Saturday, January 30, 2016

Here's Your Chance To Fight For Life!

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Abortion profiteers are terrified of this Texas abortion case. 

And they should be. 

Whole Woman’s Health v. Cole is set to be heard soon by the Supreme Court, and it represents the biggest threat to abortion in decades. 

Attorneys on both sides of the debate think the case tips in favor of life. We hope to tip the scale even further. Our amicus brief with Supreme Court is due in four days... 

Here are the facts: the Texas Legislature passed a pro-woman health bill in 2013, and it was signed into law by then Governor Rick Perry. The common-sense law requires abortion providers to have admitting privileges at a local hospital in case of an emergency, and to keep their facilities up to standards for surgical centers. 

But the new law exposed the poor treatment of women at over half of Texas abortion facilities. And so these substandard “medical” abortion facilities were forced to close their doors. of course the abortion industry sued. 

Now the Supreme Court must decide whether this Texas state law places an “undue burden” on women who are seeking an abortion. The decision will have a ripple effect and could cause a pro-life landslide across the states. It’s likely that this will be a close decision, with Justice Kennedy again likely casting the decisive vote. 

If the Supreme Court rules in our favor, it would unravel the constitutional “right” to abortion -- which was invented in Roe v Wade -- and protect states whose legislatures have voted to limit abortion. Even radical pro-abortion organizations admit they’re alarmed by the facts of this case. 

Your contributions are used to fund our legal team now working on our amicus brief. The brief will be filed with the Supreme Court. 

This is a crucial moment for the pro-life movement. I hope you can help us. 

P.S. Anyone from Texas will tell you that pro-life people in their state worked like crazy to get this law passed. There were massive rallies for and against. Pro-abortion protesters tried every trick in the book to stop it from succeeding. 

We can’t let them down. Let’s make sure this case gets all the help it needs at the Supreme Court! 

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