Sunday, December 28, 2008

TeeeeOhhhh, TeeeOoohhhhh!

If there is one part of the Eagle's dramatic end-of-season triumph that is sweeter than any other part it is this: The relentless (and justified) ribbing that Terrel Owens is getting from Eagles fans and others who feel T. O. had it coming.
It's good to see the boastful T. O. get his comeuppance -- good to see him bowed.
How the mighty have fallen!
As an honorary Texan (and as someone who unabashedly LOVES Texas) I hate to see the Pride of Texas (and "America's Team") utterly humiliated. It's not a pretty sight. And Tony Romo seems to be a genuinely likable guy (notwithstanding Jessica Simpson). Understand, I've never shared that blind hatred of Dallas.
But T. O.?
Nah . . . I don't feel sorry for him.
In fact, it beats me why a classy franchise like Dallas even wanted him.
T. O. is getting what he deserves.
And the Philadelphia fans are, for a change, having the last laugh.
Yes, the Phillies have taught Philly fans how to believe in miracles again.
But that still doesn't mean we have to give up our lust for revenge.

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