Sunday, December 31, 2023

The Best Possible Ticket For Tonight?


This Is REALLY GOOD NEWS For California!


New Years Resolution? We've Made Ours!

Can you guess what our New Year resolutions are?

No, you won't guess them because we don't have any. None!

Once again this year, our resolution is to make no resolutions. And we're keeping it. 

We've never made New Year's resolutions.
And we won't be making one this year either.
Because they're stupid.

Think about it: A resolution (promise) is a Big Deal. And when you make it with the entire year ahead of you, well -- that's a long haul.
Plus, January and February are just dreadful months and an awful time to have to keep your resolution.

For example, suppose you resolved to watch your diet. What the hell is there to do during the dreary months of January and February except eat? And now you've gone and prevented yourself from eating. How are you gonna enjoy those Super Bowl parties or that Valentine's dinner with your sweetheart? And what about those l-o-n-g winter days when you want a cheesesteak or a pizza? Don't tell me you're gonna deprive yourself.

Suppose you resolve to work out more and get more exercise.
You'll have to run on a treadmill or something like that. What's more stupid than that? You're indoors, you're runnin, you're sweatin and you ain't goin nowhere. Then you're all perspired and running toward your car in the frigid weather. That's a quick way to get pneumonia. Why would you want to do that?

But people go ahead and make these dumb resolutions anyway.
And 99% of the time these resolutions are not kept.
Remember this: When you make a promise, that promise is gonna weigh on you. It's only gonna make you do the opposite because you're gonna be thinkin about the promise all the time.

"Don't eat."
Whoa -- Did someone say "Eat?" Eat. Eat. Eat. Eat!
Ya see what I mean?
When you make a resolution, you're your own worst enemy. You're fighting yourself.

Here's the one way to approach this year and every year: Don't get too carried away on any front. Try to live fully but moderately. Avoid excess whenever you can.
Yeah, you can go overboard once in awhile but don't make it a habit, OK?

Be sensible. Use your noggin.
Then, you won't have to worry and you won't have to make resolutions.
You'll be fine.

Happy New Year!

The 23 Biggest Winners And Losers Of 2023

In no particular order, here they are:

L - Bud Light and Dylan Mulvaney

W-Modelo Especial

W- Barbenheimer



L-Movies and cable

W-AI and robots

L-Real People

L-Big Cities

W-Small towns

L-The Presidents of Harvard, Penn, MIT and most of academia

W-Elise Stefanik



L-Meghan and Harry

W-William and Kate

L-E cars

W-Gas powered cars and some hybrids





W & L - Kansas City Chiefs They won the Super Bowl but ended the year like losers.

More losers: Joe Biden, Glenn Youngkin, George Soros, San Francisco, Mike Pence, Kamala Harris, Bob Menendez, Rashida Tlaib, 

More winners: Mike Johnson, Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, the Golden Bachelor, Fran Drescher, Las Vegas Sphere 

Saturday, December 30, 2023

Hey, It's Really Startin' To Get SCARY!


And Now This From CNN, Of All Places!

Would It Kill Them To Say 'Merry Christmas'?

And this is one of the dumbest damned cards we've EVER seen!

Their Record Is Absolutely DESPICABLE!

Friday, December 29, 2023

Oh, The Terrible Perils Of Winter . . .


The Craziest New Year's Eve Drops EVER!


The Times Square Ball Drop is a New Year's Eve tradition -- a dumb tradition, but still a tradition. And we'll say this much for it: they've managed to turn it into a dazzling spectacle with a sparkling new ball this year that will shoot out reflected light in all directions.
But did you know that many other cities have their own midnight "drops" on New Year's Eve? 
They typically don't attract New York sized crowds of course, but each drop has its own personality and its own curious appeal.
Here is a list of some of the most unusual "drops" around the country:

Raleigh, N. C. - Acorn drop
Carlisle, PA - Car (KABOOM!)
Miami - Orange
Kennet Square, PA - Mushroom
Atlanta, GA - Peach
Bethlehem PA - Peeps (yes, those funny marshmallow chicks)
Marion, Ohio - Popcorn
Harrisburg, PA. - Strawberry
Orlando, FL. - Orange
Winter haven, FL. - Lego brick
Indianapolis, IN - Indy car (CRASH!)
Eastport, ME - Sardine
Frederick, MD - Giant key
Princess Anne, MD - Stuffed muskrat (WTF?)
Traverse City, MI - Cherry
Niagara Falls, NY - Gibson guitar (TwangTwang)
Elmore, OH - Sausage
Lebanon, PA. - Lebanon Bologna
Hilton Head Island, SC - Golf ball
Folly Beach, SC - Flip flops
Fredericksburg, VA - Pear
New Orleans, LA - Fleur-de-lis
Bartlesville, OK - Olive (Do they drop it into a giant martini?)
Nashville, TN - Musical note
Plymouth, WS - Cheese wedge
Flagstaff, AZ - Pine cone
Boise, ID - Giant Potato 
Las Cruces, NM - Chile pepper 🌶
Prescott, AZ - Boot
Temecula, CA - Bunch of grapes
And my two personal favorites:
Mechanicsburg, PA.. - Wrench (Whoa - Watch out when that wrench drops!)
Dillsburg, PA.. - Pickle (Beats me why anyone would celebrate a "pickle drop" -- or droop.)

Groundhog Day. And strawberry, car, wrench, mushroom and pickle drops. The Mummers. Something about Pennsylvania seems to attract unusual, faux-folk customs.

And Then We Came Across This . . .


24 People We Wish We Could Bring Back In '24

The 24 people we're about to list, in no particular order, are all gone. 

Some left us recently, others left us many years ago. All were here in the 20th or 21st century, chosen for this list because many might actually remember them and think of them fondly.

All were unique. They brought distinct and immeasurable talent and insight to our world. They inspired us; they led us; they challenged us; they informed us; they lightened our burden and helped us face each day. Some of them left us much too soon. Others lived well into their eighties and even nineties.  Regardless, we wish they were all with us right now because our need for them has never been greater. Here they are:

Harry S Truman - A President who actually made clear, definitive, irrevocable decisions -- mostly the right decisions and mostly for the right reasons. Imagine that! 

Stephen Sondheim - The great master of the Broadway musical who also gave us a few brilliant standards like Send In The Clouds. A rare genius who left us a monumental body of work.

John Lennon and George Harrison - What if they had lived long enough for the Beatles to get back together again some day? The illusive dream . . . 

Ronald Reagan - Ronaldus Maxus — the one and only. The last great President of the 20th century. He towers above the rest.

Joan Rivers - So original, so groundbreaking, so funny, so irreverent. We could use those laughs now.

JFK and JFK, Jr. - What would have happened if either one of them had not died so tragically? So much promise! The great mystery endures.

Antonin Scalia - One of the greatest legal minds ever and a man who knew how to live life. Just to read one more opinion from him would be a joy!

Margaret Thatcher - The Iron Lady who was a grocer’s daughter raised with invincible common sense. “The lady is not for turning!”

Mother Teresa - A champion of the downtrodden, the oppressed and all human life. She urged us on to a higher calling.

Pope John Paul II - The great Protector of the Faith. He never, ever said “Who am I to judge?” He was The Pope for all ages.

Mother Angelica - The logical successor to Bishop Sheen, she made the Magisterium of the Church an understandable guide to living for everyday Christians. 

Frank, Sammy and Dean - Were there ever three greater entertainers? Song, dance, stage, TV, movies — they did it all, and always with unmistakable panache.

Alfred Hitchcock and Françoise Truffaut - Two of the greatest movie directors ever, together here because they so admired each other. Their talent and insight are sorely missed.

Louis Armstrong - Nobody has ever even come close. The distinct sound of the irrepressible Satchmo defined an era! Thank goodness his recordings are still available and his legacy flourishes.

Fred Rodgers - Did anybody ever understand children better or love them more? Kids could benefit from his presence now more than ever.

Walter Cronkite - Oh, to have a trustworthy, experienced, objective reporter again. A professional with true gravitas.

Patsy Cline and Hank Williams - Gone way too soon — and with so much unique talent, and uniquely American. Positively irreplaceable! 

George Carlin - His routines seem more pertinent and applicable today than ever. Way ahead of his time, he's still got us laughing.

Walt Disney (pictured) - What would this guy think if he came back and saw his company today? Doubtless, he'd be horrified. But he'd also set about restoring it to its original purpose. C'mon back, Walt -- we need you now!

Frederico Fellini - One of the most compellingly visual screen artists ever. His unique celebration of life gave rise to the term Felliniesque!

Queen Elizabeth - Through many storms (both personal and collective) her faith and her sense of duty and obligation never wavered. Epic!

Johnny Carson - Always the right touch, the right balance — he ended our days with devilish, nonpartisan humor, taking shots at everyone.

Golda Meir - Yes, Israel could really use her right now. If fact, the whole damned world could use her!

Audrey Hepburn - Fashion is faddish and transitory. Style is forever. She knew the difference. She had style! Plus, she was a true humanitarian. 

Thursday, December 28, 2023

24 People To Watch in 2024

Well, you've seen our ditch list. Now, in no particular order, here is our annul watch list. Enjoy!

Elon Musk - So daring, so unpredictable, so defiant - what’s not to love? We can’t wait to see what’s next.

Nikki Haley - Big Year for her and she’ll know quite early whether she’s headed for the Top Spot or something else. Don’t count her out!

Eddie Redmayne - This superb Oscar-winning actor is headed to Broadway in the audacious new version of the musical Cabaret —  and it couldn’t be more relevant!

Dave McCormick - Can a Republican win statewide in Pennsylvania any more. We’re about to find out.

Robert F, Kennedy, Jr. - It’s more than just the name. This guy crosses all political boundaries and can cut into both Democrat and Republican voting blocks. Formidable! 

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively - They’re talented. They’re refreshingly real. They’re funny. They’re hard working and hugely successful. And they’re lots of fun to watch.

Elise Stefanik - This year’s big Profile In Courage, she made Ivy League university presidents look like lilliputians. This woman is dynamite — and she’s just getting started!

Trey Yingst - The breakaway success story of 2024, this indefatigable Fox News reporter went right into the Israeli/Hamas war danger zones to deliver the year’s best coverage. Look for him to move up rapidly.

Aaron Rodgers - The NFL’s resident Bad Boy always makes for good copy, even when he’s not in the game. Just imagine what he’ll be able to do once he’s recovered from his injury and back in action.

Maria Bartoromo - Now celebrating 30 years on the air, she’s still the best damned reason to turn the TV on every morning! Not only is she entertaining and thought-provoking but if you pay attention, you can fatten your wallet.

Nate Bargatze - You don’t know who he is? You’re missing out! One of today’s funniest and most family-friendly comedians, he puts the human back in humor. And does it all without being shrill or neurotic. 

William and Kate - They’re everyone’s favorite royals and, in many respects, the future of the monarchy rests on their shoulders. Moving forward, they’re eminently watchable!

Chris Christie - Still one of the most compelling pols out there but now we must ask, what is his end game? What he does in the first couple of months of the new year could make all the difference, especially if Haley begins closing in on Trump.

Kristi Noem - Said to be high on the list of possible Trump VP choices. She’s smart, successful and very appealing but what about those reports of a scandalous relationship with former Trump advisor Corey Lewandowski? Stay tuned!

Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett - These two are critical swing votes on the newly aligned US Supreme Court. Which way they go on big key decisions ahead will make all the difference.

Mike Johnson - Mr. Speaker has been a great boost for the GOP — seemingly the right leader at the right place at the right time. But will he be able to navigate this critical election year?

Michelle Yeoh - This Oscar winner has proven that a late bloomer can have it all, and then some. Look for her to shine in additional starring roles in ’24.

Tim Scott - He’s articulate, sensible and responsible. He’s conducted himself superbly and knew when to bow out. There are bigger things ahead.

Austin Butler - One of America’s most exciting young actors, he quickly garnered a Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination.  In the new year look for him in the Apple TV epic Master of the Air about WWII fighters who risk their lives with the 100th Bomb Group, a brotherhood forged by courage, loss, and triumph.

Lawrence Jones (pictured) - This Texas native rose quickly to become a Fox weekday co-host and one of the most likable and engaging on-air personalities. This guy’s got his finger on the pulse of America, especially its small towns and forgotten communities.

Shohei Ohtani - Is the highest paid baseball player of all time  (who is also notoriously private and hard to cozy up to) really worth all that money? We’re about to find out.

Clint Eastwood - At 93 he’s directing a new movie, Juror Number Two. His body of work is breathtaking and his life is inspiring. One of Hollywood’s original mavericks he’s never wavered.

Greta Van Susteren - She doing some of her best work ever weeknights on the Newmax TV Network. A former criminal defense and civil trial lawyer and a renowned journalist, she tackles big issues fairly and in-depth. Worth watching!

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

24 People We Could Do Without In 2024

When we've got way more people on our 2024 "drop" list than we do on our "people to watch" list, you know it's been a bad year. Anyway, we'll save our more positive list for tomorrow and lead today with our 24 people who we'd like to disappear in 2024, mostly because we've seen and heard too much from them or because they're annoying and in some cases, downright destructive. In no particular order, here they are:

Bill Gates - You’re smart, your rich and you’re a hopeless nerd and a pain in the ass.

Bob Iger - You helped to ‘eff  the company up during your first go round. Now you should recognize that Disney is unfixable and quit.

Lea Thomas - You’re not a champ, you never were. In fact, you don’t even rise to the level of a chump. You’re a bellyflop.

The Kelces - Yes, the whole family: Pretty Boy Travis, Dad Bod Jason, Big Momma Donna and all the rest. And take Taylor Swift with you. You’re all overexposed.

Robert DeNiro - Trump was right — you’re washed up. In fact, you’re a foul mouthed, tin horn thug. Exit stage left.

Liz Cheney - You’re imperious, burdensome and disintegrating before our very eyes. It’s not a pretty sight.

Meghan and Harry - The saddest part is that there was once even a glimmer of hope for the two of you. Now? You’re just hopelessly irrelevant.

Alejandro Mayorkas - We have no idea what your intent was but obviously neither did you. We’d be overstating it if we called you incompetent. You’ve put us all at risk.

Antony Blinken and John Kerry - The both of you are insufferable, presumptuous snobs. You belong in the House of Lords.

Patrick Mahomes - Too many tantrums, too many meltdowns, too many messups -- all looking more and more like the beginning of the end. Get off the field, little boy!

Karine Jean-Pierre - From now on, no one with a hyphenated name will ever be taken seriously. Not only are you unable to answer questions but you look like a Cabbage Patch doll. 

Jill Biden -  Your taste is off-the-rack Walmart. Oh, sorry — we didn’t mean to insult Walmart like that.

Mitch McConnell - Your favorables are hovering at what, about one percent? Is there no one who will tell you that you're way past your expiration date?

Ben Affleck and JLo - We weren’t even interested the first time around. Or was it the second?

Greta Thunberg - OK, so now you’re 20 years old. Considering when you started, in media years that’s 87. Your time is up. Go away!

Bill Maher - You’ve managed to survive by posing as a sometimes conservative. But the act is hopelessly faux and lots of us see right through it.

Andrea Mitchell - OMG, are you still on the air? You’re an anachronism. Plus, you’re a former Penn trustee and have helped put that school in its current sorry state.

Ronna Romney McDaniel - You dropped the “Romney” part but we’ve added it back. Do you know why? It’s because you’ve failed!

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen - We can’t understand why anyone even cares about the two of you. You seriously need to get over yourselves.

Srephen Colbert - You think you’re oh-so-sophisticated, well-informed and witty. But the bottom line is you’re Just. Not. Funny. Go away!

Andy Cohen - It’s bad enough that you gave us the Kardashians. And then there were all those disgusting housewives. Face it, you trade in trash. Report to the nearest dumpster.

Claudine Gay - We don’t care if you're President of Harvard. You’re a plagiarist. Resign, and take the presidents of MIT, Cornell and most of the other snob schools with you.

Rashida Tlaib - You’re despicable. And yes, take along the entire squad as well. You trade in hate and you’ve sunk to a new low this year.

Jake Sullivan - For a geek you make way too many missteps and blunders. Bottom line: you’re clueless. It’s time to turn in your pocket protector.

Oh, one more thing: we felt we dare not add Pope Francis to the list, wondering if the wrath of God might come down upon us. But we didn't need to add him or even explain why we might add him. Instead, none other than Philadelphia Archbishop Emeritus Charles Chaput essentially added him for us. Read what the Archbishop has to say about the Pope here.