Saturday, December 6, 2008

White House Christmas

We've just returned from a quick trip to the nation's capital where we participated in a Christmas Home Tour.
And since we were in Washington, we knew there was only one home to visit.
So, we can report to you that the White House looks absolutely beautiful this Christmas.
Thanks to First Lady Laura Bush and the White House Historical Association, the White House staff and so very many tireless volunteers the White House dazzles with a "Red White and Blue Christmas." It's such a fittng theme!
We were lucky to be invited to see the White House decorations this year and we were ushered into the nation's most famous home early this morning for a tour.
This year's White House Christmas tree is an 18 1/2-foot Fraser fir. It's one of the most beautiful White House treeas we've ever seen. All of the many trees in the White House are real. And, the state floor is adorned with red beads, blue bells, silver stars and garlands.
More details on this year's White House Christmas:
-- The decorations were assembled by 92 volunteers.
-- Farmers from North Carolina provided 27 trees to the White House.
-- The White House is decorated with 780 feet of garlands, 282 wreaths and 412 poinsettias.
-- The gingerbread White House features replicas of the Bush family pets sitting in a rooftop sleigh and cookies resembling the U.S. Army Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps. The house took more than two months to make, 350 pounds of chocolate and 150 sheets of gingerbread. It doesn't look at all like a gingerbread house because it is covered in white chocolate.
-- The official White House Christmas tree is adorned with 369 handcrafted ornaments made by artists representing states and congressional districts.
-- The president and first lady sent out 1,250,000 Christmas cards and, yes we did receive one of those cards, just as we have nearly every year since 2000.
As we were leaving the White House we chatted with visitors from Texas who said they will be sorry to see their fellow Texan vacate the grand old house. And we all agreed that First Lady Laura Bush has been one of the best First Ladies ever.
This much seems clear: We won't be back to the White House for at least four years.
We don't expect any invitations and we're not looking to return until 2012 at the earliest.
So, we will treasure these wonderful memories.
And, God willing, we will be back.

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