Monday, September 6, 2010

Naked Bike Ride Photos, Philadelphia

Yesterday, Philly went naked.
And if you happened to be sitting along Rittenhouse Square (or dining there, as we were) this is what you saw.
Well, it's not like we've never seen naked people before. But how often do you see more than 1,000 naked bike riders rolling down a popular city thoroughfare?
It was all part of the 2nd Annual Philly Naked Bike Ride to encourage fuel efficiency and discourage the use of fossil-fueled automobiles. In other words, ride a bike!
The ride began at Fairmount Park's Lemon Hill, went around the Art Museum to Rittenhouse Square then down Market Street to Olde City and on up to the Piazza at Schmidt's where it all culminated.
Hmmm . . . these folks certainly know how to get their message across.
All photos copyright 2010 by Dan Cirucci.

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Josh Einstein said...

Wow, sure hope they wiped first.