Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Christie Signs Kean's Tech Innovation Bill Into Law

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie signed into law today legislation sponsored by State Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean to create a post-doctoral fellowship program that will enhance cutting-edge industrial research and development in New Jersey.

More specifically, the bill, last legislative session’s S-2442, uses underutilized funds to create a fellowship program to attract the next generation of innovators to New Jersey, helping to enhance technological research and develop an innovative ecosystem and creative network.

“This bill will help make New Jersey a beacon for innovation jobs, technological ingenuity and development opportunities,” Kean said. “It will create greater opportunities for the workforce, develop this state’s future workforce pipeline and open new avenues for success with a top-notch innovation network. New Jersey needs all of these things to be a true economic force once again.”

Last session’s S-2442 is among several “Fostering Innovation” bills announced by Senator Kean during a tour of one of New Jersey’s key innovation engines, Bell Labs. It is the second bill signed into law from the Senate Republican’s 36-bill package to jumpstart job creation and economic growth without costing taxpayers extra money. So far, 21 of the bills have garnered Democrat sponsorship, and more than a dozen advanced through the legislature last session.

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