Wednesday, September 23, 2015

This Guy Just Can't Resist The Drama, The Spotlight

So, speculation is growing that Joe Biden is running for president.
More and more people seem to think the veep is in the race.
How and when will the announcement come?
Certainly, it seems that Biden will use the visit of Pope Francis for all its worth. He will be seen as much as possible with the pope. Indeed, Biden and his family will use every opportunity to be with or near the pope during his American visit. A Catholic, Biden will want as much of the pope's popularity and moral presence to rub off on him as possible. He'll want to bask in that aura -- after all, it is an occupational bonus, yes?
Then, we're guessing that some time after the pope's visit, Biden will make his announcement. And, don't be surprised if Biden doesn't link the pope's visit to his final decision. He may even allude to the pope's spiritual guidance and/or the renewed obligation that he feels to help others.
Be sure of this: Biden is capable of capitalizing on such events and creating as much advantage for himself as possible.  He's a veteran politico who thrives on the daily drama of political life and he'll play it for all it's worth.
But Biden's also a retread.
He's sought the presidency twice without success.
And his past is peppered with questionable actions, at best. These include charges of plagiarism, dishonesty, indiscretion and hypocrisy. And, as vice-president, he's often appeared to be a bit of a buffoon.
Still, Biden remains a remarkable retail politician. He's a clever salesman -- a street merchant who knows how to close the deal.
Don't ever count him out.

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