Friday, March 31, 2023

NJ GOP Assembly Hopefuls Denounce Indictment

Parental Rights advocate Josh Aikens (who also serves as President of the Lafayette Township Board of Education) is joined by his Assembly running mate, Warren County Commissioner Jason Sarnoski (who also serves as a Republican State Committeeman) in issuing the following statement on the indictment of Donald Trump:

“This is clearly a political prosecution aimed at preventing the American people from having a choice in the 2024 Presidential election. It is the stuff of third-world regimes and speaks to the dysfunction of our electoral process today.

We call on the leadership of the NJGOP, the Republican State Committee, the Senate Republican Caucus, and the Assembly Republican Caucus to speak with one voice in denouncing this political prosecution.

In Legislative District 24, we call on the Space-Fantasia-Inganamort team to join us in chastising former Governor Chris Christie for his attacks on Donald Trump in the run-up to this indictment. Governor Christie’s incendiary attacks gave aid and comfort to those lobbying for this political prosecution.”

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