Thursday, April 27, 2017

Don't Tell Us It's Worth It, Cause It's NOT!

So, the NFL Draft has come to Philly.
Did you hear me? HellOOOOH?
The NFL Draft has come to Philly -- to the iconic Art Museum steps. It's here, on the famous "Rocky Steps," hon! It's right here, ya know, where da Pope was!
And, guess what?
Not everybody's excited about it or happy with the prospect of it being here, including us!
That's right [Insert Big Yawn HERE] because we couldn't care less about the effing NFL Draft!
But let's put it sucinctly and excerpt from one of our favorite Philly scribes, Victor Fiorillo at Philadelphia Magazine who has expressed it much better than we could:
So why on earth should the city be in lockdown mode for a bunch of future rapists, domestic-assault suspects, and drunk drivers who just happen to be able to catch a ball? And why are we taxpayers forced to fork over $500,000 (oh, you had better believe it will be more) toward the cost of what might just be the world’s most boring and overhyped event?
I just can’t figure it out.
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