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Friday, November 30, 2012

Noonan: Why Can't Obama Sit Down, Talk, Deal?

An excerpt from Peggy Noonan's fine column in the Wall Street Journal about President Obama, the GOP and the growing debt crisis:
You watch and wonder: Why does it always have to be cliffs with this president? Why is it always a high-stakes battle? Why doesn't he shrewdly re-enact Ronald Reagan, meeting, arguing and negotiating in good faith with Speaker Tip O'Neill, who respected very little of what the president stood for and yet, at the end of the day and with the country in mind, could shake hands and get it done? Why is there never a sense with Mr. Obama that he understands the other guys' real position? . . .
Here's just one thing they should be discussing. Mr. Obama wants to raise tax rates on those earning $250,000 or more, as we know, on the assumption that they are "the rich." But if you are a man with a wife and two kids making that salary and living in Westfield, N.J., in no way do you experience yourself to be rich, because you're not. You pay federal payroll and income taxes, state income and sales taxes and local property taxes, and after the mortgage, food and commuting costs you don't have much to spare.
Tighten the squeeze on that couple, and they'll change how they live. They'll stop sending the struggling son to a neighborhood tutor, they'll stop going out to dinner once a week, they'll cut off the baby sitter, fire the guy who once a month does yard work, and hold back on new clothes. Also the guy will peruse employment ads in Florida and Texas, potentially removing from blue-state New Jersey his heartening, taxpaying presence.
It really is worth a discussion, isn't it? A closer look at the numbers? Shared thoughts on how Americans really live?
Click here for the full column.

Bateman Bill To Revise NJ Vehicle Points System

The full New Jersey Senate has again cleared Senator Christopher “Kip” Bateman’s measure to revise and clarify New Jersey’s unsafe driving point system and penalties.

“It is beyond time for the Assembly to adopt this balanced measure to provide a defined mechanism of penalty points relief to certain motorists in exchange for increased fines,” said Bateman (R-Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex and Somerset). “There has been a lack of uniformity in understanding among practitioners, courts and the Motor Vehicle Commission as to when drivers are to be assessed driving points for multiple unsafe driving convictions. This inconsistency can be costly, as penalty points often cause auto insurance rates to increase at a much higher cost than fines.”

Senator Bateman’s S-82 clarifies that motorists convicted of violating current unsafe driving statute one or two times are subject to fines. Drivers convicted of a third offense within five years of a previous violation are subject to fines and four penalty points.

Under current law, it is unclear whether a third conviction, five years after a first conviction warrants points or whether a 4thconviction, seven years after a first conviction warrants points. This bill makes point forgiveness available to motorists convicted at least five years after a last conviction, not an initial conviction.

S-82 also increases the minimum fine on drivers with more than three unsafe driving offenses from $250 to $500.
Senator Bateman first introduced this initiative in 2008, and it was unanimously passed by the full Senate in May 2009. A Senate Democrat signed on as a sponsor last session, when it was also approved by the full Senate but died by Assembly inaction. The state Motor Vehicle Commission and the New Jersey Bar Association supported this bill last session.

NJ Senate Approves Disables Parking Reform

Legislation sponsored by Senators Diane Allen (R- Burlington) and Joe Pennacchio (R- Morris) updating state laws to prevent abuse and wrongful issuance of disabled parking placards has been approved by the full Senate.

“Every time someone who is not disabled inappropriately obtains or uses a placard, he or she takes that parking space away from someone truly in need,” said Allen.  “This bill makes commonsense changes to process of obtaining a ‘wheelchair placard’ that ensure proper verification of one’s disability on an ongoing basis.”

Under the Senators’ bill (S-2238) the application for persons with disabilities identification cards and parking privileges would require a signed verification by a physician, physicians assistant, licensed chiropractor, or nurse practitioner, of the applicant’s disability.  Placards would expire and require renewal every three years, and the fees to obtain persons with disabilities identification cards and parking placards would be waived.

Florida, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and California exercise some or all of these restrictions.

Pennacchio joined Senator Allen as co-prime sponsor of the legislation because, he says, it protects the rights of the disabled.

“Disabled motorists and passengers have a right to reserved parking spaces and should not be displaced by others who do not qualify for the privilege,” said Pennacchio.  “By requiring renewal of parking placards with a doctor’s signature every three years, free of charge, we will make sure that only those with demonstrable need have access to these privileges.”

NJ Minimum Wage: NJ Voters Must Be Educated!

The following is cross-posted from Save Jersey.
By Matt Rooney
Logic be damned, Save Jerseyans.
Despite the fact that hiking the minimum wage will clearly devastate New Jersey’s already weak job market, and disregarding the already steep fiscal cliff facing all Americans (but particularly New Jersey filers) on January 1st, the New Jersey State Senate voted 23-16 yesterday to pass two individual minimum wage hike measures: S3and SCR1.
We’ve discussed both legislative items extensively here at Save Jersey. S3 will raise the state minimum wage by $1.25 — from $7.25 to $8.50 — and tie future increases to the volatile cost of living index. Just the initial increase alone would make the already business-unfriendly Garden State’s minimum wage the third highest in the country.
The key difference between S3 and SCR1? The later is a constitutional amendment that, if passed again by a simple majority of both houses of the state legislature in 2013, will appear on the November 2013 ballot as a public question.
Procedural hurdles for SCR1 are set forth in Article IX, Section 1 of the New Jersey State Constitution…
Any specific amendment or amendments to this Constitution may be proposed in the Senate or General Assembly. At least twenty calendar days prior to the first vote thereon in the house in which such amendment or amendments are first introduced, the same shall be printed and placed on the desks of the members of each house. Thereafter and prior to such vote a public hearing shall be held thereon. If the proposed amendment or amendments or any of them shall be agreed to by three-fifths of all the members of each of the respective houses, the same shall be submitted to the people.If the same or any of them shall be agreed to by less than three-fifths but nevertheless by a majority of all the members of each of the respective houses, such proposed amendment or amendments shall be referred to the Legislature in the next legislative year; and if in that year the same or any of them shall be agreed to by a majority of all the members of each of the respective houses, then such amendment or amendments shall be submitted to the people.” [Emphasis Added]
What does this all mean?
With Democrats firmly in charge of both chambers, Governor Chris Christie is faced with a tough decision; he must either (1) sign S3 into law and take the entire issue off the table for Election 2013, or (2) veto S3 and prepare to fight a minimum wage ballot question engendered by SCR1′s passage in advance of next fall. Democrats assume they can use the question to drive base turnout (since they typically win a solid majority of low income voters). Expect another vote on gay marriage to follow shortly for similarly tactical reasons.
Having recognized the futility of their situation, Trenton Republican opposition was muted. “Both parties by and large agree that the minimum wage should be increased, and my amendment hits the Democrats’ mark of $8.50,” said the reliably conservative state Senator Joe Pennacchio (R-Morris) by way of press release. “But legislative Democrats still refuse to compromise and would rather hold workers and small businesses as political hostages for next year’s campaigns.” Pennacchio attempted to amend S3 to set into place a more gradual schedule of increases: 35 cents on 1/1/13; 40 cents 1/1/14; and 60 cents on 1/1/15.
Senator Pennacchio’s proposal would also result in a $8.50 minimum wage, just two years further down the road and in a more predictable manner for business accounting purposes (since it’s not tied to any arbitrary indexes/measures).
But why would Democrats accept a “compromise” when they hold all the cards?
They want a ballot measure to drive their base turnout in a challenging “Christie” year, and their caucus can easily make it happen with a simple majority coalition; moreover, with even conservative Republicans openly conceding that “the minimum wage should be increased,” why wouldn’t liberal ideologues feel as if they have license to push for a more radical solution?
The disaster that was 2011 redistricting is what it is, folks. We can’t turn back the hands of time. And guess what: through no fault of his own, Chris Christie’s approval rating won’t register at 77% forever.
Now is a time for courage and leadership (and creativity, too). New Jersey Republicans need to shift gears and start attacking the substance of Democrat policies rather than restrict their primary objections to the procedural issues.
If I may be so bold (and you know we always are here), they should follow our Save Jersey contributors’ leads and develop ways to better market conservative, free enterprise solutions instead of staking out which ground to surrender. A viral web campaign featuring real New Jersey small business owners comes to mind. I think we’d find that a minimum wage ballot measure could  actually work in our favor if handled correctly by the right messengers; we can all agree that Governor Christie is the perfect politician to articulate why this constitutional amendment stunt just the latest example of how the decade-old Democrat state house majority has made New Jersey one of America’s least hospitable states to work, start a family, build a business and retire. If he can’t/won’t do it, no one can. The legislature is much less popular than he is right now, and that’s likely to remain the status quo through next November.
Use it or lose it!
And we’re going to keep losing unless we start teaching/education/explaining our positions to voters. It’s not a matter of being “louder” or “more conservative.” It’s about being creative, pragmatic, and articulate. We might lose anyway, honestly, given how far the public has drifted away from this country’s core republican (little “R”) principles. But be assured that we’re definitely not going to win anytime soon by adopting the Democrats’ bad premises while simultaneously arguing for a more gradual (yet not perceptibly different) approach. That’s the road to permanent to minority status, and I for one refuse to walk it. 

Romney Lunches With Obama - What Hasn't Changed

NOW he invites him into the Oval Office. . . .
OK, so the White House has released this photo of President Obama and Mitt Romney in the Oval Office commemorating their post-election luncheon meeting.
No details on what they discussed.
But do notice that it's a long shot of the two men and there ain't a damned thing on the president's desk.
Romney was gracious in accepting the invitation and we hope the two leaders had a good exchange.
But, election of no election, a few things haven't changed: Romney's taller, more handsome, has broader shoulders, is smarter and is classier than Obama.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

8th Circuit Court Blocks HHS Mandate For Now

A special message from catholicvote.org:

Dear Friend of CV, 


Within hours of sending our email message yesterday, we got the news.

The Federal Court of Appeals for the 8th Circuit in St. Louis last night agreed to block the implementation of the HHS Mandate against our client – Catholic businessman Frank O’Brien – while we pursue our appeal of the lower court decision.

Praise God! 

The court agreed with our request to put the breaks on the mandate while we challenge its constitutionality and pursue our case to restore religious freedom.

Click here to chip in $15 to support this case!

To be clear, this ruling only stops the enforcement of the mandate against Frank O'Brien's company. But the Court traditionally does not grant such a motion unless they believe we have a solid case, and have a reasonable change to win.

This is a significant step considering that the ruling was made on behalf of a private business – not a religious organization. Of course religious organizations deserve protection from the mandate, but so does every American. We want religious freedom for everyone!

I am emphasizing to the media that while Mr. O’Brien’s company is not a religious organization, he does not view his faith as something separate from his professional work. Christians do not check their faith at the church door on Sundays. We are called to live out our faith in everything we do.

Yesterday's decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit marks the highest court yet to issue an injunction against the HHS mandate.

But now we enter the most important part of this legal challenge. Writing legal briefs for our appeal are now underway. This is where things get interesting. And challenging. And expensive.

Your continued prayers and support are urgently needed. 

Thank you again for helping make this possible. 

Powerball Loser? Here's Your Consolation.

Vote Now For Year's Most Disgusting Personality

Who is the year's single most disgusting public personality? 
We're talking about someone you really, really wanna see disappear at the end of the year. 
Who is it? 
Pick from celebrities, politicians, world leaders, sports figures, entertainers -- any public personality that you wanna see vanish because he/she is so obstreperous, so ubiquitous, so egotistical, so downright disgusting? 
Now you can vote in our poll. 
We've listed the ones you've nominated. Up to this point it seems that the eminently disgusting and altogether loathsome Chris Matthes is leading the pack but the poll is far from over.
So now we want you to chime in. Pick only one -- the single most disgusting person of the year.
Vote at the top right corner of this page.
Vote now!

Christie Names Ferzan To Manage Storm Recovery

Taking a critical step forward in the recovery and rebuilding of New Jersey communities in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Governor Chris Christie today tasked Marc Ferzan to manage Hurricane Sandy Recovery efforts within the Office of the Governor. Ferzan will be responsible for directing the vital task of overseeing and coordinating Governor Christie’s long-term recovery efforts for New Jersey in cooperation with all federal, state, local, private, and non-governmental partners.

Ferzan’s first task will be assembling a core team to guide this effort and the different areas of focus that require long-term strategic planning. Additionally, Mr. Ferzan will begin to immediately work with Governor Christie’s Cabinet, state personnel, federal and local governments and sources outside of government to bring together all information and resources established since Hurricane Sandy to build on and effectively execute the rebuilding efforts for the State of New Jersey.

“The magnitude of the challenges we have faced from Hurricane Sandy was met in equal measure with the bravery and selflessness of first responders and public servants, the resilience of families, and our collective hope to move forward, rebuild, and restore our state. We have a long way to go to rebuild, but the people of New Jersey have already shown that we are ready to meet the challenge,” said Governor Christie. “This will not be an easy task, but it is a top priority of my Administration. To make steady progress and to ensure our commitment to our communities that have been devastated by the storm, I’m naming Marc Ferzan, a smart, proven and capable manager, to bring people and government together, build consensus, and effectively handle the many facets of this effort moving forward. I thank him for returning to the service of our state in this critical role.”

In addition, Governor Christie announced the retention of Witt Associates, a team with vast experience in disaster recovery and large scale mitigation management, to assist in the long-term rebuilding process. James Witt is a special advisor to the State of Louisiana, assisting with the nation's largest long term recovery effort in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and previously served as FEMA director under President Bill Clinton. Witt Associates will provide strategic support to the state in all facets of recovery and mitigation; resources for appropriate resolution services to assist in the state reconstruction; and senior level consultation in all facets of the intermediate and long term recovery process.

Ferzan will be returning to public service from PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory, where he is a Managing Director in the firm’s investigative consulting practice. He is an experienced manager and attorney who previously worked for and coordinated with various state and federal agencies for more than fifteen years in government practice. Between January of 2010 and June of 2012, Marc served as part of the front office management team at the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General as Executive Assistant Attorney General. There, he was responsible for helping to manage a staff of more than 8,000 employees, and providing legal and policy guidance on a broad range of civil and regulatory matters to the Attorney General, as well as the Governor and Lt. Governor, senior statehouse staff, and executive-level management of all departments of New Jersey State government.

“There is no more important task for New Jersey at this moment than to ensure that our families, neighborhoods, and communities recover and rebuild from the destruction of Hurricane Sandy,” said Marc Ferzan. “I am honored to have the opportunity to return to public service under the leadership of Governor Christie. I share the strength of his commitment and advocacy for the victims of the storm and am dedicated to ensuring that New Jersey emerges from Sandy even stronger, more resilient, and more economically robust.”

Critical among his duties, Ferzan will be charged with collecting an inventory of all available public and private funding source for rebuilding and examining strategies to ensure their most effective deployment, factiliating the development and execution of plans in a strategic, well-coordinated and efficient manner, and ensuring that the development of rebuilding and recovery plans will include consideration of Mitigation Strategies so that New Jersey communities rebuild in ways that will be more resistant to future weather events. This analysis will touch on a broad range of complex issues that relate to Housing and Community Planning, Infrastructure Repair and Restoration, Education, Healthcare and Social Services, Businesses and Workforce Revitalization, and the State’s many Natural And Cultural Resources.

Before joining the Attorney General’s Office, Ferzan served for more than 8 years as a federal prosecutor with the U.S Attorney’s Office in New Jersey where he held various leadership positions, including Chief of the Commercial Crimes Unit, Deputy Chief of the Criminal Division, and Acting Deputy and Executive Assistant U.S. Attorney. He also previously served as a Trial Attorney with the U.S. Department of Justice’s Tax Division and a Senior Counsel with the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission’s Division of Enforcement. Marc received a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1989 from Rutgers College and his law degree in 1992 from Fordham University School of Law.

FEMA Announces NJ Emergency Federal Grants

The Federal Emergency Management Agency today announced federal grants to State of New Jersey for emergency response efforts after Hurricane Sandy.

The three grants total $31.1 million. FEMA’s share is $20.4 million which comes from the Public Assistance Program. The grants are to reimburse New Jersey for feeding and housing 8,000 utility workers, 725 survivors and 500 support personnel after the storm.

Restoring power to affected areas was one of the top priorities after Sandy. Utility workers from around the U.S. answered the call, coming by the thousands to help New Jersey get back on its feet.

The state set up two large emergency response shelters to house the utility workers, support staff and local survivors. Located in Linden and at the Monmouth Race Track, the two shelters provided mobile sleeping units, medical care, food, and water.

Public Assistance is a program administered by the State of New Jersey and funded by FEMA and the state. The program reimburses local and county governments and certain nonprofit organizations for eligible disaster-related costs including emergency protective measures, debris removal and public infrastructure repair or replacement costs.

Temple U. Police Host Annual Holiday Kids Party

Temple University Police will host their annual Children’s Holiday Party at The Liacouras Center on Sunday, December 2 at 11a.m.  For more than 20 years, Temple University’s Department of Campus Safety Services has hosted a holiday party for children and their families in the North Philadelphia community.  The party is organized by members of the department and aided by volunteers from Temple’s student organizations and community relations professionals.

The party will feature entertainment by Temple students and student athletes, community performers, a live parrot show, face painting, music and fun for the whole family.  Staying true to their commitment as partners in the community, each child will receive a gift, in addition to having their picture taken with Santa.

“The Children’s Holiday Party would not be possible without the hard work and generosity of our volunteers, especially the management and staff of The Liacouras Center who graciously open their doors each year to our community’s children,” said Temple University Police Captain, Eileen Bradley.  

More information about Campus Safety programs and events can be found at temple.edu/campussafety and @TUpolice on Twitter.

The Liacouras Center, 10,200 seat multi-purpose venue, is located on Temple University’s campus and is positioned along the Avenue of the Arts in Center City, Philadelphia.  The venue serves the Temple student body of 37,000 students and the city of Philadelphia as a full entertainment arena featuring concerts, family shows, Temple Men’s and Women’s Basketball games and more.  Most recently, The Liacouras Center was named one of the busiest arenas in the world by Venues Today, finishing 14th in the world and 10th in the United States for the Mid-Year 2012 rankings, among venues with 10,000 seats and under.  Approaching a monumental year, The Liacouras Center will celebrate its 15 year anniversary this year of providing quality entertainment to the city of Philadelphia.

Global Spectrum (global-spectrum.com) manages the Liacouras Center, as well as more than 100 other public assembly facilities around the world. Nearly 20-million people attended more than 11,000 events in Global Spectrum venues last year. Based in Philadelphia, PA, Global Spectrum is part of Comcast-Spectacor, one of the world’s largest sports and entertainment companies. Comcast-Spectacor also owns the Philadelphia Flyers of the National Hockey League, Ovations Food Services, a food and beverage services provider, New Era Tickets, a full-service ticketing and marketing product for public assembly facilities, Paciolan, the leading provider of venue establishment ticketing, fundraising and marketing technology solutions, Front Row Marketing Services, a commercial rights sales company, and Flyers Skate Zone, a series of community ice skating rinks.

A Plea To Conservatives: Stay Involved, Press Onward!

A special message from Don Adams of the Independence Hall Tea Party Association:

Dear Members and Friends,

We trust everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Before this Thanksgiving season blends seamlessly into the Christmas season, we would like to take time to reflect on just how fortunate we are to be have been born inAmerica.

With God's blessing, our great Republic has survived and prospered over the last 237 years despite the many grave challenges, both internal and external, that have threatened its existence.

At the present time, however, America is in great danger of losing the very essence of its soul.

Free enterprise and meritocracy, the financial and motivational engine of our nation--that which has created unprecedented financial security and wealth for untold millions--nay billions--and has distinguished our government from almost every other government in the history of man--is being undermined by an administration at war with our national heritage.

The worst response we could render this dire threat is to give in, give up, or align ourselves with extremist elements that would suggest the American nation is beyond redemption and repair.

We must say no to those who would promote state succession from the United Statesas the answer. We must resist those who would suggest the establishment of a thirdparty or a declaration of war on the Republican party.

These tactics are divisive, dangerous, and suspicious. Anyone who leads such efforts is either a paid tool of the left (a plant) or an unwitting ally.

A major third party effort and/or a war on Republican the Party would result inconsecutive Democrat electoral victories and permanent one party rule--much like the political situation in Philadelphia for the last 60 years.

(If we were to declare war on any political party, would it not be the Democrat party--the party that recently sought to remove all references to the Creator in its platform and is currently transforming our nation from a self-reliant free enterprise system into a welfare-dependent regulatory state?)

To be clear, the most potent weapon we have to defeat the collectivist bureaucrats, elected officials, judges, and demagogues in our midst is the apparatus of the Republican party--a party established by Lincoln to save the Union; defined by 
Coolidge to promote limited government and lower taxes; and reinvigorated by Reagan to restore the American spirit, rebuild the US economy, and win the Cold War.

To be sure, the Republican party, like every other institution in America--desperately needs reform.

To bring about such reform, we must get involved as committeemen/women, party officials, and elected officials.

Instead of declaring war on Republicans, we must patiently, and with integrity, engage the party faithful in reasonable discourse in an attempt to persuade and influence opinion.

Of course, America, as a whole, is also desperately in need of reform (a painfully obvious fact).

The first and most important element of that reform does not require legislation or regulation. It requires the American people, along with elected officials, to honestly assess the state of our nation from the inside out--beginning with the conditions of our homes, our neighborhoods, our schools, and our churches.

Once a truthful assessment is made, we must isolate the problems that can be solved outside the purview of the government. Suffice it to say, many of our nations ills do not require a government--let alone a federal government--prescription.

President Coolidge once said"The people cannot look to legislation generally for success. Industry, thrift, character, are not conferred by act or resolve. Government cannot relieve from toil. It can provide no substitute for the rewards of service..."

While the difficulties currently confronting us may seem insurmountable--during the American Revolution, the Civil War, the Great Depression, World War I, World War II, the upheaval of the 1960's and Vietnam War--our forefathers/mothers endured even greater hardships.

Since 2001, the our nation has successfully overcome an ongoing terrorist threat.
None of this could have been accomplished without the real American heroes and patriots--our US troops.

Of our soldiers, Coolidge said, "The nation which forgets its defenders will be itself forgotten."

So during this holiday season, we not only commit ourselves to renewing America, we will also remember our troops.

Beginning tomorrow, we will commence a money drop to bundle donations for two local military related charities: The Homeless Veterans Project and Philadelphia Veterans Comfort House.
On behalf of the PAC Board of Delegates,
Don Adams, President

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Runyan Signs Cards For Military Abroad

A special Message from Congressman Jon Runyan:
Today I joined with many of my colleagues and their staff in signing cards for members of the military who are stationed over seas this holiday season. I want to thank all of our nation's servicemembers and their families for the sacrifice they make on a daily basis. Red Cross Holiday Mail for Heroes Card Signing

Governor Jan Brewer Keep Christmas - And Hanukkah!

A special Message from Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona:

This morning I hosted the lighting of the Christmas Tree that is inside our Capitol building...and yes...I do call it a Christmas Tree!!

In my first year as Governor, I issued an Executive Order that encourages the celebration of Christmas and Hanukkah and prohibits any censorship of these religious holidays. I encourage you to read and share the executive order with your family and friends:
As you may know, in the past, state and local officials in Arizona (and elsewhere) have attempted to strip both Christmas and Hanukkah of their meaning, including establishment of policies forbidding state employees from placing religious items of celebration at their desks, re-naming Christmas trees as “holiday” trees, and renaming Menorahs as “candlesticks.”

Under my administration, I call things what they are...a Christmas Tree and a Menorah... and will gladly allow both Christmas and Hanukkah to be celebrated at the State Capitol. I encourage my colleagues and fellow elected officials across the nation to do the same.

Yes, Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Christmas from Governor Jan Brewer

This morning I hosted the lighting of the Christmas Tree that is inside our Capitol building...and yes...I do call it a Christmas Tree!!

In my first year as Governor, I issued an Executive Order that encourages the celebration of Christmas and Hanukkah and prohibits any censorship of these religious holidays. I encourage you to read and share the executive order with your family and friends: http://azgovernor.gov/dms/upload/EO_2009_11.pdf 

As you may know, in the past, state and local officials in Arizona (and elsewhere) have attempted to strip both Christmas and Hanukkah of their meaning, including establishment of policies forbidding state employees from placing religious items of celebration at their desks, re-naming Christmas trees as “holiday” trees, and renaming Menorahs as “candlesticks.”

Under my administration, I call things what they are...a Christmas Tree and a Menorah... and will gladly allow both Christmas and Hanukkah to be celebrated at the State Capitol. I encourage my colleagues and fellow elected officials across the nation to do the same.

Yes, Merry Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christine Flowers: Some Women Are Really Scary!

From the insightful Philadelphia Daily News columnist Christine Flowers:
I have been receiving emails from a woman named Emma who has been complaining that I (and apparently all conservatives) hate women. 
She takes care of the obvious disconnect between her accusation and the fact that (last time I checked) I am a woman by stating that I'm self-loathing. 
This stems from the columns I've written about the fabricated war on women and my opposition to forcing employers to subsidize employees' birth control. She says conservatives hate women, sex and women-who-have-sex. 
I have to say I started out being vaguely amused by this annoying little bee buzzing through my inbox. But the more I listen to so-called scholars like Marci Hamilton saying there's absolutely no First Amendment violation in forcing private Catholic or Christian companies to provide birth control to their employees, I realize that Emma is just the tip of a scary and toxic iceberg made up of women (and the men who want to date them) who believe that the Founding Fathers actually signed the Copulation of Indigents, not the Declaration of Independence.

Ruiz Suspeneded, Drug Violations; Phillies Shocker

Here's a shocker for you: Carlos Ruiz, a Phillies' fan-favorite catcher and the team's most productive hitter in 2012, has been suspended.
Ruiz (known as "Chooch" by fans and teammates) was today suspended  for 25 games by Major League Baseball. He has apparently violated MLB's performance-enhancing drug policy.
The popular Phillies catcher tested positive for Adderall, according to league sources and newspaper reports.
Adderall is an amphetamine commonly used to control attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). But Adderall is also classified as a banned stimulant under MLB's policy.
Adderall is not considered a steroid. This suspension reportedly results from Ruiz's second positive test for the stimulant.

Strategy: Christie's Run For Re-Election, And Beyond

As far as retaining his position as Governor of New Jersey is concerned, Chris Christie couldn't have arranged the stars any better even if he had the power to do so.
Record numbers of New Jerseyans now approve of the job he's doing.
In every poll, he's scoring a solid thumbs-up of 60 to 70 percent or more. Even all those rabid Democrats in blue, blue Jersey say they like the job he's doing.
And now a clear majority of voters say he deserves another term and polls show he easily outdistances his strongest (and some say most likely) opponent, Newark Mayor Cory Booker.
Yes, Hurricane Sandy handed Chris Christie an opportunity to do what he loves most and often does best: Take the reigns and lead. Wisely, even before the storm hit, he set himself and his administration up to get out in front of the crisis and remain there every step of the way. This is the first rule of crisis communication and Chris Christie followed it.
So, when the storm hit shore the Governor was already front-and-center and met the full impact with the sort of made-for-TV brio that Christie delivers best. With his everyday fleece parka, he became Chief Consoler, Mr. Fix-It and the neighborhood Go-To Guy all rolled into one. And on top of that he added Biggest Bridge-Builder and Champion of Bipartisanship.
Did he get a bit carried away at times? Of course he did. This is after all Chris Christie we're talking about. Did he stray from gratefulness to gushiness during President Obama's visit? Yep, that too. Was the crying over his long-sought (and finally granted) recognition by Bruce Springsteen onerously over-the top? Yes it was.
But, here's the bottom line: In New Jersey, Chris Christie got the job done. And beyond New Jersey he put some punch behind all his pronouncements about "working across the aisle" -- something the Governor has been talking about (and in some case, actually doping) for quite some time.
Understand this: Chris Christie is a political realist who's also a bigger-than-life, passionate personality. So, he knows how to win elections as a Republican in a solidly Democrat state. But he's no blow-dried plastic man and he's no bean-counting geek, either. He's instinctive. He's often guided by his heart and his gut. And he instinctively knew what he had to do. Likewise, he must have instinctively known that if he did it the right way, it would pay off handsomely in 2013.
And that's what has happened.
So, what is Christie's aim now? Clearly, he's seeking re-election but he's not out to simply win. No, he wants to win in a rout. He's out to win BIG.
Ideally, in this scenario he's so far ahead that Booker decides not to challenge him and waits to seek a US Senate seat instead. That leaves the Dems to put up a second or third-tier candidate.
But even if that happens Christie will still run like he's facing someone who's breathing down his neck. And he will raise tons of money and blanket the airwaves and hit every corner of the most densely populated state in the union and continue to tout the rebuilding of the storm-damaged areas at the top of all the other initiatives he's already branded as his own.
If all goes according to plan, it'll be Christieville from Cape May to High Point.
Of course, that's a big "if." Because this assumes that Christie does not face a conservative challenger in his own party primary (he did in 2009 and easily won) and it also assumes that all those Democrats who say they like Christie now will actually go ahead and vote for him more than a year from now. A risky bet, some might argue. Remember, President George H. W. Bush had a 90 percent approval rating 19 moths before his re-election bid and went on to lose to Bill Clinton in 1992. Which is just another way of saying that Republicans can never count on the goodwill of Democrats when push comes to shove.
But just for purposes of discussion, let's make those assumptions and let's say Christie wins re-election in a veritable landslide.
What then?
Well, Governor Christie quickly begins to pivot and spends 2014 campaigning for GOP candidates throughout the country. He builds up lots more IOUs. And he preaches the sermon of a "big tent" Republican Party that includes everyone; that seeks common ground; that opens new dialogues; that builds new avenues of cooperation and that fights for votes in places (and among demographic groups) that Democrats took for granted. Christie proclaims that you can do all these things (do the "Big Things" as he likes to say) and hold onto your principles, too.
This won't necessarily be a big risk since the party that's out of power nationally almost always picks up seats in the off-year elections, especially during a president's second term. Plus, Christie carefully picks the GOP candidates he chooses to back.
And while he's doing all this, Christie also tests the waters in New Hampshire and Iowa and other early presidential primary states.
Yes, amidst all this Christie faces his share of flack from conservatives who haven't forgotten his embrace of Obama. But he keeps his eye on the prize and he reminds the GOP that he's fought for things the party values, and he's succeeded -- things like less government regulation,  pension reform, fiscal reform, a pro-business climate, education reform and holding the line on taxes.
Christie reminds the party's true believers that it's about winning and about getting things done. And he's won. And he's gotten things done. Big Things.
Oh, there will be obstacles, to be sure.
The battle zone is likely to be crowded. Marco Rubio. Jeb Bush. Maybe Paul Ryan. And we're merely scratching the surface.
And the Governor will have to work like hell to reach the next level of relevancy -- to be a Real Contender. He may have to slim down just to keep pace. But he'll have to beef-up as well: growing his staff and his organization and getting totally up to snuff on key national and international issues. And he may have to sandpaper some of the rough edges of his public persona while retaining just enough moxie to make it matter. Plus, his family will have to be fully on board with this also, as Christie is disinclined to do anything without the go-ahead from Mary Pat and the kids.
But Obama's victory notwithstanding, Americans are still worried and they're still thirsting for a "can-do" leader who can fix a broken government and make it work again.
So, if everything falls into place and the moment of decision arrives, Christie could be positioned as the breakthrough (or part of the breakthrough) that the GOP may seek -- a new, bold, broad, decisive, pragmatism to tackle the nation's problems. Call it a consensus for common sense.
If that happens, we're betting that Chris Christie will be more than ready.
Stay tuned.

Ginsburg On Feminist Tear: Need All-Female Court

Get this: United States Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg hopes to see an all-female Supreme Court one day.
That's right -- the leftist dowager of the nation's high court won't be satisfied until she's completely surrounded by other women.
Ginsburg made he provocative comments during a 10th Circuit Bench & Bar Conference at the ultra-leftist University of Colorado in Boulder, according to CNS News.
Ginsburg said she felt so "lonely" when she was just one little woman "among eight larger men" but she feels a lot better now that there are three women on the top bench. Still, that's not enough for her.
“Now the perception is, yes, women are here to stay,” Ginsburg told the conference. “And when I’m sometimes asked when will there be enough and I say when there are nine, people are shocked.”
But one may ask: Will nine woman members on the court really be enough for one of the nation's most liberal judges, ever?
Or will she want more?
Well, if you know liberals as well as we do you already know the answer.
Truth is, it'll never be enough: never enough affirmative action, never enough entitlements, never enough spending, never enough taxes, never enough government. Never.
In fact, in Ginsburg's Feminists Forever world, we probably won't even begin to approach true "equality" until there is a woman president, vice president and all-women House and Senate -- and maybe even an all-female military, too.
Best bet: abolish men.

Eagles Fall Again . . . Is Lurie Listening?

Sen. Doherty: Terminate NJ's Red Light Camera Effort

One of our favorite New Jersey State Senators, Senator Mike Doherty (R-23) said that accident data collected at intersections where red light cameras are in use show that both the number and total cost of accidents have increased since the cameras were installed. Doherty said that the data, released by the New Jersey Department of Transportation as part of a report on the state’s red light camera pilot program, should lead to an immediate termination of the program.

“Before our pilot program even started, we knew from the experiences of other states that red light cameras are great at generating revenue for the government but are bad at making dangerous intersections safer for drivers,” said Doherty. “It is absolutely no surprise that red light cameras in New Jersey have failed, just as they have everywhere else, in achieving their stated goal of improving driver safety. This complete failure to achieve that primary goal of increasing driver safety should lead to the immediate termination of the red light camera pilot program.”

An analysis of the twenty-four locations that have had red light camera systems operational for at least one full year found that number of right-angle crashes at those intersections decreased by 15% (60 to 51) from the year before the cameras were installed relative to their first year of operation, but the severity of crashes increased. Same direction crashes (rear-end collisions) increased during that time period by 20% (286 to 343). The total number of crashes increased from 577 to 582 (0.9% increase) and the total cost of all collisions at those twenty-four red light camera intersections increased by $1,172,800.

The data was released as part of the “Report on Red-Light Traffic Control Signal Monitoring Systems – Second Annual Report” by the NJDOT as required by the law which established the state’s five-year pilot program to determine the effectiveness of red light cameras.

“If the Legislature does not move to immediately terminate the pilot program in light of the new data confirming that cameras make intersections more dangerous, that will be proof positive that the real purpose of red light cameras is to give government another way to reach into your pocket through tickets and fines,” added Doherty. “People across New Jersey should demand that their legislators support an immediate repeal of the red light camera pilot program. Even if your town doesn’t currently have cameras installed as part of the pilot program, they may show up in a few years if you don’t act now.”

Doherty maintains an online petition at http://senatenj.com/cameras that residents can sign to support a ban of red light cameras in New Jersey. The petition has already been signed more than 5,500 times.

Surprise! Young Voters Swing AWAY From Obama

Generation Opportunity, the nation’s largest social media and grassroots organization reaching out to young Americans ages 18-29, has just released surprising data and analysis on young voters and the 2012 election. 

Generation Opportunity has built a fan base of over 4 million on Facebook and has been in front of hundreds of thousands of young adults through direct contact at the grassroots level, raising awareness of and fostering a discussion on critical economic issues including overall and young adult unemployment, debt, and federal spending.

Here's the stunning bottom line: There was an 11-point swing in the young adult vote in the 2012 Presidential Election AWAY from President Obama.

In 2008, then-Senator Barack Obama won 18-29 year olds by 34 points (66%-32%). This year, President Obama won 18-29 year olds by 23 points (60%-37%). The youth vote swung 11 points away from President Obama, more than twice any other age demographic. No other demographic showed movement anywhere near this: 30-44 showed +1% point increase in support for Obama from 2008; 45-64 showed -5% decrease in support for Obama since 2008; and 65+ showed -4% decrease in support for Obama since 2008.

President Obama is witnessing a fracturing of what was once considered his unshakable base of support among young voters.

2012 saw the largest drop in support from the 18-29 demographic for any incumbent President who won re-election in history. Underneath these numbers, young Americans are fundamentally reshaping how they think about issues like unemployment, job creation, taxes, and regulation. The fact that young Americans will represent 38% of the electorate by 2020 makes this all the more relevant.
Contrary to conventional wisdom, young adult turnout actually increased from the 2008 level.

The conventional wisdom, which was advanced and shared by numerous news outlets and grassroots organizations, including the AP, Pew, and Huffington Post, was that young people would A) decrease in turnout compared to 2008 levels, and B) vote in just as strong of a margin for President Obama in 2012 as they did 2008. Yet, young adult turnout actually increased (from 18% to 19%) and swung 11 points away from President Obama.

Generation Opportunity was heavily involved in reshaping both the terrain and the national dialogue with regard to the young adult vote going into the 2012 election.

Beginning in June of 2011, Generation Opportunity took to the national stage as the largest national grassroots organization focused on young Americans that presented a clear alternative to the mantra of bigger government and increased federal spending. Generation Opportunity gave a voice to the millions of young Americans who were dissatisfied by the status quo of high unemployment and a lack of meaningful, full-time jobs and were searching for an alternative.

The organization utilized an integrated strategy that combined online targeted social media, targeted field activities, and earned media to educate and, ultimately, mobilize young Americans 18-29 year olds. Young adults were strongly encouraged to make their voices heard for real change.

Generation Opportunity built a variety of targeted Facebook platforms which attracted a fan base of over 4 million Millennials, garnering over 1.1 billion views and over 9 million online interactions via likes, comments, and shares of sourced information on issues like youth unemployment and the impacts of increased federal spending and debt.

Generation Opportunity field organizers engaged, in person, over 250,000 young adults at over 600 targeted events nationwide. Major events included the League of Latin American Citizens (LULAC) annual convention, American Student Government Association leadership conference, the National Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and over 500 state, county, and community events, such as Earth Day festivals, concerts, sporting events, farmers markets, and various cultural festivals. Generation Opportunity’s grassroots field team organized young people in North Carolina, Missouri, Massachusetts, Virginia, Maine, Florida, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Ohio, California, New Jersey, and Nevada, among others.

The organization also utilized a variety of online and grassroots tools and tactics to attract tens of thousands of young Americans to the electoral process, register new voters across the country, and train thousands of activists to make their voices heard in advance of the 2012 election through a variety of ways, including letters to the editor, town halls, and radio programs.

For 2013 and 2014, Generation Opportunity will be further expanding its reach and following among young adults across the nation through social media and grassroots activity. The organization will be executing an even more aggressive effort to fully engage young Americans at both the state and national level.

Statement from Generation Opportunity President Paul T. Conway

“President Obama saw the highest defection rate from his margin of support in 2008 of any age group among young Americans 18-29, who swung away from him by a stunning 11 percentage points.

“Underneath these numbers, young Americans are truly reshaping how they think about issues like unemployment, job creation, taxes, and regulation. Young people increasingly view the economic policies coming out of Washington through the lens of unemployment, as they, their friends, and their family members are experiencing the highest sustained level of unemployment since World War II. The fact that young Americans will represent 38% of the electorate by 2020 makes this all the more relevant.

“In the days ahead, it will be important for President Obama to remember that young Americans want meaningful, full-time jobs in their career paths of choice and are increasingly looking for less government involvement in their daily lives. They have given the President another opportunity to fulfill his promises, to match his actions to his rhetoric, and to demonstrate an ability to achieve results in these areas. Over the next days and years, young Americans will watch carefully to see if the President honors his commitments, and, if he fails to do so, they will continue to work with organizations like Generation Opportunity to hold him and his allies in Congress accountable.

“For future campaigns, the results of the 2012 presidential election further demonstrate, yet again, that to succeed in garnering the support of young Americans, they must engage them fully in social media and must embrace the technologies that young Americans utilize to inform their opinions. More importantly, campaigns need to demonstrate that they respect the intelligence and influence of young Americans and provide them the content necessary for individuals to reach their own conclusions.”

Read more: http://generationopportunity.org/press/top-3-things-to-know-about-young-voters-and-the-2012-election/#ixzz2DRSaadlS

Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas: Here's How To Remember Our Troops

Looking for a great Christmas service for your kids or your entire family? Remember a solider at Walter Reed Army Medical Center who is hospitalized this holiday season. Send a note or card to:

A Recovering American Soldier, c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center, 6900 Georgia Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20307-5001.
Looking for a great Christmas service for your kids or your entire family?  Remember a solider at Walter Reed Army Medical Center who is hospitalized this holiday season.  Send a note or card to:

A Recovering American Soldier, c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center, 6900 Georgia Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20307-5001.

Thanks to Kitchen Cabinet's Debbie Camargo for sharing this!

How To Apply For NJOEM And FEMA Assistance

Disaster assistance may sometimes cover damages that insurance doesn’t. That is why individuals affected by Hurricane Sandy are urged by the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management (NJOEM) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to apply for assistance even if they have insurance.

Apply for FEMA assistance by registering online at www.DisasterAssistance.gov, or by web-enabled mobile device at m.fema.gov. Applicants can also register by phone by calling 1-800-621-FEMA (3362), 711/VRS, or TTY 1-800-462-7585.

Only applying directly with FEMA will establish your registration for disaster assistance. Signing up or meeting with any other agency does not mean you are registered with FEMA.

“We want everyone qualified for assistance to receive help as soon as possible,” said State Coordinating Officer Lt. Jeff Mottley.

Keep in mind that you need to file your insurance claim with your insurance company as soon as possible. Failure to file a claim may affect a policyholder’s eligibility for disaster assistance. You have up to 12 months from the date of registration with FEMA to submit insurance information for review.

“By law, we cannot duplicate what insurance already covers. But we may be able to help with some disaster-related expenses, that are not covered by insurance,” explained Federal Coordinating Officer Michael J. Hall.

After filing a claim, if any of the following situations occurs FEMA may be able to provide some assistance:

Your insurance settlement is delayed.

· “Delayed” means a decision on your insurance settlement has been delayed longer than 30-days from the time you filed the claim.

· If a decision on your insurance settlement has been delayed, you will need to mail a letter or send a FAX to FEMA explaining the circumstance. Mail or FAX your letter to:

National Processing Service Center
PO Box 10055
Hyattsville, MD 20782-8055
FAX 1-800-827-8112

· You should include documentation from the insurance company proving that you filed the claim.

· If you filed your claim over the telephone, you should include the claim number, date when you applied, and the estimated time of how long it will take to receive your settlement.

· If you receive FEMA assistance and you later find that your insurance will cover what your FEMA assistance was for, then you must return that money to FEMA because it is considered a duplicate benefit.

Your insurance settlement is insufficient to meet your disaster-related needs.

· If you have received the maximum settlement from your insurance and still have an unmet disaster-related need, you will need to mail or FAX a letter to FEMA at the above address indicating the unmet disaster-related need.

· You will also need to send in documentation from your insurance company on what they cover for review.

You have exhausted the Additional Living Expenses (ALE) provided by your insurance company.

· If you have received the maximum settlement from your insurance for Additional Living Expenses and still need help with your disaster-related temporary housing need, mail or FAX a letter to FEMA at the above address indicating why you continue to have a temporary housing need.

· You will also need to provide documentation to prove use of ALE from insurance, and a permanent housing plan.

You are unable to locate rental resources in your area.

· The FEMA Helpline has a list of rental resources in the disaster area.

SBA Loans

· Many people who apply for disaster aid also receive an application for a low-interest disaster loan from the SBA. If you receive an application, be sure to fill it out and return it in order to be considered for all forms of disaster assistance.

· FEMA will process applications for housing assistance regardless of whether or not the applicant has applied for an SBA loan. Eligibility determinations for FEMA’s temporary housing assistance will not be held up because the applicant has or has not filled out an SBA application.

· You must complete an SBA loan application to be eligible for additional assistance under the part of the FEMA program that covers personal property, vehicle repair or replacement, and moving and storage expenses.

You can apply for an SBA disaster loan online using the Electronic Loan Application (ELA) via SBA’s secure website athttps://disasterloan.sba.gov/ela.

Christie, Cuomo Announce WTC PATH Resumption

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced that weekday PATH service will resume to Lower Manhattan along the World Trade Center line beginning Monday, November 26 at 5 a.m.

The World Trade Center PATH line will run Monday through Friday from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m., with stops in New Jersey at Newark, Harrison, Journal Square, Grove Street and Exchange Place and in New York at the World Trade Center. Disabled access will be available at Newark and World Trade Center.

Floodwater from the storm surge of Hurricane Sandy had inundated the World Trade Center station, covering its track bed with several feet of water. Port Authority PATH crews have worked around the clock to remove millions of gallons of water from the tracks and platforms and also to fix and replace damaged switching and signal systems as quickly as possible. Weekend service will not yet be available to enable crews to continue the remaining necessary repair work.

The restored service to the World Trade Center will be in addition to the PATH service currently running from Newark in New Jersey to 33rd Street in New York. That line is running seven days a week between the hours of 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. and includes stops in New Jersey at Newark, Harrison, Journal Square, Grove Street and Newport stations and stops in New York at 9th, 14th, 23rd and 33rd Street. Once service resumes at the World Trade Center on Monday, service on the 33rd Street line will resume running between Journal Square and 33rd Street and will make all station stops including Christopher Street in Manhattan.

Weekend service on the Journal Square to 33rd Street line extends to Harrison and Newark in New Jersey. Disabled passengers have access to the platforms at Newark, Journal Square, Newport and 33rd Street.

Service at the Hoboken station, which saw unprecedented and widespread flooding remains suspended due to the fact vital switching equipment was destroyed and cannot be salvaged. Crews are working 24/7 to replace the signal equipment and restore communications in the tunnels, a process that is expected to take several weeks.

To provide additional mass transit options from Hoboken to Manhattan, the Port Authority and New Jersey Transit are operating a ferry service from the Hoboken Ferry Terminal. NJ Transit customers will now be able to take a bus to the Hoboken Ferry Terminal and then transfer to a ferry that will take passengers to Pier 79 at 39th street in Manhattan. The fare is $5 and ferries will run back and forth between Hoboken and Manhattan from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., Monday thru Friday. Free shuttle buses will be provided from Pier 79 to midtown Manhattan.

Passengers who normally use the Hoboken station to get to Manhattan can also choose to make the ten minute walk to the Newport station, or take advantage of several other ferry and bus alternatives. Ferry service to Lower Manhattan is available from Liberty State Park and to Midtown Manhattan from Weehawken, New Jersey. In addition, NJ Transit has increased the number of No. 106 buses from Hoboken to the Port Authority Bus Terminal in both directions.

For up-to-date information on PATH service, visit the Port Authority’s website at www.panynj.gov/path/ and follow them on Twitter @PATHTweet.

Two NJ Disaster Recovery Centers To Close

The New Jersey Disaster Recovery Centers (DRCs) in Camden and Hunterdon counties will close at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 28. Survivors of Hurricane Sandy can continue to visit the other 33 DRCs serving individuals in New Jersey. Anyone can visit any DRC in any county or even another state.

Those affected by Sandy are encouraged to register with FEMA before visiting a DRC.

Individuals can apply for assistance and follow up on previous applications by registering online at www.DisasterAssistance.gov, or by web-enabled mobile device at m.fema.gov. By phone or 711/VRS call 1-800-621-FEMA (3362) or TTY 1-800-462-7585.

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Give To The Salvation Army This Holiday Season!

The Salvation Army and Christmas just naturally go together.
So when you are out shopping for holiday goods, please visit The Salvation Army Red Kettle Bell Ringers and give what you can.
Your generosity will benefit those in need throughout the holiday season.
When you give to The Salvation Army you're really doing the most good!
In fact, we'll make it real easy for you to give right now.
Just click here to donate to The Salvation Army and brighten the holidays for someone in need!

Vote For The Year's Most Disgusting Personality

Who is the year's single most disgusting public personality? 
We're talking about someone you really, really wanna see disappear at the end of the year. 
Who is it? 
Pick from celebrities, politicians, world leaders, sports figures, entertainers -- any public personality that you wanna see vanish because he/she is so obstreperous, so ubiquitous, so egotistical, so downright disgusting? 
Now you can vote in our poll. 
We've listed the ones you've nominated.
But now we want you to pick only one -- the single most disgusting person of the year.
Vote at the top right corner of this page.
Vote now!

Five Most Visiting Posts For The Past Week


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Most-Viewed Video In The World - EVER!

Just in case you haven't seen it -- he it is.
The crazy, quirky viral video “Gangnam Style” by the South Korean rapper PSY.

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Buy Disney Collectible Pins From Walt's Archives

Larry Hagman: Ten Things You May Not Have Known

Yes, Larry Hagman who just passed away at 81 was the star of Dallas, creating the legendary charater JR Ewing.
But did you also know these interesting facts about Hagman:

1) He actually was a native Texan, born in Fort Worth in 1931 and he had a natural connection to the law. His father was District Attorney Benjamin Jack Hagman.

2) Hagman had an actor's DNA. His mother was legendary Broadway musical star Mary Martin. She was born in Weatherford, Texas.

3) Hagman began his career as an actor not on TV but on the stage. He was a London cast member of his mother's hit show South Pacific and then appeared in plays on and off Broadway.

4) Though a Texan through and through, Hagman actually grew up in LA where he was raised by his grandmother.

5) Hagman lived in Malibu for years where he was known as the unofficial mayor of that tres chic seaside haunt.

6) Hagman was a veteran who was drafted and served in the U. S. Air Force.

7) Though he starred in the hit TV series I Dream Of Jeannie, that show only ran for five years and really didn't become a mega hit until it went into syndication.

8) Before Dallas Hagman bombed in two TV series  flops, Here We Go Again and The Good Life. After Dallas, he appeared as the Honorable Judge Luther Charbonnet in the CBS series Orleans.

9) Yes, Larry Hagman did have a career beyond TV, having appeared in the movies Mother, Jugs & Speed, The Group and Superman.

10) Hagman had often spoken candidly about decades of drinking that led to cirrhosis of the liver and, in 1995, a life-saving liver transplant.

Larry Hagman: A True American Original

Larry Hagman
1931 - 2012

“He was the pied piper of life and brought joy to everyone he knew. He was creative, generous, funny, loving and talented.... an original and lived life to the full.”
-Linda Gray

Larry Hagman Video: The Very Best Of JR Ewing

Larry Hagman (JR Ewing in the legendary TV series Dallas) has died in Dallas at age 81.
Hagman was a proud, native Texan and the son of Mary Martin, one of the greatest Broadway musical stars ever. Hagman cut his teeth as an actor in the TV series I Dream of Jeannie but it was Dallas that gave him the opportunity to become one of the greatest villains ever -- a role most actors can only dream of.
Hagman led a full, rich life and he has left us with an acting legacy that will entertain us for decades to come.

Friday, November 23, 2012

NJ Storm Damage Estimate Tops $29 Billion!

In response to the unprecedented and widespread damage caused by Hurricane Sandy to personal property, businesses, transportation and utilities infrastructure, as well as New Jersey’s $38 billion tourism industry, the Christie Administration has completed a preliminary cost analysis of those damages, which puts the total cost at approximately $29.4 billion. The estimate will be further refined in the days and weeks ahead.

“This preliminary number is based on the best available data, field observations and geographical mapping, and supported by expert advice from my Cabinet commissioners and an outside consulting company,” said Governor Christie. “In a short period of time, we put together a comprehensive and responsible estimate, which may increase in the weeks ahead, and I stand ready to work with our Congressional delegation and the Obama Administration to get the funding support New Jersey expects and deserves in the aftermath of this catastrophe.

“We will continue to provide immediate relief for our citizens who were struck hard by Sandy,” the Governor continued. “But be assured, I will spare no effort and waste no time to rebuild and restore our tourism industry, our transportation and utilities infrastructure and the lives of our citizens for the long term.”

The preliminary cost estimate is inclusive of aid received to date and anticipated from federal sources including FEMA and the Small Business Administration. The estimate will likely be refined further to consider and include the long-term impact on the next tourism season, shifts in population, impact on real estate values and other factors.