Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sardi's And Broadway - Perfect Together Since 1921

The plump, tasty crabcakes at Sardi's, shown as served.
Sardi's bountiful seafood salad entree with crab, shrimp. calamari and more.
An interior conducive to civilized dining and lively conversation.
Sardi's famous walls lined with theatrical luminaries.   
For nearly a century, Sardi's has maintained its timeless appeal.
At the end of Shubert Alley, that's where you'll find Sardi's.
In the heart of Broadway, where it's always been.

In the heart of New York's Theater District, Sardi's has been the toast of Broadway for 91 years.
In a city where restaurants (and trends) come and go in a wink, Sardi's has survived and thrived by following a simple credo: fine food and service in a hushed, civilized atmosphere amidst all the glamour of Broadway and with the valid expectation that a Very Famous Person may walk in at any moment. Almost everybody who's anybody has been to Sardi's at one time or another and the caricatures on the walls attest to that.
We slipped into Sardi's the other night just before the theater and had a wonderful meal (shown above). The service was excellent. The atmosphere -- legendary! And you'll be pleasantly surprised to find the tariff is quite reasonable.
Sardi's complete menu is posted in the window and the restaurant features full dinner specials every evening.
Located at 234 West 44th Street the restaurant is open Tuesday through Sunday for lunch and dinner. Late supper is served from Tuesday through Saturday.
We enjoyed a lovely evening at Sardi's. So will you!

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