Monday, March 31, 2008

Thank You!

In less than two weeks our fledgling blog has scored another 1,000 hits and we've now topped 6,000!
Thank you for coming back again and again, for telling your friends and for getting the word out about this ongoing dialogue. This success is as much yours as it is ours. And, we continue to welcome your comments and your input.
We are now experiencing our fastest growth ever. Thanks!

Take The Survey

Matthew Ryan Schottland, a psychology student at New York University is conducting a survey about the information people use to inform their voting behavior. The survey is part of a broader study funded by a National Science Foundation grant. It's all very legit and doesn't involve any sales pitches or any cost to the participants.
You can take the entire survey online by clicking here.
Just remember: If you view or take the survey, please don't comment here. You can direct your questions and comments to the survey sponsors.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

'Dysfunction' Premiere Apr. 9

Our friend Mary Patel will premiere her long-awaited (and cleverly titled) documentary Electile Dysfunction next week (Wednesday, April 9) during the Philadelphia Film Festival at the Prince Music Theater at 7 PM.
This film examines the growing "science" of electioneering and stacks it up against the public's disillusionment with the whole process. Mary's wide-ranging analysis and commentary feature an impressive array of local and national politicos. But the film also includes up close and personals with average voters and the local foot shoulders who toil away on behalf of political candidates. Leave it to Mary to cover all the bases and tell a story in-depth but with a shrewd and entertaining eye as well.
Mary Patel's Political Notebook in the City Paper is one of the most widely-read columns of its type in the region and Mary also appears on Inside Story on Philadelphia's 6 ABC-TV.
Order tickets to the premiere of Electile Dysfunction by clicking here.

Altoona Geek Bowl

One of the funniest newsclips of the weekend shows Obama bowling in working-class Altoona, Pennsylvania with his new pal Bob Casey.
Obama's the only guy I know who bowls with a dress shirt and tie (not to mention the perfectly pressed dress pants). And Casey was right alongside him (equally stuff-shirted) cheering him on. They looked like a couple of certified geeks. Yo, O: Loosen your tie. Lighten up a bit.
It's clear that Obama is using Casey. And it's equally clear that Casey is allowing himself to be used.
Figuring out why Casey is such a willing and nerdy looking participant may be as easy as figuring out how long it takes to climb on a bandwagon. Casey wants to ride the wave. Trouble is, nobody's going to mistake him for some kewl surfer anytime soon.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

No April Foolin!

They'll be no April Foolin come Tuesday.
This is the real deal: George Strait hits stores April 1 with his 37th album, Troubadour.
The “King of Country Music,” continues to raise the standard as he follows up his CMA Album of the Year, It Just Comes Natural. This new album’s first single, “I Saw God Today,” already set a personal mark when it debuted at No. 19 on the country radio charts—higher than any other song he’s released in his career. Currently it sits at #4 on R&R/Billboard.
“It’s a great record to start it out with,” says Strait. “Anyone who has had a kid can relate to seeing them for the first time and know that it is really and truly is a gift from God.” From a creative vantage point, the album as a whole promises to be remarkable. We're told that Strait explores new musical turf with the calypso R&B in “River Of Love”; opens up to meaningful—and rare—guest appearances by Patty Loveless, Vince Gill and songwriter pal Dean Dillon; and delivers the 12-song set with a voice that continues an extremely graceful evolution.
“He’s always good,” friend and co-producer Tony Brown says, “but he sang really good on this album.”
“His vocal tone has progressed very, very nicely in the last five or six years,” observes Dillon, who should know: He’s written 13 of Strait’s hits, dating back to the first, 1981’s
George Strait has more gold and platinum albums than any other country artist. He joined the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2006, making him the only performer who’s earned a plaque in the hallowed halls while still consistently racking up hits.
“Troubadour…you know it does tell a pretty good story that fits my whole career from start to finish,” admits Strait. “cause that’s really what I’ll be when I grow to an age I can’t do this anymore. I’ve always wanted to be around as long as I could for sure. I’m still after longevity. I want to make records as long as I can cause I still enjoy it just as much as I always did.”

Bravo, Bridget Foy's!

We joined in the celebration of a Very Significant Birthday last night at one of our favorite places, Bridget Foy's American Grill, a landmark on Philadelphia's most happening street, South Street at Second.
We've known proprietors John and Bernadette Foy for more years than we care to remember and last night we delighted in seeing our old friends again along with their daughter, Bridget and son, Adam. Bridget now manages the restaurant which bears her name and last night we noticed many new touches at this cozy, multi-level bistro. In fact, we were the first to occupy a new long table which runs down the center of the main room facing South Street and we were surrounded by a houseful of other patrons at new tables and chairs featuring a cutout of Bridget Foy's distinct star logo. A new cooper ceiling and new colors also adorn Bridget Foy's and the intimate lighting gives the place a magnificent golden glow. Bernadette told us that the lighting was designed by the same person who recently lit Philadelphia's Osteria restaurant.
More changes will soon be coming to Bidget Foy's including a new building facade.
The food at Bridget Foy's is always fresh, imaginative, tasty and reasonably priced and none of that has changed. John and Bernadette travel around the world to scout out new dishes and the menu is frequently updated but always includes reliable standbys. Last night our large party enjoyed stir fries, strip steak, striped bass, penne chicken, southwestern crab cakes, pork tenderloin, steak salad and calamari. And if you're looking for something as simple as a burger, Bridget Foy's has one of the best burgers in the city and one of the finest martinis as well.
It's no surprise that this lively, friendly spot has outlasted many other restaurants and become a Philadelphia favorite. The owners and the staff at Bridget Foy's are personally dedicated to a fun, first-rate dining experience. Stop by and say hello to John, Bernadette and Bridget. They'll be happy to see you.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Goosebump Time!

Leadership - not just aspiration.

Better At Brasserie

The joint was jumpin last night at Georges Perrier and Chris Scarduzio's hip, informal Brasserie Perrier and we were among the last to leave as Brasserie unveiled its new, fresh vibe menu which included new craft beer selections. Brasserie's bar is vast -- well stocked -- and the mixologists are first rate.
We sampled a variety of cheeses, sausages, foccacia, grilled tuna, thinly-sliced beef, and dreamy pizza. It was great fun to be in Brasserie's environs surrounded by muted tones of copper, grey, rust and tan. And it's all strategically located on Philadelphia's swank Rittenhouse Row. In fact, the festivities spilled out onto Brasserie's convivial sidewalk cafe. BTW: The microbrews were great -- and the Ciroc vodka wasn't bad either!

Casey To The Left

Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey's endorsement today of Obama represents Casey's swing to the extreme left as he embraces the nation's most liberal senator.
One can't help but wonder if Casey's late father, Governor Bob Casey, would have followed this course. Governor Casey was, after all, the man who attempted to challenge the Democrat party from the right and nudge the party toward more reasonable positions on a whole range of issues. Casey The Elder was an old-line labor Democrat who seemed more attuned to the more centrist views of the Clintons.
The son's movement away from the more centrist views of his father also represents a movement away from those all-important "Casey Democrats" who one would figure would be more kindly disposed toward Hillary Clinton. These old-line, labor-oriented working class Dems are not always quick to endorse the social reconstructionist view of Obamaniacs.
But Casey The Younger has cast his lot. He's placed his bet.
Now, let the chips fall where they may.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Garlic Noses?

Fox News, Newsmax and CNS News are all reporting that Obama's [former] pastor, mentor and "uncle" Rev. Jerimiah Wright has slurred Italians referring to them as "garlic noses."
Wright, who is now "pastor emeritus" of the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago included the slur in a piece published in the most recent issue of his Trumpet Newsmagazine.
"(Jesus') enemies had their opinion about Him," Wright wrote in a eulogy of the late scholar Asa Hilliard in the November/December 2007 issue. "The Italians for the most part looked down their garlic noses at the Galileans." Wright continued, "From the circumstances surrounding Jesus' birth . . . up to and including the circumstances surrounding Jesus' death on a cross, a Roman cross, public lynching Italian style. . ."
"He (Jesus) refused to be defined by others and Dr. Asa Hilliard also refused to be defined by others. The government runs everything from the White House to the schoolhouse, from the Capitol to the Klan, white supremacy is clearly in charge, but Asa, like Jesus, refused to be defined by an oppressive government because Asa got his identity from an Omnipotent God."
Put Wright's aside the hateful anit-American rhetoric for the moment and focus on his ethnic slurs.
Over the course of many years I've heard my share of slurs and guttural language used against Italians and Italian-Americans. But this is surely a new low - and couched in religious terms, to boot.
Rev. Wright is a man who apparently harbors deep and lasting hatreds and resentments.
In failing to clearly and completely disown Rev. Wright, Obama has committed a grievous error.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Clinton On Wright

Hillary Clinton on Rev. Wright:
He would not have been my pastor. You don’t choose your family, but you choose what church you want to attend. You know, I spoke out against Don Imus, saying that hate speech was unacceptable in any setting, and I believe that. I just think you have to speak out against that. You certainly have to do that, if not explicitly, then implicitly by getting up and moving.
Clinton made her comments during a Pittsburgh Tribune-Review interview. For a video clip of Clinton's comments on Wright click here.

Gerry: 'I Won't Forget'

Calling it "divisive for the party" Geraldine Ferraro today says Barack Obama "didn't have to bring me into" his remarks last week about Rev. Wright and race. Ferraro says she was "appalled" at the way Obama brought her (and his grandmother) into the speech and compared their comments to those of Rev. Wright.
Ferraro made her comments on the Laura Ingraham talkfest and expressed her gratitude to Laura for giving her the chance to tell her side of the story. Ferraro says she's upset at the way she's been treated by Obama and other some other Democrats and adds: "I won't forget this. I can't forget this."
BTW: Obama ends his Virgin Islands vacation today to return to campaigning. Obama says he observed Easter at an impromptu private ceremony with his wife and two children.
At last report Rev. Wright was hiding out at the Ritz Carlton in Puerto Rico.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Cat Facts

The way that some of Philly's "other" Big Five schools carry on about their basketball teams and supposed accomplishments, you'd think they were NCAA powerhouses.
But don't be fooled.
The simple fact is that no Big Five team has reached NCAA basketball's Final Four more than Villanova. And since 1955 Nova has been the only Philadelphia team to actually win the national title. Wildcats don't die. Facts don't lie.

Wright Stuff

So, under the dynamic coach Jay Wright, Villanova now heads into the NCAA mens basketball Sweet Sixteen for the third time in four years.
They said Nova's team was green and not ready for prime time.
But they don't know Nova and they don't understand Jay Wright - the coach who makes Pat Riley look like a slob.
Courtesy of here are some other things about Jay Wright that you may not know:
1. Giorgio Armani wears Jay Wright suits.
2. Jay Wright doesn't own a mirror. He can see it in your face that he looks good.
3. Jay Wright has a suit for every day of the year. When the year is over, he throws them away and buys new ones.
4. When Jay Wright was in prep school, all the students wore uniforms. Jay Wright was still voted best dressed.
5. A bum asked Jay Wright for some change, but he gave him one of his old sport jackets instead. Now that bum is known as Donald Trump.
6. It's been predicted that if Jay Wright ever spilled anything on one of his suits, stains would be "in" for 200 years.
7. At least 12 photographers have been institutionalized from trying to find Jay Wright's best side.
8. When Jay Wright showers, the soap gets cleaned.
9. Jay Wright has been voted People's Sexiest Man Alive every year since he was five. He refuses to accept until the magazine bans St. Joe's fans from subscribing.
10. The Hawk will never die... that is until Jay Wright wants him to.
11. Four years ago Jay Wright decided an NCAA championship ring would go well with his suit. The rest is history.
12. Villanova games don't have to be in High Definition, Jay Wright makes the TV look better.
13. When Brad Pitt looks at a mirror he says, "Damn I almost look as good as Jay Wright's shadow."
14. Jason Fraser had to learn how to block shots by himself because Jay Wright doesn't know the meaning of the word rejection.
15. Every year the alumni association spends thousands of dollars to buy Jay Wright the best ties they can find. Jay uses them as his "work out ties."
16. The term birthday suit was invented when Jay Wright was born wearing a tuxedo.
BTW: Jay Wright is a multiple winner of GQ's Fashionable Four, an award given to the best dressed coach in college basketball.

History's Great Phrases, II

"I am not a crook." -Richard Nixon
"I did not have sex with that woman." -Bill Clinton
"This isn't some crackpot church." - Barack Obama

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Crawford TCM Alert

Tomorrow (Sunday 3/23) beginning at 8 PM Turner Classic Movies TCM) will present a 13-film tribute to Joan Crawford in honor of the 100th anniversary of her birth.
This extraordinary 24-hour movie retrospective will begin with the original TCM documentary, Joan Crawford, the Ultimate Movie Star, narrated by Angelica Huston.
Then the program moves into Crawford's Oscar-winning 1945 performance as Mildred Pierce (9:30 PM). This is followed by Torch Song (1953), a 1962 Crawford biographical short, Spring Fever (a 1927 silent film), Grand Hotel (1932), Wild and Woolly (a 1931 short), Dancing Lady (1933), Dancing On The Ceiling (a 1937 short), Sadie McKee (1934), The Last of Mrs. Cheyney (1937), A Woman's Face (1941), They All Kissed The Bride (1942), Humoresque (1946), Harriet Craig (1950) and finally at 7:44 PM on Monday, Trader Hound (a 1931 short).
You may want to keep one or more video recorders going to capture this all night/all day Crawford festival. Certainly, Mildred Pierce, Grand Hotel, The Woman, A Woman's Face, Humoresque and Harriet Craig are not-to-be-missed. And certainly Dancing Lady is noteworthy because it is one of those Very Special Films that teams Crawford with one of her favorite costars, Clark Gable.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Honoring Larry Frankel

We had a wonderful time at the Duane Morris law firm in Philadelphia last night at a reception for Philadelphia lawyer Larry Frankel who has joined the National ACLU staff in Washington DC as State Legislative Liaison. Larry Frankel represented the ACLU of Pennsylvania for 16 years, as Legislative Director and Executive Director. During that time he earned the respect of legislators from both sides of the aisle as he played a pivotal role in legislation concerning many important issues. There is no doubt that Larry's work has made a profound difference in the lives of ordinary citizens.
We saw many dear friends at the reception including former Philadelphia Bar Association Chancellors Abe Reich, Alan Feldman, Andy Chirls and Jane Leslie Dalton. Also on hand were Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission Chair Stephen Alan Glassman, Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts Executive Director Lynn Marks, Philadelphia Bar Association Communications Director Mark Tarasiewicz, University of Pennsylvania Law School Professor Lou Rulli, Blank Rome Human Resources Specialist Cory Watson, Support Center for Child Advocates Director Frank Cervone and David M. Rosenblum who now works as an attorney for the State of New Jersey.

Check Out Clog

We like Philadelphia City Paper's The Clog blog and we recommend it to all our readers.
We always find helpful tips, interesting news and bristling commentary at City Paper
We're happy to be added to The Clog's blogroll and we're delighted to add The Clog to our roll. Check out The Clog.

Forget Lincoln, King

Aunt Blabby (aka Chris Matthews) has been at it again.
News Busters reports that after Obama's laborious 45-minute oration last week Matthews couldn't wait to declare the OH!man's windy lecture "worthy of Abraham Lincoln," and also claimed it bypassed Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have A Dream" address as the "best speech ever given on race in this country."
And now The Blabberino has opened his mouth again declaring that Obama "gets to me" and adding that he just can't help but get emotional when Obama speaks, like some kind of impressionable Obamaniac.
Not that we should be shocked or surprised about Aunt Blabby's schoolgirl crush. He's already said that that he feels a "thrill up my leg" when Obama goes into one of his stem winders. It's like Matthews is breathless waiting for Obama to slide the glass slipper onto his tootsy.
Even on Good Friday Chris Matthews just can't shut up. He simply can't stop gushing, can't stop preening, can't stop bloviating. Go away, Chris - go far, far away!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


I've never thought of myself as a "typical white person" -- a TWP.
But hey, what the hell do I know?
Now I've been looking at a site called Stuff White People Like and it turns out I may be quite typical - or as typical as any unique white person can be.
This site says TWPs enjoy dinner parties (I do), have gay friends (I do), view tee shirts as an item of expression (I do, sometimes), like modern furniture in their "dream home" (I do). Now of course, there are some areas where I don't seem to match up: I don't wear outdoor performance gear. I don't like singing comedians. I don't have bad memories of high school. And, I don't hate big corporations.
So, am I a TWP or not?
This is important to me. I need to know.
Maybe I'll have to ask Barack Obama.

'Typical White Person'

Our friend Dan Gross at the Philadelphia Daily News helped to break one of the biggest stories of the day when he reported as follows on his blog, Philly Gossip:
We thought we heard this, but we wanted to go back and listen to the clip of Sen. Barack Obama on 610 WIP this morning to be sure.610 WIP host Angelo Cataldi asked Obama about his Tuesday morning speech on race at the National Constitution Center in which he referenced his own white grandmother and her prejudice. Obama told Cataldi that "The point I was making was not that my grandmother harbors any racial animosity, but that she is a typical white person."
Exactly what is a "typical white person?"
Is a typical white person someone who has a "fear of black men who pass by" him or her on the street? That's what Obama said about his grandmother the other day.
Is a typical white person someone "who on more than one occasion has uttered racial or ethnic stereotypes?" That's another characterization that Obama made of his grandmother.
What eaxctly is a typical white person?
Dan Gross takes this a step further and dares to ask: "If Hillary Clinton referred to a 'typical black person,' would we ever hear the end of it?"
It's a damned good question, Dan - one that we sense we know the answer to.

Buck Naked?

We enjoy the Buck Naked Politics blog. It's lively, irreverent and often thought-provoking.
So, we're delighted that Buck Naked has linked to us. And we're happy to link to Buck Naked here at our blog.
May the blogosphere continue to be the source of an endless array of views, comments and observations!

We Said It First

Communication consultant and pollster Frank Luntz has been on several TV networks saying that Obama's remarks feel short and noting that Obama never looked directly at the TV audience, spoke too long and, for the first time appeared in front of eight American flags while still refusing to wear the falg on his lapel.
But we already said that here and here - and we said it on this blog before Frank Luntz. In fact, we said much of it moments after the speech ended.
So, maybe Frank's been reading our blog. If so, we don't mind him borrowing from us. Just give us credit, Frank!

wRight Answer Is . . .

Our friend Stu Bykofsky at the Philadelphia Daily News has a great column today that takes the form of a pop quiz on the Rev. Jerimiah Wright. Stu says:
Once again, R-A-C-E has emerged as the thorniest rose in American life and politics. Barack Obama's powerful speech on Tuesday may have laid it to rest (for now). Before we wave bye-bye to the trapped-in-the-'50s (1950s? 1850s? 1750s?), attic-crazy Rev. Jeremiah Wright, let's salute him with a multiple-choice quiz.
To take the quiz click here.

Great Scott!

Our friend Scott Sigman (shown here with Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell) is the new Chair of the Philadelphia Bar Association's Young Lawyers Division (YLD).
We're showcasing Scott today because he is one of the most dynamic, determined and energetic people we know.
Before joining the Philadelphia law firm of Bochetto & Lentz Scott was an Assistant District Attorney with the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office under the great Lynne Abraham. In the DA's Office he was assigned to the Narcotics Division, first as a Law Intern and then as a Prosecutor. Scott was specially assigned to criminally prosecute Philadelphia’s most serious drug offenders from pre-arrest to post-conviction, litigate the forfeiture of the offender’s real estate through a quasi-civil forfeiture hearing, and litigate civil actions against some of Philadelphia’s worst nuisance bars. He was also the Weed & Seed Prosecutor for North Philadelphia. Scott prosecuted Pennsylvania’s very first Weapons of Mass Destruction case. During his tenure as an Assistant District Attorney he tried hundreds of cases in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas.
At Bochetto & Lentz Scott concentrates his practice in the areas of complex commercial litigation, catastrophic injuries, election law, defamation, fraud, Civil RICO, and white-collar criminal defense. He has been selected as a "Pennsylvania Rising Star Super Lawyer" by Philadelphia Magazine in 2005, 2006 & 2007 and as a “2006 Lawyer on the Fast Track” by The Legal Intelligencer.
Sometimes it seems as if Scott is literally everywhere. Scott Sigman works tirelessly for any cause he becomes involved in and the Philadelphia Bar Association and many other groups benefit from his talents and boundless energy. He's the kind of person who gives us great faith in the future.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Check Out Meghan

Meghan McCain and her mother have a special mother/daughter song.
It's "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole and it makes Meghan think of her mother's affinity for fishes, scuba diving and the ocean.
You can discover this and lots more on Meghan's blog which is called
Meghan is 23 and her blog features musings and pop culture on the campaign trail.
On the prospect of Huckabee being the veep choice: “That’s not going to happen,” Meghan says firmly. “I don’t think they’d be a good match for a lot of reasons and am not even sure if that’s what Huckabee’s going for, anyway. I think he wants to be the head of the evangelical movement.”
And on her 96-year-old grandmother:
“Nana drives fast,” Meghan says. “She got pulled over for doing 112 in Flagstaff about a year ago.”

La Festa di San Giuseppe

Today is St. Joseph's feast day - a day when Italians and Italian-Americans honor St. Joseph (the patron saint of the family) with prayer, devotion and tables adorned with simple (but plentiful) food. Coming as it does during Lent, St. Joseph's Day offers a respite from fasting. So, it's OK today to eat the traditional St. Joseph's dessert - zeppole. Zeppole (pictured) is a kind of pastry ravioli that is filled with vanilla pudding, whipped cream, or sweet cheese.
In New Orleans the Feast of St. Joseph is a city-wide event. Both public and private St. Joseph's altars are traditionally built. The altars are usually open to any visitor who wishes to pay homage. The food is generally distributed to charity after the altar is dismantled. Upon a typical St. Joseph's Day altar, people place flowers, limes, candles, wine, fava beans, specially prepared cakes, breads, and cookies (as well as other meatless dishes). Foods are traditionally served containing bread crumbs to represent saw dust since St. Joseph was a carpenter.
As a youngster I remember visiting homes with my father where St. Joseph alters were set up with huge tables of food. The door to each home was unlocked and anyone could come in to honor St. Joseph and enjoy the food. No one was turned away.
Devotion to St. Joseph remains a hallmark of the Italian-American community -- something that many of use still keep in our hearts.

Great Phrases In History

"Give me liberty or give me death." - Patrick Henry
"Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from
the Earth." -Abraham Lincoln
"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." - Franklin D. Roosevelt
"Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country." -John F, Kennedy
"Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" - Ronald Reagan
"Whether we bring our enemies to justice or bring justice to our enemies, justice

will be done." -George W. Bush
"I can no more disown him than I can my
white grandmother." -Obama


As far as I know, yesterday marked the first time that Barack Obama chose to give a speech in front of American flags instead of talking with bannered slogans and/or adoring fans behind him.
Obama walked onto a bare stage adorned only with American flags - eight behind him; four on each side.
So, the man who refuses to wear the flag on his lapel is only to happy to share the stage with eight big, bright flags - especially when he finds himself in a jam.

Check It Out

Ever wonder how much of your tax money is being spent by your U. S. Senator or Congressperson?
What about those trips and junkets that Washington pols enjoy?
Would you like to see your representatives' financial disclosure statements?
You can do it all at LegiStorm, a site is dedicated to providing a variety of important information about the US Congress. While some parts of the site require password access much of it (including salary information) is password-free.
You might be surprised at what you find in LegiStorm. For example, I learned that New Jersey's Senator Frank Lautenberg and his staff cost us more than $1.5 million in salaries alone over the course of just six months. Extend that out over a year and it comes to more than three million dollars!
BTW: Some Senators, Reps and members of their staffs don't really like LegiStorm. But you're really not shocked to learn that, are you?

Drive One, Buy One!

The car that put the world on wheels, the Ford Model T, is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2008, and Ford is planning a year-long series of celebrations to honor the iconic vehicle. At the same time Ford is producing new vehicles that are setting the pace for value, quality, dependability and downright good looks.
I know because I've driven a Ford product for more than 20 years. And every person in my immediate family also drives a Ford vehicle. I believe in American cars and American products and Ford is the quintessential American company. And now Ford has a new advertising campaign that says it all: Drive One. Like most successful ad campaigns this is simple and direct. But it also makes a key point: Drive it. Try it. Don't knock it if you haven't tried it.
One hundred years ago, the Ford Model T changed the world with its technology and the same concept has lived with Ford ever since.
Ford is committed to keeping pace with changing markets throughout the world. In 2010 Ford will introduce its new Verve (concept car pictured) in North America. This is a small, entry-level car targeted to a group of young people aged 13 to 28 years – dubbed “Millennials.” Today, this group stands 1.7 billion strong worldwide and will represent 28 percent of the total U.S. population by 2010. The Verve is expected to arrive in Europe and Asia later this year.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Thanks to all of you we've reached the magical mark of 5,000 hits on this young blog!
And, our numbers continue to climb. We appreciate your support and thank you for coming back again and again. We thank all those who encouraged us to start a blog in the first place, all those who return, all those who tell friends, family, colleagues and co-workers about the blog and all those who post comments, send e-mails, forward items and continue to offer advice and support.
Keep returning, keep helping, keep doing what you're doing.
And - above all - THANKS!

The Speech

Quick observations on the Barack Obama speech today in Philadelphia:
1) The bulk of the speech was well crafted but (like most Obama oratorical efforts) it could have been much shorter. After Obama addressed the Wright controversy (the real reason for the speech) the remarks could have ended. Instead, Obama careened off into a rather typical campaign speech.
2) It occurs to me that it's hard to have it both ways. One can't say we must get beyond race and then, in effect, play the race card. On the significance of race the great actor Morgan Freeman has said "I don't downplay it. I just don't play it." And when asked how we might end racism, Freeman responded: “Stop talking about it. I’m going to stop calling you a white man, and I’m going to ask you to stop calling me a black man.” Today, Obama talked and talked and talked about it.
3) I think it was a mistake for Obama to allow himself to be introduced by former Pennsylvania Senator Harris Wofford. Not because I do or don't like Wofford but because I think that Obama should have just walked to the podium and made his statement. No introduction. No buildup. No cheeleading. Let the speech speak for itself.
4) It's standard for Obama to use a teleprompter (he seems ill at ease without one) but today he seemed to pay particular attention to the teleprompter screens on either side of him to the point where he rarely looked straight ahead to the camera, the TV audience. This detracted from the power of the remarks.
5) In the quest for the presidency, your own personal story will only take you so far. Once we know your story, we want to get beyond it and discover what your plans are, what your real philosophy is. We want not just your narrative but the essence of you and what it will mean to the future of our country if we choose you. The story and the philosophy must make sense together. Today, Obama went back to the story. And that's OK, I suppose. But this alone will only will only take him so far. We're still asking: "Is this all that defines you? Where's the rest of you? What do you really believe?"

Friends Write

Quite a few people have written to me privately about the Obama/Wright affair. I suppose they don't want to comment on the blog even though anonymous comments are permitted and encouraged. Anyway, a friend writes:
This exposure should make Obama unelectable…The anti-American ethnic and racial slurs that infect Wright's oratory, in conjunction with Barack's continued support (that include 20K+ donations to his church) continued membership, and references to this man as an "Uncle..." If, given proper presentation, this should end Obama's candidacy. I am not an Obama hater… but he needs to receive equal treatment, and this association cannot be justified.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Comeback Tales

A 70+ year-old former leader tries for a comeback after losing the top post once before. He's seasoned, battle-scared, irreverent and apparently, authentic. He talks straight, jokes and even makes wisecracks that sometimes annoy his opponents. He can be funny and cranky and sometimes both at the same time. But he's able to relate to people and he understands the political terrain of his nation. Slowly, his center-right coalition builds support and he emerges as the favorite.
Are you thinking John McCain?
Think again.
We're talking about Silvio Berlusconi the once (and apparently future) Prime Minister of Italy. Read the story of Berlusconi's remarkable comback in the Wall Street Journal.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

'Good Time' Had By All

Country great Alan Jackson’s
"Good Time" will debut at #1 on the Billboard 200 and the Billboard Top Country Albums charts this week, with first-week SoundScan sales of 119,151, marking his fourth album to hit the top spots simultaneously on week of release. You’d think that Jackson was a closet numerologist since God Time is his 17th album and contains 17 songs, all written by Jackson (a first) over the course of 71 satisfying minutes. The first single from the album, “Small Town Southern Man,” is Jackson’s 51st single, and has been steadily climbing the charts – it’s #2 this week.
Is anybody really surprised that Alan Jackson continues to top country and pop charts with his laid-back sweet southern way with a song? Jackson makes it all seem effortless. And yet, to maintain a place as part of country music royalty year-after-year is no mean feat. And in addition to writing may of his own songs The Big Guy from Newnan, Georgia continues to tour month after month playing to packed houses wherever he goes.
USA Today has called Alan Jackson "one of country music’s true masters, the kind who can make life’s most mundane circumstances carry emotional heft and make it look easy.”
Keep on keepin on, Alan. You make country music resonate with the heart and soul, the hopes, dreams and wishes of the everyday folk who make America great!

Push For Merit In Pa.

Congratulations to Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts (PMC) and our friends Lynn Marks and Shira Goodman on their new blog
On Tuesday, March 18, 2008, a new Merit Selection initiative for the Pennsylvania appellate courts will be announced by Senators Jane Earll and Anthony Williams and Representatives David Steil and Josh Shapiro , prime sponsors of the legislation. The Philadelphia Inquirer, in a front page article, describes this as a “major push” for Merit Selection.
PMC and PMCAction are very excited about this opportunity to change the way Pennsylvania chooses appellate court judges. Merit Selection will eliminate the influence of money in the selection of judges; give more people the chance to serve as judges, including those without great financial resources or political connections; and make sure that qualifications and experience determine who becomes a judge. This will increase public confidence that our courts are fair and impartial and serve all Pennsylvanians, regardless of financial standing or political affiliation.
In future posts, Judges On Merit will describe the Merit Selection proposal and how it will benefit all Pennsylvanians.
We are happy to link to this new blog and will update you from time to time on the progress of this exciting new effort.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

One Million United

Monday (3/17) will mark the official launch of the Unite McCain campaign. This is a citizen-led movement to unite one million Americans by the presidential election who agree with this statement: "If John McCain becomes the next President of the United states, the country will be a safer place for our family and friends."
Everyone is invited to join in this unprecedented national effort by going to Simply add your name to the list and invte friends to join.

Fishy Fun

McCormick & Schmick's Seafood Restaurant opposite City Hall in Philadelphia has long been one of our favorites. Their fresh-daily fish is simply prepared and served in an inviting atmosphere that encourages conviviality. And the bar features a great daily happy hours with $1.95 entrees.
Today McCormick's crosses the Delaware and opens at Garden State Park in Cherry Hill. But last night invited guests were treated to a red-carpet preview of this spacious new eatery complete with Hollywood skylights, valet parking and live music. The crowd was large, loud and Very Happy and the tastings included crab cakes, calamari, broiled chicken, oysters on the shell, shrimp, ahi tuna and mini burgers.
More than 40 McCormick staffers worked the event and all were friendly, courteous and helpful. We spotted many familiar faces in the crowd and chatted with Cherry Hill Mayor Bernie Platt, former Pennsylvania State Senator Bob Rovner, Philadelphia Tribune correspondent Bobbi Booker and our old friend Mary Fallon of Haddonfield.
Mayor Platt told us that this McCormick's is the first in the nation to open along with its sister restaurant, William Douglas Steakhouse -- named for founders Bill McCormick and Doug Schmick. The Steakhouse will open in a few weeks. While McCormicks & Schmick's will serve lunch and dinner, William Douglas will be a dinner-only destination, offering prime cuts of beef and such features as a live pianist. We got a sneak peak at the steakhouse and I can report that it is upscale - very clubby with dark woods, velvet drapes, comfortable chairs, soft lighting and intimate cushy booths.
BTW: This new McCormick's will feature the same low-priced happy hour as the Philadelphia eatery.
Mayor Platt is justifiably thrilled about the opening of McCormick's, William Douglas and all of the other developments along Cherry Hill's Haddonfield Road power corridor stretching from Route 70 to the Cherry Hill Mall where Crate and Barrel and The Container Store have already arrived and Nordstrom, Maggiano's and others will soon follow. Any town would give its all to have any one of these names while Cherry Hill has attracted all of these as well as Wegman's. And the list just seems to keep growing.
While we were at the party Bob Rovner reminded us of his radio programs: Senator Bob Rovner Talks To The Stars every Friday at 1 PM on WNWR, 1540 AM and his Saturday gig at 2 PM with Councilman Frank Rizzo on WWDB, 860 AM.
After we departed McCormick's we headed down the road a bit to Cold Stone Cremery and treated ourselves to White Chocolate and Sweet Cream.

Photo: Courier Post

Friday, March 14, 2008

Color It Rouge

Is there any better place to be on a nearly-balmy, almost-spring day than Rouge?
Rouge, on Rittenhouse Square, is Philadelphia's most seductive hangout. The people watching (both inside and outside the restaurant) is great. The drinks are plentiful. The burgers and omelets are absolutely dreamy. And with a helpful hostess like Renee and attentive servers like Jen what more could you ask for?
I suppose you could call Rouge a bistro, a boite or a brasserie. I call it an unpretentious jewel box filled with interesting people, fresh, simple dishes and tempting drinks. And all of this comes with admirable intimacy and an extraordinary view.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bravo Drexel Law!

Last night we attended a gala reception for the new Drexel University College of Law on the Drexel campus in Philadelphia. The reception, held in Drexel's ornate Great Hall in the oldest building on campus celebrated Drexel's newest success story.
Drexel Law School Dean Roger J. Dennis thanked everyone involved for their efforts in getting the new Law School on its feet and helping it to achieve provisional American Bar Association certification in a quick 18 months. "The enthusiasm and commitment of our students give us all the energy to build a law school that merits the generous investment of our faculty, staff and many friends," Dean Dennis said.
Speakers included Drexel's dynamic President Constantine "Taki" Papadakis, Dean Dennis, Pennsylvania Supreme Court Chief Justice Ronald Castille (shown speaking) and Chief Judge Anthony J. Scirica of the U. S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals. While we were there we also chatted with our wonderful friend and Drexel Vice President and Chief of Staff Carl "Tobey" Oxholm, III and former Philadelphia Bar Association Chancellor Jane L. Dalton.
Drexel's Law School is off to a great start and it's fitting that this outstanding research university now has a law school in addition to its medical school. Drexel has witnessed phenomenal growth and diversification under President Papadakis and when you visit the campus you can feel the energy and excitement.

Passive Aggressive

Does Barack Obama believe that Geraldine Ferraro should have been fired (or forced to step down) as Hillary's "Honorary New York Leadership Council Chair" because she said "if Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position"?
Obama won't say. He will imply, of course. But he won't say.
"I'll leave that to the Clinton campaign," Obama says. But then he adds that when people associated with his campaign have made objectionable comments, they were fired.
Ferraro says the whole thing was cooked up by Obama's guru David Axelrod and she's probably right. She notes that hers was an offhand comment first offered in an interview with an obscure publication. "They have people who troll the internet overnight for stuff like this and then they feed what they found to the broader media if they thing it will advance their cause," Ferraro says.
But surely Obama wouldn't know about any of that.
He's far too busy trying to Bring Us Together. And when stuff like this happens it's totally on the perpetrators. Get it?
There seems to be something disturbingly passive-aggressive about Barack Obama. I suspect it's a learned behavior; something that goes back a long way. And it's tiresome, and ultimately cowardly. There, I've said it.
As for Ferraro, she refuses to apologize because she feels she has nothing to apologize for. She compares Obama to herself in 1984 and freely acknowledges she would never have been nominated to run for the Vice Presidency had she been a man.
In fact, Ferraro likes Obama and suggested she was trying to pay him a compliment. But, as things turn out, that may be a very risky business these days.
Read ferraro's complete letter of resignation here.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


In case you missed it....while waiting in front of the White House for Big Mac to arrive President Bush decided to do a soft shoe. The President is relentlessly punctual. And that's something McCain should have known. But on this occasion "W" chose to be jovial about the whole thing. You can think whatever you wish about this incident but it seems to me that it's reassuring to have someone in the White House who has a sense of spontaneity and the willingness to have some fun and laugh at himself a bit. The President is a well-grounded guy who realizes that the world doesn't revolve around him. He was willing to wait to meet the man who he hopes will be his successor and it certainly seems that he won't hesitate to move on and turn the country over to McCain when the time comes. George W. Bush understands the difference between politics and life.

Opportunity Awaits

Crisis always brings opportunity.
And this was amply evident this morning as New York Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno stepped before the microphones and spoke in advance of Eliot Spitzer's resignation.
Bruno delivered an upbeat, eloquent, unifying message and pledged to move forward with the business of the state. Though Bruno himself was often a target of Spitzer's legendary hatreds and nefarious schemes, his comments today were entirely positive and sympathetic to Spitzer and his family.
It's important to note that Bruno is next in line (after the Lieutenant Governor) to become Governor and he will serve as Acting Governor whenever the new Acting Governor cannot serve. Today, the silver-haired Bruno (a grandfather who has been married to the same woman for 57 years) certainly looked and acted like a Governor. We wish him well!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Schadenfreude is the hot, hot word of the moment.
It's a noun and it means "a malicious satisfaction obtained from the misfortunes of others." It's pronounced SHOD-n-froy-duh. It comes from the German, from Schaden, "damage" + Freude, "joy." It is often capitalized, as it is in German.
The word is hot right now because of the Spitzer Scandal. It describes both Spitzer's feeling when he took on his Wall Street enemies and others with self-righteous indignation and also the feeling of Spitzer's enemies and others now as they watch Spizer's fall from grace.
Delighting in the misfortunes of others seems to be epidemic these days.
Schadenfreude. It's all schadenfreude, darlings.

On The Main Line

Last night we went to the big party at the Radnor Hotel marking the release of Main Line Magazine's spring issue.
This happy event in the heart of the legendary Main Line featured plentiful adult beverages and a wide variety of edible goodies as well as cool music and rooms bathed in preppy pink and green. We chatted with Andrew Cantor, the magazine's publisher and complimented him on the current issue which is chock full of stories on the Good Life including features on Main Line wine enthusiasts, lush garden furnishings, island escapes and the enduring allure of Lilly Pulitzer.
You can understand why ML calls itself "The art + culture + lifestyle magazine." But the book also contains more serious articles such as the family feature on infertility. All in all, it's a seductive, vivid publication that inspires you live life to the fullest. And everyone from the magazine was justifiably proud last night as the new issue debuted.
Since we were just down the road from Villanova University we felt very much at home at this event. And once again the evening moved along smoothly thanks to the topnotch staff at Cashman and Associates.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Radio Alert!

Stay up late tonight and join me for lively discussion.
I will be on the Dom Giordano Show (1210 AM on the radio) tonight (Monday 3/10) during the 11:30 PM segment to talk about Charisma: what it is; what it isn't; who has it and who doesn't. I will follow my old friend Lynne Abraham on the program. Lynne will guest during the previous hour.
Please be sure to tune in! And thanks for your continued support and encouragement.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Inspiring Kickoff!

Last night we attended a swell kickoff party for the Wally Zimolong campaign at Urban Saloon in Philly's Art Museum neighborhood. Wally (shown with Kelley Bromley) is a Philadelphia lawyer who is seeking election to Pennsylvania's House of Representatives in the 182nd legislative district covering much of center city Philadelphia and parts of Bella Vista, Fairmount, Gray's Ferry and South Philadelphia.
Wally graduated Bishop Eustace, Villanova University, and Villanova Law School. Wally is the first member of his family to graduate from law school and he is admitted to practice in all courts in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
As an attorney, Wally practices construction litigation and construction law. His clients include general contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers, who have helped build many of the City’s landmarks.
Wally believes in community. He sits on the Executive Committee of the Philadelphia Bar Association Real Property Section and is also on the Board of Directors of the Blue White Scholarship Foundation, a non-profit organization providing scholarships to Villanova University students. Wally is also a member of the Union League of Philadelphia.
Wally resides in South Philadelphia just off 9th Street in the heart of the Italian Market area with Bubba, his black Labrador retriever.
It's great to see young people like Wally becoming involved in politics. Last night's event was a fun affair with plenty of young professionals on hand to lend their support to Wally and his campaign. We'll keep you posted on the Zimolong campaign as it moves forward.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Great Resource

Our friend Gina Furia Rubel has written a new book called Everyday Public Relations For Lawyers and it's chock full great PR tips - and not just for lawyers.
Let's face it: Lawyers (and many of the rest of us) need PR help. As incredible as this may seem, many good lawyers aren't very good communicators. And many aren't very good writers. When Gina moved from lawyering to PR I honestly wondered if any lawyer could pull this off. I was skeptical because I know how difficult (and specialized) PR can be. But in addition to her legal training Gina did have PR experience. And when she went into the PR business for herself she started with a real passion for the profession. Now, she's a savvy businesswoman, author, lecturer and a consummate pro. She's a high energy person who delivers for her clients.
So Gina has combined the training and good judgment of an attorney with the experience and creativity of a seasoned public relations professional. And she's produced a valuable guide loaded with practical and insightful tips for every lawyer. She's a treasured colleague.
And Everyday Public Relations For Lawyers is a wonderful guide to the nuts and bolts of PR.

Meet Paddy!

Just in time for St. Pat's Day the RNC is offering Paddy the Elephant.
The RNC says that cute little Paddy is available for a limited-time only and is sure to be snapped up quickly. Embroidered with the official logo of the RNC, Paddy is a wonderful plush toy and makes a perfect gift for St. Patrick's Day. Or give Paddy to the "Green" Republican (or conservative or common-sense Democrat) in your life who is dedicated to improving the environment. Paddy is also great for kids and grandkids.
Paddy would love to find a home somewhere. She's yours when you make a modest contribution to the RNC (aka The Cause). You can order Paddy here. And while you're ordering, check out Paddy's friends, Max and Maxine.

Catnip To Masses

The word itself is magic.
It sort of rolls off the tongue like "abracadabra" or "Allakhazam."
It's "charisma." And it seems to be the word of the moment.
The Greek origins of the word charisma conjure up various meanings, including favor, divine gift, yearning and even grace, beauty and rejoicing.
What is it that makes a person charismatic? We say we know it when we see it - or when we've seen it, since charisma can be fleeting. So much of it is "of the moment." . . .

To read the rest of my column from today's Philadelphia Daily News click here.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Big Name Lineup

Over at Politico Jonathan Martin reports that John McCain is taking over the Republican National Committee and bringing in some Big Names to lead the way. McCain's appointments are impressive and I particularly like the sound of the names of the big guns he's bringing in. In fact, anyone who thinks the GOP is just a bunch of waspy old men better pay attention to McCain's lineup. Here's part of Martin's report:
The Republican National Committee tomorrow will announce the appointment of three top John McCain loyalists to help coordinate the party's effort with McCain's campaign and to lead the joint voter contact program, according to GOP sources. Also involved in the effort will be Rudy Giuliani's former campaign manager. Frank Donatelli will serve as the new deputy chairman of the RNC and will serve as the chief liaison between the committee and the campaign. A veteran Republican strategist, Donatelli has worked on numerous GOP presidential campaigns and in the Reagan White House. He's currently a lobbyist at McGuire Woods but will take a leave to join the committee. His wife, Becki, works for McCain, handling his online presence. Leading the so-called Victory organization will be Carly Fiorina. The former CEO of Hewlett-Packard got behind McCain early on and has been a frequent surrogate. She also traveled with him in Michigan and helped carry his economic message there. The Victory effort serves as the party's primary voter contact organization and is aimed at helping Republicans from McCain on down the ballot. Fiorina will serve as chairwoman in a spokeswoman and public advocate capacity. Leading the fundraising effort for the Victory operation will be Lew Eisenberg, a former partner at Goldman Sachs and longtime Republican donor. Like Fiorina, Eisenberg got behind McCain early on. He was named one of McCain's first national finance co-chairmen in 2006. He'll serve as finance chairman for Victory. And helping the RNC and Victory effort will be former Giuliani campaign manager Mike DuHaime. He may not be rolled out tomorrow, but DuHaime will play a key role in working on the political side, advising on voter contact and GOTV strategy. Before running Giuliani's bid, DuHaime served as political director at the RNC.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

When Ironic IS Ironic

I hate the word "ironic".
I almost never use it because I think it's dreadfully misused and overused.
But I do think it's ironic that the Democrat Party is now clearly split along lines of race, class, gender and age. Think about it: Liberal Dems enacted (and still enact) government policies, programs, mandates and incentives that attempt to apportion rights and privileges according to race, class, gender and age. And Democrat-backed activist judges are the first ones to legislate similar moves from the bench or uphold such divisive policies under the guise of fairness.
So now Democrats should not be surprised that their own party is split along these same lines. For generations they've been so busy labelling people and groups that this was the inevitable outcome. In the name of "equality" they Balkanized their own party and have nearly Balkanized the whole country. Among Democrats, women are voting for Clinton, men like Obama; younger people prefer Obama, older people like Clinton; lower income people lean to Clinton, upper income people like Obama and African-Americans are voting in huge numbers for Obama while whites seem to lean toward Clinton.
Now, all this leads me to ask: Is this the true fulfillment of the Democrat dream of equality? If so, it's one helluva mess.

Not The Girl Next Door

She was never the girl next door.
And she never wanted to be the girl next door.
"If they want to see the girl next door," she said "let them go next door."
She created herself through hard work and sheer force of will. She was incredibly focused, determined and committed to the proposition that she would never again have to face the hardships that she faced in her formative years. And she never did.
She never forgot the people who helped her along the way - especially "all the people out there in the dark" who watched her flickering image on the big screen or those who bought the fan magazines that kept her face and her intense, probing eyes front and center. Ever loyal to her adoring fans, she branded herself before anyone knew the meaning of branding and her career stretched from the silent era to Hollywood's post-studio age and the rise of independent films.
She was Hollywood legend Joan Crawford and March 23 will mark the centennial of her birth. Now, one of my favorite authors, Charlotte Chandler has produced a "personal biography" of Joan Crawford titled Not The Girl Next Door. Don't miss it!

Better Without Him

If there's one thing that last night proved it's that she's better without him.
Yes, Hillary is better without Bubba.
She looks better without him - more in command, more responsible, more independent.
She acts better without him. She seems more herself, more at ease, more poised, less edgy.
She sounds better without him - especially since she's not talking about him anymore and she no longer has to try to explain what he did or said.
When you finally come through the fire on your own, what you've learned and what you've achieved is all yours. Nobody can take it away from you.
The only question now is: Does Bubba really understand that Hillary is in a different place now? Does he realize what's happened? And will he finally shut up and get the hell out of the way?
Don't bet on it.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Both of the big winners in Tuesday's primary elections spoke with ease and eloquence at their victory celebrations. They spoke with the knowledge and confidence of tested veterans who know what it is to stumble, to fail and then to come back and triumph again. They spoke with the savvy and grit of real, three-dimensional people.
Yes, they represent different parties and are on opposite sides of the political spectrum.
But both are smart. Both have their wits about them. Both know what it is to experience adversity. And both have seen the presidency close up. You get the feeling that they're ready. They know the ways of Washington. They have a sense of what it is - what it takes - to lead.
Now, John McCain has become his party's nominee. And Hillary Clinton has been given another chance (maybe just a wisp of a chance, but a chance nonetheless) to become her party's nominee.
Let the Democrat Party contest continue. Let the voters have their say. Let the issues be debated. Let democracy take its course. And let the chips fall where they may.

Monday, March 3, 2008

5,000 Here We Come!

In the past two weeks alone this young blog has witnessed a 30% jump in visits. This represents our busiest period yet and we have now passed the 4,000 mark and are well on our way to 5,000 hits.
We thank you again for contributing to our rapid growth and encourage you to return and bring your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers along with you.
You don't have to agree with us to enjoy the site. Simply stop by and cogitate on our musings.
Whether you agree or disagree, please feel free to comment. You can always comment anonymously and all comments are invited.
Now -- 5,000 here we come!

Clock Capers

Congress has been playing around with daylight savings time (DST) recently. So, once again we will be "springing ahead" earlier this year. This means you have to push your clock ahead one hour before you turn in on Saturday night.
It also means you have to reset all of those pesky digital clocks on various devices all over your house. And, you lose an hour of sleep. Hey, I love DST and wish we could have it all year round - which makes this ritual even more of a nuisance.
I have a solution for this twice-a-year time madness: On Saturday we should set the clocks ahead one-half-hour and leave them there. It's a permanent compromise. In the fall, leave the clocks where they are. Next spring, no change. That oughta do it, right?

Sunday, March 2, 2008

OH!bama Exclusive

So there I am in the checkout line at my local supermarket and I see that Us Weekly is featuring an exclusive interview with Barack OH!bama. And there's OH!bama right up at the top right on the cover. He's right up there with the latest on Jennifer Aniston and all the hot fashions from the Oscars. And Us declares: "Barack Obama - He's just like us!"
Why is this happening? Why is OH!bama giving exclusive interviews to the likes of Us Weekly while pretty much ignoring the national news media? Surely, you've figured this out by now.
We're witnessing the Oprahfication of national politics. When it comes to rock stars like OH!bama we don't want to know about things like homeland security, the environment, the economy or health care. We want to know whether he wears briefs or boxers. Well, actually Barack won't answer that question but he does say: "I look great in whatever I wear."
Now, that's what we want from a Real Star: funny, human and modest, too!

Power Tables

In its weekly feature "Power Tables" The Wall Street Journal details where the business elite are eating.
This week the Journal looks at the chic Cafe Boulud in Manhattan where Barbara Walters, Mike Nichols, Dan Aykroyd and Bill Cosby are frequent guests. The most coveted tables at this pricey cafe owned by chef Daniel Boulud are along the windows: tables 10, 20, 30 and 40.
And guess who prefers (and is usally seated at) table 10, 20 or 30? Why it's Joisey Governor Jon Corzine, the same guy who professes to care so deeply about those who are just getting by economically. When he stops by Cafe Boulud this jovial man of the people enjoys Italian wines such as Brunello.
No domestic wines for this guy. And forget those de classe Joisey restaurants as well. For him, it's strictly the upper east side of Manhattan all the way.