Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Hard To Believe It Was Six Decades Ago!


Poll: Biden's Approval Numbers Headed Down Again

After hovering in the low 40s, The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll, now shows that only 39% of likely U.S. voters approve of President Biden’s job performance. That's a low point for Biden. At the same time, 59% disapprove. That's a huge gap!

The latest figures include 21% who strongly approve of the job Biden is doing (about one in five voters) and 49% who strongly disapprove (about half of all voters). This gives him a Presidential Approval Index rating of -28. 

Monday, April 22, 2024

Dan Chats With Curtis Bashaw, An Odds-Defying Visionary!

He's a hotel entrepreneur, a job creator, a hugely successful businessman, a civic leader and a true visionary. Now, he's running for the US Senate from New Jersey. Watch as Dan Cirucci finds out what motivates Curtis Bashaw and why he consistently takes on seemingly impossible projects, defies the odds and emerges a winner. You won't want to miss a single minute of this fascinating discussion!

Joyous Passover Wishes To All!


Do You Really Need Any More Evidence Than This?


Most Important Issues, NBC Poll: Inflation, Border

 Most important issues, NBC News poll:

• Inflation 23% • Immigration 22% • Threats to democracy 16% • Jobs and economy 11% • Healthcare 6% • Abortion 6% • Climate change 5% • SSA and Medicare 4% • Crime 2%

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Christine Flowers & Dan Cirucci: Together Again!

Know The Facts, Understand The Difference!


Trump VS Biden: Here, It Ain't Even Close!



— Handling a crisis: Trump +4 — Strong record as president: Trump +7 — Competent and effective: Trump +9 — Necessary mental and physical health: Trump +19 — Dealing with inflation and cost of living: Trump +22

Remembering Lee B. Laskin, A Fearless Fighter

As a politician, Lee Laskin broke the mold.

He was a Republican in a heavily Democrat area who consistently won, attracting many independent and Democrat votes.

That's not to say that winning was ever easy for him because there were still many Democrats who fiercely opposed him and, of course, many
Republicans who deeply resented him. Republicans disliked him because he wasn't always a party loyalist. He did not naturally fall into line. And Democrats disliked him because, well -- because was a Republican even though he sometimes voted their way.

Laskin, who assed away earlier this week at 87, served as Camden County Freeholder (County Commissioner) as State Assemblyman and as later, for 14 years as State Senator where he represented the district including Cherry Hill and gained a reputation as a shrewd curmudgeon who could not be categorized. He carefully considered each issue as it arose. His floor votes could not necessarily be predicted and, as far as anyone could tell, he simply could not be bought. Laskin loved a good fight and he fought fearlessly. After losing a bitter re-election battle in 1991, Laskin became a Superior Court Judge where he served with distinction for many years.

Born in Atlantic City, Laskin was really a product of my hometown, Camden, NJ where he graduated from Camden High School and fought many of his political battles. As a young Democrat I worked against Laskin and, later as a Republican I worked on behalf of his campaigns. I can tell you that it was much more advantageous (and more fun, too) to be on the same side of Laskin than it was to be on the opposite side.

Laskin was not naturally a glad-hander. He could appear dour, indifferent or even aloof. And he did not suffer fools gladly. But if you heard him out -- if you paid attention -- you realized he was worth getting to know. And if you got to know him you discovered that he was kinder, more attentive and more understanding than you might suspect. And all of this was accompanied by a dry sense of humor and a tremendous respect for learning and intellect.

I remember Lee Laskin as one of the last of the true originals -- an irrepressibly rugged individualist who never lost the sense of an outsider and wasn't afraid to sail against the wind.

In today's atmosphere, someone like that really is rare -- and destined to be deeply missed!

Saturday, April 20, 2024

This Now Appears To Be The New Normal!


Is The Philly Pops About To Be Reborn?

At the April 20, 2024 concert "TIMELESS: A Tribute to The Legacy of Peter Nero," host Jim Gardner, former Action News anchor and board member of The No Name Pops (NNP), proudly shared the information that the Nero Family has entered into discussions for The No Name Pops to perform under the Philly Pops trademark. The family owns ultimate rights to the name and, prior to 2024, had assigned it to Encore Series, Inc. The No Name Pops is committed to maintaining the legacy of Peter Nero, who was founding music director of The Philly Pops from 1979 through 2013.  

This statement was made:

The No Name Pops is pleased to announce that it has entered into discussions with Peter Nero’s family to be able to perform under the Philly Pops trademark and carry on Peter Nero’s legacy. Both the orchestra and the Nero family look forward to the day that Philadelphia’s proud tradition can officially be reborn under the name that Peter Nero made famous.

Matt Koveal, the NNP’s Executive Director, acknowledged the meaning of the Nero family’s consideration and said, "We are humbled beyond words to have these discussions with the Nero Family and to one day carry forward the legacy of a name representing the best of Pops entertainment in Philadelphia.”
Many of the orchestra's current musicians, who also performed under the baton of Maestro Nero in the past, are thrilled by this potential. NNP Board President, Brooke Beazley, a cellist in the orchestra, said: “The musicians who entertained, inspired, and brought joy to our Philadelphia audiences are committed to carrying on Peter’s legacy. These musicians are the Philly Pops. We appreciate that the Nero family is considering entrusting the musicians who played with Peter for so many years. We are a living testament to Peter’s genius and vision.”
The NNP felt that their concert dedicated to Peter Nero was the ideal time to make these discussions known to the audience. Once it is finalized, it will take some time to create the necessary branding and marketing before they can roll out the full change.
About The No Name Pops: Founded in 2023, The No Name Pops is a new, versatile ensemble composed of the former musicians of The Philly Pops with a mission to deliver authentic, exceptional musical experiences in the Philadelphia region. Drawing from Philly’s rich symphonic pops legacy, the NNP melds tradition with an innovative approach unbound by musical genre for concert experiences that will entertain and empower the entire community. The NNP respects the rich legacy of the music of Peter Nero, Grammy Award-winning pianist and conductor who launched Pops music in Philadelphia for over three decades. Led by accomplished conductors and featuring world-class soloists, The NNP continues to captivate audiences with its vibrant and diverse repertoire. Please visit www.nonamepops.org.

Biden's Disastrous Campaign Swing: Embarrassing!

A certifiable "must read" -- and all well-documented!

Biden’s highly choreographed, scripted “swing” was filled with shuffling, slurring, and A LOT of lying.

In just a few brief stops, Biden:

  • Falsely claimed (twice) his “Uncle Bosie” was eaten alive by cannibals in New Guinea.
  • Tried (and repeatedly failed) to emulate the energy of President Trump’s impromptu bodega visit.
  • Instructed Israel not to “move on” Haifa — their own third-largest city.
  • Falsely claimed he never spoke with “anyone” about Democrats’ persecution of President Trump — a demonstrable lie.
  • Falsely claimed the United Steelworkers were the “first outfit ever to endorse” his 1972 Senate run — just weeks after (falselytelling United Auto Workers the exact same thing.
  • Told steelworkers the “middle class didn’t build America.”
  • Asked if Americans “were ready to choose freedom over democracy.”
  • Recounted a bizarre, incoherent story from decades ago about answering his motel room door wearing nothing but “a towel and shaving cream.”
  • Falsely claimed (twice) that D-Day was on a Sunday.
  • Falsely claimed he “cut the budget by a lot of money.”
  • Claimed his mother “didn’t live in Scranton since she was 1954.”
  • Falsely (and repeatedly) claimed he “cut the federal deficit.”
  • Falsely claimed he's “ahead in 35 polls.”
  • Forgot the word “Scranton” while in Scranton.
  • Falsely claimed he has “never” earned a $400K salary (despite his presidential salary being $400K — and despite making millions “after” he left office as VP).
  • Falsely claimed “it never occurred” to his “predecessor” to form alliances with Pacific countries and prevent China from taking advantage of advanced U.S. technologies.
  • Got heckled by rabid anti-Israel protesters at every turn.           The list of Biden's lies goes on and on!

Friday, April 19, 2024

Fox Poll: Swing State Split - Trump Up Or Tied


GEORGIA πŸŸ₯ Trump 51% (+6) 🟦 Biden 45% -- πŸŸ₯ Trump 46% (+7) 🟦 Biden 39% 🟨 RFK Jr 7% 🟩 Stein 2% 🟨 West 1% --- Generic Ballot πŸŸ₯ GOP 50% (+8) 🟦 DEM 42% —— MICHIGAN πŸŸ₯ Trump 49% (+3) 🟦 Biden 46% -- πŸŸ₯ Trump 42% (+2) 🟦 Biden 40% 🟨 RFK Jr 9% 🟩 Stein 2% 🟨 West 2% --- Generic Ballot πŸŸ₯ GOP 46% (+3) 🟦 DEM 43% —— PENNSYLVANIA 🟦 Biden 48% (=) πŸŸ₯ Trump 48% -- πŸŸ₯ Trump 44% (+2) 🟦 Biden 42% 🟨 RFK Jr 8% 🟩 Stein 2% 🟨 West 1% --- Generic Ballot 🟦 DEM 47% (+1) πŸŸ₯ GOP 46% —— WISCONSIN 🟦 Biden 48% (=) πŸŸ₯ Trump 48% -- 🟦 Biden 43% (+2) πŸŸ₯ Trump 41% 🟨 RFK Jr 9% 🟩 Stein 2% 🟨 West 2% --- Generic Ballot 🟦 DEM 46% (+1) πŸŸ₯ GOP 45% — 538: #15 (2.8/3.0) | 4,606 RV | 4/11-16 t.co/UVTkuFgI6p