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The WHOLE Front Page Tells The Tale . . .

  . . . and don't  miss the side story about the illegals who beat up police officers and got released without bail!

Huge Mary Cassatt Exhibition To Open In Philly!

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is thrilled to present Mary Cassatt at Work, the first large-scale exhibition of the artist’s work in the U.S. in a quarter century. The exhibition will run from May 18 through September 8, 2024.

Pennsylvania-born and a celebrated member of the French Impressionists, Mary Cassatt built a groundbreaking career through hard work and artistic vision. For six decades, Cassatt was a committed, professional artist, making the social, intellectual, and working lives of modern women a core subject of her prints, paintings, and pastels.  She once wrote: “Oh the dignity of work, give me the chance of earning my own living, five francs a day and self-respect.”  

Mary Cassatt at Work will present over 130 of her works in various media to show her evolving practice as an artist and demonstrate her commitment to the “serious work” of artmaking. It will present new findings about her materials and working methods—which were advanced and radical for her era—based on detailed technical studies of the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s significant Cassatt holdings.  

“Art was Mary Cassatt’s life’s purpose and living,” said Sasha Suda, the George D. Widener Director and CEO of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. “This exhibition will focus on Cassatt’s professionalism, her biography, and the wider Parisian world she inhabited.  It’s my hope that this exhibition will reshape contemporary conversations about gender, work, and artistic agency.”  

Mary Cassatt at Work will feature works from the PMA’s extensive collection, including some of Cassatt’s most celebrated paintings and prints, as well as loans from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Viginia Museum of Fine Arts, and private collections.

“We hope visitors come away with a sense of who Cassatt was and how carefully she constructed her identity as a working artist,” said curators Jennifer A. Thompson, The Gloria and Jack Drosdick Curator of European Painting and Sculpture and Curator of the John G. Johnson Collection, and Laurel Garber, The Park Family Assistant Curator of Prints and Drawings. “With this exhibition, we’ve sought to reexamine the full breadth of Cassatt’s art through the lens of her creative enterprise and draw attention to her commitment to ceaseless experimentation and bold techniques."

Mary Cassatt at Work opens on May 18, 2024, and will be on view until September 8, 2024. A multimedia tour will be available, featuring audio, images, and videos. The exhibition will be accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue. Following its run at the PMA, this exhibition will travel to the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, Legion of Honor.

Mary Cassatt at Work is made possible by the Kathleen C. and John J. F. Sherrerd Fund for Exhibitions; Lois G. and Julian A. Brodsky Installation and Exhibition Fund; Donna and Marvin Schwartz, with Waqas Wajahat, in honor of Timothy Rub; Gloria and Jack Drosdick Fund for Special Exhibitions; Harriet and Ronald Lassin Fund for Special Exhibitions; Laura and William C. Buck Endowment for Exhibitions; Jill and Sheldon Bonovitz Fund for Exhibitions; Mr. and Mrs. S. Matthews V. Hamilton, Jr.; The Leslie Miller and Richard Worley Foundation; Samuel Everett Snider; Robbi and Bruce Toll; an anonymous donor; and other generous donors.

Sponsored by:


Funding for the catalogue is generously provided by the Wyeth Foundation for American Art and The Park Family.

Wyeth Foundation

About the Philadelphia Museum of Art:
The Philadelphia Museum of Art is a national and international destination for art, but first, we are Philadelphia’s Museum of Art—for all the many diverse communities of the city. Through our collections, exhibitions, events, educational activities, celebrations, and more, the PMA is a storyteller, and we welcome everyone to be part of the story—our doors are wide open. To learn more, visit

OMG! Look At These Numbers From Key States!

2024 GE: Bloomberg/Morning Consult Poll, just released . . .

WISCONSIN Trump 43% (+8) Biden 35% RFK Jr. 10% Stein 2% . NEVADA Trump 43% (+12) Biden 31% RFK Jr. 12% Stein 2% West 1% . MICHIGAN Trump 43% (+6) Biden 37% RFK Jr. 8% West 1% Stein 1% . GEORGIA Trump 44% (+7) Biden 37% RFK Jr: 8% West 1% Stein 1% . NORTH CAROLINA Trump 45% (+13) Biden 32% RFK Jr. 9% West 1% Stein 1% . ARIZONA Trump 43% (+8) Biden 35% RFK Jr. 10% West 1% Stein 1% . PENNSYLVANIA Trump 43% (+3) Biden 40% RFK Jr. 7% West 1% Stein 1% 4,956 RV | 1/16-22 | MoE: ±1%

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Is THIS The Secret To Winning Elections?

Dan talks to Felipe Pedroso, the founder and CEO of VoterMaker, which he calls the "world's most comprehensive voter outreach solution." Take a fascinating peek into the new high-tech world of winning elections!

Broadway Legend Gone: Career Spanned 8 Decades!

How to begin to describe the incredible star we have just lost? Yes, she was a Broadway legend -- one of the brightest and most enduring stars of the Great White Way. But she also was a standout in the movies and on TV.

Chita Rivera was a ten-time Tony Award nominee and a three-time Tony Award recipient, including one for Lifetime Achievement. She won Tonys for The Kiss of the Spider Woman and The Rink. She originated the iconic role of Velma in Chicago. 

She was a genuine trailblazer --  the first Latina and the first Latino American to receive a Kennedy Center Honor, she also received the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Her autobiography, Chita: A Memoir, was just published last year. Chita Rivera has died at 91, ending a career that spanned every decade from the 1950s into the 2020s.

In 1957, a then-25-year-old dancer named Dolores Conchita Figueroa del Rivero landed her big break originating the role of Anita in West Side Story on Broadway. She then went on to recreate the role for the movies and then starred again in a supporting role in Steven Spielberg's most recent remake of West Side Story.

Her list of Broadway triumphs is nothing less than illustrious: Call Me Madam, Guys and Dolls, Can-Can, Mr. Wonderful, West Side Story, Bye Bye Birdie (where she created the role of Rosie opposite Dick Van Dyke), Jerry's Girls, Chicago, The Kiss of the Spider Woman, The Rink, The Visit, Nine, The Mystery of Edwin Drood and Chita Rivera: The Dancer's Life, among others.

She frequently appeared on numerous television variety shows, dramas and TV sitcoms and she remained active even as a nonagenarian. 

Chita Rivera was simply an astonishing force of nature. She was born to perform and give joy to millions and she delighted in it with every breath she took. More than an indefatigable pro, she was a generous performer who shared the spotlight with others and mentored additional generations that followed her. 

If you ever saw her perform live (and we have) you know that she had an inner glow that captured and enraptured every member of the audience!

Adiós, Chita. You will never be replaced!

OMG! Did She Totally Botch This, Or What?

Actually, It's Quite Excruciating!


It's Never Been More True Than Now!


Brash, Gutsy Republicans Fight Back, Like This!

Monday, January 29, 2024

OMG! This Is Becoming A Real Nightmare!


Mr. Bramnick And The Marquess Of Queensbury

The patrician 9th Marquess of Queensbury who set himself up
as the self-appointed arbiter of sportsmanlike behavior.
Once again, people have been asking us about this guy, Jon Bramnick.
We don't know the guy personally. Never met him. 
Yes, he's running for Governor of New Jersey as a Republican and we've been to lots and lots of Republican events throughout the state (and reported on them here on this web site) but we've never run into him, never even seen him at any of those events. Which is sort of strange because he is a state senator.
Anyway, this guy lectures Republicans so much (mostly about their manners or lack thereof) that he's coming across as an imperious, modern day version of Emily Post -- the 1950s doyenne of deportment. But here's the problem: Emily Post is long gone and so is the Republican Party of Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford and Bush pere et fils. That era has passed. 
Whether Bramnick likes it or not, more and more today's post-Obama GOP combines Ronald Reagan's bold defiance of the established order ("government is the problem") with a brash, hardscrabble populism that scoffs at elites and welcomes the battered and bruised everyday graduates of the School of Hard Knocks. 
This is no "turn the other cheek" party. Instead, what's arising is a brazen, scrappy, audacious party that is increasingly inclined to take the fight directly to the enemy. In short, this appears to be a party that's finally starting to catch up with the times -- an accessible, street smart party. As such, this is more likely to be the party of your local auto mechanic or Amazon delivery person than the party of your doctor or financial advisor.
Of course, one could argue that New Jersey hasn't quite yet figured all this out. And maybe Bramnick is betting that we'll never figure it out -- that we can be nostalgically lulled into some sort of genteel trance that allows a lordly uniparty in Trenton to  continue to deceive us. And with a compliant media (or what's left of media in New Jersey) who's to say he's wrong? After all, hasn't this been the pattern all along? 
Indeed, we've permitted a string of losing GOP candidates to give us a sorry, squalid line of statewide Democrat officials for decades. And well-heeled Republicans were mostly cooperative through that long, dreary march to statism. In fact, one wonders whether they ever even bothered to lift their gaze beyond whatever sand trap they seemed to be stuck in.
But take heart, dear friends. 
Because there are propulsive pockets of defiance bubbling in key parts of the state where political tectonic plates are rapidly shifting and producing a new crop of GOP leaders --  they're younger, they're bolder, and they don't play by Queensbury Rules. Which is to say they have no intention of being lectured about which fork to use while someone is planning to knife them in the back. Oh, no -- they've had enough! And we suspect they're ready to follow Reagan's mantra: "If you can't make them see the light, make them feel the heat."

USA Today Finally Reports Genuine News!

Is This The Most UNwatchable Super Bowl EVER?

Couldn't care less about either team, except -- please God, spare us the Swifties and the Kelces! This is a prescription for irrelevance.

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Well, When You Think About It . . .


What's The REAL Aim Behind Bramnick's Run?

Reposted from our friends at Save Jersey:

by Matt Rooney

Jon Bramnick (R-21) is officially in the 2025 gubernatorial contest, Save Jerseyans. The state senator and serial Trump hater launched his campaign on Saturday and showcased endorsements videos from the likes of John Boehner and J.P. Bush. Does he think it’s 2014?

Or is he trying to piss off base Republicans? Yes, but also no. The Union County-based amateur comedian and Nikki Haley don’t have much in common at the superficial level, Save Jerseyans. One is a fairly conservative female ex-governor of a Southern state. The other is a self-styled “moderate” or centrist male legislator from the New York City metro area. But there is an important commonality worth noting if you’re a GOP primary voter:

Both want to reestablish country club liberals’ hold on the Republican Party, the same crew that was losing in the Garden State long before Donald Trump rode down the escalator. The argument advanced by both campaigns is consequently eerily similar; paraphrasing, “we need to nominate Republicans who can appeal to non-Republicans.” Republicans who attempt to govern by winning the argument are the problem, they reason. Winning elections is all they care about, for without winning, the gravy train stops for both themselves and their backers.

They don’t think they need “MAGA” or anyone who’d rather see the GOP evolve in a conservative populist direction. YOU, they believe, are what’s holding us back. Not the Left. Not weak-kneed and/or corrupt sellouts. You, and me, and the people who pay the taxes, follow the rules, and want REAL change for… well, a change!

Newsflash: in case it wasn’t obvious enough from my tone, both campaigns are peddling a bad premise.

Consider the presidential contest where Donald Trump is currently out-pacing Haley by a statistically significant 3-points in hypothetical head-to-head match-ups with Joe Biden per the usually reliable RCP average. The reason is simple: most of the “independents” (Democrat voters in name only) who crossed over to support Haley in New Hampshire won’t show up for her in the general, while Trump’s bold colors approach to campaigns motivates a much larger and broader percentage of the Republican coalition. Did Mitt Romney or John McCain put Michigan or Pennsylvania in play?

Back here at home, Bramnick’s insistence that moderation is the best method for turning things around for NJGOP’ers is easily disprovable with a cursory look at state political history. I can supply you with a long list of Rockefeller Republicans (Zimmer, Kyrillos, Forrester, Guadagno, etc.) who’ve already run the sort of campaign which Bramnick, a close ally of Phil Murphy, now intends to pass off as something new, novel, and workable. They’ve all failed, because “Democrat Lite” succeeds only is tarnishing the GOP brand for those who would be motivated by a well-delivered, unapologetically Republican message; as for Leftists, they’d rather have the genuine article (Democrats) than something diluted. Those Haley voters referenced above who still fell far short of making a dent in New Hampshire are voting for Joe Biden in November regardless of how accommodating the GOP nominee attempted to be.

By the way: I’m giving credit to Bramnick for being a bit more honest than Haley because his disdain for the base is out there in the open. Haley is a more slippery and evasive, but the end result is probably the same.

I don’t expect Bramnick 2025 to succeed. It could be a vanity project, but I also wonder whether something else is afoot here. For example, is the real goal of this candidacy to bolster – or hinder – someone else with a better shot at the nomination? Stay tuned.

What I do know: the vast majority of Republican voters, including here in New Jersey, are tired of settling for a Washington Generals approach to elections. We want to beat the damn Globetrotters as opposed to celebrating how well we followed the script in losing as intended. The Senator joined my radio program last summer and wasn’t able to explain how what’s failed before will work this time around. I’m open to hearing an answer because I’m a fair guy, but I think the odds of hearing one are down there with Nikki Haley’s chances of carrying South Carolina next month.

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He Simply Cannot Form A Coherent Sentence!

Revealed: The Story Behind The Story . . .

OMG! Biden FINALLY Visits The Border!


Thursday, January 25, 2024

On NJ And Migrant Crisis: 'Enough Is Enough!'

New Jersey State Senator Jim Holzapfel and Assemblymen Greg McGuckin and Paul Kanitra (all R-10) released the following statement today about the ongoing undocumented migrant crisis facing New Jersey.


Senator Jim Holzapfel and Assemblymen Greg McGuckin and Paul Kanitra released a statement today about the ongoing undocumented migrant crisis facing New Jersey.

“Stopping illegal immigration has always been about the rule of law and protecting the rights of law-abiding citizens. Unfortunately, President Biden, Congress, and the Murphy administration have put our constituents’ needs behind undocumented migrants. First, we became a Sanctuary State, which placed an even greater strain on already limited public resources. Then, we gave them financial aid while issuing cuts to school funding. And now, we see news that TSA guidelines are allowing adult migrants to fly on a commercial airline without a photo ID. We say enough is enough.


“Governor Murphy and the Trenton Democrats are responsible for many of the policies that have contributed to this crisis, but ultimately this is a problem that can only be solved at the federal level. And, while the Congress continues to pass the buck, community resources are getting stretched thin and New Jersey cities are on the verge of becoming overwhelmed.


“This is not sustainable. We simply don’t have the resources to provide unending benefits. It’s long past time for President Biden, Congress, and Governor Murphy to do their jobs and fix this problem."

Suit Filed On Pennsylvania 'Election Overreach'

The foundation of stable and fair governance lies in the balance of power meticulously woven into the fabric of our constitutional republic. Legislators who represent the voices of the people must craft the rules that govern elections, and the executives must faithfully implement and enforce those rules. This division prevents the manipulation of laws for personal or political gain and fosters a system where laws reflect the needs of the people, not the whims of partisan executive officials.  

To restore that delicate balance of power, 24 Pennsylvania lawmakers have filed a federal civil rights complaint in the Middle District Court of PA against President Biden, Governor Shapiro, and representatives of the Pennsylvania Department of State alleging federal civil rights violations. Through the Elections Clause and the Electors Clause of the United States Constitution, state legislators are granted unique, particular constitutional rights to determine the manner of elections. There is no role for the President, the Governor or other nonlegislative executive officials to create or rewrite laws or disregard the laws established by the legislature. Unfortunately, they have done just that.  

Representative Dawn Keefer, lead plaintiff in this case said, “The citizens of Pennsylvania have been victimized by extraordinary overreach of executive officials who have made changes to election laws with no authority to do so. If we don’t take action to stop this, there is no limit to the changes they might make to further erode Pennsylvania’s election system in 2024 and beyond.”  

The Elections Clause of the U.S. Constitution assigns the duty of determining the time, place, and manner of elections to state legislators. The Electors Clause grants state legislatures plenary federal authority to enact statutes governing presidential elections. The decision in Moore v Harper made it clear that “it is the state legislatures that must provide a complete code for congressional regulations relating to elections.” Article VII, Section 1 of the Pennsylvania Constitution, clearly assigns the duty of passing laws involving the registration of electors to the Pennsylvania General Assembly.  

President Biden, Governor Shapiro, and the PA Department of State (DOS) have each unconstitutionally excluded Pennsylvania lawmakers from the process of regulating federal elections for President and Congress. Through these unlawful changes, they have removed guardrails on fair elections that were carefully enacted by the legislature and have deprived the legislators of their particular civil rights. 

In March 2021, President Biden signed Executive Order 14019 giving federal agencies unprecedented power to unilaterally make changes to the manner of elections. The EO requires all federal agencies to identify and partner with third-party nongovernmental organizations chosen by the Biden administration whose names and roles are willfully withheld from the public. Under EO 14019, taxpayer resources will be used to support the efforts of the third-party NGOs to do voter registration drives and get out the vote (GOTV) activities.  

In 2022, the Pennsylvania legislature passed Act 88 which included provisions to eliminate the influence of nongovernmental third-party organizations on Pennsylvania elections. Pennsylvania law prohibits public officials from entering into agreements with third party entities for the registration of voters. EO 14019 conflicts with established PA law and violates the legislators’ federal civil rights.  

On September 19, 2023, Governor Shapiro, through a press release, announced that he was unilaterally changing voter registration laws by enacting automatic voter registration. Through the years, several attempts have been made by Pennsylvania lawmakers through the use of the proper legislative process, to implement automatic voter registration in Pennsylvania. All have failed. In fact, at the time Shapiro announced this change, there was another bill pending in the legislature to enact automatic voter registration.  

Through his edict, Governor Shapiro directed PennDOT to disregard existing PA law requiring an opt-in for voter registration applications. Governor Shapiro’s edict is an abusive and capricious exercise of executive power which usurps the function of the Pennsylvania legislature.  

Pennsylvania is one of 15 states that do not require identification to vote. More problematic is the fact that Pennsylvania does not require verification of identity, eligibility, or residency to register to vote. The reason for this is that the verification requirements, put into place by the duly elected state legislators, were removed via an unlawful directive from the Department of State. 

The Secretary of the Commonwealth, acting through the Pennsylvania Department of State, routinely issues guidance and directives that contradict the law including a 2018 “Directive Concerning HAVA-Matching Drivers’ Licenses or Social Security Numbers for Voter Registration Applications.” This guidance instructs county boards to register applicants to vote even if the applicant provides invalid identification. Under the Directive, if an applicant simply affirms that they meet the age, citizenship, and the residency requirement to become a qualified elector, the applicant must be registered – regardless of verification of identity and eligibility. This Directive is in willful contravention to clearly established Pennsylvania law which requires verification of voter eligibility and correctly completed voter registration applications. See 25 Pa.C.S.A. § 1328.  

The U.S. Constitution operates as a limitation upon the State in respect to any attempt to circumscribe legislative power to regulate federal elections. Rule changes by executive officials who lack the authority to do so are severely damaging the separation of powers and the electoral system on which our self-governance so heavily depends. The President, the Governor, the DOS through the Secretary of the Commonwealth and the Deputy Secretary, have repeatedly violated and continue to violate the Electors Clause and the Elections Clause by usurping the rights of state legislators and changing Pennsylvania election laws via Executive Order, edicts, and directives, without the state legislators’ participation.  

Relief Requested 

The relief requested is for a declaratory judgment: (1) that President Biden’s Executive Order, Governor  Shapiro’s Edict, and the DOS’s Directives are unconstitutional and violate the Elections Clause and the  Electors Clause as they seek to regulate the registration of Pennsylvania electors without the state legislators’  approval and participation; and (2) an order enjoining President Biden, Governor Shapiro and the PA DOS  from engaging in any actions which support their unconstitutional efforts to subvert PA election law; and  (3) an order that prohibits President Biden, Governor Shapiro and the PA DOS from making future changes  to the elections process in Pennsylvania without following the proper, lawful, legislative process.  

Attorney Erick Kaardal, a partner of Mohrman, Kaardal & Erickson, P.A., has been representing people suing the government to improve it for over 30 years. For election integrity, Kaardal has listed 63 examples of election integrity successes, including 2 U.S. Supreme Court victories, here: 

The Election Research Institute is a nonprofit organization dedicated to restoring trust in U.S. elections through research, education, and litigation support; to protecting voting rights by identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities in election systems; and to advocating for lawful, fair elections and government transparency.  Karen DiSalvo is a licensed Pennsylvania attorney, of counsel to Mohrman Kaardal & Erickson, and the Vice President of the Election Research Institute. 

And Now, In The Simplest Terms Possible . . .


YOU Can Speak Out Against NJ Transit Fare Hikes!

New Jersey State Assemblywoman Victoria Flynn and Assemblyman Gerry Scharfenberger (Monmouth – R’s) offer the following joint statement in response to New Jersey Transit proposing a 15% fare hike and suggesting a recurring 3% annual increase indefinitely thereafter:
Today's fare hikes directly result from New Jersey's continued failure to address a well-known problem, and NJ Transit riders deserve better. NJ Transit's proposal may be the first in nine years, but it cannot be the only solution we consider. Our responsibility as representatives is to advocate for a transportation system that uplifts our residents.

In addition to the proposed fare increase, commuters are also grappling with the impact of inflation, further straining their finances. The likelihood of additional "congestion taxes" adds to the challenges faced by commuters, creating a potentially disastrous financial burden on top of rising living costs. The proposed 15% fare hike by NJ Transit has sparked widespread outrage among constituents who are concerned about the financial burden it would impose, especially considering the first increase in nearly a decade.

We understand the financial pressures on NJ Transit, but burdening commuters with a significant fare hike is not the solution. Our constituents rely on affordable and efficient public transportation, and we must work towards solutions that do not place an undue burden on their shoulders.

In response, NJ Transit has organized public hearings across 10 New Jersey counties from March 4 to March 8, 2024, providing morning and evening sessions. Constituents can attend these hearings in person or submit comments online at, via postal mail, or through email at The public comment period extends until 11:59 p.m. on Friday, March 8, 2024. To ensure your opinion is heard, constituents can also submit comments to and

Public transportation is a vital service, and any fare adjustments should be approached with sensitivity to the economic well-being of our communities.

Upcoming: A Not-To-Be-Missed Program!





"Update: Israel at War"

Tuesday, January 30, 2024 at 1:00 PM EST


MK Dan Illouz

Member of Israel's Likud Party

Introductory Remarks

Morton A. Klein

ZOA National President


Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Taxpayers Demanding Answers In Atlanta!

Phil Murphy's Priorities? Here They Are!


Oh, Yeah: Texas WILL Defend Itself No Matter What!


Now THIS Puts Pro Sports In Proper Focus!


Philly Priest Receives High Designation From Pope

Today, Most Reverend Nelson J. Pérez, Archbishop of Philadelphia, is pleased to share that Pope Francis has honored the presbyterate of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia by appointing one of our priests, Reverend James M. Oliver, as a Chaplain to His Holiness with the Honorary title of Monsignor.

Priests receive this honor directly from the Pope in recognition of their contributions to the local and/or Universal Church through the distinguished exercise of their priestly ministry.   This honor is a symbol of the deep communion with the Holy Father, his apostolic ministry, and the Papal household. 

In reaction to today’s news, Archbishop Pérez said, “This is a moment of great joy for the Church in Philadelphia. Monsignor Oliver has distinguished himself through many decades of exceptional and faithful priestly service to our Church, both locally and on a global level. He serves the temporal and pastoral needs of God’s people with great love and apostolic zeal. I am deeply grateful to our Holy Father for bestowing this honor upon him.

On behalf of our bishops, priests, deacons, consecrated religious, and lay faithful, I extend prayerful congratulations to Monsignor Oliver.”

Biographical Information Regarding Reverend Monsignor James M. Oliver

Reverend Monsignor James M. Oliver was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut, on October 5, 1959. He is the second of six sons born to Joseph M. Oliver and Beverly A. Pearsons. Shortly after his birth his family moved to South Acton, Massachusetts where he was baptized at Saint Elizabeth of Hungary Church on April 3, 1960. After two other moves, both within the state of Connecticut, the family settled in Springfield (Delaware County), Pennsylvania (1965). Monsignor Oliver grew up as a member of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish, Morton. He graduated from Springfield High School in 1977.

After attending Pennsylvania State University (Delaware County Campus), he completed a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education at the Franciscan University of Steubenville in Ohio. After teaching elementary school for one year, he entered Saint Charles Seminary in September 1983 where he earned a Master of Divinity in 1987 and a Master of Arts in Theology in 1988. He was ordained a priest on May 21, 1988, by Cardinal Anthony Bevilaqua.

After ordination Monsignor Oliver served in a number of capacities including Parochial Vicar, Saint Alphonsus Parish, Maple Glen (1988-1993), Chaplain, Bishop McDevitt High School (1988-1990); and Advocate, Office of the Metropolitan Tribunal (1990-1993).

He was assigned to further studies in Canon Law at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome in 1993. He graduated with a Doctorate in Canon Law in 1999. Following the completion of these studies, Monsignor Oliver served as Vice Chancellor and Assistant Professor of Canon Law at Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary (1999-2004); Assistant to the Vicar for Clergy (2004-2007); Promoter of Justice (2003-2018); Canonical Notary, Office of the Vicar for Clergy (2004-2018); Vice Chancellor, Archdiocese of Philadelphia (2005-2018); and Assistant Vicar for Clergy (2011-2018).

In February 2018, at the request of the Holy See, Monsignor Oliver was assigned to serve the Vatican’s Dicastery for Clergy in Rome. He remains in service there at this time. 

NJ Transit Fare Increases Are 'Unacceptable!'

Statement from New Jersey State Senator Anthony M. Bucco on NJ Transit's Proposed Fare Increase

wasted-money-cash-on-fire #1

“New Jersey Transit’s proposed train, light rail, and bus fare increases are unacceptable and will only make it harder for our already financially strapped transit riders to make ends meet.  We knew that NJT was facing a budget shortfall and Republicans have been sounding the alarms and offering solutions to address budget mismanagement issues like NJT, among others, for some time now.  Unfortunately, we have been ignored.  This is the exact type of result we feared as the Murphy Administration has proceeded with egregious spending habits, including allowing NJT to lease an extremely expensive new headquarters. This was just poor fiscal management that has now left transit riders and New Jersey taxpayers shouldering the bill.  We need to be better stewards of taxpayers’ dollars and start cutting wasteful spending to address growing affordability issues such as this.”