Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kean: Back Off On 'Race To Top' Inquiry

New Jersey State Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean issued the following statement today after Senate Democrats voted in favor of giving subpoena power to the Senate Legislative Oversight Committee to further investigate New Jersey's "Race to the Top" application:
"I am disappointed that New Jersey did not receive 'Race to the Top' funding, but Democrats are wasting time and effort chasing a question that has long been answered. The former Education Commissioner has admitted he made the mistake on the application and accepted full responsibility for the error.
"It must be noted that the 'Race to the Top' application submitted by the Christie Administration scored much higher than the application submitted a year earlier by the Corzine Administration. Despite this, there has been no similar effort by Democrats to investigate why Corzine's application scored so poorly.
"It's clear that the Democrats' effort to subpoena officials of the Christie Administration is little more than a political witch hunt. It is time to move on and focus on job creation, education reform and making New Jersey more affordable for the middle-class."

New Gallup Poll: Romney Leads GOP; Your Thoughts?

A new Gallup Poll is out and it shows Mitt Romney in the lead as the choice of Republicans for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination.
Here's the way it breaks down: Romney 19%, Palin 16%, Huckabee 12%, Gingrich 9%, Paul 7%, Pawlenty 3%, Barbour 3%, Thune, Daniels and Santorum with 2% each and Chris Christie and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson at 1% each.
But the real question now is who is YOUR choice for the GOP nomination?
We've listed all of these (and Paul Ryan) in our own poll on the top right hand corner of this page.
Tell us who you prefer.
Vote now!

Christie Appoints New NY/NJ Ports Chair

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie today announced the nomination of David Samson to serve on the Board of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Upon Senate confirmation, Governor Christie will name Mr. Samson as Chairman of the Board of the Port Authority. Samson will replace Anthony R. Coscia who has served as Port Authority Chairman since 2003.
“David Samson is a well respected, distinguished leader who I am confident will successfully steer the Port Authority through this next critical phase in the bi-state agency’s history,” said Governor Christie. “He is a capable steward who will work to represent New Jersey’s best interests while ensuring the viability of our port economy and its vast network of transportation facilities lead to future economic growth for the Garden State and the region as a whole.
“I also want to thank Tony Coscia for the commitment and professionalism he has demonstrated while leading the Port Authority through an important period in its history. His accomplished tenure has modernized our trade and transportation network capabilities to keep New Jersey and the region competitive for years to come.”
A founding member of Wolff Samson, David Samson’s 40 year-career in private practice has included extensive experience in complex business and corporate litigation, administrative proceedings and government and regulatory affairs. From 2002-2003, he served as Attorney General of the State of New Jersey. Among his other public positions, Mr. Samson was appointed by Governor James Florio as a member of the Governor’s Commission on Health Care Costs and by Governor Thomas Kean as the Chairman of the Governor’s Task Force on the Laws Governing the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.
Mr. Samson was appointed by the Supreme Court of New Jersey to serve on its Ethics Committee and was a member of the New Jersey Supreme Court Committee on Reporting of Court Decisions. He is listed in The Best Lawyers in America in the areas of Administrative Law and Commercial Litigation and in New Jersey Super Lawyers. In addition, his rating from Martindale-Hubbell is the highest ranking of both ethical standards and legal ability that Martindale awards.
Established in 1921, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is a bi-state agency created to promote and protect commerce of the Port District, the region within a radius of approximately 25 miles of the Statue of Liberty. The agency develops and oversees major port and regional infrastructure improvements including: a modern port for the harbor shared by the two states, tunnel and bridge connections between the states as well as trade and transportation projects that secure the region’s economic well-being.
 The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey handles 40% of eastern seaboard trade, of which 58% directly benefits the surrounding region. In 2009, the dollar value of all cargo handled totaled more than $146 billion. Overall regional port activity supports approximately 269,000 jobs, providing $11.2 billion in personal income and producing $36.1 billion in business income annually.

Poll: Runyan Traps Adler In Dead Heat

A poll released by the Rutgers-Eagleton Institute of Politics this week confirms what we all know: Jon Runyan has all of the momentum in this race against career politician, John Adler.
Here are the key points from the poll:
1) Among likely voters, the race is a statistical tie. John Adler, who has spent millions of dollars in the past two years buying himself almost 100 percent name ID, only earns 41% of the vote against Jon Runyan’s 39%. The margin of error is 2 percent, making this a statistical tie.
2) Republican and Independent voters are much more enthusiastic than Democrats about voting this year. According to the poll memo, “only 42 percent of Democrats rate themselves as ‘very enthusiastic’ about voting in the upcoming election, compared to 58 percent of Republicans and 49 percent of independents.”
3) John Adler has been stuck around 40% in every poll released. John Adler voted with Jon Corzine 99% of the time in Trenton and now his poll numbers look exactly like Corzine’s did last year. This number spells serious trouble for Congressman Adler, especially given his almost universal name ID. Almost 60 percent of the likely voters in the 3rd District do NOT want Adler to be re-elected.
Click here to help Jon Runyan give this Congressional seat back to the people.
Photo of Jon Runyan copyright 2010 by Dan Cirucci.

DeMint: We Will Stop Secret Legislation

A special message from Senator Jim DeMint:

This is the last week the Senate is in session before recessing for the November elections, and the Democrats are hoping to ram a mountain of legislation through the Senate with no debate and no votes. Yesterday, I announced that I will stop them. You can read more about this in the Politico report entitled, "Jim DeMint Vows Roadblock."

The practice of passing secret bills by "unanimous consent" has grown out of control in recent years. Rather than scheduling time to debate and amend measures, Harry Reid waits until the last minute and then demands that a stack of bills be passed without debate. If anyone objects to his demands, he calls them an obstructionist and tries to publicly embarrass them into submission.

You may remember earlier this year when he tried to do this to Senator Jim Bunning from Kentucky. Bunning wanted the next unemployment insurance extension to be paid for (not an unreasonable request) but Reid thought he could get his way if he staged a showdown that made it look like Bunning was blocking emergency release for unemployed workers.

Now Reid is at it again. With just a few days left before the Senate adjourns, he's preparing to force a number of bills through at the last minute. But I'm not going to play along and I don't care if he or if anyone attacks me. In fact, my staff has notified every office in the Senate that if they don't disclose their last-minute bills by the close of business Tuesday, I will object to their passage.

AFP 'November Is Coming' Bus Tour In NJ Tomorrow

Americans for Prosperity will bring its November Is Coming Bus Tour to Cherry Hill and Tom’s River on October 1 to urge citizens to hold Congressman John Adler  accountable if he supports big government policies that are bankrupting America.
“Congressman Adler has helped usher in a new era of bigger government, a permanently broken federal budget and government control over our decisions,” said Tim Phillips, President of Americans for Prosperity . “Folks need to send a clear message to Adler that struggling taxpayers can’t afford any more bad decisions from Congress.”
 Concerned New Jersey citizens will be asked to sign a petition to Congressman Adler, urging him to oppose big government programs or any other freedom-killing policies.
 More than 371,000 Americans have signed AFP’s November Is Coming petition at telling their policymakers, elected officials, and candidates that if they support big government policies, petition-signers will remember in November.
Dear Policymakers, Elected Officials, and Candidates: You know that November is coming and voters care about the issues. Left-wing policies continue to drive Obama’s agenda for even bigger government. We want you to oppose big government programs or any other freedom-killing policies or we will remember in November.
Activists will be encouraged to go door-to-door and do at-home phone banking as part of a citizen education effort to let people know where Congressman Adler stands on the issues and to encourage them to contact Adler to tell him to stop the out-of-control spending and big government policies.
 “The public needs to know about Congressman Adler’s shameful support for failed big government stimulus plans, his vote for cap-and-trade energy tax, a piece of legislation designed to regulate our lives and limit our freedoms.  His constituents can make a difference by letting Adler know they have had enough of these reckless policies,” said Phillips.

These events are free and open to the public.

What: November Is Coming bus tour stop – Cherry Hill
Who: Americans for Prosperity
When:  Friday, October 1st at 9 a.m.
Where: Holiday Inn-2175 Marlton Pike
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002

What: November Is Coming bus tour stop – Toms River
Who: Americans for Prosperity
When:  Friday, October 1st at 12:00 Noon
Where: Holiday Inn-290 Route 37 E
Toms River, NJ 08753

Americans for Prosperity’s November Is Coming bus tour will also stop in Somerset, and Red Bank, New Jersey on October 1st.

Tony Curtis: Remembering A Hollywood Legend

Numerous sources are reporting that Hollywood icon Tony Curtis has died.
He passed away at his home in Nevada and reportedly suffered from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
Tony Curtis was more than just a pretty boy. He was one of the most colorful and accomplished actors in the history of Hollywood. And, he starred in some of  Tinseltown's classic features including Some Like It Hot and Spartacus.
Tony had an endearing quality about him. He brought a certain vulnerability to a role. But he could be tough, too. And his voice was very distinctive. He was unique.
Here's what I wrote about him back in February, '09:

I've just finished reading Tony Curtis' new memoir American Prince.
The publisher' pitch on this says: In a candid, deeply personal memoir, the legendary actor chronicles his odyssey from hard-knock childhood as the son of immigrant parents to Hollywood success, detailing his wild days as a Tinseltown playboy, the film industry during Hollywood's Golden Era, his destructive drug addiction, his family, colleagues and co-stars, and his life as an artist at the age of eighty.
It's a helluva story.
But apparently Curtis told much the same story a number of years ago in a memoir he'd "written" with Barry Paris.
This time around, Curtis (whose new co-author is Peter Goldenbeck)) still seems to be obsessed with matters that have troubled him all his life:
1) He can't understand why some people don't like him. He desperately wants you to like him.
2) He loves women a lot and despite his early "pretty boy" looks (that got him into the movies in the first place) and the fact that he played a couple of roles that suggested he may be gay (or at least bisexual) you should never, ever, ever think he's gay. He's not. In fact, he's always been crazy for big-busted women.
3) He seems to think it's perfectly OK for a married man to have affairs but when his various wives played the field, it drove him crazy. He simply couldn't tolerate it.
4) He never had much of a relationship with his children or grandchildren because he was too busy making movies. A guy's gotta work, ya know.
5) He had a poor, unhappy childhood (which was marked by tragedy) and a very troubled relationship with his parents. It was tough. Real tough.
6) Did you know that he's Jewish? Well, now that you know you may also understand why life was difficult for him and why he didn't get some choice roles. You see, there are a lot of anti-semites in the world.
7) A lot of people didn't like him because of his beautiful thick hair and his good looks. It's not easy being devastatingly handsome.
8) He should have never said that kissing Marilyn Monroe was "like kissing Hitler." He doesn't know why he said that and he still feels bad about it.
Well, you get the idea.

Christie's Straight Talk On Education Reform

America's Tough Love Governor, Chris Christie is at it again.
And this time he's talking education reform.
Don't miss this!

A Special Message From Christine O'Donnell

Here is a message just release from Delaware US Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell:
The charade is over.
We all knew that my opponent couldn’t hide behind the failed policies of Obama, Pelosi and Reid forever. Even the liberal media led by Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann can't cover up the truth.  
Consider this: In 2009, while my opponent was a County Executive, he proposed a 25% property tax increase.  Believe it or not, during a time of economic crisis, his plan was to raise taxes on homes and businesses by 25%! It wasn't to cut government, that's for sure.
Will you donate today to help expose his record?
But he was only getting started.  During his tenure as County Executive, my opponent proposed raising property taxes a total of 47%!  I can’t even imagine what he’ll do when times are good.  
We already knew that my opponent will be a lap dog for Harry Reid.  In fact, Harry Reid called my opponent “his pet”.  But it appears he doesn't need Reid's influence to support more big government.
Instead of another Obama lap dog, we need real political leaders in Washington that will fight against the Obama, Pelosi and Reid agenda.  
It’s obvious that Barack Obama and his cronies think they can just bully my opponent around to do what they say – and by his tax record, he’ll go along with it!
You know who the Democrats won’t push around?  
We will not stand idle while the Democrats try their hardest to raid our hard-earned retirements.  We will not sit by and watch Washington liberals give special perks to their cronies.  I will not tolerate their liberal policies and I know you won’t either.  
Time is running out for us to clean the Democrats out of Washington.  You’ve read about my opponent’s tax record.  Do we want more tax and spenders this in DC?  
This election, our country faces an immense decision.  Keep more of the same politics as usual in Washington or truly change the disastrous course our country is currently on.  
The financial deadline is on September 30th and we must show the Democrats that we won’t be pushed around.  The election is just around the corner and we must finish this campaign strong!
P.S.  Our country cannot sustain what the Democrats are doing to it for much longer!  Please help me fight for what’s right by donating $100, $75, $50 or even $35 today. 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Boxer Works For 'Title,' Forgets People Back Home

Click here to join Carly Fiorina's effort to give Barbara Boxer her walking papers.

Rutgers President Issues Statement On Suicide

Rutgers University President Richard McCormick today issued the following statement:
I deeply regret that today we learned from the family of one of our students that they believe their son has committed suicide. We are profoundly saddened by this report, and our hearts and prayers are with the parents, family, and friends of this young man, who had started at Rutgers this semester as a first-year student on the New Brunswick Campus.

While there is a lot of information being communicated, we don’t have all the facts in this case.

This young man was reportedly the victim of an incident that took place in one of our residence halls last week. Two fellow Rutgers students have been arrested and charged with invasion of privacy for their actions in that incident. If the charges are true, these actions gravely violate the university’s standards of decency and humanity.

The case is being investigated by the Rutgers University Police Department. The students—like all who are accused of a crime—must be presumed innocent until proven guilty. The case is also being investigated by the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs under the code of student conduct. Please know that while Rutgers does not comment publicly on the specifics of cases involving active criminal investigations and allegations of student conduct, the university is taking this case very seriously.

We extend our heartfelt sympathies to the family during this most difficult time. While I did not have the privilege of knowing this young man, I have learned that in addition to his academic abilities, he was a gifted musician. Our university community feels the pain of his loss, and I know there is anger and outrage about these events.

Rutgers is a community that is extraordinarily proud of its diversity and the respect its members have for one another. In fact, we have just launched a two-year dialogue focusing attention on civility in the context of one of the most culturally and racially diverse research universities in the nation. I ask that all members of the Rutgers community honor the wishes of the family by providing them with privacy during this painful time and by committing to the values of civility, dignity, compassion, and respect for each other.

Rutgers Student Commits Suicide After Video/Sex Bullying

Something terrible has happened at Rutgers University in New Brunswick.
A talented, freshman student -- a seemingly mild-mannered young man and accomplished musician -- has committed suicide after two classmates allegedly taped him having sex with someone without his knowledge and then posted the images on the internet.
The two students have been charged with illegally taping sexual activity and posting the images on the web. The freshman, Tyler Clementi, 18 left a final goodbye on his Facebook page that read "jumping off the GW bridge, sorry." Clemente's car and belongings were later found at and near the bridge.
The two students charged in the incident are Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei. Ravi was Clemente's roommate. Wei is a friend of Ravi's. Ravi and Wei were classmates at West Windsor-Plainsboro High School in West Windsor, N. J.
The two are charged with invasion of privacy. But since the images show Clemente having sex with another man, gay rights advocates are demanding that hate crime charges should be brought as well.
Young lives are fragile and complicated enough without the added element of hate.
Though we call them young men and women and grant them considerable freedom and discretion, university students are still sometimes subject to and/or tempted to engage in impulsive, reckless and even destructive and hateful behavior.
But be sure of this: The university -- any university -- is no place for hate!
And this message must be taught and reinforced (and, if necessary enforced) if we are ever to live in a just and caring world.
Click here for more on this story from CBS News.

Toomey Hits Hard Against Smear Campaign

Click here to fight back against Joe Sestak's smear campaign.

Will Heartland Be Dems' 'Killing Fields'?

This summer, right here on this blog we took you on a journey to America's heartland.
We traveled to the south and into the midwest. And as we went through Virginia and North Carolina and South Carolina and Georgia and then on to western Pennsylvania and Missouri and Kansas and Arkansas we reported to you on the things that we saw and heard and the people that we met. We said that people were telling us they'd had enough. They're fed up. They're tired of skyrocketing debt, rising unemployment, the Washington bureaucracy, the big government programs and the  lies that go along with them.
And they're tired of entrenched beltway politicos and liberal pundits who want to rob them of their freedoms and even tell them how and what to think.
The people know better. And they're speaking up and ready and anxious to vote this November -- to throw the rascals out.
We told you all of this back in July and August and early September.
And now, commentators and columnists are beginning to see what we've seen and they're beginning to call America's heartland "the killing fields" of the Democrat Party. They're saying that this is where the Party will be mercilessly vanquished this November. They're predicting that the numbers will be staggering.
In fact, Byron York has noted that the "Democrats have largely retreated to the coasts" while the GOP "is expanding to take in most of the vast expanse of the continent." But even some coastal outposts (like New Jersey) are no longer safe for the Democrats.
And Byron York is just one of those who have picked up on this in the last few days.
But you heard it here first.
Because we were down on the ground -- in the heartland -- talking to real, ordinary people. And, believe me they weren't (and aren't) one bit shy about sharing their thoughts.
They've made up their minds. They're motivated. They're angry.
And they're ready to roll.

Christie Gets High Marks From All Quarters

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has been getting praise from all quarters for his education reform agenda and other steps he's taking in the Garden State.
Here is a sampling:

The Record:
“…we note that the governor's zeal to reform public education is genuine and his willingness to tackle any obstacle refreshing.” (“Education matters,” The Record, 9/5/201)

New York Post:
“…areas in which Christie insists he has no intention of compromising — like merit pay and abolishing seniority-based layoffs...The governor said he was so committed to the items on his reform agenda that “they should not be compromised to achieve a contrived consensus among the various affected special-interest groups.” Good for him…But it’s refreshing to see a politician who not only understands the need for serious education reform but is wholly committed to it — in action as well as words. Well done, governor.” (“Grade-A governor,” New York Post, 6/6/2010)

Philadelphia Inquirer:
“Christie vows to proceed with the changes he wants anyway. That could be good since some of his ideas are more in line with the reforms that the Obama administration wants to make to improve public education, including linking teachers' pay to student performance and making it easier to fire bad teachers. The plan would also eliminate seniority and use teacher effectiveness to make job cuts. Those are much-needed steps to improve failing schools and hold educators accountable for student achievement. It means rewarding the best teachers and principals.” (“Editorial: There's a better way,” Inquirer, 6/5/2010)

The Record:
“We need children to thrive in every one of our neighborhood public schools. That tough job will be done by teachers, not bureaucrats. Leadership is a tricky thing, and diagnosing problems and hypothesizing about big-picture improvements are a lot easier than actually improving education. The governor has made good headway on superintendent pay, with new caps and bonuses based on merit. Perhaps that can serve as a way forward on merit pay for teachers.” (“Race is on,” The Record, 8/1/2010)

The Star-Ledger:
“…build a data system to track student test scores more effectively so we can accurately assess teacher performance. That effort needs to move forward…” (“Own up, Governor: Race to the Top error was New Jersey's, not Obama's,” Star-Ledger Editorial Board, 8/26/2010)

Asbury Park Press:
“Christie is right to pursue some necessary changes, and the union is only hurting itself by fighting the changes at every turn, losing public sentiment along the way.” (Christie, teachers need to get along,” Asbury Park Press, 8/30/2010)

Daily Record:
"…the reforms were good ones. For instance, rewarding our best teachers with bonuses would be beneficial to the teacher, the school and the students.” (“The state's $400M blunder,” Daily Record, 8/26/2010)

Bruce McQuain, Washington Examiner:
“What he is doing is what government should be doing - freeing the citizenry to decide for themselves and forcing marginal or poor schools to heed their “customer base” or "go out of business". The message is market based but aimed at government run education - "the free ride is over". Christie points out that in Newark, NJ, taxpayers pay $24,000 per pupil per year. So in a class of 20 you have almost a half a million dollars spent. I'd like to say "invested" but it’s hard to do with a system Christie characterized as an "absolutely disgraceful public education system." So cheers to Christie.” (Bruce McQuain, “Speaking truth to power – New Jersey style,” Washington Examiner, 6/4/2010)

The Record:
“Though many New Jersey public schools are excellent, far too many, especially in poor cities, are failing their students. Reform must take hold in these communities. It is time to have a serious conversation about how.” (“Race to blame,” The Record, 8/26/2010)

Bob Ingle, Politics Patrol Blog:
“The problem is you can’t solve problems by throwing money at them. You need to rethink the way kids are educated…continuing what we have done in the past is not the answer.” (Bob Ingle, “Spending formulas don’t educate kids,” Politics Patrol, 8/30/2010)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

After 18 Years, It's Time For Feingold To Go!

Click here to get involved in Ron Johnson's campaign.

Is Michelle Ready To Bolt?

The National Enquirer is out with a story that has First Lady Michelle Obama telling her husband: "I've had enough!" Michelle is reportedly unhappy in the White House fishbowl and wants out.
The Enquirer says that the confrontation with the President occurred in the White House after the First Family returned from a Martha's Vineyard vacation. According to this story, during the shouting match, Michelle told the President: "I hate you for dragging me through all this." She also reportedly collapsed in tears and threatened divorce,
The next day the President was not wearing his wedding band but, in answer to questions from reporters the White House said the ring was being repaired.
Still, the Enquirer maintains there's trouble in paradise.
Well, many have speculated that the President may not run for a second term. Some say his heart's just not in it. But there may be other hearts involved in the scenario.
Click here to read more from The Enquirer.

Consumer Confidence Takes Big Dive

US consumer confidence fell again in September and is now at its lowest level in seven months.
The drop is lower than was forecast.
The Conference Board’s confidence index declined to 48.5 from 53.2 the prior month.
This is bad news.
Americans don't believe the recession's over.
They don't believe jobs are in the offing anytime soon.
Those that are fortunate enough to have a job don't see their income rising.
They don't see things getting better.
And they don't believe that the current administration in Washington is really helping them.
Is it any wonder that people are angry, if not absolutely enraged?
The government keeps taking more and more of our money and creating more and more new programs while the national debt grows bigger and bigger (sending our children and grandchildren into hock) and we have nothing to show for it. What's more, the Democrats refuse to act on vital issues and instead are waiting for a lame duck session of Congress (after the elections) to try to do more dirty work.
The Conference Board’s measures of present conditions and expectations for he next six months also dropped, according to this latest report. Fewer respondents thought more jobs would become available. Furthermore,  the percentage of those who expected incomes to rise has now fallen to the lowest level since February.
This is sad, shameful, disgraceful!
Click here to read more on this story.

Carter In Hospital In Cleveland

Former President Jimmy Carter has been hospitalized upon arrival at Cleveland's Hopkins International Airport this morning.
President Carter developed an upset stomach on the flight to Cleveland. The former President was on a book tour for his new book, White House Diary.
People in the emergency room at MetroHealth Medical Center told WEWS Channel 5 news in Cleveland that they were kicked out because, as they were told: "President Carter is coming."
President Carter is said to be resting comfortably and is expected to resume his book tour this week.
Click here for more from WEWS, Cleveland.

George Will: Tea Party 'Enormous Help' To GOP

On ABC's This Week Sunday George Will urged Republican leaders to play nice with members of the Tea Party movement and declared the Tea Party "an enormous help" to the GOP.

The Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist chastised Florida Governor Charlie Crist, Senators Murkowski and Bennett and Congressman Castle for not acknowledging their fate and continuing to act like sore losers in the face of a nationwide conservative tide. "Who's not playing nice, now?" he asked.
Will's never been known as some wild-eyed radical.
In fact he's considered one of America's most erudite, most responsible columnists.
So, when he recognizes Tea Partiers, pronounces them legit and urges other members of the establishment to "play nice," that says something.
Click here to read more about this story from Mediaite.

Patty Murray: 18 Years Is Long Enough!

Click here to get involved in Dino Rossi's campaign to useat Patty Murray and return Washington state to the people.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Is A Democrat Wipe Out Ahead?

Among key states, Republicans lead in Senate races in Alaska, Florida, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Ohio, Arkansas and Wisconsin.
And a bunch of other states (Connecticut, California, Washington and even New York, Illinois and Delaware) are suddenly competitive.
On top of this, Nevada is neck-n-neck and crusty 'ole Harry Reid hasn't broken 45% in the polls in seven weeks.
Plus, it's worth noting that in California for the first time ever the ultra-liberal San Francisco Chronicle is refusing to endorse Barbara Boxer for re-election.
On the House side, the GOP leads in 54 races across the country and 19 more seats are considered close or competitive. That makes a total of 73 seats.
These are BIG figures, folks. B-I-G.
But remember -- it's barely October.
Lots of time remains.
And word is the Democrats will go for the jugular.
Since they don't have the issues to win (they can't talk about jobs or health care or taxes or the debt or even the mood of the country) they're busy trying to dig up dirt (any dirt they can get) on their GOP opponents. The Dems are even searching divorce records, personal finance records, traffic violations -- anything -- to get dirt on Republican candidates.
So, this is gonna get mean and nasty and dirty.
Hang in there, everybody. We're facing a 35 days of hand-to-hand combat. Grrrrrrr!

Biden's Home Gets $1.7M Upgrade -- You Pay!

Vice President Joe Biden’s official mansion will get a $1.7 million security upgrade. Here's what's on tap: a 1,600-ft. “ornamental” fence and multiple other measures two additional guard houses, 'four new gates, five new wedge vehicle barriers, and one relocated guard house,' according to the Washington Examiner and other sources. Quite a Big deal for "regular Joe."
And we the taxpayers will pay the bill.
Well, maybe Biden needs these new security measures.
But, hey -- the security system that's there now was good enough for Dick and Liz Cheney. So why do the Biden need anything more? Hmmmm?
Click here to read more on this story from The Hill.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sestak Turns To Hollywood, Wall St. For Help

Today, Pennsylvania Congressman Joe Sestak will turn to his Hollywood and Wall Street friends to save his flailing campaign at a fundraiser on Wall Street hosted by Hollywood bigwig Harvey Weinstein and New York Senator Chuck Schumer.
It should come as no surprise that Congressman Sestak’s Wall Street friends are eager to bail out his flailing campaign after he voted to bail them out – twice! (RC #681, 10/03/08) Even when 99 Democrats wanted to end the Wall Street bailout in January of 2009, Congressman Sestak voted to keep the $700 billion gift to Wall Street going (RC #27, 01/22/09). Sestak has already received tens of thousands of dollars from the very Wall Street companies he voted to bail out – and now he is clamoring for more (OpenSecrets.Org).
Also hosting the Sestak bailout is movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, a mainstay of the far-left movement and a key backer of Michael Moore’s liberal propaganda films. Weinstein’s latest crusade has been the release of child-rapist Roman Polanski. What exactly does Harvey Weinstein have in common with Pennsylvania’s working families?
“Congressman Sestak should feel right at home with his Wall Street and liberal Hollywood friends tonight,” Toomey Communications Director Nachama Soloveichik said. “After voting for extreme policies that have given us record deficits, Wall Street bailouts, massive tax increases, government-run health care, and skyrocketing unemployment, it is clear that Congressman Sestak is far outside the Pennsylvania mainstream. No wonder he needs his Hollywood and Wall Street friends to bail him out.”

Thirty Six Days To Save America!

Click here to help the National Republican Senatorial Committee or to find out more.

Recession Over? Nah . . . Public's Not Buyin It!

Economic experts may believe the recession is over, but try telling that to the public, says CNN.
In fact, 74 percent of Americans believe the economy is still in a recession, according to a new CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll. That's three out of every four people.
Only 25 percent think the downturn is over.
Click here to read the full story from CNN.

What IS It About NYC And Little Girls?

There's just something about New York City and little girls.
Maybe it's the whole story about Eloise, the little girl who lived at The Plaza.
Maybe it's the "Ninas" in all those Broadway drawings by the legendary Al Hirshfeld. Nina was, after all, the artist's daughter.
Maybe it's all those children's books (many for little girls) set in New York City.
Or maybe it's just that memorable song from the Broadway musical, Annie: "Little girls, little girls . . . "
Anyway, little girls (and big gals, too) love Manhattan.
So, it didn't surprise anyone that for her 7th birthday one little girl that we're VERY fond of (she's on the left in the photo) was whisked up to New York with six of her closest friends (that makes seven of 'em) along with their moms and their dolls for a Lucky Seventh Birthday celebration at the American Girl emporium on Fifth Avenue.
Yes, the Little Girls kicked off their journey yesterday on the Red Carpet and motored on up to the Big Apple in High Style. And what a perfect day it was.
Happy Birthday, Alexandra!

Mourning Now . . . But We'll Come Roaring Back Soon!

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Exhausted VS The Engaged & Other Trends

Over at the Wall Street Journal, Peggy Noonan has characterized the upcoming election as one that will pit an army of grassroots citizens (who are nothing less than livid) against a weary Washington crowd that can barely catch its breath.
Here's how she puts it:

"This election is more and more shaping up into a contest between the Exhausted and the Enraged.
In a contest like that, who wins? That's like asking, "Who would win a sporting event between the depressed and the anxious?" The anxious are wide awake. The wide awake win."
And Noonan has revealing and perceptive comments and first-hand testimony from Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee to back it all up. It's powerful stuff.
Click here to read Peggy Noonan's column at the Journal.

Video: Christie, Booker, Oprah, Zuckerberg

Click here for more on this exciting story.

Democrats Facing The Beginning Of The End?

At the Weekly Standard, Bill Kristol thinks the results of the 2010 elections may be bigger and more momentous than the 1994 GOP landslide. He sees a major shift ahead. Here's what he says:
"It looks as if 2010 will be a bigger electoral landslide than 1994, and more significant as well. But the true significance of 2010 will be to lay the groundwork for an even bigger victory in 2012—a victory that would allow President Obama to follow the example of so many of his senior staff, and depart the White House sooner than he once expected."
Click here to read his entire column in the Weekly Standard.

Look At The Record; Join The Runyan Team!

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Toomey Draws Praise From All Quarters

Pennsylvania U. S. Senate candidate Pat Toomey continues to draw high praise. here's a good example:

“In an angry political season, Pat Toomey sometimes seems out of place . . . His restrained demeanor may contrast with the often superheated rhetoric of the times, but his unwavering policy prescriptions of lower taxes and less spending may have found their moment.” (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 09/19/10)

And here's more:

· “The choice between Sestak and Toomey is a very distinct one. Sestak is a pro big-government liberal. Toomey is a pro small-government conservative. And right now, the electorate is closer to where Pat is than to where Joe is. It’s pretty much that simple.” (Gil Spencer, Delaware County Daily Times, 09/19/10)

· “Joe’s problem is that he’s the one who actually voted to spend billions to ‘bail out’ the big banks and financial institutions of Wall Street. He’s the one who voted with Nancy Pelosi 97 percent of the time and supported an agenda that a growing majority of the American public have soured on.” (Gil Spencer, Delaware County Daily Times, 09/19/10)

· “With or without the “T” factor, the future looks bright for Toomey, said Michael Hooper, a political science professor at Temple University. ‘If these things hold, Sestak doesn’t have a prayer,’ he said.” (Harrisburg Patriot-News, 09/19/10)

· “Asked to grade Sestak’s campaign performance—a subject of great concern among Pennsylvania Democrats—Specter evaded: ‘I’m late for the squash court, so I’m gonna defer that to when I can answer in one spot.’ Pressed a second time, the former Republican reiterated: ‘I’m late for the squash court.’” (Politico, 09/21/10)

· “Despite a concerted effort by national Democrats, Rep. Joe Sestak is slipping farther behind Republican Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania’s Senate contest in a new Fox News battleground poll.” (Fox News, 09/21/10)

· “Given the steadiness of Toomey's lead and the unpopularity of President Obama in the Keystone State -- not to mention Republicans running very strong in the governor's race -- we are moving the Pennsylvania Senate race from ‘Toss Up’ to ‘Lean Republican.’” (Washington Post, Chris Cillizza, The Fix, 09/22/10)

· “Pat Toomey is in a good place, ahead by 7 points with six weeks to go. I’d rather be Pat Toomey than Joe Sestak today.” (Quinnipiac pollster, Peter Brown, 09/22/10)
· “Do I think Joe Sestak is going to start magically making a comeback? Probably not.” (Director of the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling, Tom Jensen, 09/22/10)

Harry Reid: A National Disgrace!

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Donation: Newark Schools Get Big Boo$t!

On today’s Oprah Winfrey Show, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Newark Mayor Cory A. Booker launched the Partnership for Education in Newark, an unprecedented commitment to improve public education, with the support of Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg.
Governor Christie and Mayor Booker have committed to a bipartisan initiative to ensure every school-aged child in Newark has access to a high-quality education that prepares them for a successful future and a better quality of life. To begin this new Partnership, the Governor has authorized Mayor Booker to work with the local community to develop and implement a comprehensive education plan for the future of the Newark Public School District, based on clear standards and metrics that reward excellence in teaching, school leadership and student achievement. The plan will be carried out under the Mayor's leadership over the next few years.
To support these efforts, Zuckerberg announced the creation of a new foundation – Startup: Education -- with an initial gift of $100 million to improve educational opportunities for young people in America. The foundation’s first project will be to measurably improve academic achievement for Newark students and create a national model for rewarding excellence in education. Mayor Booker has also announced the creation of the Newark Education and Youth Development Fund, a separate non-profit organization whose goal is to secure an additional $100 million to match the challenge grant available through Zuckerberg’s foundation, as well as an additional $50 million to serve disaffected youth.
“Mayor Booker and I are thrilled to accept Mark Zuckerberg’s challenge – to work with the Newark community to dramatically elevate the potential of public education in the City of Newark, throughout New Jersey and across the nation,” said New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. “Collectively, we believe the best way to secure and improve our nation’s future is to create the highest quality public education system in the world. There is no better place to begin this journey than in Newark, a city of both great progress and potential.”
“We’re grateful that this young, innovative entrepreneur is so dedicated to helping create the next generation of successful entrepreneurs and leaders. Improving the quality of public education and increasing student achievement in Newark is a top priority of my Administration, and I am so grateful that Mark Zuckerberg shares our commitment and belief in the genius and limitless potential of Newark’s students,” said Cory A. Booker, Mayor of Newark, New Jersey. “We know that investing in educational excellence today will create the foundation for Newark’s prosperity and competitiveness in the decades ahead. With this incredible investment and the steadfast commitment of our school leaders and teachers to improve youth outcomes, it is my belief that the pathway to nationwide public education excellence starts in Newark.”

Video: Christie Smacks Down California Heckler

America's favorite, tough, straight-talking Governor is at it again.
In California at a campaign apperance for GOP gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie lost no time in putting a heckler in his place. Direct, daring -- and even chivalrous -- Christie's the man!

Against All Odds, A Mad, Macabre Triumph

"I can be impulsive. I just need some time to think about it."
That's one of the funnier lines in an unheralded though nonetheless star-studded musical that is playing to packed houses right now on Broadway.
And though this big, mega-budget production brings some of America's most beloved and recognizable characters to life, it did not have a smooth ride to the Big Apple.
Which made us wonder whether or not we really wanted to see it.
But then again: Nathan Lane and Bebe Neuwirth and Kevin Chamberlin in The Addams Family, based on Charles Addams' macabre, dysfunctional clan?  How could you go wrong?
We didn't want to have to ask that question. But we thought we might have to as the show began and we wadded through the character intros and plot setup.
But once the premise emerged (Wednesday Addams wants to marry a "normal" young man from Ohio) the possibilities for fun, mayhem and real Broadway magic began to come into view.
When the young man's parents (Mal and Alice Beineke) arrive at the Addams house for dinner things really start to percolate. And then Nathan Lane (Gomez) sings "Morticia" and suddenly reminds us why he's one of Broadway's great treasures -- a rare combination of character. comedy and music. At that moment we see what a real Broadway musical is supposed to look and sound like -- and how it's supposed to make us feel.
From then on, the show moves with high spirit and great panache through a series of events and memorable numbers that celebrate the sort of silliness and hilarious abandon that have been far too lacking on Broadway in recent years. The hijinks are fantastic.
With all cast principals front and center at a huge dining room table, "Full Disclosure" gives the audience the sort of comedic timing and logistics that take its breath away. And this is followed by more: Uncle Fester's rollicking "The Moon and Me,"  the poignant (and still somehow darkly funny) "Happy/Sad" that Gomez sings to Wednesday, the wacky "Let's Not Talk About Anything Else But Love", Gomez and Morticia vowing to "Live Before We Die" and the concluding challenge, "Move Toward The Darkness."
And yes, Lane and Neuwirth and Chamberlin are superb. But the whole cast is wonderful. As the Ohio parents Terrence Mann and Carolee Carmello are first-rate. And Jackie Hoffman as grandma will change the way you think about nonagenarians
Frankly, I can't understand why some of these people didn't get nominated for and/or win Tony Awards.
Cartoon characters are by definition one-dimensional. So, it's damned difficult to bring these drawings to life on the stage. And one must remember that the Addams Family members appear in only a small number of all the drawings that Charles Addams created,
Which is to say that against all odds, The Addams Family triumphs. And though the show may remind you that "Death Is Just Around The Corner," that's really the best reason of all to hurry on up to the Great White Way  and enjoy some real Broadway magic while you still can.

Wshington Invaded And Smelling Stinky

Halyomorpha halys have invaded the nation's capital.
And the invasion is serious.
In fact, a small army of the invaders is swarming all over the Washington DC area.
And it'll take a mighty effort to fend off the invaders.
You can see them. You can feel them. You can smell them.
They're stink bugs and as the weather gets cooler they're seeking refuge inside to relax over the coming winter months. When they're threatened, they release a stinky chemical. And, if you squash them you'll also have a smelly mess.
Some people actually try to vacuum them up.
Numbers of this bug have been building for several years. And now they've decided to make a major incursion into Washington -- as if the place wasn't smelly enough with all those stinky politicos.
Click here to read more about stink bugs at NBC Washington.

University Denies Ayers Coveted Emeritus Status

Bill Ayers.
Remember him?
Well, the controversial University of Illinois professor (and Obama pal) has been denied emeritus status by the University's Board of Turstees.
The vote to deny him the coveted status was unanimous and it followed a passionate speech by Christopher Kennedy, who chairs the Board. You see, Kennedy is the son of the late Robert F. Kennedy who was assassinated in 1968. And Ayers was a Vietnam-era radical and co-founded of the Weather Underground.
Well, in 1974 Ayers wrote a book which was dedicated in part to Sirhan Sirhan, the man who killed Christopher Kennedy's father.
Kennedy said he was "guided by my conscience and one which has been formed by a series of experiences, many of which have been shared with the people of our country and mark each of us in a profound way." He added that he simply could not approve emeritus status for a man who dedicated a book to criminals, including his father's murderer.
Ayers has retired from his post at the University of Illinois. The emeritus status is mostly suymbolic but does include various ancillary priveleges.
Click here to read more about this story in the Chicago tribune.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Limbaugh At The Kimmel: His Master's Voice

In the spotlight.
Without a power point and without any props of any kind.
For nearly two hours in front of a near capacity audience in the 2,500-seat Verizon Hall of the Kimmel Center.
No music. No audio accompaniment other than his own voice. And no chorus except for the enthusiastic, unending applause and shouts for "More!" from the audience.
Few people could accomplish this. One man did it.
His name is Rush Limbaugh. And it happened last night in Philadelphia, thanks to the Big Talker, WCAU, 1210 AM radio.
From the moment he stepped on the stag to the conclusion of his remarks, the man who reinvented talk radio and saved the AM radio band kept the audience enthralled.
His message was simple and direct: Don't apologize for America. Don't apologize for being a conservative. Wear the cloak of conservatism proudly. Don't be intimidated by (or fooled by) liberals. Remember that common-sense conservatives constitute a majority, not a minority, in America. Reaganize the Republican Party, nourish the new majority and reclaim our nation, our strength, our honor and our liberty.
Rush mocked liberals and elites of every style and stripe, including those who pose as Republicans.
"When we call them elites, we don't use that word to imply that they're better than us. That's not what we mean. Far from it," Rush explained. "These people are self-appointed elites. They only think they're better. They need to think they're better. They need to intimidate you and try to make you think they're better because they're insecure."
Rush once again had kind words for Delaware Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell and the Tea Party movement. Of O'Donnell, he said: "What did she ever do to anybody? What did she do that was so awful that some people feel they must now destroy her?"
Rush pointed out that O'Donnell won the election over Mike Castle fair and square. "Castle claims to be a Republican. So why won't he endorse her now? Why can't he endorse her?"
And Rush made the argument that if conservatives have had to fall into line over the years and swallow hard and back Republicans In Name Only (RINOs) like Arlen Specter and Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins then all Republicans (including Castle) should now do the right and honorable thing and back O'Donnell and all of those who won their nominations with conservative and Tea Party support.
Rush concluded by explaining why he still works as hard as he does.
"I know I don't have to do it but I'm blessed to be doing what I love. I'm blessed to be able to pursue my passion and get paid for it," he said. "I love what I do."
His final thoughts? Put balance in your life. Enjoy each moment and each day. Know that life is precious. Understand that there are questions we will never be able to answer, things we will never be able to understand. These unanswered questions and the awe with which we view the universe and the miracle of each day on earth demonstrate that there is a God.
As he left the stage to thunderous applause, Limbaugh briefly reached out to our own Legendary Joey Vento of Geno's Steaks who sat captivated in the front row through the entire presentation.
BTW: Our heartfelt thanks to Rob Kaloustian of The Big Talker and CBS radio for helping to make all this possible.
Photo copyright 2010 by Dan Cirucci.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

WaPo: PA. Senate Race Now 'Leans Republican'

Over at the Washington Post, Chris Cilizza now says the Pennsylvania Senate race has moved from "tossup" to "leans Republican."
Because the latest polls all show Pat Toomey increasing his lead over Joe Sestak. Despite a huge influx of ca$h from the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee and lots of TV ads, Sestak doesn't seem to be able to pick up any ground against Toomey.
In fact, the latest Quinnipiac University poll, out this morning has Toomey leading 50 to 43 percent. That means that Toomey has now reached the magic 50 percent mark. But Cilizza notes that the internals of the poll spell even more trouble for Sestak and the Democrats.
Remember: President Obama carried Pennsylvania by 10 points. But Obama and the Democrats have now suffered a dramatic reversal. The poll shows that just 40 percent of Pennsylvanians approve of the job the President is doing. At the same time, 56 percent disapprove of the President's performance. That's a 16 point spread in the wrong direction.
I'm not surprised at all this. Even some Democrat friends of mine in Pennsylvania now confess that they are "disappointed' with the President's performance. They've got buyers' remorse.
And among independents the picture is even more grim for the Democrats. Independents are turning away from Obama and Sestak and flocking to Toomey who they see as the well-grounded, common sense candidate.
Furthermore, it's very likely Pennsylvania will elect a Republican Governor.
And, Republicans have a lot more enthusiasm about their candidates than Democrats do. They'll a lot more eager to vote and anxious to bring others along with them.
All of these things give Toomey a big advantage and have allowed him to hold onto a fairly stable lead.
But Sestak is slippery.
And he's a grappler with a full menu of tricks.
Advice to Toomey: Stay on offense. Hold Sestak accountable. Keep the upper hand. And watch your back.

Yo, Stefani: Shut The Hell Up!

Her full name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.
But she's really just Stefani Germanotta.
She was born on March 28, 1986.
But she was reborn sometime in 2006 or 2007 with a new name and a new persona.
And she became what the media like to call a "phenomenon."
But she's really just a mass marketing vehicle. $he's all about the $ell. She is a purely commercial product -- a strategically constructed combination of other successful products. Her outfits, her style, her songs, her music, her stage presence and her vaulted outrageousness are all basically ripoffs.
She's a combination of Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Queen, Britney Spears, Grace Jones, Debbie Harry, Donatella Versace, Cher, Houdini, Liberace and of course, Madonna.
There's absolutely nothing new or original about her. Nothing.
But it's been said that we live in a attention deficit age. And the truly shallow among us (and there of  lots of them) needed something new to focus on.
So now, they've embraced a new Instant Heroine.A new Deviant Diva.
But it's really all a gimmick.
And yes, even her name was carefully calculated to seal the sell.
She is the creation of a media conglomerate. She is the darling of MTV and Billboard and Universal Music Group (UMG), the largest business group and family of  record labels in the recording industry. And UMG itself is part of the international media giant Vivendi which has its hands in music, TV and movies, publishing, telecommunications, the Internet, and video games.
I don't have to tell your her name.
I don't have to say who she is.
Which is fine, because I don't feel like putting her name in print as it might legitimatize her.
Anyway, you all know her by now.
I just wish she would shut the hell up.

Christie Wants NJ Income Tax Cut

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is out to cut New Jersey's income taxes.
And Christie wants to see the income tax cuts enacted "in the next year or two."
Christie says income taxes have to be cut "to make New Jersey more competitive with our neighbors."
Right now, Democrat Senate President Steve Sweeney is balking at Christie's idea saying that the state can't afford a tax cut. That's sort of like President Obama saying that America had "two tax cuts" that we never "paid for."
But tax cuts aren't something that we "pay for."
Tax cuts are enacted to stimulate the economy by letting workers keep more of their own money. Tax cuts really are designed to make taxes fair and reasonable and help us to be more competitive. Tax cuts should also encourage government to spend less, mind it's own budget and trim waste.
The money that tax cuts give back to workers isn't something that's owed to the state. It doesn't belong to the state or the government. It's money that the workers earned themselves by the sweat of their brow. It's their money, not the state's.
So tax cuts don't have to be "paid for" -- either by the state or by workers.
The workers have paid enough in taxes. In fact, they've paid too much.
And the state has spent enough of other people's money. Again, probably too much.
So, Governor Christie: Let's bring on the tax  cuts! Avanti!

A Special Message From Jon Runyan

Dear Friend,
With 6 weeks until Election Day, this race is really heating up. Career politician John Adler is showing his true colors and they aren't pretty.
John Adler knows he can't win by running on his liberal record. How can anyone explain voting with failed NJ Governor Jon Corzine 99% of the time and disastrous House Speaker Nancy Pelosi more than 90% of the time? You can't. That's why Adler has decided to drag this campaign into the gutter by invading my family's privacy and launching personal smears against me.
He'll do anything to win.
A recent editorial in the Asbury Park Press noted that, "last week, a campaign volunteer for Adler trespassed on the property of Republican opponent Jon Runyan, taking pictures of his house and possibly his 8-year-old daughter, who was playing outside. Adler has yet to apologize, a breach of campaign decency that calls into question Adler's ethics and his ability to lead and manage people."
After my daughter ran inside, terrified by the strange man in our front yard, my wife took action. She hopped in the car, called the police, and followed the man back to Adler's campaign headquarters. Police are currently investigating charges against Congressman Adler's "volunteer". I have called on John Adler to denounce these actions by his campaign, and to apologize to my family. He has done neither.
John Adler's history of nasty attacks and slimy politics is so pathetic that he was listed as a "Loser of the Week" on last week. Congratulations Congressman, you have stooped to a new low.
Now, we have a choice. We can accept these underhanded tactics and allow career politicians like John Adler to remain in Congress, or we can send a message that we have had enough of dirty politics as usual in Washington.
I need your vote on Election Day, but I need your financial support today. Will you help me fight back against the Pelosi-Adler attack machine? Can I count on you to donate $200, $100, or even $25 to help me fight back? Click here to contribute any amount you can afford.
Thanks for your time and support,
Jon Runyan

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Christie To GOP: Put Up Or Shut Up!

Chris Christie tells it straight to his fellow Republicans, today on CNBC's Squawk Box.

Coons: The Man Harry Reid Calls His 'Pet'

Today, the Senate Conservatives Fund (SCF), chaired by U.S. Senator Jim DeMint (R-South Carolina) launched a new thirty-second television ad highlighting Chris Coons' deep ties to Washington demonstrated by Harry Reid's claim last week that Chris Coons was "my pet." The SCF ad comes just one day after the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) launched its first ad attacking Christine O'Donnell. SCF is working hard to fill the void in this race left by national Republicans who have indicated they won't invest in the race.
"Senator Reid let the cat out of the bag last week when he said Chris Coons was his pet," said Senator DeMint. "Folks in Delaware don't want to send another 'business as usual' politician to Washington. That's why Christine O'Donnell is the best choice. She's not afraid to stand up to the big spenders in both political parties."
Click here to support the Senate Conservatives Fund.

Christie Announces Bridge, Port Projects

Stressing the long-term importance of the Bayonne Bridge as a vital infrastructure investment and critical to the Administration’s economic development and job creation efforts, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie today emphasized his support of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey’s approval of $1 billion in its capital planning process to modernize the aging structure. Modernizing the Bayonne Bridge is essential to maintaining port access for the next generation of transportation and shipping vessels, and therefore crucial to the economic future of State and region. Regional port activity supports approximately 269,000 jobs, providing $11.2 billion in personal income and producing $36.1 billion in business income annually.
“We must ensure that our ports remain viable tools for economic growth,” said Governor Christie. “By fixing this crucial nexus in the region’s transportation network, it will allow our port to remain competitive with others on the East Coast and allow for future cargo growth and expanded commercial opportunities for business. In the end, this means more jobs and opportunity for our citizens and improved economic activity for the State and region, generally. Any remedy to the Bayonne Bridge issue, however, must be one that is both financially sound and environmentally safe and I fully endorse the steps the Port Authority is taking to move this project toward a permanent resolution.”
To accommodate the newest generation of containerships that will use the port after the Panama Canal widening is completed in 2015, the navigational clearing limitation of the Bayonne Bridge must be rectified. Current clearance is 151 feet.
The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey handles 40% of eastern seaboard trade, of which 58% directly benefits the surrounding region. In 2009, the dollar value of all cargo handled totaled more than $146 billion.
“Today’s announcement is part of two very important initiatives of the Christie Administration – job creation and ensuring our regional competitiveness,” said Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno. “The jobs we are investing in today will encourage employment growth for tomorrow as we continue to work to improve our international import and export capabilities.”
Port Authority Chairman Anthony R. Coscia said, “Our job is to make sure that the region’s port remains the leading destination for international shippers and the catalyst for regional economic and job growth. Our $1 billion commitment to solve the Bayonne Bridge problem speaks to the importance we place on our port business and the tremendous regional benefits it provides.”
Connecting Bayonne, New Jersey and Staten Island, New York across the Kill Van Kull River, the Bayonne Bridge also links Newark Liberty International Airport, Port Newark/Elizabeth and Howland Hook Marine Terminal. Approximately 7 million vehicles cross the bridge annually.
Port Authority Deputy Executive Director Bill Baroni said, “The region’s port has been one of the backbones of New Jersey’s economy for decades, supporting billions in economic activity and hundreds of thousands of good jobs. That’s why it’s critical that we work today to find the best, most cost-effective way to fix the Bayonne Bridge height issue to ensure that our port continues to grow and prosper for years to come.”
In addition to the Bayonne Bridge project, a series of recent acquisitions and commitments made by the Port Authority will keep New Jersey’s ports and the region competitive by stimulating future economic growth and development activity. These projects include the acquisition of 130 acres at Marine Ocean Terminal at Bayonne (MOTBY) and the 98-acre Global Marine Terminal on Port Jersey as well as the recently purchased for redevelopment Greenville Yards in Jersey City.

Exclusive Sneak Peek: Eastbound And Down

NJ By The Numbers: REAL Economic Growth!

Growing New Jersey's Economy By the Numbers
Christie Administration Working to Create Quality Jobs
January 2010 - September 2010

4 Fortune 500 Expansions - Campbell Soup Company, Coca Cola Enterprises, Honeywell, and Pitney Bowes

6 Foreign Direct Investment Projects - From China, Portugal, and Germany

10 Foreign Delegations Received in New Jersey

14 Business Relocations to New Jersey from New York, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Maryland

20 Major Corporate Meetings and Site Visits, Including Boeing, BASF, and Honeywell

20 Manufacturing Projects Received $17.9 Million in Assistance

25 Companies Injecting a Total of $153.4 Million into New Jersey’s Innovation Economy

35+ Meetings and Seminars to Expand Trade Opportunities for New Jersey Businesses

80+ Projects Advancing Urban and Municipal Redevelopment to Support Communities Throughout the State

440 Small Business Jobs to be Created

700 Manufacturing Jobs to be Created

1000 Innovation Jobs (including Technology, Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals and Clean Energy Sectors) Expected to be Created, Including 400 Construction Jobs

1400 Innovation Jobs (including Technology, Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals and Clean Energy Sectors) Retained

1730 Small Business Development Jobs Retained

1850 Manufacturing Jobs Retained

$16.35 Million Assistance Provided to Small Businesses from Cape May County to Bergen County

$27 Million Public and Private Investments from Business Relocations to New Jersey

$121 Million Public and Private Investments in Manufacturing Projects

$170.4 Million Public and Private Investments for Small Business Development

Total Impact

200+ Economic Development Projects Supported by the Christie Administration

2900 New, Full-Time Jobs Estimated to be Created

3040 Construction Jobs Expected to be Generated

7785 Existing Jobs Retained

$389 Million Assistance to Businesses, Municipalities, and Not-for-Profit Organizations

$744.5+ Million Private Investment in New Jersey

Source: New Jersey Economic Development Authority

Barbara Boxer Is A Failure: Time For Carly!

Click here to help Carla Fiorina in her efforts to unseat Barbara Boxer.

Joblessness In Reid's Nevada: Highest In Nation!

Here's a statement from Nevada US Senate candidate Sharron Angle who's running against Harry Reid:
"Harry Reid is a failed leader. Month after month we have watched the unemployment numbers increase in our state and we're currently at 14.4 percent, the highest in the nation, with no end in sight. Harry Reid can try to shirk responsibility, but he is in charge. He has supported tax increases 300 times; he gave us Obamacare; he pushed through the disastrous stimulus plan; and he is blocking further tax cuts. Nothing Harry Reid is doing is working and his own state is paying the heaviest price.
"But instead of addressing the unemployment issue, Harry Reid will spend this week in Washington DC trying to push a form of amnesty through the Senate. Sadly, the DREAM Act is another attempt to incentivize illegal aliens to cross our borders to gain citizenship– mocking our established laws and processes, while dismissing those who have taken time to follow the rule of law and become United States citizens the legal way. Citizens want stricter enforcement of immigration laws over amnesty, but once again Senator Reid is refusing to listen to the American people and is avoiding addressing our need for jobs in Nevada."

Kyrillos: Let's Begin NJN Conversion Process

New Jersey State Senator Joe Kyrillos, the ranking Republican member on the Senate Economic Growth Committee, introduced legislation yesterday that would transform The New Jersey Network (NJN) from a publically supported television and radio network into an independent, not-for-profit entity. The bill reflects Governor Christie’s proposal announced last month.
“NJN was created by the Legislature in 1968 in response to a void in coverage of New Jersey news by the major television networks in Philadelphia and New York City,” Kyrillos began. “That need still exists today and New Jersey Network is unique in America because the state is one of two not home to a network broadcast station. The mission of NJN is still essential but it must be transformed to meet modern challenges from a taxpayer supported entity into a private, not-for-profit organization with creative control over programming and content.
“Today I introduced legislation to begin the process of converting NJN from a network subsidized by the taxpayers of this state to an independent, not-for-profit entity uniquely positioned to serve the needs of New Jersey viewers.”

Monday, September 20, 2010

Governor Christie On The Air Live, Tomorrow

“If we maintain our focus and move aggressively to create a positive climate for job creation, New Jersey can and will emerge from the recession as a national leader in economic expansion.”
- New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

Governor Chris Christie will be a guest on CNBC’s Squawk Box and Bloomberg TV with Margaret Brennan tomorrow, Tuesday, September 21, 2010.

To watch the governor live on Squawk Box turn-in or TiVo CNBC at 7:30 AM.   

To watch the governor on Bloomberg TV turn-in or TiVo Bloomberg at 11:30 AM.   

Toomey Welcomes Obama To Pennsylvania

Today, Pennsylvania U.S. Senate candidate and former small business owner Pat Toomey released the following statement welcoming President Obama to Pennsylvania:
“I’d like to welcome President Obama to Pennsylvania today. It’s always great when the President of the United States comes to our state, and I look forward to working with him in the United States Senate. There are a number of policies I think we can work together on, from education reform to expanding U.S. exports.”
“Unfortunately, most of the policies President Obama has been pursuing have prevented us from having the kind of economic recovery that we could and should be having. Bailing out failing companies, massive spending, huge tax increases, a cap-and-trade energy tax, and government-run health care – this agenda is keeping unemployment high, and Joe Sestak is in favor of all of it. It’s time for a change. We should end the bailouts, get spending under control, make the 2003 tax cuts permanent, and cut payroll taxes to encourage businesses to hire new workers. I’m optimistic that we can have a booming recovery, but we need to focus on the kind of policies that will put Pennsylvanians back to work.”

Bankrupting America, Step-By-Step

Click here for more information about Bankrupting America.

White House Eyes Ad Blitz To Smear Tea Party

Obama & Co. are considering a massive ad blitz to smear Tea Party activists and charge that the Republican Party has been taken over by extremists.
As reported by the New York Times yesterday, it seems the ad campaign is all but ready to go.
Under this scenario, the Democrats would try to nationalize the election and mobilize their own base by painting the GOP as a party that has been taken over by radicals. They'd also try to permanently link the Republican Party to the Tea Party activists. The aim: create a frenzy of groundless fear.
For the Democrats, this is not a new game plan.
They tried it twice against Ronald Reagan (1980 and 1984) and it failed both times.
And the Democrats tried the same tact again in 1994 and it failed again.
In fact, it's the 1994 GOP off-year election landslide that still haunts Democrats today. In '94 Democrats tried to tag all GOP candidates as extremists but even the most far-right Republican congressional candidates wound up winning amidst a tidal wave of voter discontent that gave Republicans control of both houses of Congress.
Many in the Democrat Party were so burned by this broad-brush approach before that they fear that trying it once again will only make matters worse.
Those Democrats who are skeptical of the national ad campaign want to keep their distance from the White House and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. They'd rather run localized campaigns that don't remind voters of the goings on in Washington. In fact, many Democrat congressional candidates are attempting to run against Washington, as incredible as that may seem.
Democrats whose futures are on the line don't want to talk about the failed stimulus bill, cap 'n trade, Obamacare, immigration reform or the economy. It's a tough position to be in -- one that doesn't leave a candidate with many options.
So, expect the Democrat Party to conjure up old themes all built around the fear of big, bad Republicans. This means plenty of class warfare, daily distortions of GOP positions and even playing the race card if that's what it takes.
It ain't gonna be pretty, folks.