Thursday, November 29, 2007

Playing Favorites

If you listen at all to the major national conservative talk radio hosts as I do then you've probably already figured out that several of them have their favorites in the GOP presidential contest. Shawn Hannity, for example, definitely seems to favor Rudy Giuliani. On the other hand Laura Ingraham seems to want anyone BUT Giuliani. She comes down awfully hard on Rudy and keeps searching for just the right conservative standard-bearer. Hugh Hewitt seems to be leaning toward Romney. And that brings us to the Dean of all conservative talk radio commentators: Rush Limbaugh. If you can detect exactly who Rush's candidate is you must be a mind-reader. Limbaugh is so smooth, so adept and apparently so adaptable that he seems to have cleverly left all his options open. I get the impression that Rush is looking for one thing and one thing only: a winner. And when Limbaugh finds that person, I suppose he'll let us know.
Limbaugh photo, MSNBC

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