Little Ricky was born was, for decades, the most-viewed show in TV history. And coincidentally, it was also the night that Lucille Ball (who actually was pregnant at the time) gave birth to her real son, Desi Arnaz Jr.
But Desi Jr. did not play Little Ricky on I Love Lucy.
At various times, that role was played by twin brothers and, most notably, by Richard Keith whose real name was last name was Thibodeaux. But that name was too hard to pronounce so Desi Arnaz gave him the name Keith.
Thibodeaux says he remembers the day in 1955 when his father brought him to audition for the role of Ricky Ricardo Jr.
"I walked on the set and there was Lucy, she was standing there and she was looking at me," he said. "She said 'OK he's cute, but what does he do?' My dad said, 'Well he plays the drums' and she said, 'Oh, come on--I can't believe that.' Then, she says 'Look, we have a drum set over there, go ahead and let him play.' Eventually Desi Arnaz himself came over and started jamming with me on the drums and then he kind of stood up and said 'Well, I think we found Little Ricky.'
It's been reported that when Richard turned 21, he received a trust fund set up for him during his days on I Love Lucy. Today, he is 68 years old and is also the last surviving regular cast of I Love Lucy.

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If They Say 'The Election's Over,' Remember THIS!

Don'r believe Big Liberal Media and Big Liberal LIES!
They want to discourage and dishearten you. Don't be fooled!
With your vote, we can win -- AGAIN!

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Now THIS Is REALLY Frightening, America!

Does YOUR Last Name Make The Top 100?

Would you believe that a team of census researches spent months going through data to come up with this: the top 100 Italian-American surnames?
Well, that's exactly what happened according to the The US World Herald and its managing editor Arthur Himler who conducted this fascinating study.
Anyway, below we've listed the top 100 Italian-American last names as he has reported them.
H/T: US World Herald

1. Russo
2. Marino
3. Bruno
4. Romano
5. Rossi
6. Esposito
7. Gallo
8. Caruso
9. Rizzo
10. Greco
11. Giordano
12. DeLuca
13. Lombardo
14. Leone
15. DeMarco
16. Lombardi
17. Ferrara
18. D'Amico
19. Martino
20. Vitale
21. Messina
22. Amato
23. Orlando
24. Barone
25. Longo
26. Ferraro
27. Bello
28. D'Angelo
29. Ricci
30. Palumbo
31. Mancini
32. Manzo
33. Conti
34. Caputo
35. Carbone
36. DeSantis
37. Castellano
38. Catalano
39. Mancuso
40. Fiore
41. Salerno
42. Ruggiero
43. Aiello
44. Fusco
45. Santoro
46. Calabrese
47. Luciano
48. Coppola
49. Conte
50. Piazza
51. Pagano
52. DeSimone
53. Bianco
54. D'Agostino
55. Palermo
56. Romeo
57. Parisi
58. Testa
59. Mazza
60. Monaco
61. Battaglia
62. Volpe
63. Bianchi
64. Valenti
65. DeAngelis
66. Ferrari
67. Basile
68. DeVito
69. Toscano
70. Rinaldi
71. Fontana
72. Mauro
73. Graziano
74. Fazio
75. Pellegrino
76. Donato
77. DeStefano
78. Simone
79. Napolitano
80. Sacco
81. Martini
82. Palomino
83. Randazzo
84. Falcone
85. Ferro
86. Evangelista
87. Vaccaro
88. Manzano
89. Valente
90. Guarino
91. Grande
92. D'Amato
93. Marchese
94. Arena
95. Morelli
96. Rocco
97. Ferrante
98. Viola
99. Albanese

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That Day We Hit 100,000! . . . WOW!

It happened as the first decade of the 21st century turned a corner and moved us into the 2010's.
The newly thriving Dan Cirucci Blog had already reached a milestone.
Here's how it went down on 1/10/10:

As fate would have it, just a few moments before midnight last night we welcomed our 100,000th visitor to this blog.
This momentous event was quickly marked by fireworks and celebration throughout the world, including right here on the beach in Hilton Head. Right after we reached the Magic Number, we shut down the computer, arrived on the beach just in the nick of time and watched the midnight fireworks over the ocean.
It was absolutely grand.
Now that we've passed this milestone, we continue to grow and improve for you.
So, stay with us in 2010.
This is gonna be a HUGE year and, God willing, we plan to be there all the way.
Watch this space and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

PS: More than eight years later the Dan Cirucci Blog is now approaching three million visits! Maybe we'll hit the magic 3,000,000 mark by 1/1/19!

Friday, October 19, 2018

She Was An Incandescent Bounty Of LOVE!

My sister, Lenora Annibale, would have been 79 years old this Sunday, October 21.
But she only made it to 77.
She remains deeply missed and dearly beloved.
Lenora was one of the last persons on earth to know me from the time I was born -- and, as the years went by, she and I naturally grew closer. 
Since the death of our parents in 1988 and 1999 respectively, no one on this earth knew Lenora longer than I did and few knew her better.

Lenora's name was as unique as she was. Indeed, she prided herself on having a name that few others shared. 
And when you saw or heard her name, you immediately wanted to add an explanation point to it. It just seemed right: Lenora – slash, dot. 
Because she lived her life – all her life – with an explanation point. And, since she was my sister, I was fortunate to partake of it all and wise enough to know that in terms of charm and personality I could never, ever compete with her.

Lenora had a natural way with people. She could talk to anybody -- anyone from a total stranger on the street to the President of The United States. She was fearless about that and she was also a natural-born salesperson. What she was "selling' depended on the moment. But, once she focused on you, she cast a magical spell. She made you feel special -- like you were the only person in the world. To this day, many people tell me they would seek Lenora out simply because she was so great to be with -- she made them feel better, livelier, happier, more "in the moment".

Lenora was a vivid personality. And she had such a zest for life that I called her “an incandescent force of nature” or the "bounty of love itself". 

Sometimes I joked with her that she was truly unsinkable – virtually indestructible. But she always cautioned me not to make such assumptions. After all, she fought two valiant battles with cancer and had both hips replaced. But these were things Lenora almost never spoke about, never complained about and never dwelt on. 

It’s not that Lenora didn’t know she was vulnerable and breakable, like the rest of us. It’s just that, as far as anyone could tell, she simply ignored it.

Some people dip into life cautiously, with a demitasse spoon. Not Lenora. She used a ladle – passionately scooping up all the good stuff. Maybe Lenora knew that she would not live as long as either of our parents (and only a bit longer than her husband) and that caused her to soak up life so ravishingly. Who knows?

There were so many things she liked -- things she actually dived into with total abandon. Dining,  shopping, travel, fashion, jewelery and entertaining were among her passions. She enjoyed a great movie, a spirited political campaign, an engrossing TV series and just about any sport that featured a winning Philadelphia team. But, above all, she loved children. She simply knew how to be totally in touch with them. And children loved Lenora because they know she was real -- they knew that her feelings were honest and heartfelt.

My mother always said Lenora should have been born a Vanderbilt because that’s the way Lenora wanted to live. As for Lenora herself, she simply chose to live a Rolls Royce life even though she often found herself in a Chevy environment. I honestly don’t know how she did it. The only person who knew the secret to that was her late husband (and one true love) Frank and he took the secret with him.

Still, when all was said and done, nothing was more valuable to Lenora than love and no love was more important than the love of family. She was a devoted daughter, a wonderful sister, a loving wife, a hugely loving mother and grandmother, an effervescent and all-time-favorite aunt, an incredible sister-in-law, a great cousin and, as many of you know a loyal and cherished friend.

Two phrases can sum up her life and each one is no more than three words. The first is this: Enjoy each day. Enjoy each moment the way Lenora did --and remember her for that. And the second? Those are the three words I will leave you with: Love one another!

THEY Don't Want Him; Neither Should YOU!

Thursday, October 18, 2018

That Hugin Ad? It's '100% FACTUAL And FAIR!'

And now, some URGENT insight from our friends at Save Jersey:
By Matt Rooney (reprinted with permission)
History is repeating itself, Save Jerseyans. It does every cycle.
In 2017, Kim Guadagno ran a 100% factual, fair and appropriate advertisement attacking Phil Murphy’s reckless ‘sanctuary state’ policy proposal. Rather than simply report on the ad? And the campaigns’ respective positions? The Media took sides, savaging Guadagno and accusing her campaign of race-baiting.
Here we go again.
Bob Menendez WAS investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for allegations of engaging child prostitutes in the Dominican Republic, something which would have absolutely been treated as a crime here in the U.S. if probable cause was established despite what Menendez’s lawyers have argued.

Menendez and Melgen
The allegations WERE corroborated, per the FBI. The Hugin campaign even laid it all out quite plainly for the media in a press e-mail blast, supporting each and every item referenced in the ad:
FACT: The FBI and President Obama’s Justice Department had specific, corroborated evidence to back up allegations that Senator Menendez had sex with underage girls in the Dominican Republic. Those women never recanted. It’s also important to note these are not the same women who recanted in affidavits released by Dr. Melgen’s cousin.
FACT: The FBI also discovered a “black book” listing Menendez 9 separate times alongside the names and phone numbers of multiple women in what an FBI agent testified looked to be a ledger of prostitution activity.
FACT: The pilot of Menendez’s friend, convicted felon Salomon Melgen, also testified he flew “young girls” who “look[ed] like escorts” on Melgen’s plane. In addition, the FBI confirmed that young women who received substantial sums of money from Dr. Melgen were at Casa De Campo at the same time as Menendez.
FACT: Confronted with the FBI’s corroborating evidence that placed Menendez in the same place at the same time the alleged sex with underage victims took place, Menendez lied. The Obama DOJ called his denials “demonstrably false.” Menendez and his legal team argued in federal court documents that these allegations, even if true “would hardly be a crime.”
Those are FACTS. Not opinions or theories or random, partisan slurs.
Charges were never filed all the same. That’s true. There ARE problems with the allegations Turn on the news: in case you haven’t heard already, these types of cases aren’t easy to prove in almost any context. You don’t have to be a lawyer, in 2018, to know that.
But Hugin’s ad does NOT accuse Menendez of a crime. 
What it does strongly infer? After Menendez SAVAGED then-Judge (now Justice) Brett Kavanaugh over uncorroborated allegations? Bob Hugin and his team have every right — and I would argue a civic responsibility — to call Menendez out for his glaring hypocrisy on the issue of how our society’s elites (like Menendez) handle sexual assault allegations in a hard-hitting television spot (click here).
Are all women to be believed, as Menendez demanded in the Kavanaugh context? Or not?
Are we innocent until proven guilty? Or something less-than?
Are allegations more credible in the eyes of the court of public opinion simply because the culture tells us Republican males are more likely to be patriarchal, predatory scumbags? Notwithstanding the fact that the vast majority of recent public sexual misconduct scandals feature Democrats in the starring roles?
It’s all totally, 100%, unarguably fair. We should discuss it. There’s no better time to discuss it than when the American people can vote on it.
But our Media isn’t fair. Hasn’t been for a long time although it’s getting worse. Here, as in 2017 and many times before, the Media is choosing sides rather than simply reporting the facts.
Manipulating, not informing.

NJTV’s geriatric front man Michael Aron, who regularly moderates debates for a reason known only to the fifteen people who watch NJTV, went on television last night and dismissed the ad as “below the belt.”
Politico’s Matt Friedman, whose work I often respect but who is nevertheless unapologetically aligned on the Left side of the spectrum, openly mocked the story’s credibility on Twitter with a heaping helping of his characteristic snark.
Sal Rizzo (a former N.J. reporter now working for the Washington Post) authored a “fact-check” blasting Hugin’s TV ad but FAILING TO ADEQUATELY EXPLAIN WHICH HUGIN FACTS ARE WRONG. 
Excuse me, fellas, but since when is it the Media’s job to tell us WHAT to think?
You’re not editorial page writers. You’re journalists.
Instead of reporting the facts (including those that support AND undermine the allegations), the campaigns’ respective responses, and then LETTING US DECIDE… you defend one side. It’s as bad as if a criminal judge, at the start of a criminal trial, told the jury that the defense’s theory was bullshit, wrong, or dare I say “below the belt” before either the state or the defense even rested!
You can’t remain neutral/credible/helpful to the democratic process when you declare for all the world, three weeks from an election, that one side is lying especially when you can’t even cite a single fact in the ad that’s wrong!
To summarize? Here’s what matters in this case: allegations were made against Menendez and Kavanaugh. The former’s WERE corroborated, per the FBI. The latter’s were not. It’s 100% fair for the challenger, Mr. Hugin, to ask why his opponent, Mr. Menendez and his apologists, are applying different standards to sexual assault allegations.
That’s all the damn ad says.
And when reporters stop reporting and act like liberal bloggers?
The reliability of today’s independent (!) press is rightly called into question. It’s also no longer a mystery (if it still was for anyone out there reading this) why the traffic of websites like Save Jersey is exploding. We’re painfully honest, absolutely biased, and completely open about it all! No one can say the same for today’s old guard and mainstream media publications, and that’s an indictment of an industry which used to be the envy of the free world.

Stars, Glamour, Murder Under A Gold Pagoda!

There was nothing like it anywhere.

An Asian-themed getaway next to a legendary mecca for the stars right smack in the middle of a burgeoning suburban community. It featured jade ornamentation, shimmering accents and a gold-plated roof that became a local landmark.

This was The Rickshaw Inn.

Built in 1964, The Rickshaw Inn was a 180-room hotel with a gold-plated roof, which was situated on Route 70 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, opposite Garden State Park and adjacent to the Latin Casino, a popular niteclub which had relocated to Cherry Hill from Philadelphia a few years earlier. Frank Sinatra and his 'Rat Pack' entourage, Don Rickles, Steve and Edie, Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross and other elite acts performed at The Latin - and stayed and drank at The Rickshaw.

The celebrities, musicians and their hangers-on from "The Latin" often drank in the lobby bar long past the official 2:00AM "last call" mandated by the NJ ABC; but this was winked at by local officials. The luxury cars of politicians, celebrities and businessmen were parked "up front" under the Rickshaw's covered entryway At the time, it was the most luxurious inn and restaurant in the South Jersey/Philadelphia area.

The gold-roofed pagoda atop the Rickshaw Inn offered a spectacular view of Garden State Park's track and finish line, prompting Garden State owner Eugene Mori to plant a row of tall cypress trees to block the view from the Rickshaw.

In August 1965, Frank Adamucci, a co-owner of the Rickshaw with Dominick Vitese, was shot to death in the lobby of the hotel. Originally thought to be a "mob hit" due to the single shot and fast departure of a "getaway car", investigators within days linked the killing to a botched robbery. Detectives arrested Bobby Lee Mayberry, William Kestner and John Miller, who had been "casing" the Rickshaw for weeks and took note of Adamucci's propensity for greeting guests entering the Rickshaw's opulent lobby. Witnesses stated that the fatal shot occurred when Adamucci, angered at Mayberry prodding him toward the office and safe pushed at Mayberry's arm, causing the pistol to fire a single shot that pierced the businessman's chest.

Investigators caught their "big break" when a bartender at a nearby lounge recognized the trio, who met frequently while planning the botched robbery. The three were memorable to the bartender because they ordered a drink known as an "Orange Blossom" - not a typical choice in a shot and beer taproom.

Camden County Prosecutor Norman Heine lead the state's case at the subsequent trial, and, during Heine's intense questioning, Bobby Lee Mayberry suddenly blurted out "I did it! I shot Adamucci!!" in a witness stand confession worthy of Perry Mason. Heine was later appointed to the New Jersey Superior Court and "State vs Mayberry" is still studied in law schools as an example of a prosecutor provoking a witness-stand confession.

The onset of casino gambling in Atlantic City brought an end to The Latin Casino and the end of the Latin's elaborate entertainment slowed the pace at the Rickshaw Inn as well.

The massive 1977 fire at Garden State Park's grandstand directly across from the Rickshaw rained down flaming embers on the famed gold roofed pagoda, but the Rickshaw was spared from damage.

In the 1980s the Rickshaw was stripped of its Asian-styled decor and golden roof, renovated to externally resemble the new Garden State Park grandstand and renamed the Garden Park Hotel. The Garden Park was not financially successful and was eventually closed over code violations. A plan to convert it into a senior citizens' residence failed, and in 2002 it was demolished. A Mercedes-Benz dealership moved to the site in 2006.

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