Friday, December 19, 2014

In NYC, Macy's Is Clear Christmas Champ!

Nobody does Christmas like Macy's.
And in New York, at the world's largest store Christmas is a huge spectacle.
But for a few years, Macy's had been off its mark and we were beginning to wonder if even the word "Christmas" was still allowed.
Forget all that. Now, Macy's redo of its flagship store is complete and Christmas and all its glitter and glory are back in a big, big way.
Macy's Holiday Lane is an absolute joy and the store's main aisle on the ground level is a glittering festival of twinkling lights and shimmering crystal spheres.
But it's Macy's Christmas windows that truly delight. This year they tell the story of a little boy and his dog and their dreamy planetary adventure with Santa. It's not merely whimsical and enchanting, it's all supersonic as well. These are Macy's best Christmas windows in ages and clearly the best Christmas windows in Manhattan this year.
Thank you, Macy's!
Photos copyright 2014 by Dan Cirucci.

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