Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Classic, Performed As You've Never Heard It!

Sometimes, fresh eyes and fresh voices come along and sing a song you've heard a million times -- a song you thought you might be tired of, a song you thought you knew -- and, suddenly it's like you're hearing the song again for the very first time.
It's like you've never heard it before -- not this way, not with this degree of feeling and depth and nuance and sheer brilliance.
That's the miracles of music and the sweet, serendipitous nature of youth.
And all this is exactly what happens when the great trumpeter and vocalist Jumaane (jew-mah-nee) Smith joins Jackie Evancho to perform the classic Le Vie En Rose. You can her this and many other astonishing reinterpretations on Jumaane's  new album, I Only Have Eyes For You.
C'est magnifique!

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