Sunday, September 20, 2015

Is America, Are Catholics Free To Be CATHOLIC?

The incredible Christine Flowers has penned a wonderful column questioning if Catholics really are accorded religious freedom in America.
Here's an excerpt:
But for whatever reason, Catholics always come with an asterisk next to our names. While we are ostensibly free to believe and act as our faith commands, as long as we don’t block access to the mammogram machines at Planned Parenthood (yup, tongue glued firmly in cheek there), a disturbingly large number of people think it’s OK to tell Catholics what and how to think.
Many of those people call themselves “Catholic,” in much the same way that Caitlyn Jenner calls himself a woman, but they are not, at the bottom of things, truly Catholic.
One of the people who calls herself Catholic, and actually does a very good impression of one at a superficial level, is Sister Simone Campbell. Sister Simone is the famous nun who organized the “Nuns on the Bus” who were a set of habit-clad cheerleaders for Barack Obama’s health care initiative. SS, as we’ll call her here, once refused to say whether she thought abortion should be outlawed. A Catholic nun who has a problem standing up for the unborn is a bit like a wide receiver in the NFL who isn’t sure whether catching a ball is a good thing.
This is the type of woman who was invited to the White House by President Obama, to possibly meet the pontiff.

Click here to read the entire column.

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