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Damon Galdo: A Non Pol Union Guy For Congress!

Damon Galdo is a union carpenter, construction superintendent, husband, and father who says "when I look at my children and at the direction this country is heading, I fear for the future, and I've decided that I can't wait for someone else to make a change. As they say, if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself." 

No, This Is Not 1968, America -- Here's Why

Kent State massacre.
It was bound to happen, I suppose.

And now it's out of control.

I'm talking about the growing tendency on the part of the media and others to compare the current round of uprisings in America's universities with the unrest that occurred on campuses in the late 1960s and early 70s protesting the Vietnam war. What we're hearing is "this is just like 1968" and explanations about "history simply repeating itself." Wrong, and wrong again.

So, I'm here to say this is not like 1968. And I know what I'm talking about because I was there in 1968 and the years that followed. I was part of some of those protests. As a college student I marched against the war and supported those who called for its end. Here's what's different now vs then:

  • College age Americans were fighting and dying on foreign soil in 1968 in a war that appeared to have no end. And 1968 was the high point of the bloodshed with 16,592 young American lives lost. 
  • The war was real and it was urgent. It was the first war covered on TV while it happened on the nightly network news, live every night. Everyone was touched by the war. Everyone! My sister's friend lost her brother in the war. I lost five of my high school classmates whose names are now on that iconic wall in Washington DC. 
  • Authorities were not nearly as tolerant of college uprisings as they are now. Protesting students were often quickly expelled and, since there was a military draft, if they defied the draft they could be legally prosecuted. At Kent State University the National Guard was called in to quell a student protest. Twenty eight National Guard soldiers fired about 67 rounds over 13 seconds, killing four students and wounding nine others in what became known as the Kent State massacre.
  • Before it was all over, more than 58,000 Americans would die in Vietnam and many of those young Americans who survived the war came home  permanently scarred by the experience -- damaged for the rest of their lives. The anguish was real, the divisions were deep, the scar remains.  
For my part, I protested peacefully. During the lunch hour, at the university that I attended I stood in a silent line with other students -- a vigil for peace and in memory of those who were being sacrificed daily. We joined together, attended peaceful rallies, sang songs, supported one another and worked through the system to back political candidates who were sympathetic to our cause. 

Unlike students today, I was unable to vote in 1968 (the voting age wasn't lowered to 18 until 1971). But I was still determined to make a difference. So, I worked in Pennsylvania, Indiana, New York, New Hampshire and New Jersey for Senator Gene McCarthy the peace candidate for president. He did not succeed and was denied the nomination at the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago which sadly, turned bloody during a year that also witnessed the assassinations of peace advocates Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy. 

The students who are protesting today don't know what it's like to be drafted, to be uprooted, to be sent to a foreign war to fight and die or watch their friends sent to the same war or fear that they will be next. They don't know what it's like to face all of this while even being denied the right to vote. They have no idea!

No, this is not 1968! Not. Even. Close.

YOU Can Help Us Save This Historic Landmark!

WOW! Poll Shows McCormick ThisClose To Casey!

Pennsylvania Emerson College/The Hill Poll, just released:

🟦 Casey 46%
🟥 McCormick 42%*
⬜ Undecided 12%
*one point shy of the margin of error

He Was Right Then; And Right Now As Well!


New Poll: Trump Holds Edge In All Swing States

2024 General Election Poll

Emerson College/The Hill:

ARIZONA 🟥 Trump 48% (+4) 🟦 Biden 44% . GEORGIA 🟥 Trump 47% (+3) 🟦 Biden 44% . WISCONSIN 🟥 Trump 47% (+2) 🟦 Biden 45% . PENNSYLVANIA 🟥 Trump 47% (+2) 🟦 Biden 45% . NORTH CAROLINA 🟥 Trump 47% (+5) 🟦 Biden 42% . NEVADA 🟥 Trump 45% (+1) 🟦 Biden 44% . MICHIGAN 🟥 Trump 45% (+1) 🟦 Biden 44% 538: #9 (2.9/3.0) | 7,000 RV | 4/25-29 emersoncollegepolling.com/trump-holds-ed

Monday, April 29, 2024

Jewish Students In Texas Will NOT Cower!

And Now, A Quick Solution To A Growing Problem


NJ Legislators: Let's Criminalize Squatting!

New Jersey State Senators Doug Steinhardt (R-23) and Michael Testa (R-1) are calling on the New Jersey Legislature to advance their measure that would criminalize the unlawful occupancy of a dwelling, also known as “squatting.”

“I am calling on the Legislature to take immediate action on this bill,” said Steinhardt. “If someone breaks into a home and begins living there, the property owner should have every right to evict that individual without delay. We can no longer allow people to abuse the system, sometimes for years, and face no consequences.”

Under current law, squatting is not a criminal act. It is a civil matter that requires the property owner to file a claim to evict, which often takes years to resolve.

“Squatting has been an issue in New Jersey for some time, but now there are individuals boasting about how undocumented immigrants can ‘invade’ homes using loopholes in our laws,” said Testa.  “By passing this bill, we can start holding the criminals who terrorize homeowners and neighborhoods across New Jersey accountable,” said Testa.

S-725 would create three criminal offenses: housebreaking, unlawful occupancy, and unlawful reentry—all crimes of the fourth degree. They would be defined as:

  •   Housebreaking: When a person who forcibly enters an uninhabited or vacant dwelling knowing or having reason to believe that such entry is without permission of the owner of the dwelling, with the intent to take up residence.
  •   Unlawful Occupancy: When a person who takes up residence in an uninhabited or vacant dwelling and knows or has reason to believe that such residency is without permission of the owner of the dwelling.
  •   Unlawful reentry: A person commits unlawful reentry if an owner of real property has recovered possession of the property from the person pursuant to a court order and, without the authority of the court or permission of the owner, the person reenters the property.

“It can be extremely difficult, time-consuming, and expensive for a homeowner to get their property back when it’s occupied by squatters,” concluded Steinhardt. “Our legislation would provide law enforcement with new tools to remove squatters quickly and prevent the long-term damage to homes and communities they often cause.”

Additionally, Sen. Steinhardt is drafting a second bill that would expedite proceedings against squatters and make the squatter liable to the property owner for damages. legal fees, and costs.

Under this bill, a property owner can file for a 72 hour plenary eviction proceeding in the superior court and avoid landlord tenant court if they can certify via verified complaint that they are the owner or lawful manager of the property, the squatter was never a tenant (and therefore not entitled to protections of the fair tenant eviction act), never had a written lease, never paid rent, and never had written permission from the property owner or manager to be in or on the property.

CNN Poll: Trump Up By 9 With RFK In Race

Looking back, 55% of all Americans now say they see Trump’s presidency as a success, while 44% see it as a failure. In a January 2021 poll taken just before Trump left office and days after the January 6 attack on the US Capitol, 55% considered his time as president a failure.
Assessing Biden’s time in office so far, 61% say his presidency thus far has been a failure, while 39% say it’s been a success. That’s narrowly worse than the 57% who called the first year of his administration a failure in January 2022, with 41% calling it a success.
Republicans now are more unified around the idea that Trump’s presidency was a success than Democrats are that Biden’s has been one. Overall, 92% of Republicans call Trump’s time in office a success, while just 73% of Democrats say Biden’s has been a success so far. Among independents, 51% say Trump’s presidency was successful, while only 37% see Biden’s as a success.

Sunday, April 28, 2024

Pitiful: The Latest Biden Distraction Tactic . . .


Will Biden VS Trump Turn Out TIED?

Quite a few polls still have the race between Biden and Trump well within the margin of error and a few have the two candidates thisclose.

No matter who turns out ahead nationally in the popular vote we all know that such a tally is essentially meaningless because it all comes down to the state-by-state electoral vote. A candidate needs 270 electoral votes to win. That's the magic number. But there is a plausible scenario under which neither candidate reaches that number and they tie at 269 electoral votes each. Here's how The Hill explained it in a recent analysis which conjectured regarding each candidate's possible path to an electoral victory:

One unlikely but possible scenario is a 269-269 Electoral College tie between Biden and Trump. That would happen if Biden keeps the blue wall with Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, but Trump wins the other battlegrounds of Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and North Carolina, plus Maine and Nebraska’s 2nd congressional districts.

If that happens, the election would be decided by the House, with each state receiving one vote decided by a majority of its delegation. Under the current makeup of the House, Republicans have a majority of the House delegations in 26 states, while Democrats have a majority in 22 states and two state are evenly split between Democrats and Republicans.

This likely means that Biden would have to win the Electoral College outright, because Trump would be better positioned to win in a tiebreaker decided by the House.

Click here to read more.

WOW! This Show Gets New 'Stars' Every Day!


Yeah, NJ STILL Highest Taxed State In America!

From NJ Patch:

Garden State residents will fork over close to $1 million in taxes over a lifetime on average, the most of any U.S. state, according to a report released by Self Financial.

New Jerseyans pay an average $987,117 in lifetime taxes, or about 54.3 percent of their lifetime earnings, according to the study conducted by researchers at the Texas-based financial technology company. This includes an average $334,260 tax on earnings, $54,961 on personal expenses, $564,614 on property and $33,282 on cars.

The Garden State tops the list of states where residents pay the highest lifetime taxes on average, with D.C. and Connecticut trailing behind at $884,820 and $855,307, respectively. . . . 

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Oh, My! The Wheels Have Come Off The Cart!


Saturday, April 27, 2024

RCP Polling Average: Trump Up In 6 Of 7 Swings

2024 General Election: Real Clear Politics POLLING AVERAGE WISCONSIN 🟥 Trump 49% (+2) 🟦 Biden 47% . ARIZONA 🟥 Trump 49.3% (+5) 🟦 Biden 44.3% . MICHIGAN 🟥 Trump 47.4% (+3) 🟦 Biden 44.4% . NEVADA 🟥 Trump 48.8% (+4.8) 🟦 Biden 44% . GEORGIA 🟥 Trump 49.7% (+4) 🟦 Biden 45.7% . NORTH CAROLINA 🟥 Trump 48.8% (+4.8) 🟦 Biden 44% . PENNSYLVANIA 🟦 Biden 46.7% (+0.4) 🟥 Trump 46.3%

Swing states odds by
- polymarket.com/elections 

Another Day, Another Batch Of Biden Lies!

In The End, We're All Payin' For It!


Friday, April 26, 2024

VIDEO: 3 Thieves Caught At Gloucester Twp. Target

This made Fox Business news today: New Jersey Target employee thwarts 3 women stealing shopping cart full of merchandise: police

Gallup: Biden Job Approval Lowest in 70 Years!

Gallup compares the polled job approval of the last 10 presidents at the same point in their presidencies -- that point being where Biden is right now. And, guess what? Biden comes in DEAD Last! In fact, it ain't even close!

Yeah, This Pretty Much Sums It Up . . .


New National Poll: Trump Maintains Lead!


🟥 Trump 47% (+2) 🟦 Biden 45% 🟪 Other 4% — • Biden 2020 voters: Biden 88-6% • Trump 2020 voters: Trump 93-2% • Double haters: Biden 43-30% • Independents: Trump 46-39% • White: Trump 52-42% • Black: Biden 77-13% • Hispanic: Trump 48-41% • Male: Trump 54-38% • Female: Biden 51-40% • College: Biden 56-35% • No college: Trump 57-35% — Most important issue • The Economy/jobs: 27%Immigration/Border security 11% • Abortion: 10% • Inflation: 8% • Foreign policy/National Security: 7% • Personal character/integrity: 6% • The state of democracy: 5% • Healthcare: 3% — • 538 rank: #13 (2.8/3.0) | 745 LV • D40/R34/I26 | April 8-20 | ±4%

A VERY IMPORTANT Message Right Now!