Sunday, July 25, 2021

Why Women Look Better In One-Piece Swimsuits

I've been spending a lot of time at the beach lately.

And now, I've been forced to ask this question: Is it my imagination or do most women look better in one-piece bathing suits? Oh, I know that in this "woke" era this may be a loaded question that may get me in a lot of trouble. But "frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn".

I've seen plenty of bodies on the beach -- dozens and dozens of 'em. And I can tell you two things: 1) There are a lot of women who are wearing two-piece bathing suits who absolutely should not be wearing them; and 2) Even the shapeliest women look better -- and sexier -- in a one-piece suit. No matter the shape, hue, figure  or girth of the lady in question, a one-piece suit usually looks better. And, get this: I've checked with a couple of women and they've told me that a one-piece suit is no less comfortable than a top and bottom version. In fact, they tell me that the one-piece is actually more comfortable and easier to wear. 

The simple truth is that a one piece suit better showcases all women. You don't have to be Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor (Remember them?) to look great in traditional swimwear. And likewise, you don't have to wear a two-piece (or a bikini or thong) to look sexy. In fact, you may be showing us way too much and leaving too little to our imagination. And that's just not very much fun.

And I'm not necessarily limiting this to female bodies. Let's face it: Most men do not look good in a Speedo or a suit that's obviously too small for them. And yes, men need to be careful about how much they show as well. Truth is they're showing us too many beer bellies, too many love handles too many flabby (and sometimes flappy!) parts. Most guys should stick to surfer trunks or suits that are just above the knee and wear tees on the beach unless they're particularly well-proportioned or ripped. And, spare us trunks that slip below the waist and reveal butt cracks. Buy the right size and/or use the drawstring that comes with the trunk.

BTW: These rules for both men and women are even more applicable the older you get.

And one more thing: In both men and women, a suit that covers more will also cover some of those tattoos that we don't wanna see as well.

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