Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Join Us: Exploring The Iberian Peninsula!

Yes, the Dan Cirucci Blog is on the move once again.
We promised we'd be visiting lots of places and taking you along -- and that's exactly what we're doing.
We have now just begun exploring the Iberain peninsula. "What's that?" you say. Quite simply, Spain and Portugal. Or, in this case Portugal and then Spain. We begin right here in one of the most beautiful (and for US tourists, most economical) cities in Europe: Beautiful Lisbon, the enchanting, historical, nautical capital of Portugal. The natives call this place Leesczboa and it's melodic when you hear in pronounced in the native Portuguese tongue.
We will post as many photos as we can on this tour and try to give you a real visual sense of each place that we visit us. We'll capture both some of the big highlights as well as some of the small details and everything else that attracts our eye.
Come back every day as we will be updating as much as we can.
We're going to be covering Iberia for awhile, so stay with us!

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