Wednesday, July 7, 2010

LMAO: It's COOLER In SC Than It Is In NYC, Philly!

So, I'm sitting here having my breakfast under a mammoth Live Oak in dreamy, semi-tropical Hilton Head thinking: "Wow, am I lucky I got outa the Northeast and headed south."
Turns out I escaped a heat wave.
The truth is that right now it's actually six to ten degrees cooler down here than it is up there.
For years I've been spending part of the summer in the South and marvelling at the fact that summer here (especially on a barrier island by the sea) just ain't as hot as people say it is.
I tried to spread the word. I really tried.
But no one would buy it. When I tried to explain this, no one would listen to me.
Now, they're starting to listen.
Just pick up your national weather map and look at the temps.
It's cooler here in the South.
I was right all along.

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