Thursday, July 18, 2019

What SHOULD She Do Now? Well . . . . .

If you are fortunate enough to gain American citizenship -- especially after you've come from a war-torn nation -- you ought to be grateful, very grateful.
But if you are not grateful and on top of that you defame America and you undermine its military and security and you dismiss and even ridicule large groups of your fellow citizens and you encourage the violation of America's laws and defiance of its values and your urge opposition to  its cherished allies and you do all of this not just as a citizen who has taken and oath of allegiance but you do it loudly and publicly as a public official who has sworn to uphold and defend the law of the land and you feel absolutely no regret or remorse about it, then you really ought to be ashamed of yourself.
And, you shouldn't  be at all surprised when your fellow citizens start screaming "send her back!"
And, in fact, you should take stock of yourself and perhaps consider whether you really want to remain here or whether you'd like to go back where you came from, or somewhere else.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Well, It Certainly Bears Repeating Now!

"Every day, illegal aliens show up in court who are charged. Some are guilty and surely some are innocent. Some go to jail and some don’t. But they’re all illegal aliens. And whether they’re innocent or guilty of the crimes they were charged with in court, they’re still here illegally, and they should be sent out of the country." 
- President Bill Clinton, 1995.

'They Should Love Our Country . . .Or They Can Leave!'

At a Cabinet meeting yesterday morning, President Trump told Americans exactly what he expects from members of the United States Congress.

“They can go wherever they want or they can stay. But they should love our country,” the President said. “They shouldn’t hate our country.” 

 Watch: “It’s up to them,” says President Trump.

“I have clips right here,” he continued. “The most vile, horrible statements about our country, about Israel, about others . . . You have the same list that I do.”

Here are a few of those statements from a prominent group of far-left, freshmen Democratic Congresswomen: 
  • Among other anti-Semitic tropes, Rep. Ilhan Omar said that Jewish lawmakers in the United States “have allegiance to a foreign country.”
  • Rep. Omar has lied that American soldiers killed “thousands of Somalis” during the 1993 Black Hawk Down mission. She has also blamed the United States for terrorist attacks and the socialist humanitarian crisis in Venezuela.
  • Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says that illegal immigrants are “more American than any person who seeks to keep them out ever will be.”
  • Rep. Ocasio-Cortez claimed that U.S. law enforcement officers are running “concentration camps” on the southern border and used the phrase “never again”—a refrain strongly associated with remembering the Holocaust.

To top it off, when asked to condemn the Antifa terrorist attack at a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility in Washington state this past weekend, Rep. Ayanna Pressley attacked the media, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez was silent, and Rep. Omar was silent.

Democratic leaders and the mainstream media don’t want to talk about any of this. President Trump isn’t going to let them ignore it and hope that no one notices.

'I Just Think They're Left Wing Cranks!

From Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana:
"In America, if you hate our Country, you are free to leave. The simple fact of the matter is, the four Congresswomen think that America is wicked in its origins, they think that America is even more wicked now, that we are all racist and evil. They’re entitled to their opinion, they’re Americans. Now I’m entitled to my opinion, & I just think they’re left wing cranks. They’re the reason there are directions on a shampoo bottle, & we should ignore them. The 'squad' has moved the Democrat Party substantially LEFT, and.....they are destroying the Democrat Party. I’m appalled that so many of our Presidential candidates are falling all over themselves to try to agree with the four horsewomen of the apocalypse. I’m entitled to say that they’re Wack Jobs."

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Is THIS What They're REALLY All About?

Oh, Yes - A Great Man Once Said THIS!

'Love It Or Leave It' Was HE Racist, Too?

Quarterback Ricky Stanzi says it all after winning the 2010 Orange Bowl.
Racist? Nobody seemed to think it was . . . because it wasn't -- and ISN'T!

WOW! She Says It Better Than We Ever Could!

Thank you, Congresswoman Liz Cheney!

Well, This Just About Sums It Up . . .

And THIS, too , , ,

Fitzherbert Announces Top Flight Campaign Team!

Last week South Jersey Republican and Defense Contractor Brian T. Fitzherbert launched his 2020 campaign for New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District (NJ-02). Fitzherbert is seeking the Republican nomination to earn the right to face freshman Democrat Congressman Jeff Van Drew in November 2020.

NJ-02 is one of the top congressional seats that the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) has targeted for election 2020. “Control of the House balances on winning back these historically republican congressional seats, which includes NJ-02,” Fitzherbert said. President Trump won the 2nd Congressional District 50.6% - 46% in 2016.

Much like in his professional career, Fitzherbert has put together a team with national experience and the best in their field. Ethan Zorfas and Evan Kozlow of Axiom Strategies, Brett Loyd of The Polling Company, digital strategists from The Prosper Group and Amanda Woloshen Glass, the former Campaign Manager and State Director for former Congressman Leonard Lance (NJ07), will serve as Fitzherbert’s campaign team.

“The team is in great company with Amanda at the helm along with Axiom Strategies, given the firm has helped elect 78 current Members of Congress” Fitzherbert said.

Amanda is a veteran political strategist and government affairs specialist with an expertise in the areas of campaign management, communications and messaging. She has a successful track record of winning campaigns and successfully building issue-oriented and diverse grassroots coalitions.

The Polling Company is proud to be recognized as one of the nation’s most respected polling and market research consulting firms.

The Prosper Group is a national leader in digital advertising and online fundraising for GOP candidates and have contributed to the digital strategy of more winning campaigns than any other digital-first GOP consulting firm.

New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District covers all of Atlantic, Cape May, Cumberland and Salem Counties, as well as parts of Gloucester, Ocean, Burlington, and Camden Counties.

Please follow the campaign on social media on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and visit the website at Email at

Monday, July 15, 2019

Too Strong? Maybe. But Not Far Off The Mark!

She Won't Deny It AND She Laughs About It!

THIS Should Be Obvious IF You're Paying Attention!

This is not very difficult to figure out. You don't have to be a historian, a political scientist or a pollster to get this.
If the election is about the economy, Trump wins.
If the election is about jobs, Trump wins.
If the election is about whether or not you are better off then you were four years ago, Trump wins.
If it's about America not being a socialist country, Trump wins.
If it's about a strong military and keeping us out of war, Trump wins.
And even if it's about world peace and security, Trump has an edge there as well.
Which is to say he's holding a winning hand.
BUT, if the election is about Trump (and this is what the Democrats are hoping for) then, Trump may have a very real problem. Because Trump is a controversial figure and his personality is combustable. And there are many people who like and support his policies but don't particularly like him.
So, between now and election day the Democrats will do everything they can to keep the heat on Trump himself and make the election all about him. Because they simply have no other issues. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.
That's why the congressional investigations will drag on and on; why they will milk the upcoming Mueller testimony for all it's worth; why they will continue to demand the release of his tax returns and why they will keep impeachment talk alive as long as they can. They don't want to necessarily impeach Trump, they just want to keep the whole thing smoldering day after day, week after week and month after month -- right up to election day. And the Democrats will be aided and abetted by the media in all this,
But Trump's still holding the winning hand.
The only way he can lose is by making himself the issue and playing into the hands of the Democrats to such an extent that people think he stacked the deck.

No Doubt About What He Said; What He Meant . . .

Sunday, July 14, 2019

This Video Clip Will Positively Make Your Day!

It's Sunday, and this is a wonderful way to start the week.
Errol Robinson, a player for the Tulsa Drillers, taught a couple of boys a quick lesson in respect and patriotism at last Thursday's game in Oklahoma.
Be sure to share this with everyone you know!
h/t: KOTV News on 6

Dan With Christine Flowers Tonight: Access Here!

Listen to Dan Cirucci LIVE on the Christine Flowers Show tonight at 10 PM on WPHT, 1210 AM and on! 

Saturday, July 13, 2019

VDEO: They Tear Down US Flag; Raise Mexican Flag!

Anti-Trump, pro illegal alien protestors storm Colorado town, tear down our beautiful American flag and raise the Mexican flag as well as another flag with words on it too obscene to report.
They hate America, folks -- and they're out to destroy our way of life and the values and principles we hold dear. These are the people that the Democrat Party is supporting!

Lesniak Blasts Murphy's Tax Incentive Assault

Statement of Former Senator Raymond J. Lesniak at the hearing of Governor Phil Murphy's New Jersey Tax Incentive Tax Force:

As the sponsor of New Jersey’s first tax incentive that transformed a contaminated garbage dump in Elizabeth into the Jersey Gardens Mall which has generated thousands of jobs and millions of dollars of revenue for Elizabeth and the State and has more visitors from out of state than any other location in New Jersey, I come not to bury tax incentives, but to praise them.

I see that Governor Murphy’s Task Force has no person with an economical development or economic financial background, or a background in city planning or smart growth or the legislative process, upon which to assist your mission launched by Governor Murphy with his unsupported statement that tax Incentives have squandered up to $11 bil. of tax dollars.

As someone who has those qualifications and who has been involved in sponsoring and advocating for New Jersey’s tax Incentives, I offer this testimony.

My first recommendation on tax Incentives is to mend them, don’t end them.

Tax incentives are necessary for New Jersey to attract business investment and create and retain jobs in the state that’s at the bottom of studies of states that are business friendly.

Without tax incentives, Revel would still be a white elephant casting a blight on Atlantic City, but instead, Building Trades workers were put to work completing the building and hundreds of workers who would otherwise have been unemployed got jobs. All thanks to tax incentives that did not cost taxpayers one dime.

Without tax incentives, Panasonic’s America’s Headquarters would not be in Newark, New Jersey, but would be in Atlanta, Georgia.

Without tax incentives, Teachers Village in Newark would still be a five block collection of old rundown buildings that tax incentives transformed into moderately priced apartments which have stimulated other new construction in the neighborhood with new restaurants, shops, and cultural amenities for Newark’s residents, all thanks to the ERG tax incentive legislation I sponsored.

There are hundreds of other examples of the benefits flowing from New Jersey’s tax incentives, none of which have been discussed by this Task Force, at least not publicly, although you have made very public statements about a handful of tax incentives awarded by the EDA.

Let me set the record straight from the start. Governor Murphy was flat out wrong when he stated that our tax incentives have “squandered” $11 billion.

On the contrary, tax incentives increase revenue to the state. If a company does not locate in New Jersey or leaves New Jersey, because it has a lower cost of doing business elsewhere, we lose 100% of its taxes. A tax incentive that brings in or keeps jobs from leaving our state generates 80% of those taxes. 80% of X is more than 100% of zero. The $11 billion of tax incentives Governor Murphy said has been squandered will instead be a net positive to the state treasury, generating many $billions more for the State treasury than if there were no tax incentives.

Tax incentives have come under intense criticism, some fair, some unfair, some based on a thoughtful analysis, some based on pure politics. Making the tax incentives debate political is fraught with danger to the economic health of our state. New York lost 50,000 Amazon jobs to Virginia because of a political attack on tax incentives.

As with all government programs, our tax incentives should be periodically reviewed to determine their effectiveness. I recognized that when I sponsored the Economic Opportunity Act under which the Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers University made recommendations. I support, without getting into the weeds, those recommendations, the recommendations of the State Comptroller and those announced by Senator Troy Singleton.

Most important are the Comptroller’s recommendations that EDA have a robust independently verified certification process to determine that but for the tax incentive jobs would not have been created or would have left the state, or in the case of the 16 Camden City incentives, the tax incentives were a material factor in that regard.

The material factor standard was established for Camden City because economic concerns are not always the most significant factor in a business decision as to where to locate when the location is the poorest city in the nation with a high crime rate. That’s why I supported enhanced tax incentives for the poorest municipalities which have lagged behind in economic development and job creation and why I agreed to amendments to the Economic Opportunity Act which enhanced incentives for businesses to locate in the four cities that have the lowest median family income: Camden, Trenton, Passaic and Paterson and in Atlantic City which had the highest unemployment rate in the state.

Your Task Force seems to have concluded that the sole purpose of tax Incentives is to attract jobs to move into the state or to keep them from leaving the state, ignoring the needs of the poorest communities in New Jersey and contributing to income inequality in the state. There are tax Incentives that can help these communities which need their neighborhoods redeveloped to keep employees living near their jobs, rather than leaving after the work day is over.

I urge you to support A2596 and S1482 which will create a comprehensive urban development strategy designed to transform the State's urban centers from areas with just offices, to 24-hours per day, seven-days per week communities with robust residential populations and have been endorsed by The Housing & Community Development Network of New Jersey which stated, “Addressing the need for people at every income level to access affordable homes through mixed income developments would be an economic boon for our state. This approach can help our economy and our future by creating jobs, thriving neighborhoods and giving opportunities for our State’s lower income residents.” It has also been endorsed by The Anti-Poverty Network which stated, “New Jersey lags behind in the number of affordable units available to individuals and families at various income levels. Incentives for mixed use communities would help our state’s economy grow for the benefit of all our residents.”

Our tax Incentives need to be mended, but not ended. The longer New Jersey is without tax Incentives, our residents will be deprived of employment opportunities and our business climate will deteriorate.

Thank you.

President Trump Takes On Tech Giants . . . .

President Donald J. Trump welcomed a group of digital communications leaders and online influencers to the White House on Thursday, where he hosted a first-of-its-kind summit on the importance of freedom of speech online.

“Each of you is fulfilling a vital role in our nation: You’re challenging the media gatekeepers and the corporate censors to bring the facts straight to the American people.” 
Free speech and expression are at the core of American democracy. Censorship is not. It’s unacceptable that conservative voices continue to be unfairly stifled by some of the largest, most powerful media and technology companies in the world. The President has pledged that this bias, dishonesty, discrimination, and suppression will not stand.

While some in the media claim that the issue of tech bias is fake—or only anecdotal—multiple tech companies have admitted or been found to engage in selective censorship: 
  • Facebook and Twitter have repeatedly engaged in the shadow banning of conservative voices on their platforms.
  • In 2018, Facebook issued an apology for wrongly taking down a political ad promoting now-Sen. Marsha Blackburn’s (R-TN) campaign.
  • Google employees admitted to debating whether to bury news of President Trump.
The White House is taking action to stand up for free expression—online and everywhere else. A digital tool launched by the Trump Administration in May drew more than 16,000 responses from Americans sharing instances of tech bias. Following this week’s summit, President Trump will soon be meeting with representatives from the major social media platforms to discuss unfair practices.

President Trump is also directing his Administration to explore regulatory and legislative solutions to protect free speech, which he announced at the summit on Thursday.

“You communicate directly with our citizens without having to go through the fake news filter,” the President told summit attendees. “It’s very simple. Together, you reach more people than any television broadcast network, by far. It’s not even close.”

Joining the President on Thursday were Members of Congress fighting to protect free expression online—both for conservatives and for every American. Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO), Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), and Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) all spoke about the importance of achieving more transparency, accountability, and freedom across online platforms.

Mainstream media says “there’s no censorship in social media”—they claim it’s “all made up,” Sen. Hawley said. “You and I know that that’s not true. You and I know the truth is that the social media giants would love to shut us down, they would love to shut us up … and we can’t let them.”

🎬 Sen. Hawley says tech giants “have to quit discriminating against conservatives.”

New York PostPresident Trump slams tech companies for bias

More Than A Week Later, Fond Memories Linger