Thursday, February 14, 2013

Yes, There Really ARE Republicans In Hollywood!

What do Andy Garcia, John Voight, Marie Osmond, Mel Gibson, Joan Rivers, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Jackie Mason, Richard Petty, Trace Adkins, Kathy Ireland, Dr. Phil, Rick Schroeder, Bo Derek, Scott Baio, Bruce Willis, Curt Schilling, Clint Eastwood, Nick Lachey, Susan Lucci, Karl Malone, Stephen Baldwin, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Kirk Cameron, Martina McBride, Gloria Estefan, Jack Nicklaus, Heather Locklear, Jessica Simpson, Ronan Tynan, Kim Alexis, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Cheryl Ladd, Robert Duvall, Loretta Lynn, Tom Selleck, James Earl Jones, Dennis Franz, Kid Rock, James Woods, Mary Lou Retton, Don King, Rachel Hunter, Dean Cain, Patricia Heaton, Pat Sejak, Mike Ditka, MeatLoaf, Dennis Miller, Chris Evert, Drew Carey, Vincent Gallo, Sylvester Stallone, Wayne Newton, Adam Sandler, Dixie Carter, Ted Nugent, Shirley Jones, LeAnn Rimes, LL CoolJ and 50 Cent have in common?
They are all conservative and/or Republican.
You'd hardly know it, but Hollywood and Broadway and TV claim lots of Republicans and/or conservatives.
Also: Tony Danza, Danny Aielllo, Connie Stevens, Craig T. Nelson, Gary Sinise, Janine Turner, Gerald McRaney, George Hamilton, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Hal Holbrook, Jaclyn Smith, Jim Belushi, Joe Pesci, Jim Nabors, Kelsey Grammer, Kevin James, Kim Alexis, Kevin Sorbo, Kurt Russell, Mary Hart, Billy Bush, Mickey Rooney, Milos Forman, Naomi Judd, Paulk Sorvino, Rita Cosby, Rob Long, Vince Vaughn, Tracy Scoggins, Tippi Hedren, Tim Allen, Yakov Smirnoff, and Yaphet Kotto. 
Yes, they are ALL Republicans!

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