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Video: How Much Will YOU Pay For Obamacare?

Stephen Moore, Senior Economics Writer with the Wall Street Journal says that studies show that nearly 75% of Obamacare costs will fall on the backs of those Americans making less than $120,000 a year.

Wake Up, America . . . We Can Do This!

Video - Even Hillary Agrees: Obama Is A Liar!

Jobs, Economy Shrink; White House Payroll Grows

The White House released its annual report to Congress on staff salaries. At 4:39 p.m. on Friday. That's what's called a "document dump" -- dumping information at the end of the week that they hope you'll ignore.
But we haven't ignored it. In fact, a quick review found the White House payroll appears to have grown since last year, going from $37.1 million in 2011 to $37.8 million in 2012. The number of employees listed also grew -- from 454 last year to 468 in 2012. So much for cutting back, streamlining and saving our hard-earned tax dollars in the midst of a lingering economic downturn.
On this year's report, there were 68 special assistants to the president, 22 assistants to the president and 24 deputy assistants. 

BTW: America's "de-facto president" Valerie Jarrett and 19 other Obamatons on the payroll are each pulling in a cool $172,200.00 per year.
Your tax dollars at work, America!

Video: Yes, It IS The Largest Tax Hike In History

President Obama promised that his healthcare law was not a tax increase, but now we know it is actually one of largest tax increases in history. Tell Obama: repeal the healthcare bill and pass patient-centered reform.

Christie Reorganizes, Streamlines NJ Government

Following through on his commitment to make government more responsive and provide a streamlined delivery of services to New Jersey’s most vulnerable residents, New Jersey Governor Christie has signed legislation officially setting in motion commonsense reorganizations of critical state agencies. The reorganization, first proposed as part of the Fiscal Year 2013 Budget, realigns key services and programs of state government – those serving families, women, children and seniors – in order to remove barriers to accessibility, provide more complete care through all service offerings, and make government more efficient.

“I have made clear my mission to deliver better government on two fronts – making it smaller, smartly consolidated and efficient, but also better tailored and integrated to meet the needs of the individual, families and seniors without forcing them to navigate through different places and agencies to obtain the services and help they need,” said Governor Christie. “These measures are a critical part of my Administration’s continued reforms to government to benefit not only service recipients but all of our state’s taxpayers too.”

Additionally, Governor Christie moved forward with the integration of all tourism and promotion activities through the expanded role of the New Jersey Sports & Exposition Authority, in another commonsense consolidation of state operations to maximize resources and results for New Jersey taxpayers. This model will not only streamline and simplify tourism resources for visitors, but save money for taxpayers and provide a foundation to strengthen the tourism industry in a strategic and long-term way.

“Our splintered patchwork of tourism promotion programs inside and outside of government have failed to deliver the cohesive, well-oiled approach we need to attract visitors and tourism dollars through a strategic and long-term vision,” said Governor Christie. “It is a natural fit to combine these agencies and resources in such a commonsense way to compete with other states and properly showcase what New Jersey has to offer, from Atlantic City to the Jersey Shore to the Highlands.”

The reorganization, and the affected departments, are detailed below:

Department of Children and Families

As promised in his February budget address, the Governor today signed S-2070, a reorganization making DCF the single point of entry for all families with children with developmental disabilities, offering them a full range of services inside of a single agency. The bill renames the Division of Youth and Family Services as the Division of Child Protection and Permanency; the Division of Prevention and Community Partnerships as the Division of Family and Community Partnerships; and the Division of Child Behavioral Health Services as the Division of Children’s System Care. The bill transfers the Division on Women from the Department of Community Affairs to DCF. Among other things, the bill:

· Establishes that the Division of Children’s System Care, within the Department of Children and Families will determine eligibility and provide supports and services for most youth with developmental disabilities under 21 years of age.

· Establishes that the Division of Children’s System Care will coordinate, manage, and provide services for the treatment of alcoholism and substance abuse for most adolescents under 21 years of age.

The New Department of Human Services/Division of Aging Services
Governor Christie proposed a similar, comprehensive approach to providing services for seniors, which is embodied in S-2072, also signed into law today. The bill transfers two DHSS Divisions, their administrative support structure, and $2.2 billion in funding to a new Division of Aging Services at the Department of Human Services. Consistent with that move, the Governor’s plan renames the Department of Health and Senior Services, simply, the Department of Health.
This commonsense restructuring creates a single point of access for seniors and people with disabilities and their caregivers regardless of Medicaid eligibility. This allows for a continuum of coordinated and integrated disability and long-term care resources which will improve health outcomes, deliver appropriate care in appropriate settings and create the opportunity and the ability for aging adults to remain at home for as long as possible, with proper community based supports.

Included in the move:
· The Division of Senior Benefits and Utilization Management (SBUM), which administers the PAAD and Senior Gold programs.

· The Division of Aging and Community Services (DACS), which administers federal and State funded programs designed to make it easier for seniors and caregivers to live in the community as long as possible with independence, dignity and choice.

The New Department of Health
S-2072 also reorganized the former Department of Health and Senior Services to sharpen the focus of the new Department of Health on the comprehensive coordination of hospital subsidy programs, Health Information Technology (HIT) and key public health issues.

· Transfers the Graduate Medical Education and Hospital Relief Subsidy Fund programs from the Department of Human Services to the Department of Health to enhance the Department's efforts to make hospital funding more predictable and transparent.
· The Department will continue to license and inspect all health care facilities, provide consumer report cards on health care quality, ensure the safety of food, monitor communicable diseases and respond to public health emergencies.

Sports & Exposition Authority and Tourism, Motion Picture Commission

Governor Christie signed reorganization legislation making the New Jersey Sports & Exposition Authority (NJSEA) a key agency in all government tourism and promotion activities. Under A-3097, approved today, a realigned NJSEA, working in partnership and collaboration with the Division of Travel and Tourism and the New Jersey Motion Picture and Television Commission, will coordinate economic development and promotional and marketing efforts related to tourism, entertainment, sports, and all related activities. To improve synergies, the NJSEA will now officially be a part of the Department of State (rather than the Department of Community Affairs), where it will not only partner with the Division of Travel and Tourism and the New Jersey Motion Picture Television Commission, but also work in close collaboration with the Business Action Center and the Office of Foreign Investment and Protocol.

Christie Calls Dems Back To Trenton: Lower Taxes!

Determined to reverse the path chosen by Democrats in the legislature to impose an $800 million tax hike on New Jersey residents, while holding middle-class tax relief hostage, Governor Chris Christie today called for a special session of the state legislature Monday.

In a letter to Senate President Stephen Sweeney and Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver, Governor Christie noted the fundamental choice confronting Democrats in the legislature:

“Continue to move forward by letting people, and not government, enjoy more of the earnings produced by their own labor, or take a step back to repeat the days where taxes are the answer to each and every challenge,” said Governor Christie.

Yesterday, for the third year in a row, Governor Christie signed into law a constitutionally balanced budget that delivers on key priorities for the people of New Jersey without raising taxes – despite attempts to inflate spending and raise taxes.

“That budget, which contained billions of dollars in spending, failed to address the single issue that strikes at the heart of our shared interests, and our continued prosperity. Lowering the tax burden imposed on every New Jersey resident is a matter of unique and critical public interest that demands our immediate and full attention,” the Governor wrote to the legislative leaders.

Beginning with his budget address in February, Governor Christie sought to reach agreement on tax relief and, for a time, received numerous commitments from legislative Democrats to not raise taxes – only to have those commitments pulled back in favor of a massive tax increase. The Governor said in his letter today that he seeks to address both houses of the legislature to communicate his objections to bills which together betray those promises.

The Governor closed his letter to Senate President Sweeney and Speaker Oliver by noting the impending celebration Wednesday of Independence Day. It was 236 years ago that the forefathers recorded in the Declaration of Independence that they had united against the “history of repeated injuries and usurpations” imposed by government, including the imposition of taxes “without our consent.”

“Today, our citizens deserve the same opportunity to decide whether a new direction, embodied in the recommendations I will share, is needed to end the cycle of tax increases that has paralyzed our State’s growth, and stunted our citizens’ progress,” the Governor said.

“When you convene this Monday at 11:00 a.m., I will ask for the opportunity to address your members on the two paths that face all who are fortunate enough to serve as elected representatives.”

Friday, June 29, 2012

Show Where You Stand: Get The Special T-Shirt Now

The stakes of the election couldn’t be higher. Show where you stand on Obamacare with this limited edition T-shirt.

This Week's 5 Biggest Stories: Missed Any?

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Act Today - Hold The President Accountable!

A special message from the Mitt Romney campaign:

When President Obama assumed office three years ago, he had a Democrat-controlled House and Senate and ample opportunities to make good on his promises of "hope" and "change."

Instead of focusing on the economy, President Obama decided to make job-killing, big government, $2 trillion Obamacare his top priority. The White House "assumed a recovery was under way" and decided that fixing the economy was "no longer their top priority."

Rather than helping job creators, Obamacare hurts job creators:
  • Obamacare contains the largest tax increase in nearly two decades.
  • Obamacare will raise taxes by hundreds of billions of dollars over its first 10 years.
  • Nearly 3/4 of small business owners blame Obamacare for impeding job creation.
Regardless of the Supreme Court's decision on its constitutionality, Obamacare is still bad policy. Obamacare will raise taxes on job creators, send jobs abroad, and hinder small business hiring.

Mitt Romney has his priorities straight. On day one, he will take immediate action to repeal and replace Obamacare with real reform that empowers individuals and frees job creators from the burdens this President has imposed on them.

Mitt Romney will do on his first day in office what the Supreme Court didn't do on the last day of its session. But first, it's up to you to repeal Obamacare by replacing Obama.

Let's hold Barack Obama accountable -- donate $10 or more to make him a one-term president:

Xfinity Live Family Fun Day On 7/15 -- It's FREE!

Families of all ages are invited to the second in a series of Xfinity Family Fun Days to be held at Xfinity Live!, the new dining and entertainment district built on the former site of the Spectrum, on Sunday, July 15 from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. The event is free and open to the public with complimentary parking all day. Discounted kids menus will also be available.

Xfinity Family Fun Day will also include interactive games, discounted kid-friendly menu items and family entertainment. on the outdoor Live! Stage will begin at 11:30 a.m. and will feature the following artists: Rad & Kell Duo, Back2Life, Brian Fitzgerald, All About Me and Contagious Band.

Volunteers from The Franklin Institute will be on hand for fun, educational sports demonstrations with a scientific twist, including Newton’s Second Bull Whip and N2 Ball Explosion. Other interactive activities courtesy of the Philadelphia Zoo and Please Touch Museum will be available along with face painting, juggling and a magic show performed by Mr. Magic.

Xfinity Live! Philadelphia ( is a dining and entertainment district centered in the heart of the South Philadelphia Sports Complex. XFINITY Live! is home to over a dozen restaurant and entertainment choices, including six main venues: Victory Beer Hall, Spectrum Grill, Broad Street Bullies Pub, PBR Bar & Grill (Professional Bull Riders), Philly MarketPlace, and the first-ever NBC Sports Arena. Xfinity Live! Philadelphia is joint partnership between Philadelphia-based Comcast-Spectacor and Baltimore-based The Cordish Companies.

Comcast-Spectacor ( is the Philadelphia-based sports and entertainment company which owns the Philadelphia Flyers (NHL), the home arena for both the Flyers and the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers, the Wells Fargo Center, and four Flyers Skate Zone community ice skating and hockey rinks. In addition, Comcast-Spectacor is also the principal owner of Global Spectrum, the fastest growing firm in the public assembly management field with more than 100 facilities throughout the United States and Canada; Ovations Food Services, a food and beverage service provider; New Era Tickets, a ticketing and marketing company for public assembly facilities; Front Row Marketing Services, a commercial rights sales company; FanOne, a digital fan marketing company; and Paciolan, the leading provider of venue enablement, ticketing, fundraising and marketing technology solutions.

Get Two Days For One At Museum Of Art!

Effective July 1, 2012, general admission to the Philadelphia Museum of Art will be $20 but will now be offered as a two-day ticket, enabling visitors to return the next day of operation.
This will let visitors take full advantage of all of the Museum’s facilities, including the Main building and Anne d’Harnoncourt Sculpture Garden, the Ruth and Raymond G. Perelman Building, and the newly restored Rodin Museum (Reopening on July 13, 2012). 
So, everyone can enjoy every attraction in a leisurely manner and savor the Museum's delights.
Additionally, complimentary shuttle transportation will now be available for the first time between all three buildings during operating hours, the Museum’s popular Pay-What-You-Wish admission policy on the first Sunday of each month will remain in place, and beginning in the fall, the Museum will expand the hours it is open to the public to include Wednesday evenings from 5 p.m. until 9 p.m. with Pay-What-You-Wish admission. 
Membership prices will also remain unchanged, offering members free, unlimited general admission for one year.
This is all really great news.
Via any of these options admission to this world-class treasure trove of magnificent art is an incredible bargain -- especially when you consider that you can now enjoy all the richness of of the Museum's several indoor and outdoor attractions over a period of two days.
Don't wait. Visit the Museum ASAP!

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes Reportedly Splitsville

Numerous reports now say that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are splitting up after more than 5 years of marriage.

Cruise, 49, and Holmes, 33, married in November 2006 after a surprise, whirlwind romance that had the “Rock of Ages” star famously jumping on Oprah’s couch, declaring his love.

Holmes' spokespersons have as much as confirmed the reports saying that this is a "private time" for Holmes and her family.

This was Holmes' first marriage and the third for Cruise.

As marriage goes, Cruise does not have a good track record. These sorts of relationships do not seem to be his forte.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Oroho: Added NJ Revenues Must Fund Tax Relief

New Jersey State Senator Steven Oroho (R- Sussex) today submitted an amendment on the floor of the Senate which dedicates any additional aid given to municipalities from the state's energy tax receipts collections to be dedicated solely to reducing the municipal tax levy, ensuring direct property tax relief.

Oroho is proposing to amend S-1900, which increases funding to municipalities from the Energy Tax Receipts Property Tax Relief Fund, to guarantee that the monies are not used to increase municipal budgets.

"Without my amendment, the legislation disbursing more energy tax receipts funding to municipalities will simply subsidize spending increases at the local level rather than reduce the tax levy," said Oroho. "The state has tried giving additional state aid to municipalities without any strings attached, and property tax levies have still gone up every single year. Unless we can guarantee that these extra funds are dedicated to property tax relief rather than subsidizing additional local spending, we will continue to see tax hikes year in and year out."

Oroho noted that under prior administrations, New Jersey saw historically high annual property tax increases while also distributing higher levels of state aid. "The correlation between more aid and lower property taxes hasn't been proven in recent memory," he said. "If money alone were the solution, property taxes would have plummeted between 2002 and 2010 instead of rising 60%."

Independence Hall Tea Party: Resist, Resist, Resist!

A special message from the Independence Hall Tea Party Association:
Dear Members and Friends,
The Association has had a three-pronged strategy for defeating ObamaCare. 
Each approach, on its own, could stop ObamaCare dead in its tracks. 
One those methods, defeating ObamaCare in Federal court, has been dealt a somewhat fatal blow (see press release below).
Two other methods, however, are still very much alive:
The first of these methods is to repeal it on on the Federal level, legislatively, by electing a Republican President and Congress.  That is a work in progress.  We made gains in 2010 and must complete the task in 2012.
(Governor Romney has promised to repeal the law on day one of his Administration.)

The second method is to pass opt out of ObamaCare legislation at the state level.  In PA, that means enacting Rep. Matt Baker's bill, HB 42, into law.  
In DE and NJ, that might require attaining waivers or other exemptions.  Obviously, due to Democratic control of the legislatures in both states, this strategy is more problematic and opt out legislation is not much of an option. 
However, preventing or slowing down the establishment of health care exchanges in all three of these states could help buy time.  Resist, resist, resist.
In order to achieve the above, we have much to do and absolutely no time for despair.
We will prevail.
On behalf of the Association Board,
Teri Adams

No Matter What, Remember This In November

One of the biggest and most files deceptions in American history.

Romney Video: Yes, This Is A Huge Tax Increase

Video: Obamacare Future Now In YOUR Hands!

Blossoms Give East Abundant Summer Riches!

Maybe it was the rainy period in early spring.
Maybe it was the sunny streak in late May and early June.
Maybe it's just good luck and timing.
Anyway, here in the east we've been blessed with beautiful gardens and vivid blossoms so far this summer.
It's an abundance of ultra colorful riches. Enjoy!
Photographs copyright 2012 by Dan Cirucci.

PROM: Photographs Fascinate, Challenge, Reveal

Prom: Photographs by Mary Ellen Mark is presented at the Philadelphia Museum of Art from July 1 through October 28, 2012.

Between 2006 and 2009, American photographer Mary Ellen Mark visited thirteen high school proms to create portraits of attendees with a 20-by-24-inch Polaroid Land Camera. Only five such cameras exist, and they make extraordinary and unique large-format prints. Mark used the camera previously for her 2003 project Twins, and in Prom she applies it to the quintessential American coming-of-age ritual, selecting high schools from across the country that reflect the regional and class differences among Americans. Approximately sixty of Mark’s portraits are included in the exhibition, demonstrating the egalitarian spirit of her project and the continuing democratic potential of photography.

Prom: Photographs by Mary Ellen Mark is presented in conjunction with the J. Paul Getty Museum’s publication of the book by the same name, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art is the first public venue of photographs from this series. Mark’s husband, filmmaker Martin Bell, produced a 33-minute video about the portrait subjects at the same time Mark made her photographs. Bell’s film is a touching and humorous window into the project and a superb complement to the photographs.

Mark (born 1940) is a native Philadelphian and a graduate of the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania. One of the schools represented in this series is her alma mater, Cheltenham High School, in Wyncote, Pennsylvania.

These stark, large scale photographs will challenge, surprise and fascinate you as they reveal this classic American right of passage in an entirely new light.

Rubio Video: It's Still Bad Law And Must Be Replaced

Christie: Court Confirms This IS A Tax

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie released the following statement regarding today’s decision:
“I’ve been clear from the very beginning that I do not believe a one-size-fits-all health care program works for the entire country and that each governor should have the ability to make decisions about what works best for their state. Today’s Supreme Court decision is disappointing and I still believe this is the wrong approach for the people of New Jersey who should be able to make their own judgments about health care. Most importantly, the Supreme Court is confirming what we knew all along about this law – it is a tax on middle class Americans.”

Romney: Defeat Obamacare At Ballot Box

Statement by Mitt Romney on the Supreme Court's Obamacare decision:
"Let's make clear that we understand what the Court did, and did not do.
"What the Court did today was say that Obamacare does not violate the Constitution. What they did not do was say that Obamacare is good law or that it's good policy.
"Obamacare was bad policy yesterday. It's bad policy today. Obamacare was bad law yesterday. It's bad law today.
"You can choose whether you want to have a larger and larger government, more and more intrusive in your life, separating you and your doctor, whether you're comfortable with more deficits, higher debt that we will pass onto the coming generations. [Or] whether you're willing to have the government put in place a plan that potentially causes you to lose the insurance that you like or whether instead you want to return to a time when the American people will have their own choice in health care, where consumers will be able to make share choices as to what kind of health insurance they want."
"This is the time of choice for the American people.
"Help us. Help us defeat Obamacare. Help us defeat the liberal agenda that makes government too big, too intrusive and is killing jobs across this great country."

PROM At The Phila. Museum Of Art

I'm live blogging today from the Philadelphia Museum of Art for the opening of PROM a wonderful new exhibition of big, black and white photographs by distinguished photographer Mary Ellen Mark who is considered to be one of the greatest American artists of her generation.
Prom is exactly what it says it is -- a very selective chronicle of that great American right of passage, the high school prom.
Everyone can relate to these photographs because practically everyone has been to their prom or thought of going to the prom or knows someone who went to the prom.
These photographs will give you an incisive and high school students and high school's premiere social event as it exists today.
Mary Ellen Mark is from the Philadelphia area (she graduated from Cheltenham High School) and her photographs for this exhibition were taken with a monumental Polaroid Land Camera that produces 24 x 20 prints.
These are not digital photographs.
Mary Ellen includes five photos in this exhibition from her alma mater, Cheltenham High. But you will also find prom photos here from other parts of the country.
Be sure of this: These are not your traditional, highly-polished, four-color ceremonial prom photos. Rather, this is photojournalism as art: straightforward, direct, revealing and often intense.
Accompanying these 41 prints is a video of the prom attendees produced by Filmmaker Martin Bell, Mark's husband. The exhibition at the museum's Perelman Building runs through October 28.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Words To Ponder From A Leading Commentator

Obama's Whine: 'It's Just Not My Fault, Folks!'

Romney: Obama's Priorities Are Out Of Order

“With regards to Obamacare, he put that as a higher priority than our economy and as a result we have had forty straight months with unemployment above eight percent. The economy’s not working; immigration is not working. This President has not been working in the right way for the American people. It’s time for that to change.” – Mitt Romney - Remarks, Salem, VA; June 26, 2012

Click Here To Watch Mitt Romney Discuss President Obama’s Decision To Put Obamacare Above Fixing Our Economy

MITT ROMNEY: “As you know, the Supreme Court is going to be dealing with whether or not Obamacare is constitutional. If it’s not—if Obamacare is not deemed constitutional, then the first three and a half years of this President's term will have been wasted on something that does not help the American people. If it is deemed to stand, then I'll tell you one thing, we're going to have to have a president, and I'm that one, that's going to get rid of Obamacare and we're going to stop it on day one. What we’re witnessing is a failure of the President’s policies. He did not deal with immigration. With regards to Obamacare, he put that as a higher priority than our economy and as a result we have had forty straight months with unemployment above eight percent. The economy’s not working; immigration is not working. This President has not been working in the right way for the American people. It’s time for that to change.”

New Dem Pastime: Bailing Out On Obama

“Last month, President Obama’s fellow Democrats deserted his shameful attacks on free enterprise. Now, with the President doubling down on his misleading attacks, even more Democrats are jumping ship – this time from the President’s own Democratic convention. As president, Mitt Romney will unite all Americans around pro-growth policies that will jumpstart our economy.” 
–Andrea Saul, Romney Campaign Spokesperson

Yesterday, Four Prominent Democrats Deserted President Obama’s 2012 Democratic Convention:

Claire McCaskill Will Not Be Attending The Democratic National Convention In Charlotte…” “Claire McCaskill will not be attending the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, a McCaskill aide confirmed to TPM Tuesday.” (Pema Levy, “Claire McCaskill Will Not Attend Democratic National Convention,” Talking Points Memo, 6/26/12)

Four Years Ago, Senator McCaskill Was One Of The First Senators To Endorse President Obama’s Presidential Campaign. 
“One of President Barack Obama's biggest supporters will not be attending this summer's Democratic National Convention. … McCaskill endorsed then Sen. Barack Obama in January, 2008, becoming one of the first senators to back Obama, who was locked in a marathon battle with then Sen. Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination.” (Paul Steinhauser and Ted Barrett, “McCaskill To Skip Democratic Convention,” CNN, 6/26/12)

Representative John Barrow (D-GA) Announced He Will Skip The Democratic National Convention. 
“Augusta U.S. Rep. John Barrow will skip the Democratic National Convention in September, adding to a growing list of Democrats distancing themselves from the national party's major quadrennial get-together.” (Daniel Malloy, “Barrow To Skip Democratic National Convention,” Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 6/26/12)

Arizona Senate Candidate Richard Carmona Announced He Would Not Attend The Democratic National Convention. 
“Heitkamp joins a growing list of Democratic Senate candidates opting out of Charlotte, including Arizona Senate candidate Richard Carmona, Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., Sen. Jon Tester, D-Mont., and Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va.” (Julie Sobel, “Heitkamp Skipping Dem Convention,” National Journal, 6/26/12)

FLASHBACK: President Obama Personally Lobbied Carmona To Enter The Senate Race. “President Barack Obama called former U.S. Surgeon General Richard Carmona last month to urge him to run for Senate in Arizona, two Democratic sources told POLITICO. The call signals that Obama is engaged in recruiting a strong Senate candidate in a state Democrats have eyed as a presidential battleground.” (Alexander Burns, “Obama Courts Arizona Senate Candidate, May Contest State 'Heavily',” Politico, 10/6/11)

North Dakota Senate Candidate Heidi Heitkamp Will Skip The Democratic National Convention In Charlotte This September.” (Julie Sobel, “Heitkamp Skipping Dem Convention,” National Journal, 6/26/12)
Yesterday’s Defectors Are The Latest Democrats Who Are Backing Away From President Obama:

“West Virginia’s Top Three Democrats,” Senator Joe Manchin, Governor Earl Ray Tomblin, And Representative Nick Rahall Announced They Would Not Attend The Convention. 
“West Virginia’s top three Democrats will not attend their party’s national convention in September, the West Virginia Democratic Party said Monday. U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin, Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin and U.S. Rep. Nick Rahall do not plan to help pick President Barack Obama as their party’s nominee.” (Ry Rivard, “Manchin, Tomblin, Rahall Not Going To Democratic National Convention,” Charleston Daily Mail, 6/18/12)

Representative Mark Critz (D-PA) Announced He Would Not Attend President Obama’s DNC Convention. “U.S. Rep. Mark Critz said on Tuesday he will skip the Democratic National Convention in favor of campaigning in Pennsylvania, much like top elected Democrats in neighboring West Virginia who are disgruntled with President Obama.” (Selena Zito, “Rep. Mark Critz, Other Dems, To Skip Convention In Favor Of Campaigning In Pennsylvania,” Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 6/20/12)

New York Democrat Representatives Kathy Hochul And Bill Owens Announced Last Week They Will Not Attend The Democratic Convention. 
“At least half a dozen Democratic officials have said in recent days that they won't attend the Democratic National Convention this September in Charlotte, North Carolina, where the president will formally receive the party's nomination for a second term. The latest: New York Democratic Reps. Bill Owens and Kathy Hochul, both of whom won special elections in recent years – in 2009 and 2011, respectively – that were heralded by party leaders.” (Dan Hirschhorn, “Bucking Convention,” The Daily, 6/20/12)

Rep. Jim Matheson (D-Utah) Will Skip The Democratic National Convention, Making Him The Latest In A String Of Conservative Democrats To Take A Pass On The Party Confab.” (Cameron Joseph, “Dem Rep. Matheson Will Skip Democratic National Convention,”The Hill, 6/21/12)

Montana Senator Jon Tester Is Skipping The Democratic National Convention. 
“Tester’s campaign quickly followed suit to say they would skip the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., which is the week after the GOP gathering.” (Cameron Joseph And David Kaner, “Montana Senate Candidates Will Skip Parties' Conventions,” The Hill, 6/25/12)

CNN, Dominant Media Falter While Fox News Thrives

Coming off its least-watched month in primetime in 20 years in May, CNN has taken another big ratings blow: The cable news network has registered to its lowest-rated quarter in primetime since 1991. Meanwhile, Fox News remains America's most-watched news station, with higher ratings than ever.

Why is this happening?

I think the answer is clear.

The success of Fox News demonstrates that people were on to the fact that the dominant media are relentlessly liberal leaning. People knew it. They weren't fooled. They saw the bicoastal bias; they "got it" that the broad expanse of the country (the world of ordinary, everyday Americans) was left out. 

So, first real chance they got, they gravitated away. They wanted more views from the middle and from the right rather than a steady diet of the liberal line. They wanted something that made sense to them -- common sense, as they see it. This is what "fair and balanced" means: A chance to get away from the WaPo, NYT, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS and yes, CNN. 

The dominant media can be oppressive. People wanted a break -- and they got it and they liked what they saw and heard and they came back (and come back) more frequently than they expected to. 

Fox and the WSJ and internet sites like Drudge have provided a badly-needed alternative. Fortunately, the market was there for this. The free market of news, thought and opinion thrives. 

Let a million voices be heard!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Christie To Dems: 'Get The Hell Off The Beach!'

The behavior of the tax 'n spend Corzine Democrats in the New Jersey State Legislature has been disgraceful.
They said they supported a tax cut but it was all a ruse.
Because they are now holding all and any tax cuts hostage till they get the big ticket spending items and business-as-usual, tax-'n-spend budget that they want. And, they even want to raise some taxes!
Governor Chris Christie is not amused.
And he's not about to approve the Democrat budget as currently formulated.
In fact, he doesn't want the Democrat-controlled House and Senate to leave Trenton until they deliver a badly-needed tax cut to the highest taxed state in the nation.
Watch out New Jersey -- Christie's ready for an old-fashioned summer brawl.

Video - 30 Senators To Holder: 'Please Step Aside'

Romney: Lack Of Leadership = Falling Confidence

Mitt Romney today made the following statement on the news that consumer confidence has fallen for the fourth straight month:
“Today’s report on the decline in consumer confidence is the latest in a string of poor indicators for job growth and the economy. Last week, the Federal Reserve again downgraded expectations for economic growth and the Labor Department revealed there are nearly four unemployed Americans for every new job opening. It’s clear that the American people know President Obama’s policies aren’t working, despite his claim that the private sector is ‘doing fine.’ We need a new direction for our economy, with pro-growth policies that will finally give businesses and consumers the confidence they need to get our country back on the right track.”

Opposition To Scudder Falls Bridge Tolls Builds

The New Jersey Township of Kingwood in Hunterdon County is the latest local government to join Senator Michael Doherty (R-23) in opposition to a plan to replace the safe and free I-95 Scudder Falls Bridge over the Delaware River with a new tolled bridge that would cost an estimated $330 million. Doherty, a long-time critic of wasteful spending practices at the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission, has called for local officials to examine and express their opposition to the unnecessary bridge replacement plan proposed by the bi-state agency.

"The residents of Kingwood should be proud to know that their local government is standing up for them and opposing the imposition of unnecessary tolls and toll increases that would result from the Scudder Falls Bridge project," said Doherty. "As more local governments stand up and express their disapproval, leaders in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania will be forced to scrutinize the Scudder Falls Bridge project and ask the DRJTBC to justify this seemingly indefensible plan."

The Township Committee of the Township of Kingwood approved a resolution in a unanimous (3-0) vote opposing the project. The resolution notes that the estimated $330 million cost of the new bridge would "significantly impact the financial resources of the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission, which can result in the need for additional toll increases."

Furthermore, the resolution calls for "the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission and Governor Chris Christie to halt the proposed demolition and reconstruction of the Scudder Falls Bridge in Mercer County."

Doherty noted that a separate project to realign I-95 through a direct connection to the New Jersey Turnpike is already underway. Once that connection is completed, I-95 will bypass the Scudder Falls Bridge resulting in a significant diversion of traffic and preventing projected traffic increases that were cited as the main impetus for the bridge's replacement.

"The more you look at this plan, the more you realize that it serves absolutely no purpose," added Doherty. "The entire plan was based on the premise that traffic would increase beyond the current bridge's capacity, but now we know that traffic will actually drop once the I-95 realignment is completed. We will be stuck with an expensive new bridge that few people will cross or pay tolls at, leading to increased tolls at other Delaware River bridges to repay the debt. I urge other local governments to join us in putting pressure on the DRJTBC to put an end to this madness."

Facts: Colossal Failure; Obamacare Hurts Economy

“Three years ago, President Obama chose to ram through his partisan, job-killing Obamacare legislation rather than focusing his full attention on the economy. The results of this decision are in – Obamacare will raise taxes on job creators, force jobs abroad, and hinder small-business hiring. On Day One, Mitt Romney will take immediate action to repeal and replace Obamacare with a plan that empowers individuals and frees job creators from the burdens this President has imposed on them.” –Andrea Saul, Romney Campaign Spokesperson

In 2009, President Obama Took His Focus Off Of The Economy And Focused Instead On Passing Obamacare:

In 2009, The Obama White House “Assumed A Recovery Was Under Way” And Decided Fixing The Economy Was “No Longer Their Top Priority.”
“Today, that brief period of optimism looks like one of the worst things that could have happened to the White House, other Democrats and, above all, the economy. The nascent recovery removed the urgency that the Obama administration and Democratic senators felt in early 2009. They still favored more action, like aid to states and tax cuts, but it was no longer their top priority. They assumed a recovery was under way. We now know, of course, that the recovery has stalled.” (David Leonhardt, “Job Losses Outweigh Administration’s Successes,” The New York Times, 10/26/10)

National Journal’s Charlie Cook: It Was A “Colossal Miscalculation” For President Obama To Shift Focus To Health Care Instead Of Focusing “Like A Laser Beam” On The Economy.
“But nearly a year after Obama's inauguration, judging by where the Democrats stand today, it's clear that they have made a colossal miscalculation. The latest unemployment and housing numbers underscore the folly of their decision to pay so much attention to health care and climate change instead of focusing on the economy ‘like a laser beam,’ as President Clinton pledged to do during his 1992 campaign.” (Charlie Cook, “Colossal Miscalculation On Health Care,” National Journal, 2/16/10)

The Results Of President Obama’s “Miscalculation” Are In – Obamacare Will Harm Job Creators With New Taxes And Shift Jobs Overseas:

Obamacare Could Force Businesses In The Medical Device Industry To Shift More Than 40,000 Jobs Overseas.
“The medical device industry says it could lose 10 percent of its U.S. workforce because of a tax created by healthcare reform. The Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed) released a report Wednesday that says device-makers might ship 43,000 jobs overseas once the tax takes effect in 2013.” (Sam Baker, “Device-Makers Say Tax Will Cost 43,000 US Jobs,” The Hill, 9/7/11)

“Diana Furchtgott-Roth, A Senior Fellow At The Hudson Institute, Said Device Firms Are Already Moving Their Operations To Other Countries And That The Trend Will Accelerate If The Device Tax Is Left In Place.” (Sam Baker, “Device-Makers Say Tax Will Cost 43,000 US Jobs,” The Hill, 9/7/11)

Nearly Three-Quarters Of Small-Business Owners Blame Obamacare For Impeding Job Creation. “As part of the explanation for the general economic pessimism, 78 percent of small businesses believe that taxation, regulation and legislation from Washington make it harder for businesses to hire more employees — and 74 percent blame the recent health care reforms passed by the Obama administration for creating an impediment to job creation.” (Tim Mak, “Chamber Poll: Small Biz Blames D.C.,” Politico, 1/18/12)

Obamacare Contained “The Largest Tax Increase Since 1993.”
“Keep in mind that Mr. Obama has already signed the largest tax increase since 1993. While everyone focuses on the Bush tax rates that expire after 2012, other tax increases are already set to hit the economy thanks to the 2010 Affordable Care Act.” (Editorial, “Taxes Upon Taxes Upon…,” The Wall Street Journal, 7/11/11)

The Nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office Estimated That Obamacare Will Raise Taxes By Hundreds Of Billions Of Dollars Over Its First 10 Years. (CBO Director Douglas W. Elmendorf, Testimony, U.S. House Of Representatives, 3/30/11)

And It’s Not Just Job Creators That Are Hurting – Americans Are Struggling With Higher Premiums And The Loss Of Employer-Provided Plans:

Obamacare Has Made Health Care “Less Affordable” And Has Caused “Insurance Premiums To Rise.”
"At the moment, the new law is making health care slightly less affordable. Independent health care experts say the law has caused some insurance premiums to rise. As we wrote in October, the new law has caused about a 1 percent to 3 percent increase in health insurance premiums for employer-sponsored family plans because of requirements for increased benefits. Last year's premium increases cast even more doubt on another promise the president has made - that the health care law would 'lower premiums by up to $2,500 for a typical family per year.'" (D'Angelo Gore, "Promises, Promises,", 1/4/12)

According To The Nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, Obamacare Could Cause As Many As 20 Million Americans To Lose Their Employer-Provided Coverage.
“A Congressional Budget Office report issued this week says that 3 million to 5 million people could move from employer-based health care plans to government-based programs as the Affordable Care Act takes effect. And in the worst-case scenario, it could be as many as 20 million.” (David Nather, “Health Care Reform: 4 Inconvenient Truths,” Politico, 3/16/12)

Jane Dalton Receives Sandra Day O'Connor Award

Warmest congratulations to Jane Leslie Dalton who today receives one of the highest honors that the Philadelphia legal community can bestow.
Jane Dalton, who has served as Chancellor of the Philadelphia Bar Association, chair of the Board of Governors and co-chair of the Women in the Profession Committee, will be presented with the Association's Sandra Day O'Connor Award at a luncheon in center city.
The O'Connor Award is presented to a woman attorney who has demonstrated superior legal talent, achieved significant legal accomplishments and has furthered the advancement of women in both the profession and the community.
Jane Dalton practices before trial and appellate courts and administrative agencies in the areas of employment discrimination and personnel management, unfair competition and constitutional litigation, and other administrative litigation.
She has defended law firms, educational institutions and businesses in individual and class actions in federal and state courts, defending various employment matters, including claims of discrimination, harassment and retaliation based on age, race, sex, disability, religion and national origin. She has experience in defending highly controversial and highly publicized cases.
Among women, Jane has ben an inspiring trailblazer.
But there's more to her story than that. She is a sensible, thorough, caring and trusted lawyer, mentor and friend to many. Over the years I've found her to be the sort of strong, common-sense leader and associate that people invariably gravitate toward.
Jane Dalton currently serves as Vice-Chair of the Pennsylvania Bar Insurance Fund and Trust Fund, Co-Chair of the PBA'S Commission on Women in the Profession and Secretary-Treasurer of the Metropolitan Bar Caucus of the National Conference of Bar Presidents. 
But she wears all of her titles and accepts all her responsibilities not with pomp and ceremony but with a refreshing human quality and a cheerful good humor. She's the real deal.
A partner at the prestigious law firm of Duane Morris Jane is a 1971 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Law School and a graduate of Smith College.
Congratulations, Jane!