Sunday, April 12, 2015

In Cherry Hill, Blossoms Will Soon Appear Again!

Here's a special report from Cherry Hill resident and civic leader Joe Zanghi:

The annual tradition of cherry tree plantings on Chapel Avenue by Cherry Hill’s Firefighters continues. Every year since 1973 Cherry Hill's Firefighters have performed this community service for the townspeople of Cherry Hill. 

It goes without saying that Cherry Hill’s Fire Department  - - is a dynamic and caring organization who have served the community of Cherry Hill for many years and in many ways! Cherry Hill's Firefighters have always supported an idealistic, illusive “cherry blossom” quest to unify and highlight the greatness of the community of Cherry Hill! Through their continuing support they have helped to plant a total of 1482 cherry trees in the community of Cherry Hill! 

On April 18, 2015, between 11:00 am and 1:00pm -  eight(8) additional cherry trees will be planted on Chapel Avenue in the vicinity of Cooper Landing Road and Chapel Avenue. On the same day volunteers will place American flags and yellow ribbons at two locations - in front of Joyce Kilmer Elementary School and in front of Kennedy Memorial Hospital! This action will occur in the same time frame noted above! 

The American flagging and yellow ribbon placement at the cherry trees is in solemn remembrance of the 2996 victims of September 11, 2001 and serve as a proud tribute to our young men and woman in the military! We are encouraging that you take the time to "walk through" or "drive through" the avenue of blossoming cherry trees that are expected to arrive toward the last two weeks of April! Chapel Avenue, with its blossoming cherry trees serve as a “living memorial” for the victims of 9-11

Families are also encouraged to bring their children to see this cherry blossom avenue so that they too can participate in a solemn 9-11 homage! It is a great opportunity to teach our children a lesson of compassion, patriotism and proud support for country. The children may place a flower at the "9-11 Memorial" site or even bring a small American flag or yellow ribbon to place around one of the cherry trees. Explain to the children why these blossoming cherry trees are adorned with American flags and yellow ribbons and what our country stands for! Teach them to be proud Americans — as a parent you must not let this opportunity to slip by! 

It is becoming more difficult for me to pursue the “cherry blossom quest” for Cherry Hill as I am not the young man I used to be. I have made an appeal to the Township of Cherry Hill and the Camden County Freeholders to join together to find the means to perpetuate this two mile avenue of blossoming cherry trees! The joining together of these two political identities may be the only solution for the perpetuation of this avenue of blossoming cherry trees for future generations of people to enjoy!

Joe Zanghi

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