Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Caroline's Ambition

About a year ago, Neil Diamond finally revealed the inspiration for his song "Sweet Caroline." He of the impressive sideburns said that it was while looking at a picture of Caroline Kennedy in the '60s that he was moved to write his signature song.
Aside from the slightly creepy aspect of a grown man taking a prepubescent teen as his muse (although Dante did some mean stuff with his own Beatrice), it reminded all of us just how important the Kennedy family was - and is - to the modern American psyche. While I was never inspired to dedicate anything to Jackie's kid, I was always aware of her presence on the periphery of my consciousness. Unlike Grace Kelly's blue-blooded Caroline, Princess Kennedy seemed to be more approachable, more intelligent, and generally nicer.
Sweet. Yeah, that fit.
But I never actually knew what she did, much less who she was. . . .

To read the rest of Christine Flower's column from the Philadelphia Daily News click here.


Radu Gherman said...

Two words: Sarah Palin.

It's a shame that the political spectrum in this country isn't really a spectrum, but a broad band of Green, sprinkled with the sparkling glitz of fame. So I don't doubt that Caroline Kennedy has a real shot at the seat; whether she is deserving or not. I just have a tiny problem with the people that question her, but would blindly overlook the "politics" involved with the Palin pick. But that's not something I'm losing sleep over.
I mean, we could be in the Sudan, where political clout is measured by the number of machetes your supporters carry.

Palin 2012

Dan Cirucci said...

We essentially agree.
Caroline's "candidacy" is no big deal.
I have no objection to it.
In fact, I sorta like the idea.
If she serves and then the people elect her outright, so be it.