Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The List: The INS And The OUTS For 2015

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Just in case you've been wondering, here's the definitive
list of who and what are "in" and "out" for 2015:

OUT                             IN

Justin Bieber                  Justin Timberlake

organic food                   comfort food

Prince Harry                  Prince George

Mexico                          Cuba

Liam Neeson                 Liam Hemsworth

Lady Gaga                     Lorde


artisanal                         Art

Austin                           Austin Mahone

de Blasio                       Detroit

craft beers                     craftiness

Bradley Cooper             Oscar Isaac

Tony Romo                   Tony Danza

Comcast                        Any other provider

Martha’s Vineyard        Martha Plimpton

Stephen Colbert             James Corden

ice bucket challenge      Iceland

AMC                             AARP

Harry Reid                    Harry Styles

Applebee’s                    Apple

Ryan Seacrest               Ryan J. Gleason

cummerbunds               cumberbitches

Arianna Huffington       Ariana Grande

Pharrell                         Farrell’s Ice Cream

walking the walk          walking

Starbuck’s                     star gazing

reality shows                 reality

millennials                    perennials

on demand                    in your hand

The Late Show             The Late Late Show

Dr. Oz                          Dr. Ben Carson

Lynne Spears                Lynne Abraham

Pope John Paul II          Pope John XXIII

Chris Brown                  Chris Pratt

King of Prussia              Gayle King

gay advocates                gay Republicans

Kelly Clarkson               Megyn Kelly

sauerkraut                     Krauthammer

Jack Ma                        Jack O’Connell

Nick Foles                    Nick Jonas

Scott Brown                  Scott Bakula

doughnuts                     Dunkin Donut

cherry pickers               Cherry Hill  

game of thrones            The Imitation Game

dynasties                       diners

vines                             vinyl          

frozen yogurt                Frozen2

ObamaCare                   CaringBridge

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