Sunday, May 17, 2020

Murphy Scandal Costs NJ Taxpayers $1.35 Million!

New Jersey State Senator Kristin Corrado issued the following statement following reports that New Jersey taxpayers will be on the hook for $1.35 million of settlement payments resulting from allegations of wrongdoing by the Murphy Administration.
“At the same time Governor Murphy is warning that State revenues are ‘falling off a cliff’ and begging for a multi-billion dollar federal bailout, he’s making big payments to settle claims of wrongdoing by his administration,” said Corrado (R-40). “His mismanagement of Katie Brennan’s allegations and patronage at the SDA come at a real cost to taxpayers when they can least afford it.”
On May 6, it was reported that the Schools Development Authority agreed to pay $550,000 to a woman who claims she was forced out of her job at the agency after raising alarms about political patronage.
Today, it was announced that a $1 million would be paid to Katie Brennan to settle a lawsuit regarding rape allegations and the administration’s botched response. According to published reports, the State will pay $800,000, with the remainder to be paid by Governor Murphy’s campaign.
Corrado served as vice-chair of the Legislative Select Oversight Committee, which investigated how taxpayer money was being misused by the Administration to make inappropriate and, at times, illegal patronage hires.

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