Sunday, August 24, 2014

Is Wolf In Violation Of PA. Election Code?

Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason and Vice Chair Joyce Haas filed an official election complaint with Secretary of the Commonwealth Carol Aichele outlining the ways in which Tom Wolf and his campaign committees are intentionally violating Pennsylvania’s Election Code. “Both of Tom Wolf’s political action committees are operating in violation of Pennsylvania’s Election Code,” Gleason said. 
“Just like when his business incorporated in Delaware, Tom Wolf is once again employing a strategy aimed at evading Pennsylvania law. Now, it’s become clear that Tom Wolf is shifting the principal role of the Tom Wolf for Governor Committee to raise and disburse funds for his campaign to Campaign for a Fresh Start, an entity he created and authorized to take over those activities. “Our campaign finance laws are designed to promote full disclosure of relationships, connections and affiliations so that the voters know who is funding the campaign and authorizing the public political statements. In forming and authorizing Campaign for a Fresh Start, Tom Wolf is trying to avoid the impact of the Election Code requirements that govern candidates and their committees. 
“Whether it’s in his business practices or his campaign, Tom Wolf is not comfortable with being open or transparent with the public.We are calling on Secretary Aichele and the PA Department of State to recognize these material violations, inform both of Wolf’s PACs that they must cease violating the Election Code, and refer the matter to appropriate law enforcement authorities.” 

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