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Watch as Dan Cirucci chats with civic activist and iconoclast John Featherman on The Advocates on RVN-TV. This quick, wide-ranging interview will give you lots to think about!

They Did The Right Thing At The Right Time . . .

President Trump and First Lady visit Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh

In the immediate aftermath of Saturday’s anti-Semitic attack, President Donald J. Trump condemned the shooting as an act of “pure evil” and called on the Nation to come together as one people united in a struggle for justice, safety, tolerance, and love.
Today, the President and First Lady visited Pittsburgh to meet with family members of the victims and mourn the loss of life with the entire community.
Their first stop was the Tree of Life Synagogue, where 11 Jewish Americans were murdered during a baby-naming ceremony Saturday morning. Accompanied by Rabbi Jeffrey Myers, President Trump and the First Lady walked alongside one another, placing a white flower and small stone on each of the 11 stars erected in a makeshift memorial outside the synagogue. Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner followed a few steps behind, pausing at each star.
Inside the synagogue, the President and First Lady lit candles for each of the 11 victims.
Before leaving Pittsburgh, President Trump visited with wounded law enforcement officers and injured victims at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s Presbyterian Hospital. “These were very brave officers. These are incredible people of law enforcement,” the President said after the attack on Saturday. “They’re really unsung heroes.”

Photo of the Day

Photo of the day

Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian

Marine One, carrying President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, approaches for a landing at Joint Base Andrews to begin their trip to Pittsburgh. | October 30, 2018

They're At It Again And They Make A Lot Of Sense!

The inimitable Diamond and Silk! God bless 'em!

Police Could Use Your Help On This One!

Enjoy It, Everybody -- And Be Safe!


Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Death Penalty For Heinous Hate Crime? NOT In PA!

As Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and the nation are working to deal with a national tragedy in the wake of the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting, Gov. Tom Wolf is refusing to say whether or not alleged shooter Robert Bowers deserves the death penalty.

Currently, Gov. Wolf has implemented a moratorium on the carrying-out of the death penalty in Pennsylvania.

Responding to questions in a KDKA radio interview about whether Bowers deserves the death penalty and whether the moratorium should end, Wolf said:

"When it comes to the murder here, this anti-semitic violence was a heinous crime and Bowers deserves swift justice. He is being indicted under the federal statute and he should get the harshest penalty under the law.”

That response, which doesn’t directly answer whether or not Gov. Wolf believes Bowers deserves the death penalty, leaves open two possible scenarios: Either Gov. Wolf believes the death penalty is acceptable so long as Pennsylvania isn’t the one carrying it out or he does not believe Robert Bowers deserves the death penalty.

In stark contrast to Gov. Wolf, Democrat Attorney General Josh Shapiro, in an interview with CNN, agreed that the death penalty is appropriate in this case.

In response, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Jason Gottesman, made the following statement:

“This atrocious hate crime demands that Tom Wolf come out in support of the death penalty as a possible punishment for alleged perpetrators like Robert Bowers.

“By refusing to directly answer the question about whether or not Robert Bowers deserves the death penalty and whether or not the death penalty moratorium should be lifted, Tom Wolf is showing how untenable his position is and that it does not align with Pennsylvania’s notion of justice.”

In Costume For Halloween? FREE Doughnuts!

True: You Could Make A BIG Difference, Now!

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NJ House Candidate Hits All The Right Notes!

Click here to watch as Dan Cirucci chats with NJ Congressional candidate Daryl Kipnis on The Advocates and discover a young, smart, devoted citizen who's giving his all in an inspiring campaign. Daryl Kipnis has a great story to tell! 

NOT On Big Media: Shots Fired Into GOP Hdqts.

No, you probably won't find this story out of Florida on any big media outlets. But it really did happen. And it's really scary!

You Might Not Know It But His Rating Is Positive!

Most voters now commend President Trump for his economic leadership but are less impressed by his performance when it comes to foreign affairs. That’s potentially good news for Republicans facing an election in which voters say Trump and the economy are the big issues.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 51% of Likely U.S. Voters give the president good or excellent marks for his handling of the economy. Thirty-three percent (33%) still rate his performance in this area as poor. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Trump’s economic positives continue to rise from 39% in August of last year. Forty-nine percent (49%) gave his economic performance good or excellent marks four months ago.

When it comes to foreign policy, 45% of voters say Trump is doing a good or excellent job, down slightly from 47% in June. Forty-four percent (44%) consider his performance poor. Just six percent (6%) rate national security as their top voting issue, though.

They Demanded He Resign; Then ENDORSED Him!

Of course, we're talking about New Jersey's Newark Star Ledger.
Truly shameful!

When Broadway Came To Cherry Hill - Every Night!

Night after night, Cherry Hill glittered with the greatest stars of Broadway.
Big shows, big crowds, music, dancing, costumes, sets and certifiable Broadway stars were the norm, right in the center of Cherry Hill.
It all happened at Brace and Bortons Mill Road at the edge of the Camden County Park. If you go to that intersection now you will see a gazebo and park facilities including playgrounds, basketball courts and a jogging track.
But once upon a time, every summer, a tent rose at this sight and Broadway came alive at the Camden County Music Fair.
At the Music Fair, Gordon MacRae starred in Oklahoma, Angela Lansbury reprised Mame, Richard Chamberlain made West Side Story come alive, John Rait sang On A Clear Day You Can See Forever, and Julie Newmar appeared in Sweet Charity.
At the Music Fair I saw Stephen Sondheim's Follies, Oscar Hammerstein's Carmen Jones and the Broadway hit Bye Bye Birdie. The Music Fair also featured Broadway tryouts like the budding musical A Joyful Noise and big stars like Judy Garland in concert.  
Judy Garland at the Camden County Music Fair.
When Judy appeared at the Music Fair (the last time was just a couple of years before she died of an overdose) it was always a sort of crapshoot. Would she show up? Would she be in top form or would her performance be sketchy? If you were lucky, you saw one of the greatest entertainers ever in one of her top performances. After the show, Judy could often be found at Henry's watering hole on Haddonfield Road where she held court (in a manner of speaking) till the wee hours of the morning. Doubtless, she ran up quite a tab.
At one time Cherry Hill hosted both Garland and Sinatra when Judy appeared at the Music Fair while Frank half forth just up the road at the Latin Casino.
Under the music tent things could get sketchy. The show was in-the-round so staging could be a challenge. Performers got dressed in temporary quarters and entered and exited through the aisles. Furthermore, weather was always a factor. If a thunderstorm competed with the show (a not uncommon summer event) all acoustical bets were off. The Music Fair also used star-struck high-school and college students to staff the venue and parking was makeshift on ground leased from the Camden County Parks Commission.
The triumvirate that ran the Music Fair (Lee Guber, Shelly Gross and Frank Ford) also oversaw two other tents: one at Valley Forge and one in Shady Grove, Maryland. Consequently, they were able to move shows from place to place and guarantee at least a three-week run for any production.
Eventually, Frank Ford left the partnership and the Valley Forge venue became a permanent (and quite lucrative) in-the-round performing arts center that could book entertainment year round. With that, the Camden County and Shady Grove sights were closed.
In the end, even Valley Forge was forced to shuttle and the property was sold off to became a shopping center and supermarket.
Times had changed. People didn't want to watch shows under tents (with no air conditioning) when they could go to Atlantic City or large arena venues and be entertained in comfort.
What was called the summer "straw hat circuit" was no longer viable.
And today, it's just a gazebo. There isn't even a plaque to mark the sight where Broadway came to Cherry Hill.

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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Hate And America: What's It REALLY All About?

Many people feel we are consumed by hate.
They look at America and they want to know: How did this happen? Where did this come from? How did we seem to get to such an ugly place?
People are worried. They're troubled. And they're justifiably concerned for the future.

It's easy to make snap judgements while you're living through something. You're typically so overwhelmed by the events of the moment -- often horrifying events these days -- that you jump to conclusions. It's only natural. And, it's often a coping mechanism as well.
History will eventually judge whether we're living through a more hateful or divisive time than we've known before. But that will take decades.
The best way to look upon recent events is to step back for a moment, take stock and try to put things in perspective. So, let's try.

To begin with, the whole sweep of American history is not particularly tranquil. We were born in conflict and struggle and, as we turn back the clock, we see that our national landscape is dotted with hatred, division, conflict and violence.
But if you know anything about the history of Europe or Asia (or any of the other continents) and you visit those areas you will find that you are literally walking over the graves of literally millions who have perished in wars -- wars fueled largely by the blood of tribalism.
Indeed, the age-old tendency toward tribalism knows no national identity nor particularly religion, philosophy, or belief. Sadly, it appears to be part of the human condition.

This is why so-called civilized societies have attempted to embrace moral standards, manners, codes of ethics, standards of behavior and so forth. They're meant to be a check on our most vile tribal instincts. This is what the Ten Commandments are all about. Ditto the Justinian Code, the Code of Hammurabi, the Magna Carta, common law and even our own Constitution. But somewhere along the line it seems that something may have unraveled -- that we've drifted away from these.

One problem is that a kind of rampant moral relativity took hold. In the celebration of "specialness" that the second half of the last century seemed to usher in, everything that was different and unique and then bizarre and then radical and eventually even aberrant -- well, that all became OK. And then it became just fine. And before we knew it, it seemed to assume the mantle of preferred. We've gotten to a point where the bizarre and the obtuse and maybe even the evil stuff of the world is so magnified and pervasive that it's just not shocking anymore. Indeed, all too often it's actually celebrated by many and accepted by the rest as the new norm.
That's truly dangerous!

The 1960s came to be a sort of watershed moment for America.
The decade was marked by rebellion, riots, violence in the streets, assassinations, discord, upheaval, unending accusations, invective and yes, hatred. I'm not sure we ever really got over it and nothing has seemed quite right since.

During this same period a very wise scholar sounded an ominous warning signal.
The great communication philosopher Marshall McLuhan said that the rapid pace of technology was catapulting us into a global village where we were increasingly linked by instantaneous communication. Professor McLuhan was heralded as a visionary who foresaw a world where we would all be brought together -- where our differences would melt away as we were linked with one another and got to know each other better.
But McLuhan cautioned that we ought not feel quite so optimistic. As he tried to explain, the cyber age that was approaching would usher in a vast deconstruction -- an unparalleled transformation that would leave us in a zillion little pieces. This is what would happen when the power of mass communication would be literally at everyone's fingertips. What he foresaw actually depressed McLuhan because he knew this shift of power would open the door to a multitude of tribes -- tribes that would unleash renewed tensions; tribes that would trigger dangerous hostilities; tribes that would be at each other's throats and tribes that could destroy revered pillars of order, sanity and social stability

In an interview in 1977, McLuhan was asked why binging us closer together through electronic communication would not create a world of greater acceptance and understanding. Here's how McLuhan answered:
The closer you get together, the more you like each other? There’s no evidence of that in any situation that we’ve ever heard of. When people get close together, they get more and more savage, impatient with each together….The global village is a place of very arduous interfaces and very abrasive situations.
In more scholarly philosophical language, McLuhan explained all this as follows:
". . . .the instant nature of electric-information movement is decentralizing——rather than enlarging——the family of man into a new state of multitudinous tribal existences. Particularly in countries where literate values are deeply institutionalized, this is a highly traumatic process, since the clash of the old segmented visual culture and the new integral electronic culture creates a crisis of identity, a vacuum of the self, which generates tremendous violence——violence that is simply an identity quest, private or corporate, social or commercial . . . ."
Understand that McLuhan said all this 20 years before the invention of the world wide web. Know that we are living through very difficult and perilous times -- a degenerative period of enormous disruption. And this is not unique to America, though the decomposition that we are witnessing impacts developed nations such as ours more directly because, as McLuhan explains it: "The aloof and dissociated role of the literate man of the Western world is succumbing to the new, intense depth participation engendered by the electronic media . . . "

And so it seems that the struggle may be beginning all over again -- the struggle to create order out of madness; the struggle to contain the beast within us; the struggle to overcome our most vile, tribal instincts.

We face a daunting task. Where to turn?

It's conceivable that we may have to use social media to fight social media. Furthermore, controls and/or curtailments may have to be imposed. We are never comfortable giving up various freedoms but some sacrifices may have to be made.

Obviously, we must also call upon what Lincoln described as the "better angels of our nature". In the end, we would do well to look to those who help others; those who bind up wounds; those who face down evil boldly and courageously; those who sail against the tide. Imagination and innovation must be put to use for the greater benefit of all. We also need to find a sense of goodness once again among ourselves; to exchange cynicism for honest belief; to rediscover virtue and to dare to call upon a power higher than ourselves for the help that only He can provide.

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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Vivid Video Evidence: The Hateful Double-Standard!

When a GOP House leader is nearly killed in a mass gunfire attack on Republicans (by a Bernie supporter) it's played as basically, nobody's fault and, shockingly . . .  almost justified!
When "pipe bombs" are mailed to prominent Democrats, it's all the fault of the GOP and President Trump.
This is the media double-standard that has now sadly become the norm in this country. It's digraceful!

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Anti-Semite Pittsburgh Shooter 'Is Trump Hater!'

Friday, October 26, 2018

They Simply Don't Want To Talk About It!

As they begin on a joint statewide bus tour, repeated sanctuary city supporters Gov. Tom Wolf and Sen. Bob Casey have yet to address how the United States should handle the caravan of thousands of illegal immigrants heading to the United States.
In fact, Tom Wolf has already said he will not send Pennsylvania National Guard troops to the southern border to protect U.S. citizens and help with border security and has not supported legislation to crack down on dangerous sanctuary cities.
Bob Casey has also voted several times to protect sanctuary cities, that choose to harbor illegal aliens accused of crimes rather than report them to federal immigration authorities.
Given these positions, it is incumbent for them to asked where they stand on how the illegal immigrant caravan should be handled and what they will do to ensure the United States remains a country of that respects the rule of law.
In addition, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Jason Gottesman, made the following statement:
“Tom Wolf and Bob Casey have repeatedly refused to hold so-called sanctuary cities accountable, leaving open the question of how they plan to handle the migrant caravan heading toward the United States.
“As Tom Wolf and Bob Casey embark on their statewide bus tour, it is necessary that they be asked about, and held to account for, their positions in light of the thousands of illegal aliens heading to the country’s southern border as part of the migrant caravan."

Oh, What A Wonderful Day At The White House!

Beautiful, Inspiring, Happily 'Be Best!'

Watch Media Superstar's Ugly, Dramatic IMPLOSION!

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Watch President Trump Live On Suspect Arrest!

They Say They're In favor Of 'Free Speech' BUT . . .

What We Know About The Suspect AND The Irony

The suspect just arrested in the threat incidents is reportedly a white male, in his 50s, a resident of Florida and former resident of NY who was known to las enforcement and had PRIOR arrests for terroristic threats. 
He was arrested in Aventura, Florida near Miami.
The suspect is apparently a wacko who's been off the rails for quite some time, who's been known to law enforcement and who apparently has quite a long-standing record of this type of activity. As we've said -- crazy knows no party or exclusive political philosophy. Crazy is -- well, just plain crazy, period.
President Trump promised he would bring the full force of the federal government and law-enforcement to the task of finding this person and arresting him. It appears as if the president has delivered -- and in record time. 
It's clear that this was an amateurish job from the outset -- probably carried out by a single wacko. Thank you, Mr. President for acting promptly and thanks to all law-enforcement for this outstanding effort. 
This person was/is most likely deranged.
Now, here's the real irony in all this -- liberal Democrats have, over the decades, been the chief defenders of the rights of the mentally ill, but not always in the best way. Working through the courts, liberals have ensured that many, many of these individuals (who may be a threat to themselves and/or others) have remained at large. Because of the "advocacy" of liberals, it has become harder and harder to detain these persons or to institutionalize them and get them the help they need.
Indeed, liberals have helped guarantee that deranged people (many among the homeless) have remained on the streets and at large, creating, in many cases, a danger to others. 
So, the very liberals who will so loudly decry this suspect and his actions are the same people who have allowed him to remain at large and carry out his current alleged crimes -- even after his prior record. Think about it!

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Four Stars Tell Stories To Five-Star Moderator, 11/13!

CBS 3 TV news anchor Jim Donovan will moderate this all-star panel on Tuesday, November 13!

From Celebration to Crisis - And Back Again with Four PPRA Hall of Fame Members

At this special Philadelphia Public Relations Association (PPRA) program, four of our PPRA Hall of Famers will reveal the back stories of some of their biggest projects and the obstacles they overcame to pull them off. 
Moderated by CBS 3 anchor Jim Donovan, this lively discussion will cover case studies from crisis management for high-profile clients to celebrations such as the recent Philadelphia Eagles Championship Parade. Family-style lunch is included with registration.

  • David Brown, Assistant Professor of Instruction at Temple University’s Klein College of Media and Communication
  • Cathy Engel Menendez, APR
  • Jeff Jubelirer, Vice President, Bellevue Communications
  • Ike Richman, President, Ike Richman Communications

Cancellations will be accepted in writing by November 9, 2018.
No Refunds after November 9, 2018. No-shows will be billed.
  • 13 Nov 2018
  • 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • Maggiano's Little Italy, 1201 Filbert St, Philadelphia, PA 19107


At this special progr

Thursday, October 25, 2018

IMPRESSIVE: A Prestigious National Honor!

Margaret Egan, Principal of Saints Peter and Paul Catholic School in West Chester (Chester County), was announced by United States Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos as one of the 2018 recipients of the Terrel H. Bell Award for Outstanding School Leadership on Tuesday, October 23rd.

The 11 principals selected from the 2018 cohort of National Blue Ribbon Schools will be honored during the National Blue Ribbon Schools awards ceremony on Wednesday, November 7th in Washington, D.C.  

Dr. Andrew McLaughlin, Secretary for Elementary Education in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, reacted to the announcement by saying, “In addition to our eight National Blue Ribbon Schools this year, we have even more reason to celebrate.  We are very proud of Mrs. Egan for achieving this national recognition as an outstanding school leader.  She is a shining example of the talented and dedicated leadership in the Catholic parish and regional schools throughout the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.  I offer her prayerful best wishes and congratulations on this very deserving accolade.”

Earlier this month  Our Lady of Mount Carmel School in Doylestown (Bucks County), Saint Jude School in Chalfont (Bucks County), Saint Joseph – Saint Robert School in Warrington (Bucks County), Saint Katharine Drexel School in Holland (Bucks County), Saints Peter and Paul Catholic School in West Chester (Chester County), Saint Mary Magdalen School in Media (Delaware County), Our Lady of Mercy Regional Catholic School in Maple Glen (Montgomery County), and Mater Dei Regional Catholic School in Lansdale (Montgomery County)  were selected as part of the 2018 cohort of National Blue Ribbon Schools in an announcement made by Secretary DeVos.

In a statement released earlier today by the USDOE Secretary DeVos said about this year’s 11 Terrel H. Bell award winners, “We know strong school leadership is a driving force behind ensuring students and teachers succeed,” said Secretary DeVos. “I’m pleased to recognize these talented Bell Award winners who are helping to lead needed transformations at the most local level. Through their leadership, vision and effort, countless students – regardless of their family income, race or language proficiency – are able to excel.”

Named for the second U. S. Secretary of Education, the Bell Award honors school leaders who are committed to education and improving outcomes for all students. The award is part of the National Blue Ribbon Schools Program. Principals are nominated by their school communities during the final stages of the National Blue Ribbon Schools application process.
The 2018 recipients are:
Special Lifetime of Leadership Awardee:
Brief summaries of each recipient’s work are also available at
The U.S. Department of Education, together with the National Association of Elementary School Principals, the Association for Middle Level Education, and the National Association of Secondary School Principals, present the Bell Awards.

# # #

  Editor's Notes: For information about Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, please visit  For a complete list of 2018 National Blue Ribbon Schools, please visit

Founded in 1982, the National Blue Ribbon Schools Program recognizes public and private elementary, middle, and high schools where students perform at very high levels or where significant improvements are being made in students' academic achievement.  Since the program's founding, the U.S. Department of Education has bestowed this coveted award on more than 8,500 of America's schools.

Time To End Global Freeloading? We Say YES!

For far too long, the United States has been footing the bill for lower drug prices—in foreign countries. American patients and taxpayers unfairly subsidize worldwide drug innovation while patients overseas get much lower prices from drug makers. Medicare in particular has shouldered an outrageously high burden.
Today, President Donald J. Trump is launching actions to confront global freeloading and lower medicine prices for American patients. The heart of the effort is simple: putting forward a new way for Medicare to pay for certain drugs that is based on prices that other developed countries pay.
That action alone is projected to reduce Medicare’s payments for these drugs by an incredible 30 percent over the next five years. And a related plan will fix the perverse incentives for doctors to administer more expensive drugs to patients.
Driving down drug costs has been a top priority for this President since day one, and Americans are already seeing results:
  • In the 100 days following the release of President Trump’s blueprint for lower drug costs, more than a dozen drug companies reduced their list prices, rolled back planned price increases, or froze their prices for the rest of the year.
  • The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) set a new record for generic approvals last year, approving more than 1,000 generics that will bring an estimated $9 billion in savings in 2018.
  • President Trump signed a law to end unfair gag clauses, which prevented pharmacists from telling patients when they could pay less out of pocket than if they used insurance to cover certain medicines.

Vice President Pence surveys damage in Florida

Vice President Mike Pence and Second Lady Karen Pence traveled to the Florida Panhandle today, meeting with residents and surveying the damage from Hurricane Michael.
In Panama City, the Vice President and Second Lady received a briefing about the storm’s impact on Tyndall Air Force Base. Vice President Pence assured Tyndall’s military families that the base will be rebuilt. In fact, $100 million has already been designated to help with cleanup and recovery at the site.
Before departing, the Vice President and Second Lady also visited Hiland Park Baptist Church and met with military families affected by the storm to assure them they have the full support of President Trump and the Administration.

Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day

Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks

First Lady Melania Trump, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, and students from Digital Pioneers Academy wave at the camera Tuesday prior to a screening of the motion picture 'Wonder' in the White House Theater | October 23, 2018

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Where To House Those 'Migrants' At The Border

There's a crisis on America's border.
Thousands of people fleeing from Central America are headed the US border and they're looking for homes in our country.
Of course, we're not supposed to call them illegals, for that would be politically incorrect. So, no matter their obvious legal status (or lack thereof) we have been told that they should be referred to as "migrants" and we should give them a chance to gain asylum. Which means that get in.
Okay, let's use that term for now and ask: Where should we send these "migrants" who seek friendly homes in our nation? Here are some suggestions:

The Clinton Compound in Chautauqua, NY: The Clintons don't really spend much time at their rural NY digs, far from the Big Apple. In fact, they're busy campaigning now and then will embark on a months-long speaking tour. And, they have another home in DC, anyway. So, this would be a great place to house those seeking a bright future in the USA. And after all, Bill and Hill want them here, right? 
The Clinton compound in upstate NY.
Robert Redford's Sundance: Actor, activist and noted liberal Robert Redford owns a huge parcel of land adjacent to and part of his Sundance Resort in Utah. In fact, Redford has reportedly amassed more than 7,000 acres. And surely Redford can afford to welcome these migrants. Since he's supportive of the cause. let's call upon Redford to welcome these dear unfortunates. Here's your Big Opportunity, Mr. Compassion.

Barbra Streisand's Malibu ranch: Oh, yes - La Streisand has platy of room right by the sea in California where the migrants should feel right at home. In fact, she's collected houses and an enormous garage on a 24 Malibu acres. Lots of cozy quarters for kiddies. And while the ultra-liberal Barbra has reportedly donated the land and buildings to a conservancy (sounds like a convenient tax move to us) that doesn't make them any less available as they have reportedly been emptied of all of Streisand's priceless objects d'art. Plus, this gal from Brooklyn (who also keeps a place in Manhattan) has a nice spread in Beverly Hills that has plenty of free rooms and open space. Here's your chance, Ms. Humanitarian.

Part of Streisand's Malubu encampment.

Jane Fonda's New Mexico ranch: That great champion of rad/lib causes, Jane Fonda owns the 2,300-acre "Forked Lightning Ranch"  near Pecos, about 25 miles outside Santa Fe. The property's 9,585-square foot adobe home was built in the traditional architectural style of the area. At one point the property was listed for $19.5 million, so you know it's cushy. Hey, Ms. Fonda could have donated the property or she could have offered it to the government at cost. BTW: The property also has a 2,125-square-foot guest house, nicknamed the "Hacienda," with five bedrooms, three bathrooms and a patio. And, there's a 3,409-square-foot, two-bedroom log house on the grounds. Sounds perfect, Jane!

The homes of John Kerry and Teresa Heinz Kerry: Johnny and Terry were sweethearts. And between them, these two noted lefties have managed to amass significant real-estate holdings: An estate and mansion in Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania; a huge ski-getaway vacation home in Ketchum, Idaho; a mansion in Washington's posh Georgetown area and a home on Boston's Beacon Hill. Total value of these homes was estimated to be over $29 million -- and that was more than ten years ago! In the interest of international harmony, our esteemed former Secretary of State should welcome the migrants into any or all of these properties post haste. That'll fix his long face real quick!

The Obamas chic Kalorama digs: The Obamas are often on the road and they have another house in Chicago, anyway. So, while they're away they ought to open their DC home (in one of the district's poshest neighborhoods) to the poor, destitute migrants. Surely they care at least that much, right? 

Barack and Michelle Obama's spacious Washington DC home.

The Kennedy Family Compound, Hyannis Port, Mass: When Sen Edward M. Kennedy (the family's most recent patriarch) passed away he gave his immediate family the rights to the property for their lives and a remainder interest in the property to the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate. Well, that does seem to be a fancy name for a tax shelter but, so what? Additionally, Ethel Kennedy (the widow of the late Senator Robert Kennedy) owns a house on the sprawling oceanfront compound. The houses are not occupied most of the year and there's more than enough room for those poor, poor migrants. And, in any event, surely the Kennedy's would want to share, wouldn't they? After all, they've been preaching the liberal gospel for three or four generations and reminding us that "of whom much is given, much is expected in return." Touch football with the migrants? Sounds super!

Well, there are five cogent suggestions for what to do with the migrants.
But we've just barely scratched the surface.
There are so many bleeding-heart liberals out there with so much land and so much moola and so much sincere commitment to the poor and the oppressed (Think: The Hamptons, Martha's Vineyard, The Upper East Side, Saucilito, etc.) that it would seem there would be no shortage of opulent shelters and willing shelterers for these poor, innocent people -- and plenty of dough to feed 'em as well. 

And yet, none of these seemingly obvious candidates have come forward to volunteer their property for temporary use by those that they say should be admitted to our country -- and those that they claim to care about.
We wonder why . . . . hmmmm?

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