Sunday, December 21, 2014

Multi-Color Lights? White Lights? Both? Hmmm......

Natural daylight - no lights.

Multi-color lights only.

White lights only.

The Grand Finale - white and multi-color together!

We just couldn't agree.
One of us wanted a tree with multi-color lights.
The other wanted white lights - only white lights.
It was a real quandary.
But we finally found the tree that satisfied everyone - a beautiful tree purchased online from Balsam Hill. This tree actually does it all, and with just a flick of a remote button.
At the top, the tree without lights. Then, with its multi-color lights only. Then, in the third photo, only white lights. And finally, in all its splendor -- white and multi-color all together with 400 beautiful lights.
Now,  answer our poll (top right, above) and tell us your preference: White only? Multi-color only? Both? We want to hear from you!

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