Monday, May 18, 2020

Being Overprepared Is A Good 'Problem' . . .

Today’s Washington Post front page might confuse some readers: “As coronavirus testing expands, a new problem arises: Not enough people to test.”

That’s odd. After months of claiming that America lagged the world in testing capacity, the partisan media never corrected itself. It just changed the story and moved on.

🎬 WATCH: America’s testing capacity is unmatched and unrivaled!

Here are the facts the media left out. Under President Trump, the United States has built the strongest Coronavirus testing system in the world. In addition to performing more tests than any other country on Earth—by far—America has now conducted twice as many tests per capita as South Korea, long considered a gold standard for testing.

On every supply issue, from ventilators to testing to the availability of food, President Trump has mobilized a massive response across government and the private sector. As a result, many areas today see their testing capacity exceed demand—exactly what happened with ventilators after President Trump drastically expanded production.

Being overprepared is a good “problem” to have, and it didn’t happen by accident. Thanks to the hard work of President Trump, our public health experts, and private sector leaders, America is more ready than ever for a safe, phased reopening.

See President Trump’s tweet on The Washington Post’s front page.

By the numbers: America leads the world in testing!

🚀 WATCH: Space Force flag unveiled!

More than 70 years ago, the U.S. military added the Air Force as its fifth branch. On Friday, President Trump participated as the next great flag in our Armed Forces was revealed in the Oval Office.

🎬 America has a new military flag to wave proudly!

The U.S. Space Force is the sixth branch of our military, established in December as part of President Trump’s vision for rebuilding American defense. For decades, the United States led the world in space. But in recent years, our adversaries have sought to weaponize this “final frontier,” hoping that America wouldn’t rise to meet the challenge.

But we did. “The importance strategically, militarily, and even from a pure civilian standpoint, and from bringing our economy back—everything—it’s going to help so much,” President Trump said on Friday.

“This is a very special moment.”

IN PHOTOS: Space Force flag is presented in the Oval Office

Photo of the Day

President Trump, joined by Defense Secretary Mark Esper and CMSgt Roger Towberman of the US Space Force, signs an Armed Forces Day Proclamation | May 15, 2020.

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