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Christie And Kean To Murphy: Keep This Non-Partisan NJ Tradition!


JD's Big Night: Five Significant Takeaways . . .

J. D. Vance didn't have to hit a home run last night. An so, it's probably best that he didn't. The home run is reserved for the Main Event and the man at the top of the ticket and that happens tonight. 

Instead, J. D. only had to hit a solid RBI double or a triple and he achieved that impressively.

Here are the five big takeaways from his speech:

1) He's a happy warrior. From the start, J. D. set the crowd at ease by appearing relaxed, cheerful and confident. His story can be heavy and somber but he didn't present it that way. Instead, he focused not on the obstacles he faced but on the opportunities that America gave him to overcome those obstacles. And he played off the crowd charmingly.

2) He's realistic, and forgiving. He realized what he had to do in life and he made the tough decisions to get from where he was to where he longed to be. He forgave his mom for the damages done by her absence and neglect and, in a poignant and gracious moment, acknowledged her and told he he loves her. He's now building and nurturing the family he never had. He's a good man.

3) He's humble. He's not a chest thumper or a scene-stealer or a spotlight grabber. And he's secure enough in who he is to recognize that he shouldn't be -- not now, and not for the position he seeks. He understands the role of Vice President and he seems ready to assume that mantle. That's comforting.

4) He's the face of a new generation. In choosing Vance, President Trump (who is part of the first wave of baby boomers) skipped gen x and reached into the millennial generation to show the way forward. He chose someone who is half his age. This is audacious, no question about it. But it's also probably the right thing to do and this seems to be the right time and the right person to do it with as Vance comes across as heartfelt and credible.

5) This is a new party now. And this was probably the paramount theme of Vance's message. He's a new face and this is a new party. This is a more grassroots-centered party. It's grittier; more populist; more rooted in the natural, everyday heartbeat of America, more attuned to the patriotic pulse of this nation and more protective of our nationhood. 

We'll leave you with these very important words from the speech:

America is not just an idea. It is a group of people with a shared history and a common future. It is, in short, a nation. Now, it is part of that tradition, of course, that we welcome newcomers. But when we allow newcomers into our American family, we allow them on our terms. . . . That’s not just a set of principles. Even though the ideas and the principles are great, that is a homeland. That is our homeland. People will not fight for abstractions, but they will fight for their home. And if this movement of ours is going to succeed, and if this country is going to thrive, our leaders have to remember that America is a nation, and its citizens deserve leaders who put its interests first.

New Polls: Trump Leading Biden OR Harris . . .

2024 General Election:

PENNSYLVANIA 🟥 Trump: 48% (+5) 🟦 Biden: 43% — WISCONSIN 🟥 Trump: 48% (+5) 🟦 Biden: 43% — MICHIGAN 🟥 Trump: 45% (+3) 🟦 Biden: 42% — ARIZONA 🟥 Trump: 47% (+7) 🟦 Biden: 40% — GEORGIA 🟥 Trump: 47% (+6) 🟦 Biden: 41% — NEVADA 🟥 Trump: 46% (+5) 🟦 Biden: 41% — NORTH CAROLINA 🟥 Trump: 48% (+7) 🟦 Biden: 41% — #9 (2.9/3.0) | 7,000 RV | July 15-16

Donald Trump vs Kamala Harris Polling by Insider Advantage GEORGIA 🟥 Trump: 47% (+10) 🟦 Harris: 37% 🟪 Other: 7% — FLORIDA 🟥 Trump: 49% (+10) 🟦 Harris: 39% 🟪 Other: 7% — PENNSYLVANIA 🟥 Trump: 47% (+7) 🟦 Harris: 40% 🟪 Other: 8% — NEVADA 🟥 Trump: 50% (+10) 🟦 Harris: 40% 🟪 Other: 7% — ARIZONA 🟥 Trump: 48% (+6) 🟦 Harris: 42% 🟪 Other: 7% — #86 (2.0/3.0) | 7/15-16 | 4,000 LV

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Well, We're Just Glad Somebody Said It!


Compelling Video Is An Absolute 'Must See' . . .

This Great Candidate Deserves Your Support NOW!


Hardest Working Senate Candidate Makes His Case

Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Rasmussen Poll: Trump Now Up By Six

2024 National General Election:

Trump 49% (+6) Biden 43% . Trump 46% (+6) Biden 40% Kennedy 7% West 1% Stein 1% ., 1,847 LV, 7/7-11

They Vilified Him, Demonized Him - Shame On 'Em!

Big Night For This Guy Tonight . . .

Obama And Vance: The Surprising Similarities!

If you stop for a moment to ponder the surprising similarities between Barack Obama and J. D. Vance, you will begin to understand why politics remains so endless fascinating. Though one is as far to the right, politically as the other is to the left and the steepness of the hill each had to climb can be debated, consider the following:

  • Obama and Vance (born James Donald Bowman) are both born under the zodiac sign of Leo, considered the sign of natural born leaders. Vance's birth date is August 2 while Obama's is August 4. Leos are  said to be passionate, loyal, and dramatic. They are also known for being energetic, gregarious, and confident.
  • Both Obama and Vance had fractured, unstable upbringings. Obama's parents divorced when he was just three years old. Likewise, Vance's parents divorced when he was just a toddler.
  • Both men barely knew their fathers and both fathers (Donald Bowman and Barack Obama Sr.) walked out on their families. 
  • Growing up, both Obama and Vance struggled with their difficult socio-economic situations. Vance grew up dirt poor in Appalachian Ohio. Obama, the product of a Black Kenyan father and white Kansas mother struggled with his multi racial heritage as his mother hopscotched from state to state and nation to nation.
  • The grandparents of both Obama and Vance played a leading role in each man's upbringing. Obama was exceptionally close to his white grandparents and lived with them in Hawaii during his high school years. Vance credits his grandparents, who he called "Mamaw and Papaw" with essentially raising him.
  • Both men changed their names as Obama took his stepfather's name and referred to himself as Barry Soetero and J. D. took his stepfather's name and became known as James David Hamel. Eventually, Obama re-embraced his original name (Barack Hussein Obama) while James David took his grandparent's surname and became J. D. Vance.
  • Both Obama and Vance searched for spiritual and religious meaning in their lives with Obama extolling the Islam call to prayer and eventually joining a controversial Chicago Christian church and Vance converting to Catholicism based in part on his extensive study of Saint Augustine.
  • Both men overcame great odds to be admitted to Ivy League law schools and both met their wives in law school and both wives are accomplished lawyers in their own right.
  • Both came to prominence with compelling, best-selling memoirs: Vance with Hillbilly Elegy and Obama with Dreams From My Father.
  • Both emerged from midwest states to serve just two years in the U. S. Senate before leap-frogging onto a national ticket with Obama assuming the top spot while Vance will seek to be Donald Trump's Vice President.
  • Both are considered whip-smart, articulate, great debaters and shrewd political operatives. 
Yes, there are many differences between these two men but that does not negate these similarities. And think about this: in America, in just one lifetime people can surmount huge obstacles and reach the very highest level of accomplishment. And though they may have similar journeys, they can, of their own free will come to entirely different conclusions, ideologies and political philosophies. All of this is possible because of the freedom we enjoy. God bless America!

Bashaw: Let's Turn The Page On Corrupt Democrats!

Curtic Bashaw
From New Jersey US Senate candidate Curtis Bashaw reacting to the conviction of Senator Bob Menendez:

NJ families deserve better than the continued corruption and made-for-TV scandals courtesy of the New Jersey Democratic machine..."

"This is a sad day for New Jersey, but one that feels all too familiar.  New Jersey families deserve better than the continued corruption and made-for-tv political scandals, courtesy of Bob Menendez and the Democratic machine. 

As yet another sordid chapter of New Jersey corruption closes, it’s time to say enough is enough. We can’t keep sending the same old career Democratic insiders to Washington and expect different results. It’s time to reject the same Democratic politicians who turned a blind eye to this blatant corruption, including Andy Kim who ran on the ticket with Menendez in 2018, following his first indictment. 

After five decades of representation in the US Senate, Democrats have only delivered political scandals, higher taxes, runaway inflation, and dangerous open border policies.  I’m running for US Senate as a political outsider who can bring change and get things done for New Jersey families. It’s time for a new chapter of New Jersey leadership that puts our citizens ahead of self-serving career politicians.”  

Monday, July 15, 2024

Directly Addressing The Likely Criticisms Of Vance

Poll: Trump Now Leads In Every Swing State!

Swing States polling among likely voters by YouGov for @thetimes

ARIZONA 🟥 Trump: 46% (+9) 🟦 Biden: 37% 🟨 RFK Jr: 5% 🟪 Other: 4% — WISCONSIN 🟥 Trump: 44% (+5) 🟦 Biden: 39% 🟨 RFK Jr: 4% 🟪 Other: 3% — GEORGIA 🟥 Trump: 46% (+6) 🟦 Biden: 40% 🟨 RFK Jr: 5% 🟪 Other: 2% — PENNSYLVANIA 🟥 Trump: 45% (+3) 🟦 Biden: 42% 🟨 RFK Jr: 3% 🟪 Other: 4% — MICHIGAN 🟥 Trump: 44% (+2) 🟦 Biden: 42% 🟨 RFK Jr: 4% 🟪 Other: 3% — NEVADA 🟥 Trump: 47% (+5) 🟦 Biden: 42% 🟨 RFK Jr: 3% 🟪 Other: 2% — NORTH CAROLINA 🟥 Trump: 46% (+4) 🟦 Biden: 42% 🟨 RFK Jr: 4% 🟪 Other: 2% — #4 (2.9/3.0) | ≈850 LV per state | 7-4-12