Friday, January 22, 2016

IMPORTANT Details On Arriving Storm!

Here are all the details on the incoming snowstorm from our favorite meteorologist, Low Bowers:

Blizzard Warning for most areas, if you're out, get home because it'll be starting soon. It'll pick up quickly this evening and accumulate fast. Blinding snow overnight, and through much of the day tomorrow with winds picking up by morning. Peak gusts of 55-70 along the barrier islands, 40-50 elsewhere.

It's hard to argue with the NWS snowfall numbers in general, but there will be scattered pockets of much heavier snow. I wouldn't be surprised to see spots of greater than 25".

Some thunder and lightning possible Saturday.

Coastal - areas 20-miles from the beach could have a prolonged sleet storm.

Power outages are definitely possible with the heavy wet snowfall coupled with gusty winds inland, and just from the wind along the barrier islands.

Moderate to major coastal flooding likely. It looks like most areas will "dodge a bullet" and come in with lower flooding levels than what it appeared a day or two ago. Flooding should remain a foot below Sandy levels in SJ, and several feet below Sandy levels further north. Barrier island access could still be cut off, especially AC southward.

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