Friday, April 28, 2017

A Place Where Miracles Really DO Happen!

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie: 
In the facilities that are helping people push back this disease and give them the path to recovery, you see God’s hand at work every day, every day. And there is something special about participating in a place where miracles happen on earth. 
I spend most of my days in the State House in Trenton. Let me guarantee you, very few miracles happen in there every day, very few. But one of the great moments I get as Governor is to leave that building and come and visit the extraordinary people and facilities that we have in this state, that are growing every day that are making those miracles happen with the men and women who they take into their care. 
See, I’m pro-life but I think being pro-life means being pro-life for the whole life, not just for the nine months in the womb. Now listen, this comes from a man’s perspective I am sure, but it seems to that those nine months in the womb are the easiest time to pro-life, they’ve done nothing yet to disappoint us. When that life comes into our possession, it becomes much harder to be pro-life because challenges and disappointments come and face all of us. 
But I’m pro-life not just for the child in the womb, I’m pro-life for the 16 year old young woman on the floor of the county lock up. That life has value. I’m pro-life for the lawyer in his mid-40s who’s addicted to pain killers and alcohol and is throwing his life out the window because he can’t deal with his disease. He is not disposable. That life has value also. And I am pro-life for the person who is dealing with chronic pain and who’s physicians take the easy way out and get them addicted to drugs. That life has value too. 
The great thing about this fight is we’re fighting for every life, for every life. 
And the one in the womb is not spared either because I’ve spent more time in pediatric ICUs watching babies who were born addicted because their mother was addicted and thinking about the challenges that that baby faces for the rest of his or her life. We need to stop this scourge in our society. 
This is the challenge of our time or we are going to lose hundreds of thousands of lives if we don’t step up and work together.

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