Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Does The State Really Need To Regulate THIS?

Americans for Prosperity, New Jersey's leading advocate for economic freedom, is calling on lawmakers to reject Assembly Bill 1452, the “Lactation Consultants Licensing Act,” arguing the bill “will not only raise barriers to opportunity, but take away women’s rights and access to make the best choice for their own healthcare.”
AFP State Director Erica Jedynak, who testified against the legislation today before the Assembly Regulated Professions, provided the following statement.
“As a growing chorus in Trenton is decrying increased poverty in our state, those same voices continue to push policies which hurt job creation and the potential for upward mobility such as mandating the licensing of various professions, including now lactation consultants. The legislation would require setting up a government board and charging fees on a profession that has already been providing services to mothers and their babies for years, such as through accredited La Leche League leaders and nurses at hospitals.
“The rationale behind licensing lactation consultants is tenuous at best, but even worse is the paternalistic and intrusive nature of this legislation. Quite simply, state government should not be getting between women and their health care providers, particularly with respect to an issue as inherently personal as breastfeeding their newborn child.
“As the bill is written, only 300-400 individuals would qualify to be a licensed lactation consultant, according to their association in committee today. With almost 9 million residents in New Jersey – the math is not good for healthcare choices for women and their babies – and the bill would create a monopoly for a very small number of professionals.
“Unfortunately, rather than look for ways to expand opportunities to citizens to make a living for them and their families, this bill will decrease opportunity and limit access to affordable healthcare to women. AFP calls on lawmakers to stand up for healthcare freedom and sound labor policy by opposing this misguided legislation.”

A copy of Jedynak’s written testimony can be found here.

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