Sunday, January 17, 2021

They're Out To SILENCE Conservative Voices!

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How (And Where) NJ Vaccine Rollout Is Failing


The following is reprinted with permission from our friends at Save Jersey:
By Matt Rooney

Governor Murphy’s incompetent social justice-driven COVID-19 decisions are raising eyebrows and killing the most vulnerable across New Jersey’s 21 counties, Save Jerseyans.

But I think it’s an underdiscussed point that his vaccine “strategy” isn’t simply failing the obvious populations (notably the eldlery and LTC patients) but its also under-serving his own base residing in some of the state’s most coronavirus-vulnerable communities.

Our friend the Woke Zombie tweeted a graph on Friday of the percentage of the population vaccinated in each county to date. There’s a definite pattern:

Populous, diverse and dense “blue” counties under Democrat control for many years, and in some cases decades – Hudson (#21), Mercer (#20), Union (#18), Passaic (#16), Middlesex (#15), and Essex (#13) – are all in the bottom half. The media and leftwing politicians routinely cite studies showing Hispanic and black communities are harder hit by COVID-19 than the general population. Black Americans are being vaccinated at a lower rate than whites. Some hardcore leftists and academics have even suggested it’s important to prioritizeby race.

Let’s accept – for the sake of argument – that a non-racially neutral vaccine strategy is ethical and appropriate (the situation is obviously far more complicated in reality, but holding Democrats to reality is always a challenge).

What is Phil “Woke Even If We Go Broke” Murphy doing about it?

Not much based upon the available numbers thus far, folks.

At its current pace of about 1,000 vaccine per day, it would take Essex County (home of Newark) over two years to vaccinate the entire population. Experts don’t think everyone needs the shot to achieve herd immunity but this napkin math illustrates the challenge ahead – and how far short the Murphy Administration is falling. 

The Most Important Words Written Recently

 “Violence” is speech when committed by Black Lives Matter, and “speech” is violence when it comes from Trumpers. 

-Michael Goodwin, writing in the NY Post.

A Fine And Decent Man With A Good Suggestion


But of course it's unlikely that the new administration will take heed. HIGHLY unlikely! Elections have consequencs.

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Murphy Prioritizes Smokers, Enrages Legislator

The following is from our friends at Save Jersey, reprinted with permission:

Assemblyman Brian Bergen (R-25) was among the public officials who expressed outrage this week concerning the Murphy Administration’s continued strange priorities when it comes to who gets vaccinated and when.

The latest: on Wednesday, the Democrat regime decided that the state’s 116,000 public school teachers are eligible ahead of smokers for early vaccination.

“I am appalled that the Murphy administration would prioritize people who make the life choice to smoke cigarettes to receive the vaccine before our teachers and daycare employees on the front lines every day,” said Bergen, a self-professed former smoker. “I know how hard it is to quit and how serious the health effects of smoking can be. With that said, it is a personal choice to smoke and people should not get ahead in line for a vaccine because they chose a lifestyle that puts them at a higher risk.”

New Jersey has the nation’s worst COVID-19 death rate but consistently ranks in the bottom 50% of states for the percentage of vaccines doses in its possession which have been distributed.

Late in 2020, the Murphy Administration began vaccinating prisoners ahead of some veterans home residents. The deaths at one North Jersey state-run home is currently the subject of a grand jury probe.

So, We'll Take The Southern Border Fence Down

And put one up right here!

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Let The Cause Endure And The Work Go Forward

Friday, January 15, 2021

NO Questions: Biden Shuffles Out Of Presser


Not loking very chipper. And NO questions!

A Few Words To Consider At Week's End


Who ARE These People, And Why Does It Matter?

We've been thinking about these suburban voters (mostly women) who voted for Biden.

Many of them say they voted for President Tump in 2016. And the demographics (presupposing there really are valid demographics for this allegedly crooked election) would seem to bear them out, at least in some cases. Previously, we were told they voted for Trump because they were worried about safety and security. This time, the argument goes, it was mostly about decency and civility and what they supposedly saw as Trump's lack thereof. Plus, those unending Covid fears. And it's a safe bet that among the married women in this group, more than a few husbands were influenced to turn left.

Who are these people? Well, they're mostly college educated. And they're insulated. Comfortably insulated.

The people we are talking about are primarily upper middle class, self-created elitists. And they are now consumed with groupthink. They are also detached from people who are not part of their socioeconomic class. They know virtually nothing of the plight of white working-class people -- particularly white working class men. Nothing! Our country is now divided along socioeconomic class lines with racial and gender implications as well. And the odd ones out are mostly high school educated workers who carry out many of the essential, day-to-day functions that others take for granted.

Think about it: these cushioned suburbanites are dismissive of huge chunks of their fellow Americans -- even people who live just a stone's throw from their doors, such as people in the nearby rural counties including the famers who grow their organic vegetables and raise their free range poultry. They know virtually NOTHING of the people who fix their cars, paint their houses, repair their roofs, replace their appliances and all those other things. Legitimate working class people (to the extent they still exist) barely register with them.

These people largely live in a self-created bubble composed of their preciously curated environments and their Volvos and Range Rovers that take them to Starbucks and Lululemon and Whole Foods and so forth.  

Sadly, the isolation imposed by the pandemic has fed this chasm in our society. And social media doesn't really help so long as people only remain in their own cyber tribes. And, of course, political correctness has had a chilling effect on interaction and cross-communication. Legacy and cable media are also chopped up into camps -- talk radio, left and right all-news channels, liberal publications, etc. What's more, these people are further walled off from the broader world since they spend less and less time in actual stores interacting with real, live service workers and the like because they're often busy ordering on Amazon or through Grub Hub and so much comes right to their doorstep. 

Any yes, many of them now identify as liberal or even progressive because they see it as increasingly fashionable. In fact, it's easy and at the very least, it seems to fit their present milieu. Indeed, such a monicker requires no investment. After all, there's no real responsibility involved in mere virtue signaling -- something they specialize in. "Hate has no home here?" Sure, they'll post that near the front door. It makes them feel good, helps absolve them of blame and involves no discernible risk. Even "Black lives matter" may appear relatively innocuous to them as they do not necessarily see it connected to the radical movement that it represents. It's all like embracing sustainability, buying what they think are fair trade items and appearing to have a low carbon footprint. It allows them to raise a faux moral banner while remaining insouciant.

Along the way, these suburban liberals (many of whom still like to call themselves "independent")  talk a lot about dialogue (or at least they used to) but the only dialogue they're interested in is their way -- sanitized and protected by a plethora of code words and jargon. They will drone on endlessly about their lives being busy and difficult and complicated but the truth is they're sometimes downright bored and rarely, if ever, challenged or in the least bit discomforted. 

But, whether they realize it or not they're actively feeding a monster. You see, they've bought into a fraudulent mindset -- one that's balkanizing our country and fueling a movement that wants nothing less than the destruction of all that we once held dear: societal interdependence, a strong work ethic, the right to speak your mind, respect for (and understanding of) others and the willingness to work together toward a common good. These would-be exemplars of some kind of high-minded new order are actually tearing at the very fabric of America as they unwittingly fall in with some of democracy's most vile enemies.

And in many cases, they're doing all of this with such a sense of self-righteousness that it's downright chilling. 

So, don't dismiss these seemingly harmless suburbanites out of hand. For they are truly dangerous!