Monday, November 26, 2007

Dan In Real Life

How can any movie with the name "Dan" in its title be anything but good?
I just had a chance to catch "Dan In Real Life" and I can report to you that it's not only good, it's great.
It's hard to say what I liked most about this movie. For one thing, unlike most movies today, it has the good sense to end where it should end instead of going on and on and on. The story is irrepressibly human with interesting, engaging characters. The star, Steve Carell delivers a knowing, finely-nuanced performance. The upcoming comedian/actor Dane Cook is wonderful as Carell's brother. Juliette Binoche is delicious as the love interest. And the great Dianne Wiest is, well -- great! It's a triumph all the way around and worth catching before it goes to video since the seaside setting is also fun to watch.
Interesting Philadelphia connection: The producer of "Dan" is Jon Shestack, son of Marciarose and Jerry Shestack. Also, Steve Carell's original family name is Caroselli so we are happy to count him as a product of Bella Italia!
Watch the trailer:

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