Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kathy Griffin Is An Obnoxious Jerk

Kathy Griffin is a loud, disgusting, foul-mouthed jerk.
In a world where almost nothing is shocking, this vulgar, in-your-face "comedienne" keeps trying to top herself with outrageous comments and offensive behavior.
Kathy Grifin isn't attractive.
Kathy Griffin isn't clever.
Kathy Griffin isn't entertaining.
And Kathy Griffin isn't funny.
If fact, she's obnoxious.
But Big Media routinely give Kathy Griffin a pass.
Why? You know the answer. Because Kathy Griffin is a shrill, full-out liberal.
So, while Dennis Miller rarely gets a pass from critics and the enforcers of all that is deemed politically-correct. Kathy Griffin is allowed to verbally vomit on just about Republican, conservative or tea-partier she can finds.
So now Griffin has declared Senator Scott Brown's daughter's "prostitutes" and the journalists and commentators at CNN and Bravo are laughing about it. Ain't it funny? NOT!
Here's more on this story from Matt Hadro at NewsBusters:
On her Bravo TV show Tuesday night, left-wing comedian Kathy Griffin referred to Sen. Scott Brown's two daughters as "prostitutes," and a CNN reporter apparently thought it hysterical. [Audio available here.]
The incident is also ironic because Griffin was dropped from this year's CNN New Year's Eve program, due to her profanity-laced banter with Anderson Cooper last New Year's Eve.
Griffin's words were immediately followed by predictable on-screen text that read "Scott Brown's daughters ARE NOT prostitutes." So, why did the network run her statement at all?
The foul-mouthed comedian had plenty of gems within the hour-long expose of her efforts in D.C., which included a gaffe that Roll Call picked up where she jokingly called Rep. James Clyburn a "queen."
While she was being "coached" by King and Bash, Griffin reminisced, "Remember when the Republicans tried to get that nutbag Sarah Palin to sound credible before the Vice Presidential debate?.... Well, that's sort of like what John and Dana did for me."
When Griffin was "coached" by the PR experts at the Human Rights Campaign, before she ventured up to Capitol Hill to campaign for a repeal of DADT, she was shown videos of Sens. McCain and Chambliss arguing against the repeal.
"You f****** d***bags can suck it," Griffin spat about the senators. "F****** losers, old fartbags. You don't know what the f*** you're talking about."
Griffin, who was readying herself for a trip to Washington, DC to rally and drum up support for a repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," brought CNN reporters (husband and wife) Dana Bash and John King onto the show to "coach" her for handling Washington. Bash is a congressional correspondent for CNN, while King anchors the news hour "John King, USA."
When the couple showed Griffin a picture of Sen. Scott Brown and asked her to identify the figure, she responded "Scott Brown – who is a senator from Massachusetts, and has two daughters that are prostitutes."
Bash erupted with laughter, while King grimaced.

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