Friday, December 30, 2022

23 People To Watch in 2023

And now, the positive flip side of our "disappear" list - the eminently selective People to Watch in 2023. Here they are in no particular order:

Ron DeSantis - If this guy isn't at the top of your list, you haven't been paying attention.

Gavin Newsom - Star quality and unbridled ambition. Watch out, America!

Jalen Hurts - If he's ready, there's no stopping him.

Nikki Haley - What she decides, who she supports could be critical.

Harrison Ford - Far from finished. In fact, he's all set for a Yellowstone prequel and other projects.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders - Wouldn't be the first time a Governor of Arkansas captivated the nation and soared right to the top.

Volodymyr Zelensky - In a world awash in victims, here's a true warrior! 

Anna Paulina Luna - If you haven't yet heard of this new Florida congresswoman, you will!

Elon Musk - Don't ever, ever count this guy out.

JD Vance - What do ya do after ya write a blockbuster bestseller? Stay tuned. And thanks, Ohio!

Benjamin Netanyahu - The world's most enduring leader is back -- and as fearless as ever!

Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors - She's staked the whole future of the company on e-cars. The die has been cast.

Pope Francis - With Pope Emeritis Benedict failing, is the time approaching for Francis to step down?

Alan Domb - Can a smart, sensible, mainstream candidate ever become Mayor of Philadelphia again? Are you listening, Philly? Are you?

Josh Shapiro - You don't really think sleepy 'ole Harrisburg will satiate him, do you? Take cover. His appetite for power is boundless.

Jordan Donica (pictured) - Set to take center stage in the big, new production of Camelot, this leading man is the future of Broadway.

Amy Coney Barrett - Her vote could be critical in more than a few cases soon facing the high court. And she's just getting started.

Cillian Murphy - Taking the namesake role in the widely-anticipated new flick, Oppenheimer. Kaboom!

Marsha Blackburn - One of the feistiest, most media-savvy senators in Washington. And the GOP will need every one of her many talents.

David Oh - Can a Republican win in Philly? OH, yes! You bet he can. He's already proved that.

Tom Kean Jr. - In an era writing death notices for dynasties, here's one that lives on. Hooray!

Krysten Sinema - Now she says she's an independent. But how will she vote? That's the key.

Lea Michelle and Julie Benko - Lea's the star but Julie's the backup (and lead every Thursday) in Funny Girl on Broadway. They're both great and set to charm audiences well into the new year.

And one more, just for fun: Matt Rooney - Not just a person to watch but now a person to listen to on Philly's Big Talker, radio giant, WPHT. Our Save Jersey bud is making quite a name for himself -- and the sky's the limit! GoGoGo!

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